Sess 5, 229 - Music and Muffins

Music and Muffins
Summary: Music practice for the ladies while they chat with Eoin and Kieryn. Later Kieryn and Nylie chat about various subjects,
OOC Date: 19/02/2014
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Greenshire Manor, Stormvale
A garden, surrounded by stone walls, with paths in white paving stone that meander aimlessly about, benches placed here and there should one wish to sit and take in the air and the fragrance of flowers. Rose bushes and other flowers line the walks, herbs line the cracks between the paving stones, that when stepped on lend an additional pleasing fragrance to the air. A gazebo of stone and wood, with delicate arches and holders for small torches rests in one corner, containing a couple of chairs and a small table for refreshments. Small birds and other creatures are seen from time to time, fluttering about: a squirrel scampers for nuts, a bird flits down from a tree to dabble in the small pedestal basin (working also as a sundial) resting in the center of the garden. Small trees are nestled into the corner.
5 Sess, 229

With the Bardic competition a couple days away, Elisabeth invited Nylie over for some practice. Whatever may be going on between the men in their lives, it does not matter to Elisabeth. Nylie is her friend and well…the show must go on! Elisabeth has taken advantage of the lovely spring morning and set up some chairs outside for them in the garden. A table with some juice and fruit is set up for their refreshments. When Nylie arrives the servents will escort her to the garden here. Elisabeth is sitting on one of the chairs already working to tune her lute. She looks as if she did not get much rest last night and seems to be distracted at her task.

The invitation had been accepted without hesitation, it seemed that the Kilgour woman was not likely to be so easily swayed from the friendship nor promise to perform together. There had been the usual 'troop' of guards to escort her through the city, but only one and her usual maid accompanied her into the garden she was shown to. She herself carries along her dulcimer, much to the dismay of her guard. A smile falters a touch to see the other woman, more so that tired distracted edge to her. "It looks as if I am not the only one who keeps such restless nights of late, I would prey yours are for happier reasons, Elisabeth." Notes of concern touching her words as she moves to join the woman, following up with,"It is good to see you again."

Elisabeth looks up as she her guests are announced and rises to her feet to dip a polite curtsey before motioning to the other chair for her. No evidence of a guard, but her maid stands ready to serve the group as needed. At the woman's words Elisabeth gives a little sigh as she sits down. "I fear I did not sleep well. I had such…unsettling dreams. I suppose I have grown used to sharing a room for the last while or perhaps just a new room." She says as she looks up to the manor. Indeed she has stayed up at the Castle in Roslin's rooms since she come to Darfield. She looks over to Nylie, "I hope all is well with you? You seemed happy with things when we last spoke." She asks with a touch of hesitation to her voice.

Kieryn makes his way to the garden of the manor in which Lis lives, he hadn't been here yet, but once he makes his way to the manor he is escorted to the garden, he glances around as he goes. If he was one to get drunk he probably would have last evening, because of having to listen to the Count Haravean and the Duke Kincaid argue with one another, he's not sure really what the outcome of that was, but when he had left the two he still was not sure if things were truly alright. They really didn't want to listen to his solution and he still has worries that the naval men they offer will be likely to skirmish between themselves. Well, he'll just have to have them watched, or just trust that Commander Arlen Kincaid will make sure it doesn't happen, he'll have to speak with the Commander soon about that, of course he'll need to speak to the Greenshire commander about doing the same. He tries to keep his concerns from his face as he sees Nylie and Lis and wanders over towards them and bows, "Good morning my ladies."

A small curtsy answers to Elisabeth's, Nylie allowing her maid to set up the small stand for her dulcimer. A hand reaches to touch Elisabeth's arm,"It could be such a thing, if it would help to speak of them. I would listen, but I shall not pry if you would not. " There is concern for the woman who has become her friend, respectfully leaving the choice in Elisabeth's hand. There is a faint smile that comes, in truth this was the first time she'd left her rooms since the night she returned to the city. "I am happy for what my future is to be, but my brother did not take the news well and I fear I may come to lose him in this. It is an odd thing to have such joy and such sorrow all at once." Her guard takes note of the arrival of the captain, likely one of the Haravean guards joining to keep watch as well with a man not of either's family (yet) joining the unwed women. A bow of her head is offered from Nylie as she remains seated, a light smile,"Good morning, Captain."

