19 Inuov, 228: Nautical Talks

Nautical Talks
Summary: An admiral and a captain meet.
OOC Date: 08/Dec/2013
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Eoin Kieryn 
Wardroom, The Lady Aoife
An open space in the stern of the ship. Officer's cabins surround the area and a large table runs bow to stern.
19 Inouv, 228

The wardroom of the Lady Aoife is a busy place, even when the ship is in dock. The ship's steward is working hard to keep a corner of the long table that runs down it's centre free for the lunch he's about to serve, but the collection of officers apresent seems to be working equally hard to cover the entire thing with charts and lists. At the stern end sits the ship's captain, also now the King's admiral, craddling a goblet of warm, if watered, wine in one hand as he studies a particular chart infront of him, waiting for the arrival of the others invited to lunch.

Kieryn makes his way down to the docks, he was planning on inspecting his ship anyway, but then recieved an invitation to lunch with the admiral, so he makes his way towards the ship on the invitation. Once there, he asks, "Permission to come aboard." and once granted it and given directions where to find the admiral he makes his way to the wardroom and then bows to Eoin, "Good day Admiral. I am Kieryn Mowbray, Captain of the Rosey Dawn, thank you for the invitation.." he then glances around for a few moments.

Eoin glances up from the chart as he hears Kieryn start to introduce himself, then sets the goblet down so free a hand to gesutre the man towards a chair. "Good morning Captain," he starts in reply, "thank you for coming. Please, tell the steward if you require a drink and he will fetch it for you, I'm told lunch will be about half an hour. I hope that won't inconvenicen you too greatly, but in the mean time I could do with your input on a couple of issues."

Kieryn nods and asks the steward for a glass of wine, at least for now. He gets it and then finds a place to sit before nodding, "Not at all Admiral, I'd heard from Count Aldren that I should meet you and yes, of course, anything I can do to try to be of help or service I would gladly comment on. I will admit though." he nods and smiles, "What is on your mind?"

Eoin waits until his guest is settled with his refreshment before continuing, using the time to have another sip of his own drink and to find the right piece of parchment amongst the many before him. "We're both West coast I know," he starts, passing over what appears to be a map of the Lanniver coastline with various ports and anchorages marked on, "but I was wondering if you had any first hand experiences of any of these docks? There are plans afoot but they need careful consideration and thus as much information as can be mustered before hand brought to bare."

Kieryn takes a sip of his wine before he takes the map and looks it over for a few long moments, nodding here and there some, before looking back at Eoin. He nods, "I do not like going there too much, but yes, I have docked at one or two of these places." he points them out on the map, "Here and I believe right here. We try not to take cargo anywhere near there if we can help it though."

Eoin seems content enough to lean back in his chair as Kieryn considers, then answers. His goblet is still in one hand but he doesn;t drink from it just yet. There's a short nod to each of the positions indicated and then he states, "thank you Captain. If you could find the time to note down your recallections of each, the docks themselves, the immediate surroundings, the surrounding coastline, the approach, tides and currents and such then it would be most helpful. I'm trying to asscertain where the Lanniver fleet is likely to be wintering, along with what options we have for making life difficult for them while the weather is too poor for full actions. If you have any thoughts or ideas about such, then please, add them to your notes as well."

Kieryn nods slowly, "I will think on it and see what I can remember. It has been probably half a year since I was last near there, but I am sure that I will be able to remember, though I usually take careful note of such things." he chuckles a little bit, "As to where the might be wintering, that might be a bit trickier, but I don't think they'd take much chances in the current season." he grins a little, "Some would say only a fool would go out during the storm season like this, but I suppose I am one of those few fools."

"There'll not be many out no," Eoin agrees with a wry smile, "bar the fishermen of course, but then they'll be sticking close to the coast for a while yet I don't doubt. If we do get a weather window though, I don't intend to waste it." Heads up duely given he turns to other topics, taking a drink as he starts, "I am assuming Captain, given your proximity to Jadda, that your experiences at sea are similar to my own. That of pirate hunting. DO you have much experience in fleet scale actions? And do you favour the ram, the boarding action or another tactic? I want to get to know the strengths of the Captains I can call on as I am sure you can understand."

