Nar 31, 228: Nervous Night

Nervous Night
Summary: People gather in the Weston Suite as a child is about to be born. Turns out there's more than that.
OOC Date: 03/08/2013 (OOC)
Related: Happens right before Blessed by the Light and at the same time as One Boy One Girl (Warning. Not for the squeamish)
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Weston Suite
The sitting room of the Weston Suite is a cozy room, with a general seating area centrally located. Several comfy chairs and a small sofa with a settee, in a simple tan colour have been placed around a black wood table. There is a fine carpet underfoot, its dark brown with black waving throughout a contrast to the light wooden floor. A couple side tables against the walls can be used for storing small items. Various vases with bright flowers can be found as often as they are in season. One corner of the room houses a full sized harp and various other musical instruments; the opposite corner has several shelves which house some books, but also writing, art and embroidery supplies. On the wall in place of prominence, the Ruxton coat of arms can easily be seen. Elsewhere, some tapestries of day-to-day life in Weston have been artfully placed. There are doors leading off to the private areas for the Duke and other family members.
Nar 31st, 228

It's getting close to supper time, but that's not on Robben's mind today. Since the midwife was called in, and went into the bedroom the Ruxton heir and his wife has, he's been pacing around out in the sitting room, very often looking back to that bedroom door. At the moment, he's in the other side of the room, but it seems that standing still, or sitting down, or anything that requires being in one place for long is a bit hard for him now.

Cedric grins as he's allowed in and with him is a small portable barrel that has the Sutherland logo on the side of it. Cedric looks around and finds Robben and grins. "Ahh there you are me boy…" As he walks up and sets the small keg on the table, before slapping the Weston Lord on the shoulders. "Am I the first to arrive?" he asks as he notices Robben’s constant glances to the bedroom and grins.

Solara has been in her own room, coming out now, as it took her a few moment to make herself presentable for company. "Robben," she calls as she comes out. "Is everything alright?" She moves over to give her brother a hug, if he'll let her, though she gives Cedric a small curtsey and a "Your grace, good to see you again. Welcome to our little home."

The guard outside the door is busy. He barely had time to close the door, and now he needs to open it again. A lone guest sweeps into the room. He carries a large box of dark wood. On the top of the box is a rectangle of thick, folded cloth that appears to be in the colors of Ruxton heraldry. The chancellor glances around the room and then bows, first to each of the hosts, Robben, Ruthgar, and Solara. He also inclines his head to Cedric and smiles when he sees the small cask. "I'm sure that the child will not have too many blankets," he explains while looking for a place to set his gifts.

Pausing a bit as the Sutherland Duke enters, there's a brief pause from Robben as he's slapped on the shoulder. Glancing towards the door again, he looks about to start pacing again, but comes to a stop as Solara comes over and hugs him. "I… don't know…" he says, very quietly. "I think so, at least. Midwife's in there now…" A brief pause again, before he offers a quiet smile and a polite nod to Cedric. "Your Grace." Starting to pace a bit again, he offers a polite nod and a smile to Caedmon as well. "Lord Caedmon." Seems like he can't stay in one place at the moment.

Cedric smiles to everyone currently here. "Lord Robben, Lady Solara. Baron.." He smiles and nods to the Chancellor as he brings his gift. "Well not everything is for the child’s birth and celebration after all, the parents must receive gifts as well yes?" He grins and looks to the worried Robben "I just hope I’m not as bad as this when my turn comes round." As he tries to distract the lord and put his mind at some ease with some levity.

Having been talking with Cedric when the servant had alerted them, Ciarrah had left the conversation with the Duke to leave word for Tyrel where she would be. Now she arrives, after a brief pause outside the door before she is allowed in with her own handmaid Serah and one guard while the other waits outside the door. Stepping inside, her face is radiant and she looks between the Ruxton's. "I have been shopping and sewing and there are some blankets for the baby." Offering a small bundle to Solara since Robben seems rather.. restless.

Solara smiles as the chancellor arrives. "Good day, m'lord Chancellor," she greets. "And welcome. Do make yourself comfortable, both of you. I'd offer you something to drink, if Robben hasn't already imbibed it all?" That's a slight tease aimed her brother's way, and then Solara assigns a servant to go get some refreshments from the kitchen. As the servant disappears through the door, off about the business assigned to him, Solara finds herself right near where Ciarrah enters. "Your Highness," she greets, accepting the bundle with amusement. "Thank you, I'm sure Robben and Aemy will be properly thankful, once they're through the worst of it all." She brings the bundle to settle it down by the gift from Caedmon.