Elisabeth offers a smile to Nylie at the touch. "Just…old nightmares and new ones. I ended up getting up in the night to walk it off and ended up falling asleep in a chair in the foyer. I think I gave Aldren a frieght when he woke." Though someone dismissive with her words it seems the dreams did trouble her mother than she wishes to speak of just yet. There is a frown for for Nylie's news, "I am sorry, hopefully time will settle things. It is not easy to see family upset." She says before looking up to the arrival of one of the house guards escorting the captain through to the garden. At least to his face her face lights up, though shadows still darken her eyes. "Good morning Captain. I fear you have come upon us practicing, though you are more than welcome to stay."

Kieryn smiles to Nylie and Lis and he bows to them again, "I think i will stay a little while and listen to you practice if you don't mind too much. I will stay out of the way and not interrupt." he gives Lis a smile and Nylie as well. He looks a bit tired and troubled, but well, he's just not happy about what he had to do. It wasn't successful, but he supposes not everything he does will, at least he's pretty sure it didn't cost him his courtship with Lis, at least he hopes that it didn't. They wanted a neutral party there, which he had remained and well they didn't really seem to like what he had to say. "I hope you both are well today." he finds a quiet place to sit and listen to the two practice.

A small squeeze meant in comfort is given to Elisabeth's arm before Nylie's hand withdrawls. "If you ever wish to talk…" the offer is left open ended to imply not just of dreams. Nylie knew to well the difficulties of finding someone whom one could truly talk to. There is a flicker of a smile though,"I imagine the Count could use a good fright now and again to keep him on his toes." A soft sigh comes and Nylie shakes her head a little,"He was not just upset, he flew into a furious rage at hearing the news." Hard as that may be for some to invision the Voice doing. A smile does come to see how Lis lights up. Nylie makes a slight study of the young man before she comments,"I think perhaps we could use a spot of music, something slightly upbeat to give some improvement to our thoughts, least for awhile. '

Elisabeth nods to Nylie's words and offers her a smile, "I will, I am alright. I should be used to such, but they were different last night and I am still trying to understand it. Have you ever had a dream that felt like it was sending you a message, but it is so out of focus you can not quite grasp it?" She says not minding if Kieryn hears her words. She nods in agreement to Nylie, "Let us play, I could well use the distraction." She looks up and smiles to Kieryn, "We will be glad for the Audience." There her gaze lingers on the Captain's face for a moment before looking down to the instrument in her lap. She starts off playing a bright local song, a good warmup for the fingers.

Kieryn smiles as he watches the two women and as Lis plays to warm up, the distraction of their music will be nice and perhaps even cheer the Captain up. It may be the first time that he's been seen in a not so cheerful mood. Luckily he isn't prone to them, but he now knows that his position as captain of the west isn't going to be easy, nor that it'll make him happy all the time. So much for being a simple sailor anymore. "It's nice that it is finally spring again, I guess new things will be blooming pretty soon." he grins a little, "I wonder what the first flower of the year will be."

A small nod comes from Nylie, a hint of concern coming to hear the implication that Lis would suffer troublesome dreams often. "Aye, I have…It is like some thought that needs to be remembered but it lingers just out of grasp. " There is a brief pause before she suggests,"Perhaps writing out what your remember of it, and your thought will help, I have found such a practice to be of use when I have a problem and my thoughts are all jumbled upon it. " There is a flicker of a smile before she adds,"Or I end up bending the ear of some poor soul who was willing to listen."

A nod of agreement coming on the matter of the audience present. "It was nice to return to warmer weather and not snow, even if there is a touch of a chill some morning. " Nylie giving one of her dulcimer hammers a nimble little twirling in her fingers before it strikes the strings to give the sound of Lis's lute accompaniment.

"I will keep that in mind, though I hope such dreams never come again that I may need to note them." She says as her fingers move through the warm ups. Elisabeth looks up to Kieryn and notes his distracted look and such seems to encourage her to her playing. A lively song is played. Even as she plays the Lady seems to relax and settle into the music even if her thoughts are still still held in part by the night before. Dreams of corpses and maggots are not so easy to brush off.

Kieryn doesn't mention anything about nightmares, he had one a few weeks back, but hadn't told anyone about it, well not fully anyway. If he had known Lis then maybe he would have. He smiles to her and Nylie again as he listens to the music, it almost makes him want to get up and try to dance, but well, he doesn't have anyone to dance with, and dancing with himself would just look silly. Ah but maybe silly is what they need. He remains seated though and closes his eyes as he listens.

