Sheat 28, 228: Newfound Acquaintances

Newfound Acquaintances
Summary: Solara meets Tyrel and Caillin for the first time, and they discuss the tourist locations in Darfield.
OOC Date: 16/06/2013
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Salon — Darfield Castle
A haven of serenity amidst the rush of the castle, the salon is designed as a place for relaxation or socialization. A hearty fire burns in the massive, marble fireplace, throwing a russet glow across the room. The walls are divided top from bottom with pale wooden paneling above and lapis marble with silver veins shot through it below. Several armchairs, a couch, and a loveseat are set around a beautiful table for an intimate tete-a-tete, the furniture finely made of deep mahogany wood with blue and silver cushions. An azure rug covers the center of the room, but at the edges the dark wood of the floor can be seen. A side table holds tea, coffee, wine and several small hors d'oeuvres, and desserts.
Sheat 28, 228

Standing near the fireplace is the Crown Prince, Tyrel Kilgour. He is dressed casually, with a snifter of brandy in his hand. The room smells fresh with the scent of lillies. Standing near the door is a member of the Royal Guard, Sir Elwin. Tyrel stares into the fire as he leans against the mantle with his elbow, in deep contemplation. His face looks tired and the Prince looks older than his youthful 24, at least today.

Solara, as it happens, looks every inch her nineteen years. She is exploring, given that she's been brought down to - well, do whatever it is young debutantes do at court. There's a guard with her, and a maid, though they don't seem to be too worried, given the location. Solara comes into the salon, looking around, and her smile seems to light up her face. "Oh, this is beautiful," she exclaims, before she notes there is already someone in the room. Which brings a prompt curtsey.

Tyrel turns slowly as the Lady enters the Salon. A smile spreads on his face, both brows raised in the air as he looks her over. After giving her a once over with his eyes, he offers a polite incline of his head, "Please, please. Come in." He motions for her to enter, "Would you care for some wine?" His motioning hand now moving in the direction of the sidebar.

Solara smiles again, as she does continue further into the salon. "Some wine would be lovely, thank you," she says, decision made all too quickly. "I - we have not been officially introduced, Your Highness. I am Solara Ruxton." That family name enough surely to place her lineage. Though for her part, well, she does recognize the crown prince.

Tyrel raise both brows as she speaks her name, and the once-over becomes a twice-over. After another inspection, he motions to a random maid, "Some wine, please." The maid turns quickly to fetch some wine. Tyrel turns back, bowing his head once more, "It is very good to meet you, Lady Ruxton. I am Prince Tyrel Kilgour." As the prince finishes the introduction, the maid returns with the wine, offering it to Solara with a curtsy.

A little grace, as she accepts the wine, and Solara inclines her head politely. "A pleasure to meet you, Your Highness," she says. "I must admit, I'd no idea what to expect here, when my parents insisted I come. I was sure I'd be quite homesick. So far, that hasn't happened." Course, she's not been here very long yet. So it could happen. She raises the wine in a salute of sorts, blue eyes gleaming. "To newfound acquaintances."

Tyrel nods and lifts his own glass in the air at her salute, "Yes, to new found acquaintances, my lady." He gives a wink, his own eyes twinkling and shimmering in the firelight. He motions to the loveseat casually, "Would you care to join me?" His manners are casual, but elegant. If she gets close, she will find that he has the sweet aroma of cinnamon about him.

Solara glances at the offered seat, and a brow arches. She gives Tyrel a long look, noting that twinkle in his eyes. "You are most kind," she says, though she does actually settle herself in one of the armchairs. "You won't mind though if I sit here though? I do enjoy the view somewhat better."

Tyrel shrugs, his manner never moves from casual. He moves back to the sideboard, pouring his own brandy, as is his custom. "So, is this your first visit to the capital?" He asks, glances to the side toward her as he lifts the bottle of brandy to pour.

Solara inclines her head, and then sips her wine. "It is my first visit here, yes, your highness," she says. "And so far I have not been disappointed." She is seated in one of the armchairs, her skirts smoothed, and there's a guard and maid somewhere about, while Tyrrel gets his own brandy at the sideboard. Solara has a smile on her face, as she regards the prince. "Might you suggest some attractions that I should be sure to visit while I am here?"

Tyrel nods once to her words, squeezing his lips together in thought, "Yes, yes. There are many things for the eye to see in Darfield." He finishes pouring his brandy, before moving to take his own seat in one of the arm chairs near Solara. "I should take you to see sunrise on the sea… then there is the Rim of Mobrin…" His voice trails off as he turns toward his thoughts.

