Sheat 44, 228: Night's dessert and new acquaintance

Night's dessert and new acquaintance
Summary: Not everyone can sleep at the night. Some are in need of dessert, some are curious about stars, some just wanders in the fresh air. This is the reasons, which let even to meet new acquaintance at the night!
OOC Date: 02/07/2013
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Above you to the north, a silhouette against the sky, is the Castle, set on the side of an immense cliff overlooking the sea. A road leading to the south leads through the gatehouse and to Darfield Village. In between is the courtyard, a fairly large space that is kept neat at all times. Against the walls to the east, there are storage buildings, a stable, the dog kennel, and the mews. To the west, the kitchen, garden, and smithy, as well as their storage area and barracks for those who guard the castle. There is an area of the courtyard often used for training purposes by the knights and men-at-arms. The squires are often at work setting up or taking down practice targets and the like.
Sheat 44th, 228

The decision is far from official, but some residents of the royal palace are already celebrating with a late-night feast. Caedmon attended the festivities long enough to dine and to join in a few toasts, but then he slipped discretely from the banquet hall and into the courtyard. Now, he is sitting on the stone wall that rings the fountain. He has a wooden traveling desk on his lap and a lamp beside him while he writes carefully with a quill in hand. After each few words, he pauses to gaze into the darkness while he considers what next to write.

Conall did celebrate a bit before taking his leave. Though it seemss he's also made his way to the courtyard. A bit of sweat on his face. What seems like restless sleeping. Not that he can have been asleep long to begin with. Spotting the lord as he comes out from the banquet hall. Himself keeping a bit to the side. Perhaps he can be spotted somewhere in the dark. Having a dark spot on a bench as he sit with what seems to be dessert. Perhaps having been given it while wandering the halls.

Two young women leave Blacksmith's workplace chuckling and whispering to each other something, what makes their cheeks burn. The one, who is dressed in a golden gown, which glints in the darkness as bright as the North star, hangs on the hand of a little bit older slim woman with wavy dark brown hair. The darker woman is dressed in quite simple black gown and she almost mingles with shadows of the night.
Two creatures, golden star of the sky and night's shadow pace very slowly through the courtyard, still peeking at the house of Blacksmith.
"Gaela," giggling utters twinkling young girl, canting her head and letting tress curly flaxen hair to cover her shoulders "I think he could be…"
However, the one, called Gaela, starts nervously whirl dark locks around her fingers "Your Highness," she interrupts "You are my life and I won't…"
Though now Princess Caillin stops all the words from Gaela's mouth "My dear… You should listen to me…" Caillin looks around suspiciously before continues and her eyes catch a sight of some figures and she cuddles up more firmly near her handmaiden. Night does not let to see clear view of these people and that makes princess feel precariously. However, her handmaiden stands bravely and sticks her eyes to the man near the fountain. They both slowly takes step after step closer.

A gust of wind rattles the tree that stands near the fountain, and one of its smaller branches falls into the water. The splash interrupts the quiet, and water extinguishes the lamp while Caedmon is writing. He stops and peers downward. Then he lifts his head to peer into the sky full of stars. "So much for that," he murmurs to himself. He sighs. Without moving from his perch, he carefully caps his inkwell and places it, the quill, and the paper into the wooden case. Then he hears the giggling and looks toward where the girls are walking. "Who goes there?" he challenges in a stern voice. He looks toward an area that has more light than the fountain. Then he tucks his case under his arm and starts cautiously toward that light.

Conall does sit and watch Caedmon for a moment in the dark, until the light goes out. Eyes moving towards the sound of giggling as well. Taking his plate with dessert and wanders towards the women. Though being on the other side of Caedmon he does move towards the man as well. "At ease, Chancellor. Can't you tell that they are just lovely ladies." He assumes. Glad that his face is hard to make out for now. Though his voice holds the same tone as usual.

"Chancellor?" at first still gingerly whispers Princess and after one loud heartbeat in the night she adds more joyfully "Chancellor!" and young girl releases the arm of her handmaiden, falling into armful of her cousin and giving him a peck on cheek. Caillin chuckles "And again we meet, when the night covers our land!"
Princess withdraw from her cousin and sticks her curious glance at another man, whose voice sounds similar, though she can't say exactly, who he is. Though, handsome figure in the shadows makes young girl's cheek bloom in roses and she lets that childish lovely sound from her throats, when young girl sees a boy in front of her. It's similar to laugh or giggle, it's something strange and modest, muffled with white fingers, which cover rosebud lips.
Though dark handmaiden is more sharp and she offers a respectful curtsy for both noblemen, whispering their titles under her nose.

