27th Thedor, 229: New Song for the Sailor

New Song for the Sailor
Summary: After his return from sea, Eoin seeks out Caedmon for a private conversation.
OOC Date: 27-28/Jan/2014
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Private Residence - Darfield Castle
The main room for the apartment is very large but cozy and smells of herbs and flowers. The stone walls have been washed with paint; they are a soft pale blue. On the stone floor woven rugs have been placed instead of rushes for the comfort of those staying there. By the door hooks have been placed to hold the owners cloaks, scarves and even a cane. In this room you see a long bench near the fire that is of walnut and the back of the bench has been carved to show an ocean scene with a ship sailing. The bench also has comfortable cushions that covered in a woven fabric with the following colors: white, light blue, dark blue. Wall sconces of silver hang on the wall to provide illumination for the room. Opposite of the bench there is a large stone fireplace that is flanked by two comfortable tall wooden chairs. Before one of the chairs there is a small foot stool. The cushions of the chairs have been covered in a heavy light blue fabric. Above the fireplace, hangs a wood carving of a ship at sea. The fireplace itself has an oak mantel that is heavily carved with a ships sailing on rough waters. On the mantel is a model of a wooden sailing ship that look like exact replicas and silver candelabras holding bees wax candles, last but not least there is a large conch shell.

Near the fireplace in the corner there is a spinning wheel and small loom.

On the opposite side of the room across from the windows is a long oak table. Set around the table are matching heavy wood chairs. On the table there are two more silver candelabras. At each of the windows there are window boxes filled with herbs and flowers.

Along the wall there are two doors leading to other rooms. The doors are spread apart and between them is a wooden bookcase. In the book case there are rare scrolls and books on various subjects.

27th Thedor, 229

Now that the sun has set, an abundance of beeswax candles burn brightly in wall-mounted holders at intervals around the room. Caedmon is string at a large table with a large map spread over its surface and several thick books opened before him. He shakes his head to a servant and says, "You may go for the evening, but there is one more thing. Please deliver this to the baroness on your way through the infirmary." He offers a small slip of paper to the servant. "Thank you." While the servant departs, Caedmon returns his attention to the map, and then to one of the books. He flips a few pages and then stops. He leans over the book and begins to jot notes on a sheet of inexpensive paper, clearly not something that he would use for official correspondence.

Back on land and having done all the official things that need doing, Eoin now has a bit of free time to get other things done. Knowing that if he heads for the Greenshire accomodations first he won't be going anywhere else for the day he's started elsewhere, at Caedmon's. The departing servant has already informed him that the Baron is in but the Baroness is not, which seems to suit him well enough, or at least, doesn't put him off as he knocks gently on the door and then pushes it open.

"Come in, Merreck!" He looks up from his notes toward the door, expecting his trusted servant. When he sees Eoin instead, he nods and reaches to drop the quill into the inkwell. "Lord admiral," he greets courteously, standing and stepping away from the desk. "I trust that the day's business has gone well for you. I saw the reports about the return of Princess Ciarrah. They mentioned no incidents along the way. Is there something that I need to bring to the king's attention for you?"

"Caedmon," Eoin replies, hoping to both greet his cousin-in-law, and indicate that his business here is not offical in one swoop. "I've not seen the reports," he does state though, "unfortunately the winds were against us on our return and I only returned on this morning's tide." Moving into the room, having closed the door behind himself he eyes the loom a moment then turns back to Caedmon, "no, there is nothing I need of you in that regard, but I would have a few moments of your time, if you can spare them,"

Having spent almost all of his life in the royal court, Caedmon learned long ago to note subtle cues that people give by their voices, manner, and words. He smoothly adjusts to his guest's familiar address. "All the better, then," he agrees. "I have many cousins, as you know, but few who have the luxury of ply the seas." He smiles and waves a hand to the seats that wait before the hearth. "Come. Let us sit if you like, and tell me, good cousin, what weighs on your mind."

Eoin attempts, for a moment, to judge which seat might be Caedmon's prefered, but then gives up and just sits in the closest one. Taking a few seconds to relax and make himself comfortable he then steeples his fingers a moment before shifting once more to lean a little forwards. "You'll have to forgive me, cousin," he starts, faintly awkwardly, "I am a sailor and we are not known for our finess of speach. As such I fear I may have to be blunt on a matter which deserves far better, but that I have found myself dwelling on since my last departure. In short, and to get to the point before sunrise, cousin, why has your sister never married?" As soon as the words are said thugh, he frowns, not happy with that and so adds, "I mean, I don't need to know details if they are troubling or such, just, if it is by her own will or not."

