Thedor 5, 229: Musical Spirits Meet

Musical Spirits Meet
Summary: A chance meeting between Lady Nylie and Miss Dwyn that shows the power of music can transcend social barriers, even if just for a moment.
OOC Date: 05/01/2014 (OOC)
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Dwyn Nylie 
Some Shop in Stormvale
The shop of a instrument maker, there are lots of instruments for sale about.
5th day of Thedor, 229

Winter was cold as it ever was, but at least there was light returned to the day. And it was time to venture out, especially as Nylie had a need for some new hammers for her dulcimer and did one really need a reason to go shopping for new instruments? It was a good enough reason to have ended up at the music store, two of her Kilgour guards remained yet outside as another, along with her usual handmaiden had followed Nylie into the store and blended off to the shadows. Currently Nylie is looking over a mandolin, inspecting it as the proprietor is in the back looking for this or that.

Dwyn is dressed down from her normal nighttime where, the young woman smiles as she enters the shop and automatically swings her case for what looks like a guitarra off from over her shoulder. She sets it down on the counter with gentle, almost loving care and speaks up seeking out the proprietor of the shop, "Does anyone work here?" Her green eyes haven't caught sight of the noble yet and her accent is clean and crisp, almost indicating a learned woman if not for the hint of an underworld street accent.

The voice is heard and Nylie looks up from the mandolin, setting it back to it's display rack. "Master Nathaneul went to the back to get a few hammers for me, he shall be along in a few moments, miss." The woman's own accent touched with a bit of a tilt from the Sky Forest region and that of well..a noble. Which her apperal once noted certainly gives way to as well. The woman is 'older', perhaps in her early thirties. "In need of repair or just some strings?" Her gaze briefly dropping to the case to indicate the meaning of the polite inquiry.

"Just strings for now. Though I'd love for him to check the neck, it may need a touch of work soon." Dwyn opens the case with a smile before she curtsies to the noble woman, "I did not realize he would already be busy my lady, my apologies for my interruption." Her eye flit over the woman's clothing and catch the accent, knowing well enough from her old day performing to recognize it. She straightens to pull the guitarra out, a worn and well used instrument for sure. It's well made however and carefully taken care of.

"He is quite knowledgeable and skilled, I am sure he would have the time to look it over for you." Nylie offers a slight incline of her head to acknowledge the curtsy. "It is no interruption, as I am not certain it is ever possible to know when he will or won't be busy." Her eyes go to take in the instrument as it is drawn out," Have you played long then? Or simply seeing it seen to for someone?" After all not everyone comes down to get their own dulcimer hammers for that matter. It was an excuse to get out. Free air. Away from the piles of foreigners in the castle.

Dwyn's eyes seem wary for a moment as the odd noble woman continues the conversation with her, "Since I was old enough to hold it my lady, so fifteen years or so." Her voice in strong despite her mouse like attitude, perhaps the conversation brings it out in the woman. She looks towards the back room quickly but then back to Nylie's face, "Do you play yourself my lady? Or just searching for a hobby?"

If the wariness is noticed, Nylie does not outwardly acknowledge it. There is a simple politeness to her, not entirely common of those of her ilk, but then perhaps in the quiet peace of the small shop it can be allowed. "A fair stretch of time then." The question causes a nod from Nylie,"Aye, I play, not the guitarra specifically. The hammers are for my dulcimer, though I play several different instruments as well. " There is a touch of a smile as she adds,"Not exactly a hobby for me, the formal lessons began when I was about three." The informal..well that's another story. Offering to the young woman since it seems Nathaneul might have gotten lost in his stock,"I am Lady Nylie Kilgour."

Dwyn curties again at the name, "A please Lady Nylie, I am Dwyn Yestin, but a humble performer my lady." The younger woman had nodded her head to the story though, "Sounds lovely, I mostly just play the guitarra and dance with the tambourine. Though I've been dabbling in the flute for the last few years." She tells the woman, not quite knowing why she feels so sharing, perhaps the musician aspect making them less opposites in Dwyn's head. "Nothing as fancy as you I am sure my lady, been quite some time since I performed for nobles."

"A pleasure to meet you Miss Dwyn," comes the return from Nylie, even sounding genuine. "Ah, the flute I dabble a little in myself." Mild understatement, but then Nylie was never known for being boastful about her abilities. A quiet smile comes at the comment from the young woman,"I think, in truth, I play more for the servants of the castle then I do my own peers. But," she gives a glance towards her 'keepers' beyond the door, before she continues in a softer tone,"I am certain they appreciate it more as well." A light smile before Nylie continues on speaking within her normal tones,"Though, I should say, music is neither fancy nor not fancy, music is simpyl music. It is more of emotions and stories told, sometimes perhaps in a fancy setting are such songs performed. And often just in simple and familiar places."

A smile plays across Dwyn's lips as she nods her head to the noble, "I like that, music is simply music no matter how it is played or who it is preformed for." She looks to the back room again but then gives up thinking the shop owner will come out anytime soon it seems, "I would love to here you play sometime my lady. From the way you downplay your skills then speak so passionately I can only imagine."

Nylie nods,"To matters, but for them music is not in their hearts and they do not understand. It is just a means to an end." What ends, she does not offer. But then she seems to think Dwyn enough of a kindred spirit to understand. "Mostly, for now, I keep to the palace, with the weather. But I imagine something could be arranged so you might come to listen." Faintly pondering just what she has to do to get Tyrel to allow someone in. Or if it would be easier to just…find someplace outside to play. The one comment actually draws a hint of a sheepish tinge to the woman's expression. The truth of the matter was, she likely was the most accomplished musician in the Kingdom, and the best kept secret in that. Though it seems the shop owner isn't entirely a lost cause as sounds are heard from the backroom, an approach perhaps, causing Nylie to inquire "Is there a place I might have word sent to you, perhaps I could arrange something so you might hear me play?"

Dwyn hesitates at the last question before finally saying, "<insert name of inn> is where I work myself. Do a bit of performing for the sailors and the such." She gives an almost musical sounding chuckle, "Though I highly recommend you do not come yourself my lady, it's a little to rowdy a crowd for you I'm sure. Not a place for a lady." She blushes at this actually, not common unless it's faked for a client on Dwyn's cheeks. The sound of the owner finally coming back almost has the woman frowning but she instead slaps on a smile in it's place, "I would love that sometime, if it's at all possible my lady. I am sure I could learn enough just watching you."

A soft chuckle actually comes at the suggestion,"Aye, I agree on that. But I can have a message sent so we might meet up somewhere. " Nylie dips her head slightly,"I am certain I can manage to arrange something." Her cousin is the King, so certainly something could be made to happen. Ah, but then there is the shop owner finally returning. And Nylie stepping to take up the hammers he's retrieved for her, a brief exchange made before she seeks to depart the shop. Though not without a final incline of her head to the young woman,"It has been a pleasure, Miss Dwyn, and I hall be in touch. May your day go well."

"The pleasure is all mine Lady Nylie." She says to the noble as Nylie departs then turns her attention to the shop's owner. A bat of her long eyelashes and a lazy hand on the man's arm as she laughs at some inane joke that isn't even funny, "Strings my dear man, though if you would not mind looking at her lovely neck I would surely appreciate it." It's clear she has a good relationship with the man at least.

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