Once he has settled his gift with the others, Caedmon looks at Robben and smiles. He still carries the rectangular box, his traveling desk, under one arm. "Lady Solara, it is good to see you again, a pleasure as always." Then he inclines his head to Robben, and opines, "If charm and grace helps a woman to weather a trial like this, then you have no need to worry, lord. Have you chosen names for the child? Or is that to be another surprise for us to await?" He smiles.

"Thank you," he replies to Caedmon's words about charm and grace, but then there's a brief shrug at the mention of names. "Can't spoil all the surprises yet, can we?" Robben remarks with a grin to Caedmon, before he looks back to the bedroom door again. There's also a brief grin at Solara, "Hey, I'm not that much of a drunkard, am I?" he comments, lightly. Then as he sees Ciarrah's entrance, he bows a bit to her. "Your Highness…" A brief pause before he looks between them all now, "Thank you all for coming here. I'm sorry if I seem a bit restless, but I hope you all can forgive me this once?" A chuckle at Cedric, before he offers, "Time will show…"

Ciarrah smiles to Solara once the bundle had been accepted, "Thank you, My Lady. I am sure that there are many more important things on their mind at the moment." Looking over, she notices Caedmon and Robben and Cedric as well and she approaches, bowing her head to both. "A pleasure Lord Chancellor, Your Grace, Your Grace." Eyes sparkling she awaits the answer on the names for the new arrival. His reply draws an amused smile. "How very thoughtful." His request brings soft laughter. "Oh yes, of course I will forgive you, though only this once!"

Caedmon turns and bows to the princess when she arrives. "Your highness," he greets her. "My heart rejoices to see so many coming to support the ducal heir and his family," He nods to indicate Robben, and then Ruthgar and Solara. "Indeed, as long as you are not plotting to confound my hand with some exotic name, I look forward to the revelation," he agrees, casting a friendly, amused grin to Robben. Then he looks around and frowns for a moment. "I did send a messenger to the temple to invite someone to come and bless this child."

A loud cry of pain can be heard from the other room.

"Why yes, thank ye." A heavily accented voice notable from the Eastern Isles speaks just beyond the door as it opens to the room and in strides Olivia, adorned in the white robes and sun emblazoned symbol of an Enlightened. Her hands are upon her hips, pulling up the bottom of her robes off the ground, showing the haste with which she has come. Walking in the woman smiles brightly at the gathering and speaks once more, "'av ah missed tha arrival?"

Looking about to say something more, Robben freezes up a bit as he hears that cry of pain. Starting to move towards the door now, steps a bit slow at the moment.

Solara promptly moves to Robben, reaching a hand to his shoulder to stop him, if she can. "It's okay," she says softly. "If the midwife needs more help, she will call out for us. And you know there are a few of us who are able to help at the least." Medically trained, if not midwife trained. As the Enlightened enters, Solara turns, inclining her head politely. "Enlightened, thank you for coming. My brother, Robben, is a little bit anxious as you might guess. His wife is in there, with the midwife."

The cry from the other room causes Caedmon to start. His eyes flicker to that closed door and he bites his bottom lip. His body tenses momentarily. Then he looks around the room until he spots an empty chair. He moves unsteadily toward it and slumps into it, managing to ease his portable desk to the floor beside him. His body tenses again. His hands clench the arms of the chair for a moment. He squeezes his eyelids shut and takes a deep breath. He bows his head and takes two more slow breaths before his body finally begins to relax. After a minute, he lifts and shakes his head as if cleaning it of some confusion, and he grimaces.

Hearing the cry, Ciarrah widens her eyes.. was it really that terrible of an experience? Her attention is forced to the Priestess and she offers a smile. "Good evening, you have missed nothing.. I think." She also moves to take a seat, fretting, worrying her bottom lip between her teeth.

Upon hearing Solara speak, Olivia grins a bit, dipping her head in acknowledgement. "I see, so it is a firstborn then?" She looks around and spots what must be the father and the others. "Well I am quite glad I have arrived before the birth. It is quite an exciting time. Tell me, which of the Eight do the parents intend to dedicate the child to?" The enlightened's words are directed politely towards Solara although she does offer a nod towards Ciarrah as well, since the menfolk seem to be focused upon their fret.