"That sounds lovely," Solara says, with a bright smile. "I shall look forward to such a trip. It won't take too long, will it? I should hate to pull you away from your duties for my own selfish wishes." She looks towards the fire, and then her expression turns a bit wistful. "Sunrise on the sea? That sounds - almost like a taste of home."

Door opens widely and a young girl freezes in the doorway. She sticks her eyes to the unseen woman for a few seconds, before her grey gaze slips to the Prince and corners of her lips forms a wide smile. Young woman cheerfully nips a soft fabric of her white dress and steps inside. Long skirt is embroidered with a golden thread. It's possible to see whole garden on it. The work is made incredibly thoroughly. However, contrasting with a white glossy dress is the surcoat made of dark fur with large cut-outs on both sides with no sleeves.

Young girl immerses her fingers in the fur and haughty approaches near her brother. She playfully leans closer to his ear and whispers "Brother! Happy to see you," and she gives a peck to his cheek. After that Princess once more turns her eyes to the woman, raising an eyebrow, but doesn't say anything else, just starting to hum a joyful melody and taking a seat close to the Prince. Dress falls elegantly on the ground and Caillin puts her hands on kneels mannerly. She looks at woman with an air of expectancy.

Two of her guards are left behind the door and one comes inside the room.

Tyrel nods once at her line of questioning, "Well, the Great Sea is very calm compared to the waters where you come from. But…" a pause is given for effect, "The Rim of Mobrin, now that is a sight to see…" His voice trails off as the door opens, turning his head to see who enters. He stands when he realizes it is Caillin, a wide grin spreading on his lips. When she moves to peck his cheek, he bends to allow her to do so. He then motions to Solara, "Sister, I wish for you to meet Lady Solara Ruxton of Weston." His gaze turns toward Solara, turning his motion hand toward Caillin now, "I present Princess Caillin Kilgour, the Flower of Darfield and the Wind of the Great Sea."

Solara rises to her feet as the young woman enters. She curtseys appropriately, at the introduction. "I am pleased to meet you, your highness," she says. Her own clothing is quite fashionable, if not royal. "Your brother has been most kind to tell me about some of the sights to see here in Darfield. I am looking forward to it, since this is my first visit." Since the princess has seated herself, Solara also returns to her seat, in the chair. Thankfully not the loveseat.

Caillin stares at all the greetings and introductions, wearing a loft smile. When all the words stops running from her companions' tongues edges, Princess slowly raise her fingers to the wavy flaxen tress hair and she starts whirling some of the curls. A nod is given to the lady Solara, before Princess peeks at her brother with a slight frown. However, very quickly her skin becomes smooth once more "Oh, first time here…" drawls Princess and looks around the room, trying to see is server is around and not giving too much attention to the noble lady.

Tyrel returns to his seat once the introductions are made, glancing across to the Lady of Weston. "One day you should take a trip to the Eastern Isles. Aberdeen is absolutely gorgeous." He offers a smile before raising his snifter to his lips, watching Solara from above the rim of his brandy. "I've been there twice, and both trips were amazing. It is absolute paradise." He laughs, as a thought of his most recent trip runs through his mind.

Solara's brow furrows slightly at Caillin, though she very quickly turns her attention to Tyrel again, as he is somewhat gentler in manner. Her expression eases to neutrality, and she sips her wine, as she listens. "I should be pleased to do so, your highness. I am looking forward to exploring all of Darfield, as time permits." She allows the princess whatever time she needs to look around the room, also taking the time she needs to let her slight pique fade. "Well, assuming that my family does not call me back, of course."

A slight wave is given to a server, who quickly comes closer and leans near the Princess. She whispers something to server's ear, grinning widely. When she finishes, she curiously turns to the woman, still keeping her proud manner "So, how long you are planning on staying here?" grey eyes find the Prince and rests on him for a few heartbeats, examining a man. A server finally pours a silver goblet, decorated with some fretworks and Princess extands her hand to bring the edge of the goblet near her lips. She takes a protracted sip.

Tyrel glances between the two, then jumps in at Caillin's question, "Lady Ruxton will serve as Duke Ruxton's attache to the Royal House until she is wed." He looks across to Solara, "… as is tradition." A smile spreads on his face, before he offers the Lady a friendly wink. "And we are glad she is here." Having said his peace, he turns back to his snifter of brandy, taking a healthy swig.

Solara looks back to the princess at her question, but is delayed in her answer as Tyrel speaks up. She inclines her head, with a polite nod his way. She regards that smile of his for a moment with appreciation. "Which I suppose would be the only reason I should be called back," she says, with a slight wave of one hand. She takes a breath, and then looks back over at Caillin. "I'm afraid you're quite stuck with me, your highness."

