Inouv 19, 228: Nightly Encounter

Nightly Encounter
Summary: Emerit comes across Aldren when she ventures through the castle in the middle of the night.
OOC Date: 08/12/2013 (OOC)
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Emerit Aldren 
Grand Foyer, Darfield Castle
The Main Foyer of Darfield Castle is an impressive room, purple and grey marble columns stretching along the walls to the high vaulted ceiling above. Between the monumental columns are padded marble benches for the comfort of those who would socialize here. The marble floors shine gently in the illumination from everburning tapers that provide a flickering light. The recesses of the immense entryway are still, however, shrowded in shadows.
To the west lies the impressive set of double doors leading into the throne room, and at either side of them are stairs leading up to the foyer balcony. The east end of the roomis dominated by a large gateway leading out of the castle. To the north lies the library, and the north wing. South, an archway leads into the banquet hall, another hallway goes down to the general quarters.
19th day of Inouv, 228, about 2 am

From the Eastern Hall a small group approaches, led by a young red-haired maiden of not more than 16 summers in a dress of dark green sammit that accentuates her slender figure with tiny white snowfloakes embroidered onto the skirts. She moves gracefully, placing her steps as if they were part of a dance, the fiery red locks falling about her shoulders in the usual wild manner. Around her neck she wears a a necklace with a pendant of a number of snakes entwined with each other, but apart from that, no jewelry. In her wake follow a weary looking chaperone, muttering some grumbling curses under her breath, and two guards in Moniwid colours who seem similarly displeased.

From the courtyard comes Aldren. He is snow ridden to a point and stomps the gathered precipitation from his boots as he enters. The Count has a bit of a wine soaked look to mix with the discomfort and aggitation on his face. His cloak drawn down he does spy the entourage at this late hour. As they cross he stops and bows, "Princess Emerit." He says soft and seet like to the bastard. "I do believe I have been deprived of your company as of late." She is Dyfan and no barbarian in /his/ eyes so he is pleasant despite what some would think. Not to say there is not a princess or two around he would be less cordial to.

Emerit pauses on her way as the doors are opened and the chill from outside makes her cross her arms before her and the torches flicker. It takes a moment until she recognizes the man and offers a curtsey. "Count Aldren. You are brave enough to seek out the cold winter outside at this late hour? I admire your courage, for I do not share it." She lets out a low melodious chuckle, one hand rising to cover her mouth. "And 'deprived of my company'? I wasn't aware you were seeking it, my lord."

Ha! Surely the red-head has been deprived of /his/ company. And he says so much. "When their is royalty so near my home I would behold it more often." He smiles down to her and adds, "Where are you headed at this hour?" As is custom, and what he seems to desire, he offers her his arm and says, "Surely I could escort you the rest the way. Only two nights ago I caught some scoundrel about in the palace. I promise, this place is foreign and uncomforting and I would enjoy the company at least." He still smiles as a quick glance measures her guards.

Emerit lowers her gaze, and luckily the fading light of the torches does not suffice to reveal the light blushing of her cheeks at the compliment. "I was… looking for my brother, the Grand Duke. I thought I'd find him somewhere here. But that was a stupid idea, at least one my chaperone doesn't approve of." She raises her moss green eyes to look up at him, and her nose wrinkles a touch. "Eww, my lord. Have you been drinking?" The offered arm is noticed but not taken, at least not for now, while the Moniwid listens to Aldren's account of the scoundrel being caught. "The place is not as foreign to you as it is to me," she replies with a light chuckle. "And thank you. You may escort me if you feel so inclined." A glance is shot towards her chaperone, and Emerit's head is lowered a touch in a nod.

The Count retracts quickly and says, "Yes, I have been. And I disagree. You have stayed here longer than me. i am not used to pirates and tigers and snakes." He grins at the girl to show part of that was playful despite tigers being lodged above them. He turns and says, "What would your brother be doing out so late?" The same as him most likely.

When Aldren withdraws his arm Emerit shoots him a relieved glance. "I'm not used to tigers, my lord. But snakes and lizards are quite common on our island," she replies, tilting her head as her arms slowly relax and let go of each other. She does not comment on the pirates though. When asked about Mantilo she shrugs. "I don't know, to be honest. I thought he would be in the Salon, where he wasn't. He might be in town, to get a feel for the country and the people." Another chuckle escapes her and a fond smile brushes over her features.

