Cri 20, 229: New Ships and New Ventures

New Ships and New Ventures
Summary: Prince Cayden Aberdeen has an appointment with his father, and leaves a happy man.
OOC Date: 27/4/2014
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Cayden Isaac 
Carrick Halls, Fairisle
Various portions of Carrick Halls, to include Isaac's study, some hallways, and a (large) private dock behind the castle.
Cri 20, 229 NE

Prince Cayden Aberdeen has only been home a couple of days. It's known he arrived with a quartet of escorts, after a brief stop on Zauri Isle. The Lady Jennah ai'Alona accompanied him, though she has been seen to guest quarters in the castle. Cayden of course sent word ahead before he arrived, but he knows his father is busy. So he's spent time catching up with his mother and a few other relatives, until finally being summoned to his father's study. And there he waits, reading one of the books that was kept nearby…one of his favorites…accounts of the campaigns of Lord Admirals of the Kingdom of Tanara. He's read it many times…but he never seems to get tired of it, feeling like he gleans some new insight that he missed before each time he reads.

And you get some time to read before your father walks in, Isaac clears his throat to catch your attention, "Cayden, son… How have you been?" Well he has to ask such things as recent communication has largely been via mail. He motions for you to get up, "Come, walk with me. I have something to show you. Talk with me while we walk." Isaac has much to do, so he needs to make certain that his time is well spent. If he needs to show you something it is much faster to get all the talking that is needed done on the way to whereever he needs to take you.

"Well enough, Father." Cayden rises to his feet promptly, closing the book and setting it aside, albeit a touch awkwardly given that his left hand is still bound. It doesn't seem to slow him in moving to fall into step beside Isaac, standing to his left and about a half-pace behind. "I…am sorry, father. For the loss of your friend. I know Callem was as a brother to you." His expression and tone is sincere. Whatever he might have felt for Callem, he has some inkling of how much he meant to his father.

Isaac nods his head, "He was, but he fell in battle and for us old warriors that can generally be out of our reach." He pauses a moment, "It seems many nations are changing hands of late… Moniwid, Mobrin… one day it will be Aberdeen as well. Callem knew the risks of war… even if that is not what felled him." His pace is moderate, not in any hurry, but not really dawdling either, "So you needed to speak with me?"

"Yes, father, on a few different matters." Cayden replies, "I know we have a good number of ships in Mobrin waters, and good fighting men ready to support our allies. My only question is the manner in which you wish us to provide aid. Are we to engage the Laniveeri directly? Or perhaps sweep Mobrin waters for pirates to allow our allies to focus their attention elsewhere? I simply want to be clear, so that Conall and I do not overreach and effectively place ourselves at war with Laniveer if it is not your intent to be so." He grins just a touch, "Though if it -is- your intent, then we stand ready, of course." Cayden doesn't quite revel in battle, but he does seek challenge, and generally finds battle provides some of the best.

Isaac is quiet for a moment, pondering your words before he speaks. His steps slow a little, but not too much. Finally he does speak, "At the present moment, I think we should provide a support role. That may change in the future, but for now it is support. I think King Tyrel and I may need to speak directly. I think until then you should patrol waters and if you come across Laniveeri vessels you should contact the Mobrin Navy and use your own discretion. I will speak with King Tyrel and decide if we will provide more naval support." Likely they will, but more details need to be worked out.

"As you will, Father." Cayden replies without the slightest hint of disappointment in his voice or expression. He folds his hands behind him, "The other matter upon which I wished to speak was the matter of potential marriage. When I first sailed for Mobrin, you gave me a certain degree of latitude in negotiating on my own behalf." He smiles a little ruefully, "Obviously my initial choice didn't quite work out as planned, but no matter. It seems to have worked out to the Kilgours' advantage in any case."

He pauses, "So in any case, I would wonder as to your thoughts if my eye had been caught by a Lady…a bit closer to home?" Cayden notes, "Ciarrah is Queen of Mobrin now. Conall is betrothed to one of their ladies. Cassius is enamored of the Skingaardian Princess, though I don't think she shares his regard." Cayden tilts his head, "Would there not be some value in one of your children reinforcing ties to some of our vassals?"

Isaac notices things, though he does not comment. In large part because he already has something he believes will cheer up his son… he just needs to get to it. The last question causes Isaac's brow to rise just a touch as he takes in his son, "Well many of our alliances have been made or could be accomplished in another way. Might I ask the name of the young Lady who may have captured my son's eye?" He resumes his pace in walking a slight twinkle in his eyes. What parent doesn't love to meddle in their children's love affairs?