Caedmon stands and bows to the princess. "Your highness," he greets Caillin, formally at first. When she kisses his cheek, he smiles and quickly questions, "Cousin, was the party not to your liking? I quickly found the weight of duty pressing on me. So I excused myself to come here and begin work on the arrangements for our new alliance, as Prince Tyrel asked." He, too, turns to look toward the other male voice, and although darkness might obscure them partially, he waves a hand to urge the ma to come closer. "Please join us," he invites. He pauses thoughtfully, and then guesses, "Your highness, Prince Conall? You are most welcome here." Finally, he looks at the handmaiden who has stepped slightly behind Caillin, and ncos to her as well, "And you, Mistress Gaela, are not excluded. You serve my cousin well and faithfully. That deserves some honor."

Conall grins at the rather informal greeting from the princess. "Your highness." He offers with a bow of his head. Not really introducing himself. They'll find out soon enough. He does seem comfortable within the walls of the castle so most likely not a commoner at least. Moving closer with that plate of dessert. Offering it to Caillin, if she wishes. "Want a taste?" He asks. There is a bit of a smirk though after her reaction to him being there. Nodding to Caedmon then as he recognizes him. "Indeed." Then looking to the handmaid as well. "Mistress."

Caillin shakes her head "I wasn't at the party, cousin," girl titters and peeks at Gaela. Even more wider smile grows in girl's face, if it's possible, and she whispers "We were at the blacksmith. He is making a new dagger to me. It lasts longer than usual, cause the dagger will be special. It's pommel will be made from ivory and it will have a lot of carvings and gems!" While Caillin is talking, her grey eyes are fulfilled with so much excitement, though, she still keeps peeking at her handmaiden, what makes Gaela blush and withdraw in the shadow of the tree even more.
After this, Princess turns her gaze to the man, who was just called Prince from the island. Girl timidly and slightly hides behind the back of her cousin. She stares at the prince through cousin's shoulder, blinking innocently and chewing on her lip. Wind plays with Caillin's flaxen curls and makes her golden dress elegantly sway near the ground. Skirt not just covers girl's legs, but also sweeps all the dust from the ground, palming ankles of Caedmon.
When Conall comes closer and offers some dessert, Caillin blushes even more, she shakes her head and quickly pivots, touching cousins back with her own and appearing near another shoulder of Caedmon, but her eyes still examines the Prince from the island. "Your Highness, it's not a time for a lady to eat dessert," her soft voice explains in a chuckle.

"Ah!" Caedmon acknowledges when Caillin explains where she went from the council chambers. He also notices how timidly the princess hides herself behind him, and he remains still, tucking the now cold lamp into his left hand and then reaching to adjust his cloak more securely about his shoulders. Still careful to shield his cousin, Caedmon nods and guesses, "So, the blacksmith has his instructions." He chuckles. "I would like to see it when it is ready. I suppose that now you are ready to sleep and dream of the magnificent dagger that will be yours soon. He looks at the prince and shrugs, as if unsure how to explain his cousin's shyness. Then he offers, "Shall we escort you and your maiden into the palace?"

Conall grins a bit as he listens to the talk between cousins. Though as she Cailling goes on he does let out a single chuckle. Nodding a bit about the dessert, "Perhaps not. I was offered it on the way down here. If not for a lady or princess to eat, I am not sure who to give it to." He says and smirks. Looking to Gaela. "Though I suppose I could offer it to either your cousin or your handmaid." He says and looks between both mentioned. Grinning a bit about escorting them. "Indeed. Allow that at least." He suggests before a smile shows on his face.

Princess takes a step to get out of her hidding place. She blinks a few times before turning grey eyes to cousin "I know someone who loves desserts!" she playfully utters and glances at the Prince once more with an offer "Or maybe we all can fall on the fresh gras and stare at the sky?" Caillin looks at the starts "Today sky is very beautiful. I don't want to sleep! Do you want?" Princess askes for both men adding "Also, I would liek to here how the meeting was finished!"

Caedmon laughs outright when Caillin jokes about someone loving desserts. He has made a point to avoid looking at the plate, but her comment draws his eyes to peek, and he bites his bottom lip. "If it doesn't appeal to either of you, I certainly could … dispose of it," he offers, pausing to hint that 'dispose' might stand for mother word. Then he inclines his head to Caillin and her handmaiden, and he agrees, "There is much to tell, but I think that your bother will want to share that news with you. Still, we could stay, or gaze at the stars from the roof of the palace if you prefer."

Conall chuckles a bit. Nodding, "Go ahead, chancellor." He says and offers the plate to Caedmon. Continuing to nod a bit about staying out. "Indeed. Stargazing is quite welcome. I have learned a bit of it. Having to navigate the seas and whatnot." He says with a shrug. Letting them decide where to sit. Here or the roof.