Caedmon smiles and shakes his head over Eoin's apparent apprehensions. "I take no offense at your directness, Eoin. I haven enough of people dancing around topics at court. Yours is a refreshing change." He looks to a small door that must lead to the kitchen. Then he offers, "We don't have the fine wines that Aldren has, but I believe that we have a fine port that you might enjoy, or I can mull some cider if you prefer." Returning his attention to the seafarer, he inclines his head and frowns. "As for Nylie," he continues, "as she might have told you, her … situation is not hers to control. The king has withheld her from marriage for his own reasons."

"Port, for a sailor eh?" Eoin replies with a faintly amused smile. "While I suspect that you have plenty of fine wines cousin, I think that port will do fine." When the answer to his enquiry comes though, it's obviosuly not exactly what he had been expecting, and there's a mildly surprised look on his face when he repeats back "The King?" It's not a question that he actually wants confirming though and he settles back into the chair once more as that sinks in. "She has said that she travels a lot, and does not always control where to, but no, she has not spoekn beyond that. Equally though, I had not asked."

Caedmon chuckles and sighs. "I'll do better than port if you'll wait," he offers. He strides to the door and opens it. After speaking for a moment with a guard, he closes the door again. "We rarely drink, but for you, I've ordered two flagons from the king's cellar for you." He goes to the hearth and settles in another of the chairs. "I will match you for bluntness, cousin. have you … personal interests in my sister?"

Eoin would have been fine with port, but is not about to be bad mannered and decline an offering from the King's cellar and so he smiles his thanks at the gesture. As the question comes he takes a moment to consider his reply before stating, "I haven't started carving a spoon, if that is what you are asking, but I have of late found … pleasure in her company. We've both spent time away from family and home, conversation is both easy and pleasant."

"I have noticed the signs between you," Caedmon admits. "For good or ill, the king heads our house. Before I spoke to Aldren about Wenna, I sought Callem's approval. He gave it but cautioned me to be sure of what I was pursuing. If I we're in the place of deciding such things, I would speak with her first, to know where my sister's heart stands on the matter. I did not marry for politics, and I would not have her walk where I would not tread."

Eoin nods slowly as Caedmon speaks, the pair are both sat in chairs by the hearth having what appears to be a relatively serious conversation without the aid of either serveants or parchments. "I understand. I was married once for politics, keep a vassel inline, offer a marrage for their daughter, oh look he'll do, off-shoot line but he has the name and it's only a minor vassel.." He shakes his head slowly, "no, it works for some I am aware, but not all, and I would prefer her happy above other considerations. Hence the initial question."

Caedmon smiles and inclines his head. He glances for a moment toward the door, expecting that guard, or better Merreck or Maggie, to return soon with the wine. "My parents encouraged me always to serve," he explains. "The needs of the kingdom were my chief devotion until I met your cousin. Perhaps she does not know how much she overcame, but I do." He touches his temple to indicate the hair, once fiery red, that is now white as fresh snow. "We have not come to it, but I would give all that I have, all that I am. I would lose my soul to protect her, and to preserve her and her happiness." He sighs. "I will speak to Nylie and see where her heart lies. If I find that you share one heart, you and I will speak to the king."

It is freezing and a tired and ashen looking Wenna limps through the door as a guard holds it open. She is carrying a tray with same drinks that Caedmon had asked a servant to go and fetch. Her long dull brown hair has been braided and pinned up underneath a white colored biggens. Her gown is of charcoal grey wool and it long enough to hide all but the tips of her black shoes. Her steps are heavy and slow. She sets the tray down on a small table for them. Her green eyes are dancing and she moves over to her cousin and she places a chaste kiss upon his cheek. "Cousin it is good to see you safe and sound and back in port." She then goes over to her husband and she kisses him on the lips not carrying who shall see or say something. Her kiss is light but tender. She takes a step away from Caedmon and she looks between the two men. "Good evening, it is cold, I pray I am not interrupting?"

Eoin rises as he recognises the familiar sound of his cousin's limp, although he shoots Caedmon a quick look as he does so. "And it warms my heart to you safe and well," he replies once she's kissed his cheek before turning as she moves to Caedmon. "Fear not," he then states with a gentle smile, "you interupt nothing but a conversation that was finishing. I suspect that your husband and I may need to talk more on it before further action is taken but for now, he has been most remiss on telling me how you have been while I was away." He guestures for her to join them, hoping that Caedmon is as good at reading hints as he should be.

Someone is knocking at the door.

Even before Wenna comes into the room, Caedmon can hear her though the door, and stands. He takes a step toward her when she enters, bearing that tray, but then he shakes his head and waits until she has relieved herself of her burden. He smiles while she greets her cousin. Then he takes her hands in his when she comes to kiss him, and he answers her with a kiss of his own. "We had more pressing business, my sweet love. But you and the wine are here. Now, come," he invites, glancing to the couch. "We will sit and talk." He looks to Eoin and summarize, "There is nothing to tell that you could not guess, honestly," he assures. "I'm sure that you heard about the queen, and about Prince Logen's strange return. We have been talking about a journey to Greenshire when the weather permits."