Letting himself be stopped by his sister, there's tears in Robben's eyes as he turns to Solara now. "I know… It's just… I should be there… I could…" Trailing off again, he goes quiet once more, taking a few deep breaths now. He doesn't seem to have heard the words of the Enlightened, or maybe they just didn't register in his mind.

Solara pats her brother's shoulder, and even will give him a hug, if she can. "I know," she says. "But it's women's work." She looks over at Ciarrah, hearing that comment, and she shrugs softly. "Seems that things are still going on, at any rate. So we've not yet reached the end, and thus, you are in good time, Enlightened. I am Solara Ruxton. Pleased to meet you?" Caedmon gets a glance, as Solara now wonders if he's okay. Solara also sort of looks at Olivia, and then back to Robben. "Uhm, I'm not sure which of the Eight - Robben?"

Suddenly the silence of the bedroom is broken by the unmistakable sound of a baby crying.

Caedmon exhales and the sound of the baby's cry again captures his attention and he looks toward the door. However, he smiles now, and nods. He looks around the room slowly, until he finds the white-robed priestess. He bows his head to her. "Ah!" he murmurs in recognition. Then more loudly, he acknowledges, "Bringer of the Light, thank you for coming so quickly. I hear the voice." He nods toward the door.
At that moment, the door opens slightly. A face peeks into the larger room. Then the door opens further and a young girl with long chestnut brown hair in a tight braid and simple green gown steps into the room. She is cradling a bundle in a large white swaddling cloth. "L-l-lord Ruxton? Come and see your son, but only for a moment. I must return him to his mother. She is still in labor."

Olivia is about to speak when the sound of a baby's cry draws her attention quickly towards the door and the woman smiles brightly, bringing her hands together. She lifts herself up a bit to get a look while remaining back behind the family, that is until words hit her ears and a frown catches her lips. "I came as quickly as my feet would carry me good sir, I am only glad I was asked to be present."

Hearing the sound, Ciarrah rises and nods to the others, "I will go and announce to Tyrel that the baby is born and well." Her smile widens but she does make a hasty escape.

"I know…" Robben replies to Solara, before he adds, "But I could…" Taking a few deep breaths now, before he hears the sound of the baby crying. "Did you hear that?" Relief floods over his features, especially as the door opens, and he hears the girl speak of his son. "My son…" he says, quietly, voice shaking a bit, before he speaks a bit more firmly. "My son." Moving over, he looks to the little bundle in the cloth. "Hello. I've been waiting so long for you to arrive here…" Lifting one hand to hold his index finger in front of the little baby boy now. "I'm so glad to finally meet you, my son…" Another brief pause, as he looks to the girl again, "What? She's still in labor?" Concern back in his features now. "Is she doing well, under the circumstances?"

Solara might be the only one to pick up on it. "Wait, she's still - " she asks, sounding startled. She moves over to see her new nephew, though not so close as Robben. Still, she's curious as well to meet this squalling new family member. And at Robben's words, she looks over too, worry showing on her own features.

Cedric comes in from dealing with a problem and looks around and seeing the faces he sighs. "Don’t tell me I missed it?" as he glances at Solara.

Caedmon remains seated in the chair, now more relaxed while he watches Robben and Solara greeting the newest Ruxton. The handmaiden looks at Robben and then Solara, and shakes her head. She frowns and retreats a step. "I-I-I don't know, my lord and l-l-lady," she answers timidly. "L-l-lady Wenna told me to bring him here, but n-n-not for long." She ducks her head and then mumbles. "I-I'm sorry." Quickly, she retreats into the other room and closes the door.

Pausing as the handmaiden steps back inside, along with the newborn member of the Ruxton family, Robben just watches the door for a few moments now. Taking deep breaths, before he finally walks over to the nearest unoccupied chair, and drops himself into it now. Looking back to the door again now, he doesn't seem to take his eyes off it for the moment. He also seems to have lost the ability speak for the moment.

Right. So let's see, door to Robben and Aemy's bedroom is closed, but the door to the Ruxton suite is likely ajar with as often as it's been open and closed recently. Robben has just taken a seat, Caedmon is sitting somewhere, Olivia - well, she's here, I think. Somewhere. And Solara is standing by the door to the bedroom, where the poor handmaid has just retreated, with the newborn baby boy, closing the door on everyone. "Light, may the Eight be generous," she murmurs softly. And then she moves to pour Robben a glass of wine, and then one for everyone else who wants one. "We might all need a bit of fortification, I'm thinking."