"Oooh…" drawls thoughtfully "Sea… Ships… What is the feeling, when you are in the middle of the sea and you can't see land at all?" Caillin comes closer near the prince from the island, curiously sticking her eyes to his. It looks like for a few seconds she forgets about stars. However, after some time of an awkward silence girl turns back to her cousin, stepping closer near the grass "I would like to stay here and I would love to here news from you… My brother is too busy to find time for me…" a little bit disappointed explains Caillin and falls down on the grass, putting her head on hands and now sticking the grey look at the sky. Girl sighs dreamily "So, what happened?"

Conall nods to Cailin's words, "Ah, well. It is calm and nice. Though the sea can be cruel at times. It is nice though." He says and shrugs a bit. Nodding a bit. Letting Caedmon enjoy the dessert while he himself moves to join the princess on the grass to start stargazing. "I am sure he will have time soon enough. Hopefully." He says and shrugs. "I suppose a lot happened. There might be unions between the kingdoms I believe."
The two of them standing on the grass and talking while preparing to watch the stars. The Chancellor being somewhere close by and enjoying dessert. Caillin's handmaid somewhere nearby as well. The night being quite late as it is very dark in the courtyard.

When Caillin sits on the grass and her joyful gaze follows some small clouds and stars, she drawls dreamily "I would like to go somewhere far far away in the sea, in a ship!" She sighs, grinning widely, but very quickly words of the prince from the island takes away the smile from girl's lips and she glances at Conall "What do you mean? What type of union?!" she rises her voice and now looks irritated. Caillin takes a few deep breathes, trying to calm down and she manages to utter "I am not saying that I do not like the idea of union, but…" Princess crosses her hands on abdomen and frowns.

Late is the hour, but nonetheless not too late for a lady of noble birth - well at least to a certain part - to wander outdoors for a glimpse of the stars. Emerit of House Moniwid, called 'Mist of the Island' by some and 'bastard princess' by others, steps outside from the shelter of the castle, inhaling deeply the fresh air of the night with what sounds almost like a sigh. Her dress of a darker colour - whether it's green or blue is almost imposisible to discern in this poor light - is covered by a cloak of a even darker shade to protect her from both curious glances and the chill of the night. She is not alone however, three guards in Moniwid colours are quite eager to keep up with her.
Spotting the small gathering, Emerit does her best at a courteous curtsey, offering a hushed: "A good night to you, my lady. My lord." Her glance shifting to Conall she adds in a slightly colder tone: "Cousin."

Conall nods, "IT is quite nice." He replies to Caillin. As for her last though, he just raises a brow and shrugs. Though before he can go on his attention shifts to the newest arrival. Studying her for a moment. Hearing her greeting. "Emerit." He offers in a neutral tone. Trying to study her for a moment though before letting his gaze shift back to Caillin.

"Will you tell me something more about Sea? I 've never been on the Sea. Far far away. I believe you had a lot of adventures there!" words jumps from girl's throat and now she is as a curious little child. "I would love to hear everything! It would be the same as reading books, I believe!"
However, they are interrupted by a new arrival. While girl speaks, Princess Kilgour peeks at her cousin, who is still eating the dessert and looks thoughtful. But quickly Caillin's look slips from the cousin to the girl to her escort. Princess examines guards for a few moments, before she notices blazons and their colours. However, Caillin pouts at another young woman around "Good night," coolly answers girl, likely a little bit resenful at such simple addresing as "My lady". Caillin adds "So much guards… Are you expecting some danger?"
After curious question Princess finds the sight of her handmaiden. Princess has no guards with her even at night. Though, quickly Princess of house of Kilgour feels the gaze of the Prince and heat comes to her cheeks, which can be seen even in the night. Caillin chews on her lip for a few moments before asks again "So, you two are cousins? Came here together? Why I didn't see you on the meeting?" genuinely shows her interest Caillin, glancing at Emerit.

Conall's greeting is met with her eyes narrowing a touch, but then who can tell for sure in the shadows of the night? Emerit shrugs, the movement accelarating into a shake of her head that makes the hood of her cloak fall down onto her shoulders, freeing her fiery red locks to all who care to look.
Noticing the cold stare of Caillin, she quickly becomes aware of her mistake and corrects herself - and the princess as well. "Your Highness. As you may know from your own experiences… a princess needs to be guarded. And my brother, the Grand Duke is perfectly aware of that, I assure you." With a smile as light as a summer's breeze she lowers herself again into a curtsey - this time the appropriate kind for a princess offering another princess her greeting. A certain wariness in her gaze remains, as she is very well aware that the status she proclaims stands on rather shaky ground.

Conall watches as the princesses greet one another. Shrugging a bit, "I think we are cousins by extension." Not saying much more on that. Studying the Monowid for a moment longer. Then a bright smile shows for them both. "Wish to stargaze?" He asks politely.

