8th of Umbra, 228 2E : No Biting

No Biting
Summary: Bre gets some motherly advice from Wenna about marriage
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Brendolyn Wenna 
Brendolyn's Room in the Haravean Manor at Darfield
The door opens to a small sitting area set with a brown leather settee and two leather wingback chairs. Arranged in a semi-circle they all face a short table that sits in the center, perfect for tea or placement of small things out of one's hands. A dark green rug makes for warmth and softer footfalls on the marble floor though the hearth across the back wall provides warmth as well. Wall sconces provide light along with a window on one wall whose green drapes are drawn back out of the way. The remaining wall houses a door that leads into the sleeping chamber which is more personalized than the sitting area. The bed, wardrobe, and night tables are all of the same design; walnut with clawed feet, perhaps more masculine than feminine but exquisitely made. A spread of sea green drapes the bed and atop it an array of pillows in varying shades of green and blue soften the otherwise hard look of the decor. A bearskin rug lies diagonally between the bed and the door, its open maw ready to snare anyone who walks through and doesn't know it's there. A rack for her bows hangs on one wall, and her wardrobe almost always stands open with various items hanging out. A chandelier of antlers hangs from the center of the ceiling, providing light and giving a nod to her penchant for hunting, as if the rug wasn't enough.
8th of Umbra, 228 2E

There will be a wedding, a double wedding even, and Brendolyn is currently packing. Her room at the Haravean manor is a mess and she has trunks and boxes, her maid is helping, and they fold things, discard some things, wrap up other things that might be fragile. Bre is currently standing near her armoire and has a gown folded over her arm but she's not packing it, as such, she's looking around her room, quiet, while the maid folds and talks, "I think we have enough trunks, milady, though I do not know if I can reach the chandelier, I will call for one of the men to come get it down for you."

"Why do you need candles?" Wenna's remark comes as she opens the door but does not enter. She leans on her crutches. Her blue eyes are bright and her long red hair has been intricately braided and tied off with heavy silver clasps. She is dressed in a gown of grey blue silk. The square neckline of the gown has been embroidered with white and hunter green floss to create a vine of wild five petal roses. In the center of each of the wild roses is a bead of moonstone. Around her neck she wears a simple necklace of silver that contains a single large oval moonstone pendant. By her dress it is obvious she has been to court this day.

Bre snaps from her reverie and blinks at the maid then looks to Wenna, "Candles?" she asks. She glances up at the chandelier then ohs, "I don't need candles, but those are my antlers.. I want to take them with me," she says. She holds up the gown against herself and looks to the mirror, "What about this one? I may not take everything.." she says. Her eyes lift and she looks to Wenna in the reflection, "I am getting married.." she says, then bites at her lower lip. "I can't believe it's actually happening, and so soon," she says. "You look pretty," she adds, smiling, noticing the dress.

"Thank you, I had to sit in court today, for court I wear silk for the infirmary I wear darkly dyed linen and wool. Why are you not allowed to bring all your gowns? I would say bring your jewelry and gowns leave the antlers. It is better to bring the horse than the antlers." Wenna responds back. "Do you have your hope chest?" She asks her. "Have you placed your jewelry within in it? He may not touch it or claim that it is his property or he will be in violation of the marriage contract." From her pocket she takes out small cloth bag out to her. "I have some of mothers jewelry as does Jami. This is for you to do as you please with, they were made from one of her necklaces I had taken apart and melted down so that you, Aldren, Jamie and Rorey could have something of hers."

Bre smiles and turns then hands the gown to the maid, glancing up at the antler chandelier. "I suppose you are right," she says. She nods her head lightly, "I think so..I mean," and she glance to one of the trunks, "It's there, I haven't really looked in it," she says. She probably let the maid pack it up. She blinks at the little bag and then reaches to take it, "This was momma's?" she asks, her voice suddenly small and probably 12 years old. She opens the bag and gently pours the contents out into her hand, "I didn't know we had any of her jewelry, or I guess I never thought about it since I don't wear jewelry. "Is there anything else of hers back at Greenshire? Like, a dress or anything..her wedding dress or.." and she lightly fingers the earrings. She inhales and stares at her hand, brows furrowing deeply, "What if I'm no good at this.." she murmurs.

