Inouv 30, 228: New Report and Trap

New Report and Trap
Summary: The Royal Ranger, Araltaidan, returns to Darfield and makes a new report to his Crown Prince, Tyrel. He has tracked certain men and laid a trap for them that his Prince might capture and question them.
OOC Date: 19/12/2013 (OOC)
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Tyrel Araltaidan 
Throne Room, Darfield Castle
The feature of the Throne Room of Darfield Castle that draws most eyes immediately is the magnificent throne, raised on a dais at the far end of the room. The Kilgour Family coat of arms, passed down from father to son through the centuries, occupies a place of honor above the royal throne.

A rug of purple softens the path across the white marble floor, swirling patterns picked out in glinting silver thread. To each side of the rug, stand tall silver vases of Stargazer Lilies and Irises, their heady scent drifting through the air. The cool marble walls have been draped with mingling swathes of purple and silver silk, with touches of white for smooth contrast. Set about the room, tall silver candelabras hold long purple tapers, their soft glow gleaming on the rug and silks. On the balcony above, more swathes of purple and silver silk have been draped, shimmering with a scattering of silver glitter. More glitter is dusted across the marble floor, and over the soft petals of the flowers.

Inouv 30, 228

Tyrel is seated in his chair on the lower tier of the dias. He does not look to be in a pleasant mood. His fingertips are pressed together and her looks over his hands at those that come before him. "…your concerns are noted, Lord Ricewald, and will be give such consideration as they are due. I will have a patrol of Lord Garnest's men move through the woods looking for signs of banditry and send word to both of us regarding their findings." He gestures for the Lord to move away and the Aides review their notes preparing to usher in the next supplicant.

Araltaidan has arrived and awaits his lord's pleasure until he is bid to enter. The Ranger clearly has been out on the trail for days, his clothing soiled though he has paused to clean /himself/ up enough that he is reasonably repsentable and doesn't stink. It will take more time to wash out and dry all of his things but he has put on a clean tunic. The bowman waits patiently, Aralt's beard having grown in more thickly and dark. Useful with the winter cold he's enduring in his travels.

The ranger has been moved to the front of the list and despite some grumbling there are few who are willing to come between the Crown Prince and an update on military matters.

In he goes when he's told he may. Aralt lowers his hood and waits for the door to be closed behind before he lays fist to his heart, watching his Prince, "My lord, I trust the Sky Forester ranger, Victoria, brought you news of what we found upon the trail?"

Tyrel considers for a few moments, "She made me aware that four bodies were found and should be returning shortly if they have not already been and that a wagon trail was also found. Since you have been gone the Baron and Baroness have been reported to be in the Finger Isles and are negotiating for a peaceful and beneficial return. This has yet to be confirmed. What more news do you have?" He rises from his chair moving to a rack of wine bottles and selects one for himself before returning to his chair. A servant rushes out with two cups that are filled. One he takes and one is offered to Araltaidan.

The cup, no matter what it is, is gladly accepted. Man is thirsty and in need of hydration and be it wine, that's fine too. Aralt knocks it back and drinks it until it's gone, then wipes his mouth to say low, "Thank you." A slow, deep breath, "Your message caught up with me, Young Majesty. I followed the trail, such as it was and it lead me to a town about halfway between Stormvale and the border with Sutherland. There I found the stolen sets of armour for four Rioga knights. Any sign of House or maker had been removed and they were for sale rather cheaply, considering the quality."

If there is a chair, the ranger takes it as he is tired. Aralt continues, "I got from him that he'd bought the sets from some desperate 'hedge knights' and he said I might find them hanging around a drinking hole in town. I indeed did find them, based on the merchant's descriptions."

There is a chair and Araltaidan is welcomed to it. Tyrel sips his wine as the story unfolds, "I take it there was no sign of knighthood amongst these four or is the story more complicated than I thought, Ranger?"

Araltaidan shakes his head negatively, "No, they look to be common thugs, sell swords at best. I met with four of them and as they were armed and I was alone, I thought it best I not push my luck too foolishly. I spoke with them and played a ruse that my 'lord' needed to hire some blades for a job and that it paid well. If they were interested, I bid them come to Stormvale and a meeting would be arranged. They are to ask for a man at the Bard's Tale tavern and when they do, a message will be sent to you, my Prince. I thought that it would please you to question these men, though I do suspect they are no more than hired blades. Still, they murderd the King's Rioga using poisoned bolts and care should be used."

Another brief pause, "I also arranged to have the merchant hold the armour pending a sale. It was my thought that though I did not detect any foul play on his part in acquiring it, that perhaps the King would not care to have four sets of Rioga plate sold cheaply to just anyone."

Tyrel nods, "Have men sent to retrieve the armor, it will be restored and returned to the families of the fallen. The merchant's house and business are to be searched. If such equipment as found as would have been used to remove the devices from the armor have him sent to his lord for the reciept of stolen goods and crimes against the king. If no such equipment is found and no other contraband or items of suspicion are found amongst his goods then collect the armor. Have men enough sent to collect the four sellswords if they are still in the area, I would like to speak with them. Excelent work, Ranger, as you seem to frequently perform."

"I will see it is done, my Prince. I do believe the four sell swords will arrive here in Stormvale themselves tomorrow. They said they had some friends who usually worked with them so I do not know precisely how many will show up. And, they may be carrying poisoned crossbow bolts so … I had the expectation you would want to take some care in their handling."

The ranger gets up and lays fist to his chest, "It is my duty to serve House Kilgour, as well as my privilage, Young Majesty." Aralt makes ready to depart if he is dismissed.

Tyrel nods, "Care will be taken, I'm sure the other rangers will thank you for the opportunity to serve guard duty in the tavern for the next few days."

Araltaidan tries not to smirk and obviously is more concerned about the poison bolts, and people getting killed. "Thank you, my lord Prince." He bows and turns to head back out.

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