"As I would hope for you," comes a gentle murmur from Nylie before their music becomes their focus. Her hands and fingers guiding the hammers easily about the strings of the dulcimer, having caught quickly to the song Elisabeth had chosen to transition into after the warmup. Music had always been an escape for her, and it is no less of one now. A thing that seems to be true for all of them this morning, a need for a touch of cheer from what troubles have come to them in returning to Stormvale.

Soon enough the lines of strain fall from Lis's face as she gives herself over to the music. Her fingers dancing across the strings in a lively tune. The pair seem well matched as musicians together, quickly finding a harmony with their instruments. Her eyes close partway through the playing and she lets herself become part of the music. When the song comes to the end it is with a flourish of notes. She slowly opens her eyes and smiles to Nylie with a nod. "That is a balm to the soul." She says softly before looking to Kieryn glad to see him relaxing as well. "Cassandrah, could you pour some juice for my guests." She asks of her maid who comes forth to do just that.

Kieryn smiles and he applauds the music that both women produce and he opens his eyes, "Very nice." the music did relax him and he even looks a little happier than he did before. Well it always seems being around Lis makes him happy. "That was good music, I think the both of you will do well in the competition and like I said, I will be there to cheer you on. Well, maybe not loudly, because that might not be taken too well." he grins, "But silently and will be thinking about you two winning though." he ponders and then teases them to lighten the mood more, "Think I should cross my fingers for you?"

A soft sigh slips as the stress does ease away, the music taking its hold as it so often did. There is the occasional improvisation, a minor twirl of a hammer before it is again bringing sound from the strings. Never anything to distracting, small things that mearly work within the harmony the duet produces. A small flurry with the hammers brings notes that add to the flourish Lis ends with before Nylie's fingers give those hammers another nimble little twirl. A soft smile comes from Nylie,"Aye, it is." Bowing her head to Kieryn as he applauds before a soft laugh comes,"I imagine some cheering will be allowed, and the Lord Admiral has promised to come to see us. I expect an enthusiastic cheering from the both of you, not just finger crossing. It is a competition of bards, I do not expect it shall be quiet, not in the way of salon performances. Especially if Master Blian designs to make an apperance."

Cassandrah passes around juice and muffins to everyone before returning to her seat once more. Elisabeth takes a break now to partake now that her mind is a bit more rested. She cants her gaze to Nylie, "I liked the variations you were doing, I understand now why you chose the dulcimer for this competition. It is a most lively instrument." The words about her brother draw a raised eyebrow, "Truely? I am glad of it. He worried about how the friendship might be perceived now.." She makes a vague hand gesture, "He …thinks well of you and wishes you happiness." Elisabeth says though there is a hint to more there. She turns her gaze to Kieryn then and nods to Nylie's words, "You may be as loud as you wish my love." She says softly, "I dare say the excitement of the crowd will be taken into consideration for this competition."

Kieryn blinks well, ok if he can be loud at the competition, then he will be, he'd never really been to one before, the only bardic music he's really heard has been in small seedy taverns, so… "That is good to know, I guess I will just have to be the loudest then when the both of you has your turns come up." he takes the juice and muffin, "Just as long as I do not cause too much of a ruckus i guess." he grins and hmms, "Maybe I can even goad Eoin into being just as loud." he chuckles and doesn't really imagine Eoin being loud, but Kieryn will work on that. "Do you two know what you will be playing? or still undecided?" he sips his juice then.

The hammers and settled to the instrument before Nylie accepts the juice and muffins with a nod to Cassandrah. Never one to quite relegate servants and attendants to the status of furniture as many of her peers often did. "Thank you. A harpsichord did not seem right for such a competition," comments Nylie," and while I do well with the flute, I am more fond of the versatility within the dulcimer. " Nylie nods just a little,"We have not spoken since Sutherland, in truth." Quite the talk that was. "I value his friendship and have no plans to put end to it. " There is a faint bit of knowing in the look Nylie gives Elisabeth. But is easily returning to the matter of the contest,"I would say, give gauge to how others are. It is perhaps not quite so rowdy as taverns, and we earn not the same cheers are those in the tournament events. But it is not a quiet and stately event." Some amusement had by Nylie at the thought of Eoin being loud, that just was always something left for Aldren to be. Nylie gives a shake of her head,"We have not settled upon the exact song, but I think we have both agreed it should be something a bit lively, for the audience to get into and even dance, should it move them to that."

