Sheat 24, 229: News and Nylie of Lakeshire

Sheat 24, 229: News and Nylie of Lakeshire
Summary: Nylie returns to Darfield Castle from Lakeshire with news for Tyrel.
OOC Date: 12/06/2014
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Darfield Castle
Darfield Castle
It is day 24 of the month of Sheat, 229 2E

Throne Room Darfield Castle

The feature of the Throne Room of Darfield Castle that draws most eyes immediately is the magnificent throne, raised on a dais at the far end of the room. The Kilgour Family coat of arms, passed down from father to son through the centuries, occupies a place of honor above the royal throne.
A carpet of red softens the path down the center of the white marble floor. To each side of the carpet, stand tall silver vases of Stargazer Lilies and Irises, their heady scent drifting through the air. The cool marble walls have been draped with mingling swathes of purple and silver silk, with touches of white for smooth contrast. Set about the room, tall silver candelabras hold long purple tapers, their soft glow gleaming on the rug and silks. On the balcony above, more swathes of purple and silver silk have been draped.
To the side, there is an almost hidden stairway to the Hall of Chambers. Rioga guards stand on either side of this door, at all hours.

Previous months had seen the Duke and Duchess of Lakeshire having retired to Lakeshire proper, unsurprising given the border to the Laniveer and the many battles that were being fought upon their lands. It allowed the Duke to pay more attention to those matters, and having a Duchess proper again, not worry as much about the more mundane, domestic things. And more, he had married a Kilgour afterall. And it is that very woman who has arrived back to Darfield this day, a brief moment to freshen up before Nylie had gone in search of her cousin, the King. If there was a few moments to be had. It was smooth even steps that carried her into the thrown room, wearing a gown in black and silver, the colors of her new House, yet it was within that simple fashion that had been her custom. A low curtsey given properly on to Tyrel once he was found.

There are Kings who sit the throne, allowing it to lend pressence to their personage…Tyrel, is not such a King. He moves about the dias, his height and breadth made massive by the elevation and the subtle sizing of the throne itself. The king was in a mood, it would seem, by the white-knuckled slightly shaking functionary who made his way past Nylie as she entered. "Duchess Nylie Kincaid." The guard announces her calling Tyrel's attention to the doorway.

"Duchess, rise and be welcome. We have missed your company and your music, and I speak that without use of the royal we for there are many in the castle who lament your leaving." He draws the sword of kings from the holder on his back and seats himself on the throne, the bare blade held across his lap. "Is this to be a formal meeting or have the gods sent you to bless me with reason to retire for a time and enjoy company of the finest sort?"

Nylie rises with a graceful eve when so biden,"Thank you, Your Majesty. I have missed the company of you and many others here. I shall strive to see that music does fill the halls for what time I am here, for it has been found again." It was perhaps a thing known that Nylie had ceased to play entirely with Callem's death, something mishap with her instruments during that attack. Eyes easily watching his movements as he takes the seat upon the throne and so positoins the balde across his lap. "It need not be formal, though I do bring news that I wished to see to you prior to the Council meeting. The first of which is that Duke Aidan remains in Lakeshire as he had traveled to see to matters at one of the harder hit areas, and could not reach Stormvale in time for the meeting on the marrow. I shall be attending in his stead in representation of Lakeshire." She does smile at his compliments. Though it fades for the the other matter,"Retiring may be a thing to consider for the other matter, for while company may be enjoyed, the topic is concerning Eldwin and matters concerning Lord Arlen's recent time held there."

Tyrel nods slightly on hearing of the Duke's intentions, "He could have picked no finer a delegate, though your duchy will receive no favoritism simply for being represented by my favorite cousin, though if your time there has helped you find your music again then I do owe it a kindness as it has done the kingdom a great service." He rises and lifts his sword upwards and settles it into place on his back. "We shall retire to a smaller room, where drink and food can be taken more easily, and you can give me such news as comes of my uncle-by-marriage."

Tyrel offers Nylie his arm after descending from the Dias, "My beautiful Queen is away, decorate my arm for me while we walk?"

