Nar 22, 228: Nightly song

Nightly song
Summary: When Princess Caillin and Prince Conall had to leave Baroness Wenna and Count Aldren for some rest, the night was not over for the royals. Princess Caillin sneaked out for her usual wandering at the night. She was alone until prince Conall appeared from the shadows.
OOC Date: 25/July/2013 (OOC)
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Village Square
This lovely little village stands in the shadow of Darfield Castle. Most of the local peasants reside here, working the fields and carrying out their daily lives under the protection of royal family. The cobblestone path veers off into darkness southwards towards the marketplace. Torch sconces illuminate the buildings and the narrow path at night time, shadows cast all about.
Nar 22, 228

Indeed. Weather is just perfect. There are no clouds in the sky. Just hundreds of stars, which are trying to push out all the shadows of Umbra from the streets. Of course, they succeed just in the main squire of the Villige, where the moon plays too. However, all these streets, which are weaving in the city and bump into the square remain flooded with shadows.
Though, shadows give a shelter for the drunk man, lieing on the ground. Likely sleeping. But also, he may be fallen asleep for the rest of his life. There are too much mud on him to understand it. Also, there is a dark night and people are afraid to lean closer near the strangers.
It is dangerous to speak with wanderers of the night. One of them can be like that young man, who is sitting in the corner. He is all hidden under the cloak, but his hand is clenching something, which glints in the light of stars too sharply. Moreover, his eyes. His eyes are even more darker thanthe night.
These dark eyes are following slightly drunk whore, who is barely dressed and she just leans against the wall waiting for a customer.
Of course, that dark young man catches the sight of rushing passerbies, who are trying to reach their home as quickly as possible.
Though, the melody. Very soft and beautiful melody reaches the ears of that man, who is hidden under his hood with a dagger in his hands. He glances at the girl. Young girl who runs into the square all alone. She is singing about birds and rivers. Moreover, she sways and whirls around as she would be dancing with someone. Silent chuckle leaves girls throat, when a small breeze tickles her feet, raising the skirt of the black gown.
That young girl, who is the Princess Caillin herself, attracts all the attention of the stranger and the whore. At first, they both stares at her as she would be a some kind of spirit. Someone not real. That purple cloak, embroidered with the golden threat, tress flaxen curls and the band in girls hands, blow in the wind taking out the breath even from the most marble hearts. It looks like that even starts stoped winking, glinting and shining in the sky, just to look at this lonely happy young girl.

Though perhaps a more menacing shadow does lurk in the shadows. At least for those not trusted. Eyes fixed on the princess as he arrives alone near the square. "It isn't proper to be wandering the streets alone." Comes the stoic voice, clearly offered to Caillin. Soon after Conall does step out of the shadows.

Young girl stutters the last stanza of the song more in a words, than in singing. Though, it still sounds lovely. Caillin grabs soft fabric of the skirt and extands her hands in sides, offering a curtsy or more a bow of the performer. Wide smile continues dancing on girl's lips, even if she stops. Princess cants her head and listens for a silent. Just for a few heartbeats. The grey look slowly paces from the prince eyes to his shoulders, slides through the arm and reaches his fingers. Then jumps straight at the knee, grabing the fabric of his trousers and slides to the nose of the shoe. Just then Caillin silently whispers "But I am not alone. You are with me, Your Highness…" and she starts walking closer to him, swaying slightly, chewing on her lip and of course… blushing.

Conall chuckles and nods as he steps closer, offering his arm to her. "True enough." He says with a grin on his lips. "You did ask me to join you so here I am." Glancing to the others gathered. "Your singing is lovely." He tells her. Grinning at the blush. "Where to?"

Caillin playfully raises an eyebrow "Oh, did I?" girl giggles "I do not remember this. Usually I come here to sing and dance alone. Maybe Your Highness heared wrongly?.." Princess winks and gently touches the arm of the Prince with her pale fingers.
"Thank you, Your Highness," Caillin answers about singing "But you should hear how I can play on my grand piano. People say that my music could heal the darkest soul, you know," there are no modesty or shynnes, when young girl is speaking about her skills. Though she quickly changes the subject "I bet you can sing lovely too?.. Sing me something. Something what your people are used to sing, while walking on the coast!"
Princess Caillin stops forgeting about the last question "Please, sing it here! Music is always so beautiful at night in this spot. I am not sure why, but the sound is just perfect!" explains she and curiously glances at the Prince, still keeping her hand on his, tickling gently with fingers.

Conall grins and shrugs. "Perhaps I should leave then?" He suggests and let her put her hand on his arm. "Ah. I suppose I have to do so at some point." Shaking his head about singing. "Perhaps if I get practice. Never sung much." He says and shrugs. Clearing his throat before starting in what seems to be a traditional island song.

Caillin listens calmly for the first few lines and then takes both hands of the prince boldly, leading him to dance. She does not interrupt, just elegantly sways and whirls, smiling widely.
When he will finish the song, princess will clap for the man "I remember how easily you could carry the massive deer. Oh, and I heared how good you were on the battle. But now I see you have not just strong arms, but your voice is strong and lovely too," she will wink and take his hand, dragging the man "Oh, come! We should raise a goblet for your awesome skills!" and girl just laughs lively pacing to the Tavern, still swaying slightly, but the most important - firmly clenshing the hand of the Prince. "I want to hear more about you and your island. I remember you promised some stories!"