Caillin grins widely "If you, Prince from the island, will tell us something interesting about all these stars!" wink is given and young girl turns her gaze to Emerit "Please, Princess," quite politely this time addresses Caillin, after the girl from the island corrected herself "join us! I guess we don't have any dessert," playfully peeks at her cousin Princess before adding "But maybe the story of your cousin will be a good dessert!" and girl sticks grey eyes to the sky.

Perceiving Conall's reply with a hint of a smile on her youthful features, Emerit finally seems to loosen up a bit at his question. "Stargazing?" she echoes, chuckling lightly, her gaze moving upwards towards the sky. "Aye, it was in fact what I had in mind, when I ventured out here. Cousin."
The three guards do their best to remain unobtrusively in the background, yet they seem to exchange a glance when they hear the other princess's invitation. Emerit, while not taken that aback by Caillin's words, pauses for a moment before she gives her reply. "Join you? I think I already have. Princess." the Mist of the Island continues with an amused smirk in Caillin's direction. "And thank you, but I'm not in need of any food at the moment. When there is such a sight to be had." Her hands with long slender fingers gesture towards the stars.

The dessert was not that big, and Caedmon should have finished it quickly. Yet he remained in the shadows, savoring careful bites of small pie until he finally has finished the last morsel. During the time, the others wandered from where they stopped, and are now on the grass. He approaches, and halts when he sees a third slender form, with guards standing near enough to indicate that they are her guardians. He looks at the seated prince and princess, and then at the woman before he steps forward and clears his throat. He bows to all of them at once. "Thank you, your highness," he says to Conall. Then he smiles to his cousin, the apparently excitable flaxen-haired princess, and observes, "The sea can be creul, but it is full of wonders from what I have seen. I am sure that Prince Conall will have many tales to share." Finally, he offers a second deep bow to the stranger. "Your highness, if you are a stranger here, then I offer you our welcome ."

Conall smiles as he moves to sit and watch the stars. Nodding to Caillin's words. "I suppose that I could. Not sure what to offer though." He admits. While the ladies talk he himself sort of fade a bit.

Princess Caillin raises a brow at the statement of Emerit, but she does not say a word, just listens what is told. Her breath is calm and dreamy. One hand whirls a curl around her fingers.
However, peaceful night is interrupted by the rumble of armour and two handsome guards show up in the courtyard. They both firmly march near the company and bows through their waist, when they reach the destination "Your Highness," they address to Caillin, nodding for others. One of the man comes closer, extending hand to the Princess. She smiles for the guard and takes his hand, jumping on her feet. Quickly guard starts whispering something in Princess ear. He even waves with his hand slightly.
"Poor boy… I must visit him now, that means. I know how he is afraid of healers," smile stops dancing on princess lips and now she looks worried. Caillin turns to the company "Enjoy stars. I am in need somewhere else right now. I hope to hear your tales later, Prince," explains girl and turns to pace in to the darkness. Her golden gown elegantly sways near the ground, giving the impression that Princess is like shooting star, which starts her journey being so bright and with each step thickens until finally vanishes in the dark Sea of night's shadows.

Emerit's moss green eyes widen a touch in curiosity as she perceives the approaching noble. "I… am indeed a stranger, having arrived just recently from my home. Rustle Island. Princess. Emerit Moniwid." she introduces herself, inclining her head to Caedmon with a natural grace that fits the ease of her movements all too well. Although her stressing her own title might seem somewhat odd.
The arriving guards summoning Caillin away are observed intently by the Mist of the Island. "Nothing serious, I hope? However, it has been pleasant talking to you, Princess." Emerit offers, lowering herself into a curtsey. Her eyes keep following Caillin until she has vanished, her gaze then shifting to that nephew of her stepmother. She observes Conall for a moment, before she turns her attention on the chancellor.

"We are honored, your highness," Caedmon answers with another bow. "If I might ask, how recently have you arrived? I heard nothing of your presence here when I arrived from my own journey." He shrugs. "I do not know all things, but my staff are quite thorough, and usually forewarn so that we can ensure that all is in order when we have important guests at the palace."

Emerit shifts her stance, pushing one rebellious red curl to the side. "Well, I have arrived together with my brother, the Grand Duke Mantilo Moniwid. I understand that his presence might have blurred the attention of most, and… as I might not be his most prominent sister, that would explain that most failed to notice my presence, my lord." She lowers her gaze, chuckling lightly. "Not that I would feel offended. But… speaking of my brother… I fear he awaits my return. If you will excuse me. My lord Chancellor. Cousin." The corners of her mouth twitch upwards in amusement as she casts Conall another glance. And then, after a swift curtsey, she returns to the insides of the castle, her steps quick and surefooted, with the grace of a dancer.

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