Coming back into the room now, Ciarrah is beaming a bright and happy smile. "I left a message for Prince Tyrel, he was in a meeting. As soon as he finds out, he should come, if it is not too late in the day." Once inside the room, she has a seat back in the chair where she was seated before. The silence… well…? "Is everything okay?"

The door is ajar and Count Aldren wanders in… slowly. "My lords, my ladies." Little bows are given here and there before he adds, "I heard…my sister was here?" He looks about puzzled as he does not see his other half. "Was I mislead?" He asks no one in particular.

From the chair where he is sitting, Caedmon looks up to Solara. He inclines his head to her and answers apologetically, "No wine for me, sweet lady, but if you have some tea ready, you would have my heartfelt thanks." He turns his head slowly when Aldren arrives, and nods to the man. "She and her handmaiden are attending lady Aemy, Count Aldren," he explains. "Please, come and join our vigil. She has a bow." He glances toward the door before he adds, "She is not ready for us to visit with him at length yet."

Once again from the other room, the sound of a baby crying can be heard.

Robben still keeps most of his attention on the door at the moment, and doesn't say anything for the moment. Expression one of anticipation, as he is leaning a bit forward now. When he hears the sound of a baby crying again, he leans back in his seat now, letting out a deep breath.

Stepping into the room is a rather tired-looking young man, scruffy and disheveled. He's wearing dark clothing and looks to perhaps have been riding much of the day. Furrowing his brow a little, Hadrian looks around, and then simply asks, "Has she—" And then he pauses, hearing the baby crying. He stands a bit straighter, listening, and then nods, quietly saying to himself, "She has."

So quiet.. Not Ciarrah! Hearing the baby crying, she heads for the sideboard. "Can I get anyone some wine?" The princess offers to the room at large. Reaching for several goblets, she lines them up. "This should be a celebration, getting drunk, waiting news.

The handmaid cautiously opens the door and steps into the room, carding a baby wrapped in pale pink swaddling. "L-l-lord Ruxton?" she stammers. "A g-g-girl." She steps farther into the room now, approaching the chair where Robben sits. She bends just enough for him to peek at the wrinkled prune of a newborn. When the handmaiden returns with the second baby, Caedmon shifts in his chair and cranes his neck, trying to glimpse the child, although he does not rise from his seat for now.

Solara presses a goblet of wine into the Princess' hands, and then turns to get tea. "If you deal with the wine for those who would like some, it would be much appreciated," she says softly with a warm smile. Then she moves over to a sideboard where there is a tea pot, and she pours some tea for Caedmon, bringing it over to him.

Hearing Caedmon he gives a shake of the head. "I will join you if that is alright." the words are warm but he remains standing. When Hadrian enters the room Aldren notices the man and frowns a bit. He just shrugs a bit, but being in such a situation he just keeps quiet. When Ciarrah mentions wine he turns his attention to her. Proudly he says. "Let us celebrate. Two births in one night is a good omen." He smiles now and adds, "I assure you." Looking to Robben he offers a little nod. The handmaiden enters and Aldren explodes with a happy joyous sound. "A boy, and a girl. A good omen indeed."

Having remained quiet as the others have gathered, Olivia smiles with a touch of relief upon the corners of her lips as the second child is brought forth. "Wonderful." The Enlightened states softly and she cups her hands together. "A truly blessed day." As the clamor and movement of drinks begins she looks about for the father before opting to speak towards the hand maid, "Dear, please let me know when the mother and children are well enough to be blessed, yes?"

Hearing Hadrian's words, Robben offers his brother-in-law a quiet smile. "Twice," he replies a bit quietly. "So, that makes you Uncle Hadrian." Looking to the door as he hears the handmaiden speaks to him, he smiles. "A girl, and a boy…" Sitting up a bit more so he can peek at his little daughter now, there's tears in his eyes. "Daddy's little girl…" he says, a bit softly, moving one hand to wipe at the tears. "Can I go in and see them all now?" he asks, finally.

Solara looks to see if anyone else wants tea, but as the little girl is brought out and shown to daddy, she just stops, where she is. "Oh goodness, and that makes me an aunt," she says, like it just struck her. "Hah, well, that's no worse than anyone else." She smiles and inclines her head politely, giving Hadrian a smile as well. And Aldren. "There is tea, if anyone wants something other than wine?" she offers.