Elisabeth takes a sip of her juice before she reaches for the muffin. For a moment she holds it before setting it back to the plate and taking another dip of juice instead. She looks lost in thought for a moment before looking up to catch the conversation. "I would ensure I would play better than I have before if it would draw such from my brother." She looks to Nylie at the question before nodding in agreement, "There are a few songs we have talked about, but we are still working through them. It may well depend on the mood of the crowd." She looks back to Nylie as she speaks of Eoin, "That I am glad." She says softly before setting aside her glass and picking up her lute once more. "You have such versatality. My training growing up focused on the strings. Perhaps you could teach me harpsichord when we have a chance."

Kieryn smiles, "Well, you are wonderful compared to me. I cannot play a single note on anything." he chuckles, "And you don't even want to hear me sing, I sound like a gull trying to cough up its lunch." he winks at the two women. "I am not sure really which is worse, my dancing or my singing, but if I had to hazard a guess it'd be my singing." he smiles and watches the two for a moment before taking a bite of his muffin, "These are pretty good." he comments. I am glad I came out here to listen this morning."

A few sips are taken of the juice around a bit of the muffin, agreeing with Kieryn,"These are quite good." Nylie gives Elisabeth a smile,"Perhaps we can both ensure our best to see if it can rouse him to cheer. Though my brother has given 'demand' that I should greet him with news of first prize when he returns." Briefly does she look troubled, where things shall end up with her brother are most uncertain. Nylie nods,"Aye, the crowd does need to be taken into account. For to play a ballad perfectly, if the crowd does not take to it, some bawdy jig done badly can yet win over it. Not always do the best performers win, but the best entertainers. " For there is a difference, subtle as it might be. Giving another bit of a nod,"I should be happy to teach you, my training has spanned a little more. But then music was the focus of my training growing up." A slight grin goes Kieryn's way,"In truth it matters not how good you are or aren't but the reason for which you dance or sing, and if you enjoy it."

Elisabeth sits with her lute with Nylie settled in a seat beside her along with her own dulcimer, cause yes the Kilgour woman has risked to come into the Greenshire manor inspite of the recent developments of life. Kieryn sets not far away, and appropriate guards and maids exist. The trio rescently having been served juice and muffins during this little morning practice and get together.

"You dance well enough and thought you could not dance at all. Perhaps you sing not so bad as you think as well?" Elisabeth says with a half smile towards her suitor, "But I will love you all the same if you can not sing. I do not hold such against my dear brother." Elisabeth says before nodding to Nylie's words. It is not the time for courtly ballads but lively songs that will rouse and yet hold a meaning. "I would be glad for the lesson." She sips at her juice a bit more, leaving her muffin untouched as she draws up her lute to her lap again.

Kieryn chuckles to Nylie and Lis and shakes his head at Lis with a grin, "Well, if I sung it would only be for your ears my lady." he smiles to Lis, "I think everyone else would cover their ears and run far, far away, or the guards would come and see if someone was injured." he snickers, "and my dancing still need quite a bit of improvement, but I suppose it is not as bad as I let on." he shrugs some, "I don't think I would win some ball dancing contest or anything like that though. Well, alright, I might win the category for worst dance possible." he laughs, "I'll leave that up to you though, to teach me more, if you'll want a husband who can dance properly and not just flop around looking like a fish out of the water."

Whatever rumours may be flying about this and that, one thing that there seems to be little contention about is the fact that since the main party's return from Southerland, Eoin has been throwing himself into his work. With the weather turning and the seas quietening there is much to prepare, but it has the added advantage of keeping him busy and right at this moment in time he's busy looking for Kieryn. HAving heard the younger man is a-visiting Eoin has headed back from the docks, figuring to take the opportunity to spend some time with his sister too and so follows the music out into the gardens where the pair are easily spotted. And Nylie. He pauses for a moment, balancing options, then bites the bolt and heads on over.

Elisabeth smiles to Kieryn, "I think I might be glad to give you more lessons in dance." She says befre Elisabeth waves to her brother as he enters the garden. "There is some juice and muffins if you have not had breakfast dear brother. Nylie and I were just practicing for the Bardic competition, you are welcome to Listen." And So Elisabeth does play some tunes with Nylie. When not playing she seems quiet and contemplative.