There is a light laugh from Wenna, her eyes are warm and she grins at her Cousin. She then allows her husband to maneuver her towards the couch. She settles down upon it and it is then that she hears the knock and she calls out. "Come in." She then looks at her husband. She streches her legs out infront of her. "I would say that you forgot sweeping procolations, a loss of that welp of prince's wife as well."

"I have heard many things cousin," Eoin starts with a faint nod, "but not all of them from as reliable a source as the pair of you." Moving to pour the wine as Wenna is seated he offers the pair drinks before taking one for himself. The knock at the door gets a brief glance but then he moves to retake his chair, content to let the Baron and Baroness deal with their latest guest themselves.

Caedmon sighs while he accepts the cup from Eoin. "I would be content to forget about that 'sweeping proclamation,'" he grumbles. "I have made my point to the king about it. He has not answered, but I also do not hear an confirmation of it from him. I take that itself as a good sign. If Callem supports something that his sons have ordered, he usually gives that support positively, not by silence."

"Thank you my sweet cousin." Wenna takes the offered cup "Aye, I did call the crown prince a Tyrant to boot, I am surprised he did not lock me in the dungeon. I am thinking that that trip my husband mentioned may be a wise idea." She tells him Eoin. "Also my sweet cousin your sister wrote to me for more training if you are agreeable I can do this." She then looks at her husband. "I still think I should resign but I feel I can do precious good if I do. I need to finish with the healers guild."

Eoin raises an eyebrow faintly as the mention of a proclaimation is made, his expression indicating that he is unclear as to it's contents. Before he can ask for clarification though, the knocker is revealed to be a messenger and more specifically, a messenger with a message that requires him to be elsewhere. Sighing he glances into his cup, takes a good mouthful, then sets it down beside the pitcher. "I fear that duty calls once more, thank you both for your kind hospitality," a smile to Wenna, "and words," then one to Caedmon, "I trust we may have time to finish them later, or perhaps tomorrow." He gives a nod of asscent when his sister is mention, then starts to raise an eyebrow at the talk of resigning, but as it is, he really must be off and so he adds another, "until later," before he turns and makes to follow the messenger out.

Private Residence - Darfield Castle
See above.
28th Thedor, 229

It's morning, and for a sailors who only returned from sea yesterday, Eoin is up at a remarkablely early hour. He looks a bit rough, suggesting that the 'not dead yet' celebrations might have gone on into the wee hours, but he has at least taken the time to wash, shave and dress properly this morning before navigating the castle's corridors to reach his cousin's abode.

The curtains are closed against the cold but candles and the roaring fire in the hearth fill the room with light and warmth. Servants are clearing the remnants of a light breakfast from the dinning table. Caedmon is sitting at another table with a large ledger open on an angled wooden stand before him. A smaller table sits to his right, with sheets of paper, a quill in its inkwell, a tall, burning candle in its holder, and a cup of some steaming dark liquid that emits an peculiar, slightly bitter odor. In the man's lap is an abacus. He appears to be checking sums from the ledger.

Eoin doesn't seem to be overly inconvenienced by the guard outside and there's only a few moments between his arrival and admittance. "Good morning Cousin," he greets with a smile and slight nod, before he eyes the ledger and abacus. "This is not a bad time is it?"

The beads on the abacus click quickly under Caedmon's fingers. He looks at the ledger, nods at the abacus. Looking over the top of the ledger, he smiles warmly to Eoin and beckons. "Not at all, cousin! Two of the clarks in the steward's office were in dispute over their figures. I brought their books here so that I could settle the matter for them." He shakes his head, "It's the usual error of transposition, easily corrected." He stands and sets the device on the small table, on top of the papers as an impromptu paperweight. "Come and warm yourself by the fire if you like." He glances to the servants, then offers, "I can offer tea or coffee at this time of day. That guard finally arrived with the full flagons. I've kept them to chilled for you to take with you when you are ready to claim them."

Eoin takes up the offer of the fire once more, but shakes his head at the drinks, "thank you, but I have just breakfasted." Giving the serveants a few moments to complete their tasts he glances briefly back to the ile of paperwork and nods at the explaination given before stating briefly, "I jsut wanted to stop by and finish our conversation from yesterday if you've the time? I was called away at an inconvenient point."

Caedmon nods to the servants who are carting the last items from the table. "Leave those in the kitchen and you are free to go," he instructs. He takes his own cup from the small table and goes to the hearth. He gestures to the chair that Eoin had claimed on the previous evening. "I remember," he says. "I agreed to speak to my sister, and a servant arrived to summon you. I hope that you had no trouble with your ships or crew. I have not had opportunity to visit Nylie, but that might be well if you have more to discuss befeore I do."