Princess titters whispering "Oh, yes yes… Tradition!" another sip of wine is taken and Caillin gives a brief peek at the lady Solara again "So, that means I will see you around a lot, yes. I am quite stuck with you. Though, I am lucky that this place is huuuuuuge…" drawls princess widening her eyes and gesturing with her soft hands how huge this place may be. After this a soft laugh ripples through the room "You are funny! I like it!" states Princess childishly chuckling and turning her gaze to the server for a few moments and her grin from quite proudly transfors to a quite warm and simple smile. Server blushes slightly.
Seeing that Princess lowers her goblet on kneels and just starts staring at the weaving wine inside it.

Tyrel lets out a chuckle in the direction of his sister, shaking his head, "You are too wild, my little sister." He lifts his snifter for another pull of the strong beverage, as his gaze turns toward the Lady of Weston. After setting the snifter on a table next to him, he asks, "Is there no betrothal in the works? Surely the men of Weston have spent time trying to woo you." He gives another chuckle, a brow raised in question.

Solara's laugh is warm and rich, a very musical sound. She smiles at Caillin, inclining her head. "A huge place in which to hide? We shall have to make a game of it then," she offers. Though whether she'll be hiding, or Caillin will, that's another story. She does turn to Tyrel, her pale cheeks showing a tinge of pink. "I am unaware of any betrothals in the works, Your Highness," she says softly. "So, I suppose there aren't any, or someone would have told me." A pause, and then a glance at her wine, before she adds, "Or maybe they might not, for fear I might run away." Mischief sparkles in her blue eyes with that last statement.

A brow is risen and once more curious gaze finds lady "Why you want to run from betrothal? Wouldn't it be just perfect?" and Caillin raises her goblet at the Prince giving him a wink "Wild or not, but I am learning from my brother," smile of content is given, before she immerses her lips to the wine.

Tyrel raise both brows in mock surprise at Caillin mentioning his wild streak. He then lets out a healthy chuckle, before looking back to Solara, mischief in his own eyes. "There are many places to hide in this castle. I have found them all." He gives yet another wink, perhaps a bit flirtaciously as he reaches for his idle snifter of brandy. He sure does like his strong drink. He takes a long swig of the brandy before standing to pour his own, ignoring the nearby servant. He speaks with his back turned toward the pair of Ladies. "The only place one could hide from my father would be in The Hills or the Kundari Desert." A laugh escapes his lips at the thought.

Solara looks ove at Caillin, and she shrugs. "I suppose it could be," she says, though she sounds doubtful. "But as there is none, I cannot say." And then she listens to Tyrel, before she laughs softly. "I think that means your finding the hiding places in this castle did not do as much good as you may have hoped." She takes in the information on the wild streaks that both apparently possess, without comment. It might be a bit of a theme, it might. Though, after a moment, she does look sidelong at Tyrel, her lashes half lowering, subconsciously. "And really? All the hiding places? That sounds almost like a challenge."

Caillin shakes her head, while taking a sip of wine. She is sitting beside her brother, so princess raises her hand to cover her face from brother and leans a little bit to the direction of the lady, whispering, though, quite loudly, that everyone in the room could here "Not really. I have some awesome places to hide, which is unknown for my brother. So, you will find some of yourself, to rest from…" Caillin gently bites her lip and mischievously grins, putting back her fingers on the stalk of the goblet and casting her grey eyes at Tyrel for a few seconds. "To rest, to rest!"

A wild streak and good hearing, two attributes that define the Prince. Tyrel finishes filling his snifter before moving back to his seat. He slides gently into the chair, as he takes a good swig of his drink. He releases a healthy exhale, a result of his spirited beverage. A smile then spreads on his lips as he crosses one leg over the other in the fashion of men. At his sisters words, he rolls his eyes, then comments, "There are no hiding places that I cannot find in this castle, I assure you." He winks at his sister, "Perhaps I allow my sister to be…" he pauses a moment, then finishes, "…hidden."

Solara simply smiles at the two, amused by the interaction. "I suppose that you both might be right, at that," she suggests. She sips at her wine again, enjoying the taste. "Certainly, I am certain that I cannot go looking for such hiding spaces, so I will have to take your words for it." Though she chuckles again, softly. "Perhaps one day, you will come see Ruxton Hall, and find our hiding places. Though - there too, Mother could always find us." A little shrug and then, Solara asks, "I have had no chance to see or ask as yet, but what of music?"

Caillin once more shakes her head "No, no, my dear brother! You missed some really good spots, I am sure. But we do not need to start our discussion again about who is better on hidding and finding. The lady may become bored…" grins Princess at her brother and casts a look at the ldy, hwne she mentions music "We have just perfect bards. They cheers all the feasts! Oh, and I love music. Singing, dancing and playing piano. Do you play it?"