Kieryn blinks some as the topic changes and then chuckles a little and nods, "Of course, there are always pirates out there unfortunately." he grins some, "Well, it really depends on my mood which tactics I use, but for the most part I mainly take part in boarding action. My cargo ship isn't really set up for active hunting of pirates." he ponders for a few moments, "I prefer to lie in wait, pirates think my ship might be an easy target, let them come to me and then once they get close and try to board her, we're ready to strike back at them. I will admit though, I have not seen much in the way of fleet scale actions though."

Eoin nods along slowly as Kieryn gives his response before confirming, "boarding actions are generally my prefered option as well. The Deputy Marshall though, has a big thing about ramming, no matter how much I explain the value of taking a ship from the enemy and adding it to the King's forces. He may be a fine knight and a have won many land battles, but if he starts pressuring you to have one fitted to your bows then let me know. They can make even the steadiest of ships difficult to handle when the crew have no experience with them." Another drink and he drains his goblet, setting it down on the corner of the table to have it refilled. "The Lady Aoife," he the says, tapping th etable briefly just in case Kieryn wan't sure which ship he's on, "is rigged for hunting and has a good record for finding the wind. Before the King requested my service I hunted any pirates that threated my cousin's waters." Retaking his now full goblet again he asks, "tell me Captain, are you planning to winter on this coast, or return westwards once there is a gap in the weather?"

Kieryn nods, "That is good advice. I have seen what ramming can do and if not done right, well the results can sometimes not be too pretty.. I will keep that in mind though in case I get pressured into getting a ram mounted to my ship." he draisn his wine as well and sets the glass down. "I suppose those who have never fought a battle against other ships, or pirates really understands how different the two are." he shrugs some, "I prefer the sea though myself and a ship gliding over the waters." he chuckles and then shrugs, "Yeah, I have hunted the pirates around Weston and further south more than once, when I haven't had a cargo that needed to be somewhere, mainly because they tend to attack our vessels. I suppose we should send an escort or two along with them, but we haven't recently at least. So, you prefer to take the ships as well? What do you do with the pirates? kill them all?" he raises an eyebrow, interested in others tactics. "I suppose sometimes I am a bit lenient though, I usually leave them on a small boat to drift whever the sea takes them, though I've also had them jump in the water and have to swim."

"In the right situation and in skilled hands," Eoin starts, "there is nothingmore effective at sinking ships than rams, with the exception of perhaps fire. You are right though, at other times the results are not worth the risks." ANother sip of wine as he listens to the question posed. "If the captain or senior crew are particularly notorius then I would hand them over to the Count so that he might show justice done. If not then a blade in the belly generally does the trick. The rest of teh crew though, well that depends. Hardened pirates? THey get the same fate as their captains, men and boys pressed from fighing vessels and such are often more than willing to fill any holes left in my own crew through action or disease." He pauses a moment to think thaen adds, "I think I have maybe half a dozen such crew onboard at the moment, including my coxwain's mate."

Kieryn nods some, "Fire is a good weapon. I keep a few archers on board the Rosey Dawn, a couple flaming arrows to sails can work wonders as long as the winds aren't too strong." he nods as he listens to how the admiral handles pirates, "Yeah, i've had a few join up that way, though soemtimes they decide they just want refuge somewhere after being pressed into piracy, some against their will." he shrugs some, "I don't like pirates too much. It's not good for shipping business you know?"

Eoin smiles just a fraction at the mention of using fire-arrows. "Oh yes, Greenshire is known for it's archers and I most of my crew can take a bow aloft during an action. When conditions are right then yes, they also use fire, although I prefer to keep it off my ship whenever possible. One of the options I'm looking into for those ports I mentioned earlier is sending in fire-boats, especially if there is a part of the Lanniver fleet at anchor. If tide and time allow we could destroy a good few, and then board and take away any that make it to clear water."