Eoin retakes the chair when it's offered and lets Caedmon take one too if he seems to so desire. "I had hoped," he starts, "that in calling on you this early that that might be the case. You said you would speak with her, but I am here to ask you not to, not yet at least, unless perhaps it comes up by some other means and you deem it appropriate." Leaning forward a little as he sits he attempts to add an explaination. "I had been hoping to instead see how things developed by themselves, we do not yet I think know each other well and I would not see things rushed. It maybe that friendship is all there is between us, I don't know yet, but I do know that I would not have that risked by hasty moves."

"You seem quite well acquainted, from what I have seen, but I would not push or interfere," Caedmon concedes with a decisive nod while he settles on the couch that he shared with Wenna after she arrived. "As I said, I married for love. I wish the same for both of you, if such is the will of the gods, and there is wisdom if you are not sure of your feelings, or hers. Nylie has … great strengths that many fail to notice. She is sensitive as some people are sensitive. Things that cause some plants to bloom hardly interest her, and she responds keenly to other things that most find compelling. I would encourage you to spend time with her in the company of others at first. Allow her to become familiar with your presence and your ways." He pauses for a moment and peers at the dancing flames before he questions, "Has she seen your ship? It is a big part of your life. She should understand that not only in thought but in her heart."

Eoin nods a silent thanks as Caedmon agrees, then allows himself to relax into the chair a little more. Listening to the man describe his sister he nods again at a few poins then shakes his head in reply to the question about his ship. "I do not believe so, not beyond seeing it alongside or perhaps sailing in and out. Nor have I yet heard her play, although that she has vowed to correct and I know others speak highly of her talents in those regards. She has also," he adds when it comes to mind, "offered to play at the autumn festival in Greenshire this year, and I should warn you that that is to be used as an excuse to help obtain your's and Wenna's presences also." Not that it seems a serious warning mind, as theres a faint smile as he mentions it.

"She is timid at times about her playing," Caedmon comments with a warm smile. "She imagines that people hear all of the things that are wrong to her ears, all of the small imperfections. At times, she fears playing before an audience or for formal occasions, although she is learning to overcome that. Still, what would you say if we invite both of you here for dinner? I do not think that Wennna has heard her much. So I could use that as pretext." He sips from his cup. Then he offers another idea, "If not, what about a visit for all of us to your ship? I, for one, would like to see her again, now that we have some daylight in which to appreciate her cut."

Eoin considers those possibilities for a few moments, mulling over the pros and cons, then shakes his head slow. "I think, cousin, and please, take no offense from this, that I would rather avoid such engineered situations. One couple and two singles does rather imply a leaning towards certain outcomes and could cause discomfort. No, I think I will let her choose the time and place of her performance and in return offer her an open invitation to see the ship, so as she might be free to choose who may accompany her."

Caedmon again smiles and nods. "I take no offense. Indeed, I see that you have considered the situation, and have a plan. That is enough. While you execute it, know that I trust your honor, and that if you need anything from us, cousin, you will have it. As for a trip to Greenshire for harvest, I was hoping for such even before you came to me, not for you or Nylie, but for Wenna and myself. I am eager to see the celebration that comes with a good, honest harvest."

"My plan, good cousin," Eoin replies with a faint, but relaxed, smile, "is to take things one step at a time and see where they lead. You know as well as any that I love my cousin, your wife, dearly, but I speak with you and not her as she is well known for her matchmaking ways which while undoubtably useful to some, are not I think, suited best to his instance." Moving to stand once more he adds, "I shall inform Aldren of your intentions to join us come autumn then. I think though, that now we are both of an understanding, that I had best leave you to get on. I know you are busy with your duties, as I am with mine."

Caedmon grins when Eoin mentions that often annoying quirk of Wenna's. "It is odd, isn't it?" He ponders with a trace of dark humor. "She suffered under a marriage of politics, and yet she seems eager to inflict the same on others. Although I offered to arrange opportunities for you, I would not do so if I saw no affection between the two of you. I would not want you to join those ranks of couples who either have no love, or must wait for love to bloom after the ink has dried." He stands and bows slightly. "My offer of help stands, but my eagerness to stand back, and see what unfolds, also stands. I feel sure of this. If no love blossoms, at least you have friends who will not turn from you in your hour of need."

"I know she means well by it," Eoin replies, adding a faint nod in agreement to Caedmon's words, "it.'s just, not always the best option I think." Returning the bow with one of his own he finishes with "the offer is appreciated and should the need arise then doubtless we shall talk again. For now though, let us see what the future shall bring. Good day to you cousin, and may the Gods smile on you and yours."

"She does mean well," Caedmon confirms. "I am sure that she will rejoice with both of you if you choose this path on your own, through love. I certainly will. Love is a rare and wonderful treasure, far exceeding all of the gold in Mobrin." He looks to the kitchen, and then offers, "I'll get the flagons for you to take and enjoy."

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