"I suspect you already know." Cayden grins just a bit knowingly, "It was rather unexpected, really, but I'm rather taken with Lady Jennah ai'Alona. At first I dismissed it as a passing fancy, and perhaps discounted the value of marrying her, but having given it some thought…" Cayden looks thoughtful, "She as born to House Temple, and while her late husband was of House ai'Alona, we both know you don't truly lose your family when you join another…not really, anyway." He smiles a bit, glancing out a window as they stroll past, then looking back to his father, "House Temple lost their daughter Serrah to Elisen's treacherous little kidnapping while she was in our service. Seeing another of their daughters wed to our family might help soothe that wound."

"As for House ai'Alona, you well know they are a significant presence on Zauri Isle where our hold is…perhaps not quite as secure as we would like." It's a delicate way of putting it, but Cayden never really tends to sugarcoat things during official talks. "She has a son with the late Lord. Xavros. The future heir of House ai'Alona. I well recognize that were I to wed her, I would be a father to him." Cayden smiles, "Which allows us the opportunity to develop a lasting bond with one of the rising Houses of Zauri." He concludes though, with at least an attempt to not look overly eager, "But of course, I will do as you wish, if you have other intentions for me."

Isaac seems to ponder this for a moment, before finally nodding his head, "I could see such an arrangement as advantageous." He gives no sign as to whether you are correct or not that he could have guessed. "I suppose that I could approve such an arrangement. You will have to have words with your mother before you make anything official. I am sure she will have many questions for you." Because you know… mothers. Finally the walk reaches a door to the outside and Isaac opens it, leading you towards a dock that is not usually used. There, docked at the dock are 5 gloriously huge new ships (galleons). They make even your current ship, which is top of the line, look out of date. "You know Cayden, I know you are very fond of your ship, but I was curious if you would ever think of… I don't know… trading it in for something else… something newer perhaps?"

Cayden's normally a very self-controlled fellow, particularly for one so young. He smiles as his father mentions speaking to his mother…this was something he had of course already spoken of with her while they were "catching up." But in any case, no amount of self-control could prevent the Royal Sea Ranger's eyes from widening in no small degree of awe when he spots these magnificent new vessels. He's…rather speechless for a few moments, though if Isaac watches closely, they can no doubt see his son taking in every detail, mentally calculating things like draft and how speedy they might be with all those sails. Every detail taken in, turned over in his head.

"Gods! They're…magnificent." That's about the only word Cayden can come up with, and he still feels it falls short of the mark. Still, a smile spreads across his lips, and a bit of laughter touches his voice, "Great Uncle Mikeal's truly outdone himself…"

Isaac laughs, "Indeed he has." He pauses a moment, "Well when you head back to Mobrin you will at least be taking one of them with you. That one will be a gift from me to the new King and Queen of Mobrin." He suppresses the urge to smile just yet at his son, "Now, you can take one more, but only if you actually wanted it for yourself. Those are the first five of the newest line of ships…. Galleons. From what I hear they are faster, slice through the water better.. and as you can see, they are bigger. If you want one, it's yours… just pick one. And I trust you to pick one for your sister and her husband… Of course if you don't want it, I can always see if Conall or Cassius would want it."

Cayden laughs merrily, "Well, if you're going to twist my arm, I -suppose- I could take one." He grows more serious though, "Thank you, Father. Whichever one I pick will be the finest ship in your fleet." There'll be an adjustment period, of course, but the men of Aberdeen are born sailors. It won't take long. Cayden does laugh softly once more, "Though I hope it has several dinghies, as I'm not sure Mobrin has a dock large enough for them." He looks to Isaac once more, smiling warmly, "It's been…good to see the Isles again. I think I needed it. But I'm ready to return now, and help our friends towards victory."

Isaac finally smiles, "Yes my son, I am twisting your arm." He has to laugh, "I am sure you will find a way to dock it, even if you have to get them to build a new dock." He pauses a moment, "It has been good to see you my son. I shall likely be sending you back to Mobrin with a letter for the new King. Do not leave without it." He then turns and looks back towards the palace, "Well I have another meeting that I must attend. Feel free to look over the new ships and make your choice…. And don't forget to speak to your mother."


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