There are gold and emerald ear fobs and a gold and emerald ring, the emeralds are flawless. They are heavy and well made, with filigree of flowers and wheat sheaves. "Nay, her gowns were used and only her jewelry remained, we do not waste, we are like the farmers who tend our land in that regard. Your father had the jewelry split between myself and Jami. Her hope chest was given to me as is tradition. I would not have you or Rorey go without something of hers, or our brothers for that matter. I do have one of her quilts that I had your maid put in yours, along with a dried satchel of the herbs she adored." Wenna explains to her. "Unless father had something of hers set aside for you and Rorey that I am not aware of, but Aldren might be." She adds.

Bre's head nods as she looks over the jewelry and she takes the ring to slide it onto her finger. "No I'm sure you'd know," she says. "Thank you, for the quilt..and for these," she says, then clears her throat. She moves to sit on the bed and drops the jewelry back into the little bag, holding onto it, "I don't remember her very well, most of the time I have tried not to, I just couldn't stand to remember and miss her..but now.. I wish I remembered more. I wish I knew more what to do, how to be a wife, a mother.." she says, sighing.

"No, I would not as your father and I spoke little." Wenna points out to her. "I will speak with Aldren, something like this he would forget." She smiles. "To be a good wife and mother you will have to learn as you go, there is not set rules or set that one can follow for every situation and dynamics will be different. I am a poor example of a good wife, by the standards of the court and the temple. Caedmon has told me many times that in his eyes I am the perfect wife. The only advice I can give you is biological in nature." She gets a distant look in her eyes. "Mother was kind and she had dark hair that fell well past her waist. She always smelled of soap and herbs. She was shorter than I, but still tall. She stood up to father many a time on behalf of Aldren and myself. You and Rorey were her favorites. You both would crawl on to her lap when she was weaving and spinning, she would tell stories and she would sign. Your father loved her dearly. Her sister our Aunt and her twin were very much like her in many ways. They were identical. They both would have been proud of you."

Bre frowns, "You must be a good wife, Caedmon adores you, and I know you are a good mother," she argues. She smiles softly while Wenna describes their mother, "I can kinda remember that.." she says then her blue eyes get glossy and she looks down at her hands. "I remember papa better.." she says quietly. Her eyes lift, "I think I know the biology part, well, in theory at least," she says, a little unsure though her cheeks color. She's even seen a naked man, Avi! "I've seen babies born, I've seen a man, ah, naked, there is only so much imagination to be applied, right?" she says. She does smile, thinking her parents would be proud. "I hope so..I want Moray to be happy."

"Caedmon adores me because he is Caedmon, if you ask another they would find me to be a difficult wife. I am blunt and my body is fragile. He adores the bluntness and I do not think he sees me the way others do, he says more like Aldren does." Wenna smiles a little. "I am glad you remember your father and your mother well. Now as for Moray know that nothing is without sorrow and tribulations. If it was we would not know the true meaning of joy, there will be arguments, hurt feelings and tears. There will also be moments of joy and serenity. It is hard to live with another, we are the property of our husbands and your fathers, if our fathers are dead then we are the property of our brothers, uncles and cousins." She pauses and looks down at the ground. She looks back up at Bre. "You have seen a man naked and you have seen where children come from that is more than most young women your age at court have seen. Take your time and explore his body and allow him to explore yours. It will be uncomfortable at first, you ride astride so there may be little or no blood. Though it will be an experience you will not forget. Do you have questions?"

Bre listens, drinking it all in, and it is not often she approaches things like that but for this.. it is apparently important enough that she just wants to know, not pretend like she does already. She does bristle at the property part but then Wenna likely knows what she thinks about that so she just hmphs and nods, her eyes dartnig up at the mention of exploring?? "No blood? But.. what if.. what if he thinks that means…" and she gives Wenna a wide eyed look. Riding astride is apparently a horrible horrible thing after all!

"You are pure, he will know if you have copulated before you will not be as tight and you will be awkward. The blood, if he has questions he can ask any healer. As I stated before you will be awkward, he will know just by that and he will have to teach you and help you. It is rare that man comes to the marriage bed with little or no knowledge about rolling in the hay. There is a reason their knees are stained green. There is a reason women nobles do not ride astride, it is the testimony that they are pure. Greenshire we have tradition where women will ride astride." She explains. "I find it rather humorous that it has just dawned on you why I kept trying to encourage both of you not to ride astride." She looks amused.

"On a more serious note if he asks to have you take his manhood in his mouth do not panic or bite it. Just suck on the tip of it. Also if he releases his seed into your mouth it is okay to spit it out. Do not let him push his manhood deep into your mouth; you may vomit when he releases his seed into the back of your throat." Wenna explains. "Also you are aware he will be inserting this manhood into you? How much do you know about copulating from your healing lessons?"