Tyrel remains silent at this point, choosing to allow the ladies to speak. At that moment, a Knight enters, scanning the room before approaching the Prince. The Knight bows to Tyrel, "Your highness. We have captured Sir Elron. What would you have us to do with him?" The Prince furrows his brow, looking up at the Knight with fire in his eyes, "Put him in the dungeon. I'll be down to speak with him in the morning." The Knight gives a quick nod, and turns on his heel, heading out the door.

Solara chuckles softly. "You two sort of remind me of my brother and me," she says, feeling slightly more at home with the back and forth repartee of the siblings. "I do love music too," she agrees. "But no, I do not play piano, I learned to play harp. I'm - not very good at it, yet, but I am told that if I keep practicing I might get there one day." She shrugs a bit, leaving it there. Though her gaze does go to the arriving and then departing knight, curiosity showing for a moment.

After that Princess finishes her wine and puts goblet on the table, she first time smiles a little bit more friendly to the woman. "I would like to here you playing. Maybe I will…" and Princess stands up, letting her brilliant to sway elegantly near the ground, forming a sight, that Caillin justs glades through the ground, not touching it with her feet. "It was… interesting to meet you," is said and Caillin turns to her brother, uttering in whisper "When you find time, come to my suite. I want to discuss with you about one thing," a huge mysterious grin flashes in Princess brigh face and she proudly paces out of the room, followed by her guard, who is joined by two others outside.

Tyrel smiles across toward his sister, before a brow shoots up at her mysterious comment. "Alright sister. I will come see you before I go to bed." He gives her a peck on her cheek before she walks away. At that moment, his attention falls back toward Solara, as he raises his snifter to his lips. He takes a good drink, before setting the snifter back on the table beside him. "How do you like your quarters?" He asks, genuinely interested.

Solara gets to her feet, to curtsey politely as the princess makes her exit. "It was good to meet you, your highness, and perhaps we will get to play something together?" she says, though once Caillin is gone, she returns to her safe seat, and looks back over at Tyrel, as he asks his question. "I haven't any complaints as yet," she says, easily. "But if I should find something awry, I will be certain to bring it to the right ears."

Tyrel laughs at her words, then nods, "If there is anything you are need of, you will not be shy, will you?" He asks, something in his tone of voice, perhaps he is being flirty. "Oh… you should know, we will be having a banquet at the end of this coming week to honor the arrival of an Aberdeen Princess." A brow shoots up before he takes another swig of his wine. Setting the snifter on the table, Tyrel shifts his weight in the seat, switching his crossed leg.

"An Aberdeen princess?" Solara asks, sounding somewhat intrigued. "Royalty being sent over to inspect the marriage prospects?" she asks, being about as forward as he was earlier, with his none so subtle question about possible suitors for Solara's hand. "Or just a casual visit?" She finishes her wine finally, getting to her feet. "And certainly, if there is anything I find myself in need of, I will not be shy, Your Highness."

Tyrel laughs at her own bluntness, shrugging once with a rise of his shoulder, "Nay, not here on business of betrothal. She is being sent here as an Ambassador, actually. Aberdeen is a very powerful city state in the Eastern Isles. We are hoping to strengthen our ties through trade." He then reaches over toward his snifter. If she had been paying attention, she would have noticed his eyes going from a clear state, to bloodshot.

<FS3> Solara rolls Perception: Good Success.

Solara might notice the prince is getting a little bit worse than tipsy. In fact, it might well be enough to have her offer a curtsey, and gesture to her maid and guard. "I shall look forward to the banquet, and to meeting this princess of Aberdeen then," she says, with a s friendly smile. "But I think perhaps I should take myself off to those aforementioned quarters and make sure that everything is set to rights." A brief hesitation, and then she says, "Thank you for your kind hospitality, Your Highness."

Tyrel's expression turns to that of disappointment, even a frown tugging at his lips. He stands at her words, "Very well, my lady." His voice also carries hints of disappointment. "I shall look for you tomorrow, in this place, during the evening?" His words carry in the form of a question.

Solara offers a sunny smile to the Prince. "I think that might be acceptable," she allows, with a brief smile. She sinks into a proper curtsey, and then rises gracefully. "Have a good evening, your highness. And may you have sweet dreams, when you find sleep." With that, the Lady from Weston makes her departure.

Tyrel smiles in return, the disappointment leaving his expression at this point. He says nothing more, simply watching her leave. The guard at the door offers a bow of his head as the Lady of Weston departs the salon.

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