"Another baby?" Ciarrah looks shocked. "A boy and a girl both?" Reaching for the goblet of wine from Solara, she nods to Caedmon, though at the words from Aldren, her smile widens and she approaches him, offering him the newly filled with wine goblet. "It is indeed a celebration." Turning her gaze to the baby, then the father, it touches her heart and she presses a hand there, such a beautiful scene, father with his child.

Hadrian nods, "Uncle." He sighs, not very mushy, apparently. He straightens again, glancing at Ciarrah, "Wine," he says, with a nod, and then looks back at his brother in law. "How is Aemy? She survived the birth with no issue?" he asks.

Caedmon bows his head to Solara while he reaches with one hand to accept the cup of tea. He places his other hand over the cup for a moment to hold it while he shifts in the chair again, and then takes a slow sip. The maiden, meanwhile, bows to the lord. "A-a-anyone who wishes can c-c-come, but p-p-please be quiet." She looks to the priestess and bows as well as she can while holding the baby. "Enlightened, you should come and bless them. If you would, bless the midwife, too, please. She has struggled much." While she is speaking, Caedmon sips at his tea several times and then slowly stands and comes closer.

Wenna who is a tall woman dressed in an ill-fitting silk grey gown enters. Her brown hair is primly bound up. Under one arm carries a large wooden box that is tucked under her arm. In her other hand she holds a wooden cane. She moves with a stiff gait as she moves through the door.

Wine.. more wine. Ciarrah remains at the sideboard and at the request, she pours another goblet, moving towards Hadrian, offering it to him along with a warm smile. "My Lord," Bowing her head politely, but as the door opens, her attention goes to Wenna and the state she is in. "Would you like wine as well?"

Unable to hold back a chuckle as he hears Solara's words, Robben glances to his sister for a few moments, "Took you this long to realize it?" he asks, offering her a grin, before he gets to his feet as he hears the handmaiden's words. Starting to move towards the door, he offers a smile to Wenna as she makes her way out. "Thank you…" he offers her, quietly now.

Solara grins at her brother, and shrugs a bit sheepishly. "Sometimes it takes me a while," she admits. Though she then spies Wenna on the way out, and she moves out of the way, letting Robben have the glory with Aemy and the little ones. She'll get her chance later. Instead, she turns to Wenna. "Or anything else we can get you?" she asks, promptly. "I am sure that can't be easy for anyone concerned."

Olivia nods her head towards the girl and smiles, "Of course. If you would have the midwife join us and any whom the family would desire to be present at the blessing." The Enlightened then moves to make her way to where the family is so that the blessing may commence.

Aldren accepts the wine from Ciarrah and drinks, a healthy amount at that. The entrance of the little handmaiden brings a soft smile to his face as he finishes his wine. Beginning to depart he sees his sister, walking, for the first time in almost a decade. He looks as happy as some others in the room now. "Wenna!" He crosses the room gracefully to embrace her. "Did you have some part in this?" He grins devilishly now as he adds, "Twins?"

Still holding his cup of tea, Caedmon follows the others toward the doorway but stops when he sees Wenna. He looks weary, but a warm smile spreads over his face. He studies her for a moment, and then queries, "Are you leaving? If so, would you care if I walk with you to the door of your suite?"

Hadrian takes the wine, nodding in thanks to Ciarrah. He then takes a long drink, and looks back at Robb, still waiting to be certain his sister is okay.

"This birth for twins was the smoothest I have attended. I have had worse. I would not be opposed to a glass of wine." She offers a slight curtsy to the Enlightened and to Solara. "Why would the midwife have to join the children and the mother are alive and well and by the light they will remain so."
Looking to Aldren her twin she hands him her box and takes his wine before he can get another drink of it. "Twins brother of mine, I attended."
She looks to the Weary Chancellor next. "I would not be opposed, to you walking with me."
She looks to her brother, "Aldren I am leaving my maid here with the Duchess may I do so?"

Solara immediately speaks up. "If it will help, my maid can accompany you. Aemy's is still here." So Solara won't be left alone, and nor will Aemy. An equitable trade if need be. And a genuine offer from the new mother's sister-in-law. Solara does look pleased to be here, though she is looking after the visitors, for the moment.

There's a few deep breaths, before Robben smiles to everyone present. "Thank you, all of you," he offers a bit quietly, before he steps through the door.

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