Brendolyn gawks at Wenna, "If? You know I haven't. I haven't even ever had a kiss," she chirps at her older sister. "Well that is just ridiculous.." she says about not riding astride then wrinkles her nose. Bite it?! What? Her mouth drops open and she blinks up at her sister then tilts her head and narrows her eyes, as if expecting that to be some kind of jest. There is no comment from the youngest Haravean for the moment, she's still wrapping her mind around one-this whole idea of vomitting during sex, two-that her SISTER is telling her how to properly tend to a man's oral sex needs. She manages a nod, "Well yes I know it has to go..ah..into.. me.." she stammers. "I mean we've all seen the horses and such..and.. we've talked about babies and stuff..I know how they ah, exit."

"I would also advise that you take certain herbs between pregnancies if you are like your mother. If you do that between pregnancies it will keep your body from becoming worn out. We might be brood mares but even a brood mare is allowed time to recover between pregnancies. I also would like to point out to you that when he penetrates you will need to be moist or wet if you are not you are not ready and it will hurt. Tells him if you are not, when you are wet or moist or ready to have him penetrate you will be wet or moist and no this does not mean you lost your water, the consistency is different. This is more like mucus, but not as thick." Wenna tries to explain. "Normally I have visual aids so I do hope I am making sense."

Herbs. Brood mares. Wait, what? Wet? Her nose starts to wrinkle and her face slowly screws into a sort of queer expression, curiously disgusted…or maybe curiously curious. "Uh.." she starts but then the question just dies in her mind. How the hell will she know if she's 'ready'??? "I guess I'll just..know.." she squeaks out then Wenna mentions mucus and visual aids and Brendolyn folds her arms over her chest. "Are you jesting, Wen?" she asks, lifting a brow. "How can you have visual aids? Drawings? In books or something?" Cause if there's a book. She can read it later, when no one is around.

"I had two wooden dolls carved for me that are anatomically correct so that I could explain easier, I am not jesting. Many of the young women in court did not receive an education on sex and I would rather not have them frighten witless when they copulate for the first time. I had one young Baroness end up in my infirmary when she saw a man erect for the first time. She became hysterical, I figured it is best to explain and show beforehand. This is all natural, as for the wetness you will know as it is slightly sticky but not sticky where urine is not and smells. This will not smell." Wenna continues to explains. "If you would prefer you can have another answer your questions as I have made you uncomfortable."

Bre laughs a little, "You are serious..and clever.." she says, shaking her head. She blinks about the Baroness, "Oh my, I guess some are that sheltered.." she says. "I know it's natural and you don't make me uncomfortable, I would not want to discuss it with anyone, honestly. I hadn't thought much of it because, well, Aldren seemed rather set on not marrying me off for a long while. You know you think you have all the time in the world to worry about a thing and then suddenly you don't. And Moray is thirty years old, and a sailor, and as you said, probably not inexperienced, and I don't want him to be disappointed. I'm not a ninny, I won't get hysterical, or faint.." she says with a little snort. She's a Greenshire girl, she's tougher than that!

"Good, I also want you to understand that you need anything you know how to reach me. I will talk to Aldren and see if your father had set anything aside for you that was Mother's." She offers her a bow of her head. "Remember not all with will filled with joy to know joy you need to understand the heartache and frustration that comes with marriage."

Brendolyn nods her head gently, "I know, Wenna.. and I would do anything for you too, you know that don't you?" she asks. "You are as close to a mother as I've had and I am grateful, even if most of the time I didn't act like I was." She looks around, "I hope Aldren knows that too.. I wasn't easy, I know that.." she adds. She nods again, "I will remember," she says then walks to Wenna to give her a hug. "I love you, sister."

"I love you too and if you agreed with everything I said I would think you were dropped on your head too much as baby. You are your father's daughter and your mother's daughter too." Wenna hugs her back tightly. "Aldren does know this as we have spoken about this in the past. He knows you are like a daughter to him after your father passed. Remember I love you." She lets her go from the hug. "Now I need to seek out Aldren's leaf stock and find some wine, before I head back to the keep and get out of this gown and into something of linen or wool."

Bre smiles, nodding her head and straightening with a bit of pride, Haravean pride. "I know you do, and he does too," she says then nods her head. "If the box is empty, check his desk, left drawer," she says with a grin. "I don't smoke it but I know where he hides it," she says with a laugh. As Wenna leaves she goes back to packing and pause to look up at the chandelier, "We're taking that," and she nods to the maid, assuming she hasn't fainted during all of that.

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