The Count smoothly slides his arms behind his back and says, "The salon? This early He looks curiously as she chuckles and says, "Yes, my sister spoke to me of their meeting. I was to understand there might be some joint venture." His eyes cast down and he adds, "Though, how that is coming along…"

"This early? You mean rather this late…?" Emerit replies. "My brother the Grand Duke follows his inclinations when ever he chooses to - regardless of the hour. He is the Grand Duke." As if that would explain everything. "Your sister? You are… referring to Baroness Wenna?" A brow is raised. "I value her very much. Alas, I'm not sure… we have already reached an agreement there. I will speak to my brother about it, if you would like me to." She bites her lower lip and her gaze wanders to the far side of the hall as if hoping to see Mantilo there.

He chuckles and makes a mock bow, "And I am the Count, and it is early, I too follow my inclinations." He rises up and grins at the little foreigner's assessment of Mantillo. "That will not be neccesary," He adds. "I am no healer. I am sure news will come out." He shakes it off as it is not his area of expertise, just small talk. "There was a gathering earlier at the Mawbray manor. That is where I return from. Perchance would he have been in attendance? Mayhaps he is righ behind me." He offers politely.

Emerit shoots Aldren an amused glance. "Aye, you do obviously follow your inclinations, my lord." A light shake of the head is offered at his inquiry. "Oh no, I do not think he was there. And… I do not see him behind you actually, I might as well return to my quarters." One of her arms is lifted gracefully in the direction of the count. "I will gladly take you up on your offer to accompany me there. I you are still willing to do so."

Aldren grins at her little quip and says as he turns, "no, he is not." Turning back he smiles when she holds out her arm, blue and green flowing. Gladly he takes it lightly and begins a slow gait with her in the direction of the suite. As idle conversation he says, "How do you find the winter? A bit more violent than back home? Greenshire surely never looks like this, or get so fridid." His words and tone are soft and plyable.

A smile appears on the bastard princess's features when she sees her arm is taken. Walking beside him she will shoot a glance over her shoulder to make sure her retinue follows, which they do of course, before her moss green eyes look up to Aldren again. "Chilly," is Emerit's reply to his question. "It is not as cold at home. Although… I find one enjoys being indoors, much more than during the autumn." She can be a wonderful conversationalist, too!

Quite easily he moves with her now, his longer legs setting a shorter pace for her to follow comfortablly. He nods along with her and agrees sincerly, "Ahh, I love the autumn. My favorite season no question. Not only the beauty of the time. Oh, but a bountiful harvest as well, something we pride and call a good omen in Greenshire." He looks down and assures her. "This years was fine too." He adds proudly, then he seems to become a bit melancholy. "The first fall I have spent away from the county in…oh…fifteen years I'd say."

"Is that so…", Emerit replies, and her melodious chuckle ripples through the halls. "It seems we have much more in common than I've imagined. I adore the autumn as well. And this is my first autumn and winter abroad, of course. The chaperone walks behind her now at a close distance, keeping a keen eye on those arms as Aldren leads the way. Meanwhile the princess continues with the conversation: "They say you are not very happy about the great number of foreigners at this court. I am surprised you are not avoiding my company." She shoots him a quick glance, the curiosity quite obvious in her mien.

Aldren paces along listening, until her last comments. He still moves along but he looks down to her curiously, "Oh? And who are /they/?" He chuckles and pats her dainty little arm. "If it is some form of candid speech you seek I will say this. I doubt any of your kin has raided my lands or carried my kin off to the desert. No, I find your people to be more honorable than that." He does not elaborate to the snake in the castles grass as he truly does not see her as a threat and means no harm to the red-headed dyfan. "Though I am curious to here such frankness from such a stranger. I would be eager to hear who shared such a thing with you. Especially if it has led you too believe I would not enjoy your company."

"Frankness," Emerit lowers her moss green gaze with a chuckle. "A virtue, I do believe. So I thank you for the compliment, and will give you the frank reply you ask of me." They have arrived before the door of the Moniwid quarters, and the princess turns to look up at Aldren's face, a polite smile on her features. "Noone told me, it was mine own observation at the feast where the Prince od Jadda was welcomed. You seemed not too enthused about both the Prince and his pet. And you were not too nice towards me there as well, if you recall. Maybe I got you wrong, then forgive me my rash judgement."

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