"I should expect no favoritism, my cousin. Though aye, my time there has helped me to find my music, my husband has been most encouraging in this aspect, for he as so many others was agreeved when it left and came as a struggle for me." Nylie gives a nod as he rise, a smile coming as she move to walk with him, her hand lightly taking his arm,"Of course, though I shall never decroate it as finely as your Queen may."

Tyrel says, "A man with two gold coins could spend his time studying each in an effort to determine which of the two was more valuable, but a wiser man would simply enjoy that he has two coins of gold." He then leads the way up to the Hall of Chambers and into the quieter private sections of the castle.

Hall of Chambers Darfield Castle
It is day 24 of the month of Sheat, 229 2E - 05:36 PM

Though smaller than the main halls to the south, this hall makes up for its size in rich appointments. Opulent tapestries hang behind velvet curtains between marble pillars around the outer edge of the hall; the floor is a smooth mosaic depicting beasts of fantasy in a titanic battle that sweeps across the floor in brilliant disarray.
A spiral staircase at the end of the hall leads down to the rear of the Throne Room, with another pair of doors in the hall opening to the Council Chamber's and the Council Offices. A shorter hall to the east leads to the Royal Quarters.

"True, but that is the difference between a wise man and one who does not know to enjoy simply what he has in life but must prove he has the best." Nylie's steps easily keeping to those that Tyrel takes as he leads along to the familiar sections of the castle. It was much like so many previous home comings really.

Tyrel smiles, "I've no need to prove that I have the best, to any who look upon you or Ciarrah it is quite obvious." He continues on towards the Royal Landing, looking to one of the servants, "Have food and wine sent to the royal dining room, inform the kitchen that the Duchess Kincaid is joining me and that a selection of her favorites should be prepared."

Royal Landing Darfield Castle
It is day 24 of the month of Sheat, 229 2E - 05:51 PM

The richness and elegance here on the landing is overwhelming. The flawless marble of the floor and the walls gleams a brilliant white and a crystal chandelier hangs from the ceiling, sparkling. Stained-glass windows high above are illuminated. Looking down the hall and across to the throne room, you can see the rich, silken tapestries displayed above and between the archways.

A marble staircase at the end of the landing leads down to the lower hall. In the center of the hall, a pair of dark wood doors that have the royal crest carved upon them. Two guards stand vigil by the doors.

Nylie chuckles softly,"I would think that few would dare to say you have to prove anything." A bit of a perk of being King. There is a faint nod towards one or two of the familiar servants passed. "If time allows, I shall have to see about a few performances for the children, I recall they seemed to enjoy the music as well."

Tyrel laughs lightly as well, "I should think they would enjoy that, my singing still leaves much to be desired, though you will have stiff competition from Ciarrah. She and the nurse who I sent for from Aberdeen sing in a curious interwoven fashion that is quite mesmerizing."

Royal Dining Room Darfield Castle
It is day 24 of the month of Sheat, 229 2E - 05:59 PM

A high ceiling with a central grand chandelier in sparkling gold oversets a large dining table. There is a marble hearth at one side of the room, providing for hot tea and warmth, even to some of the other rooms in the Royal Suite. The table can seat up to sixteen comfortably, though it often enough does not reach those limits. The furniture is made of the most expensive red cherry wood, chairs decorated with golden cushions embroidered with a variety of themes. A large matching buffet and hutch rests against one wall, holding crystal ware, fine china and silverware, as well as anything else that might be required. Several side tables hold decorations, that change with the seasons. Doors lead to each of the Royal Suites, as well as out to the landing. A small inobtrusive servants' door also can be found, though it's nearly hidden amid the understated elegance that makes up this room.

A light smile comes from Nylie,"It shall likely be little competition, least on my part, for rarely do I come to sing. I find it shows more than I wish. On occasion is it apporpriate, but I prefer to refrain and simply allow my fingers to make the instruments do the singing." As they walk into the dining room and the number of ears the walls might have lessen, she does inquire,"Have you received much on the particulars concering the release of Lord Arlen?"

Tyrel says, "It will be simplest, I should think, if you act as though I have not. It will save you from assuming I know something that did not reach me."