Kieryn nods some at Eion sayign about keeping fire off his ship, "Yeah, I'd rather not have my ship fired either." he chuckles, and then nods as he listens to the idea, "Ah, that is a very good idea. I think something like that would work quite well and do not think that they would expect something like that. It's good to do something that no one is expecting you know?" he sips at his glass of wine. "I also wonder if perhaps it'd be possible to take in a small ship of unknowns, well people that you trust, to set fires on the ships, or perhaps punch holes in the ships to sink some, without anyone seeing."

Eoin mulls that for a moment then nods, "a hand full of swimmers on the fireboat, to set it alight when close enough and then jump overboard and swim to hole those ships not about to be hit could work. Maybe even a whole prize crew to set the flames then swim to any lightly crewed ships and cu them loose." He pauses again for more though and a sip of wine before an idea comes, "perhaps timing the attack for a time when there are likely to be more sailors on shore. A religious festival or holyday perhaps? It would slow their response times and mean we could likely sink or take away more of their fleet."

Kieryn nods and ponders that a moment and smiles, "That is a good idea, do it during a time they are distracted. Yes, I think that'd be the best course of action." he podners again and then shrugs a little, "Do we happen to know when the next one might be that they would be celebrating? and how soon do you plan on doing something like this?"

"Off the top of my head, no," Eoin admits, "but I am sure that such things can be found out readily enough. I will have a word with the Voice when I see him next. How soon though? As soon as I have a viable target," he motions towards the map with the ports marked, "a suitable weather window, and the King's blessing for the attack. Or the Marshall's should His Majesty proved to be indisposed."

Kieryn nods, "Alright, I will try and gather my thoughts on the two ports I have been to and see if I think that they would be good places to target. I assume you would like to target one of their major ports?" he raises an eyebrow, "One with the largest concentrations of ships? or do you want a port where they keep come of their larger ships? and of course, I offer to help out as I can, or as you see fit to use my help."

"I'd like a port where there is likely to be a portion of their fleet," Eoin replies. "I'll take flagged merchantmen if that's all there is, but I'd rather have their fighting ships either on the bottom or flying the King's colours. My final choic will likely depend on a number of factors though, size of the local garrison, how secure the port is, how difficult the approach to navigate, how close it is to our own waters, and so on. Fear not though Captain, should I find a use for the Rosey Dawn then you'll hear from me forthwith."

Kieryn nods, "Oh, while we are talking. I am not sure if you have heard the news. I heard it from some of the sailors down here at the dock and my crewmen have told me. It seems the pirate ship the Crimsone Spectre has been seen off the shores of Sutherland and there were even reports that the captain only known as the Crimson Spctre has been here in Stormvale, or at least someone who looked like him. This is a bit of disturbing news as that ship is usually seen over on in our home territory."

From Eoin's reaction, it would seem that no, he had not heard that news. He'd been in the process of raising his goblet for another drink but his hand pauses as one eyeborw lifts. "Do you know if the description has been given to the City Watch?" he asks as he absorbs the information, "if not then we need to ensure that it is, and ask about amongst those who are sailing to try and verify any sightings." Setting the drink down he continues, "I shall speak with the Baron and see what I can find out from him but if you hear any more on the issue then I would very much appreciate hearing it as well. I'd been hoping this weather would keep that ilk quiet for a while."

Kieryn nods, "I think the City Watch has been alerted that the captain may have been seen in town. I am not sure if they have looked into it or not yet, but I am sure that they have. Perhaps I should go check on that though, as I have encountered him several times in the past and know a decent description of him.> of course if I hear anything more I will let you know. Yeah, I had hoped that I'd never hear the name of that ship over here, but" he shrugs, "I guess it shouldn't be too surprising really."

"If you know him and his tactics then I may need you at sea if this is confirmed," Eoin warns, "we have neough trouble with the potential of invasion but I won't allow us to become focused solely on that and allow the lawless to thrive. Keep the Dawn redy to sail Captain and I'll have a few others do the same. If he is here, we'll put out and deal with him." Pushing his chair back and moving to stand he gestures to the area the steward is still fighting to keep clear. "Please, stay and eat your fill, I need words with the Duke though so you must forgive me for being a terrbile host and leaving early."

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