Bard's Tale Tavern
The Bard's Tale Tavern is where the locals come to drink, game, talk, and generally relax. The atmosphere in the main room is crowded, smoke-filled and noisy. In the southeast corner, to the right of the main door as you enter, is a large stone fireplace; on the other side of the door, a window shows the flickering torchlight from the village street. The furniture is coarse, yet comfortable; mostly plain wood, but a few of the chairs have upholstered seats. Hardly any of it has escaped the years unscathed, though; nearly every table, chair and barstool carries nicks, dents and stains, whether from bar fights or simply clumsy customers. The wooden floorboards are regularly swept clean.
At the far end of the room is a long bar, and on the wall over it a large, hand painted sign. Behind the bar you can see a door leading to the tavern kitchen. A staircase along the west wall leads up to guest quarters where weary travellers can rest and relax.
July 25, 228

Conall laughs and moves with her. Dancing with her towards the tavern. Grinning a bit. Holding the door to allow her to step inside. The tavern itself having some folks hiding away from the night by gathering up in the tavern. Glances given to them but nothing too bad. Twilring her before moving with her to find a seat.

Caillin chuckles, when the Prince twirls her and of course, she offers a warm smile for everyone, who raises their look from the cups to the pair, who just entered the Tavern.
Princess slips to the seat, which is hidden in the farest corner of the room. Curious gaze follows the Prince, not giving too much attention for the serving girl, who just approached them.
For now, Caillin does not say a word. Just waits the Prince to make his order first.

Conall slips into his seat next to the princess and smiling. "Some wine and snacks. Cheese, fruit, meat slices and crackers." He offers to the serving girl. Smiling still and soon looking back to Caillin. "So, how are you, princess?"

"Watered wine," adds princess before concentrating her look at the prince "Oh, I am good. You already heart news, so, it is easy to guess, how happy I am!" chuckles girl "But how are you? How is your staying? What have you done? Are you enjoying your stay? How long you will be here???" many questions leaves g irl's throat.

Conall laughs a bit to the girl. "It's been good so far. Been doing what I'm told, help. I will be staying. I am the ambassador now after all." He explains and smiles. Giving her a gentle nudge. "Full with questions." He says and grins.

Caillin giggles and blushes a little, because she forgot, that now the Prince is ambassador. She flinches from the gentle nudge, but grins widely "Yeah. I have many questions. So, about you and your island. What childhood you had? What type of parents you have? I mean… Are they find time for you? Enough time? Don't you miss them? Don't you miss your home? How's people? Simple people? Are they happy? There are more or less beggars in your island than here? what about children, who have no mother or father? Are you the only one noble family in your island? Or there is more? How huge island is? How…" but the serving girl comes with all the order and Caillin just immerses her lips to the watered wine.

Conall chuckles and shrugs. "My childhood was good if tough at times." He says and shrugs. "My parents are kind. My father being a determined man, but good." He assures her. "They did find time for us all. My mother would when my father was busy and the other way around. Although I think we would be fine either way." He says and shrugs. "I am used to it all. I've been around a lot. So I am used to being away from them. They used to have to travel at times as well, to other islands." He explains. "As far as I know, they are. We are able to live off what there is on the island. So are the common men and women." Shrugging a bit as she goes on. "Fewer beggers since we need all the help possible. But there are a lot just selling shell necklaces and so on." He explains. Nodding about orphans, "I would say there are quite the number of orphans. The seas are relentless. We got some nobles around as well othr than us." He says and smiles. Turning to the seving girl to nod and take the things to set down. Sipping his own drink. "The island is quite large." He assures her.

Girl sighs sadly, when she hears about numbers of orphans. However, she decides to speak about more cheerful things. "Oh! Shell necklaces? I bet they are more beautiful than these golden or silver pendants!" another sip of drink is taken "Have you got traditional feasts?"

Conall chuckles and nods, "Pearls and such as well. And I'd say that we are quite skilled at cooking." He offers and grins. Nodding about feasts, "We have them once in awhile. And masquarades is a more common thing there compared to here. Seeing as your brother never heard of such. For us it's something quite common." He says and smiles.

"Oh, yes! I loved that masquarade, which we had…" drawls girl and becomes silent, slipping to her own minds.

Conall smiles and nods, "You seemed to enjoy it quite a bit." He tells her with a smile. Sipping some more and then he grins at her. "So. How about you? Tell me a bit about yourself."

Caillin chuckles "About me?" she playfully raises an eyebrow and her eyes slips to the window. Slowly night walks away from the Earth, letting the morning in. Caillin jumps on her feet "We could leave my story for the next day? As I understood you will be here for quite a long time now. We will have many days to get to know each other. We shouldn't use the first one for that!" and she offers respectful curtsy with the wink, before rushing out of the Tavern.

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