Tyrel leads Nylie to a seat and assists her in sitting, then moves to his own place. Servants appear and disappear through their entrance with wine, cheeses, breads and in time will begin bringing forth some of Nylie's favored dishes for her to sample.

Nylie nods as her hand drift from Tyrel's arm and she slips to take up the seat, a hand smoothing her skirts as she sits. "The particulars of how exactly he came to be in the Laniveer care are not something I have the details upon, though I should hope one of the other navel men would be able to provide. But as he was held, it was a matter that deeply troubled Aidan wishing to see his brother home at the soonest. Thus is was a great relief that Lady Senga seemed able to achieve his release with seeming ease." Some of the cheese and bread partaken of, a sip of wine here or there. "As on the surface, it was a thing done as a matter of goodwill. I shall admit, I have some trouble in accepting that given the actions til such a point and how they have tended to return any…captives." Headless. "It was not until a few moments were had to speak further with Lady Senga to discover there was some truth to this, but I should still term it more a action done in hopes for gaining something more. For along with Lord Arlen, a letter was returned sent to Aidan from Eldwin requesting a meeting with him. " There is a sip of wine before Nylie notes,"Which, he would prefer to be here telling you this but matters are what they are. "

Tyrel nods, "Given Eldwin's use of assassins, poisons, kidnapping and deception I would suggest a great deal of care on the Duke's part, however if he wishes discourse with Eldwin I have no particular objection. It may be that the Aidan can talk some sense into him." Tyrel chooses from a selection of mead and avoids the cheese in favor of the breads.

You say, "Though I am pleased to hear that Lord Arlen's release was without undue physical harm."

"It was one thought that it could be exactly that, a trap to that end or to attempt to take upon a greater price than that which was released. " Nylie gives an incline of her head,"I shall inform him thusly, that he may consider the meeting without objection from you. I do not believe any of us are disillusioned that Eldwin seeks to have sense talked into him. I would think his desire more to see Aidan see his version of sense, and seek a fracture to Morbin. For Lady Senga spoke of how the sentiment in Laniveer is one such that there will not be contentment in seeing Laniveer brought to heel, but there being a greater blood thirst to conquer the continent in full."

You say, "If such sentiments exist they are in the exciteable minds of immature squires who think too highly of their own swordplay. I thought I had made it clear that any noble household who in good faith recognizes the falsehood of Eldwin's claim to royalty and recognizes the throne will be see no harm come to their family or their lands. If we have received word that there is some confusion on the matter I will have drafted a proclamation to be distributed to make our stance clear.""

"I do not believe there is such confusion upon that matter, least amongst any that I would know. And my husband believes as I do considering Eldwin and his falsehoods. But the Laniveer obviously are under his spell." Nylie eatting of this or that, partaking of the dishes that had been brought for her. "It may be worth reminding the people though, lesser minds can be excitable and forget quickly once gossip and tongues start wagging. It is sadly the way of things."

"If you have any suggestions for methods to remind the people I am willing to hear them, or perhaps that would be better saved for the council meeting so that others can weigh in on the matter as well. As for Eldwin seeking fractures…if Aidan were the sort to support a man without legitimate claim to the throne who seeks to maintain his position through murder and war then I have no particular need for him. I do not believe your husband has any need to prove his loyalty again but if there is some other benefit that can be wrested from the situation I trust in his ability to find it." Tyrel picks through the fruits finding one that is looks green and tart and cuts it with his knife. "What of you, though, cousin. Are you finding happiness as well as your music in Lakeshire?"

"It may perhaps be a thing for the Council meeting, and allow the others to weigh in, or simply take th emeasure to remind their own people of the previous proclamation upon the matter. " Nylie gives a shake of her head,"He is quite not the sort, I dare say, I would not have accepted a man who were the sort as my husband." She gives a nod of her head,"I believe he will do his best, if there is something to be gained, it will be. " A quiet smile comes at the last question,"Aye, I am cousin. For that I have Aidan to thank, for he is most attenative and has seen that Lakeshire is as much a home for me as any place could be. " Lightly sampling a few other foods as the dinner continues and light conversation takes over.

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