Nylie smiles at the pair before laughing softly at their exchange upon dancing and singing. "I have faith that Elisabeth shall do well to teach you how to improve you dancing. You are already nimble enough upon your feet as a sailor, you may surprise yourself on how well you come to pick things up. " The new arrival of Eoin does catch Nylie's attention, a bow of her head goes to him along with a smile. "Aye, please join us. " A slight nod going to Elisabeth as she speaks of the topic at hand before Nylie adds,"We had been telling the good Captain that cheering was not only allowed, but expected. And that he should have company in that with your own support to our performance." There is a hint of question in her look to Eoin with the words, uncertain if he was yet coming with recent events.

Kieryn smiles to Lis and nods, "Well, I am going to hold you to that promise my lady." he glances around and salutes Eoin, "Morning Admiral." he greets the older man and his superior. He then glances back to Nylie and nods, "That is what Elisabeth had told me, when I first told her that I could not dance and that I would need lessons. She even suggested they be held on a ship in the water, since that is what I am used to and suggested maybe U just cannot find my true balance while on land." he shrugs some, "That may be true, so who knows?" he chuckles, "I think I will improve though."

Eoin smiles down to Elisabeth as he approaches, leaning down to plana brief kiss on her forehead before replying, "I ate several hours ago, but thank you for the thought Beth. Was that tha pair of you playing just now?" It's an obvious answer he knows, but it seems only polite to remark upon the music somehow. That and it gives him a few moments longer to shore up his 'nothing has changed demeanour'. Turning to the others he offers a slight bow and a "Lady Nylie," followed by a nod and a "Captain Mowbray" respectively. Getting the business out of the way first he states to Kieryn, "once you're done here we need to talk about that situation on the west coast, and a couple more minor matters." The comments about dancing having him looking between the trio for a moment before he finally settles his gaze on Nylie once more. A deep breath and then a faint nod, "I do hope so my Lady, so long as duty does not interfer of course."

"There is likely some truth to it, for while I certainly spend most of my time upon land, I have noticed how after longer trips to see, it can take me a day or two once back to land to fully regain myself. For I yet expect the 'ship' to move even after I have left it. " A small nod going to Elisabeth as the younger woman greets her brother and answers his questions about the piece that was played. Nylie bows her head to Eoin,"I would hope duty to not interfere, Lord Admiral, as it would be lovely to see you there. Hopefully duty shall yet allow you to compete in the archery event?" A glance goes to Kieryn,"Were you planning to compete at all, Captain?"

Kieryn nods to Eoin as he says that they need to talk, "Of course Admiral, I was hoping to speak with both you and Commander Kincaid about the situation together." he sighs a little, but its only a brief one. He doesn't say anything more of it right now as that will come later. He nods to Nylie, "I am hoping to enter the sword tournament, or at least I am hoping to. I am not sure how well I will do, but I suppose that we will see." he grins a little, "Too bad there is not a sailing tournament though, I'd probably fare a bit better in that." he grins again, "Well, maybe something like that can be arranged when I get married. I have already spoken to Prince Cayden Aberdeen and I for one would like to see how my skills stack up against the Aberdeens." he glances to Eoin, "And of course against the Admiral."

"I know of some sailors who get as sick on land as some landsmen get at sea," Eoin notes, "I am sure the healers could say many fascinating things about their condition, but I myself am merely thankful to not count myself among them. Disembarkation sickness I believe I've heard it refered to as." Then, on to lighter topics he nods to the mention of archery. "Since that is this evening and I have not yet heard word of any hostile sails spotted then I would hope so my Lady, although I would not wish to tempt the Gods into disrupting that by stating that it will be the definite case." Keiryn's sigh earns him a sideways glance but since it would apear to be a matter for when Arlen is here he just acknowledges the comment with a brief nod. "Perhaps, once things have calmed once more, there might be races on teh Great Lake? It is certainly big enough, and the risks would be lower should the weather turn or such."

"If shall be certain to cheer for you then, Captain," cause surely no Lady misses out on such displays by the menfolk, right? Nylie nods to Eoin,"I shall hope it remains the case and that I might be able to cheer for you this eve." A faint raise of an eyebrow as if to ask if he would mind such a thing. Nylie chuckles softly,"I would yet like to see that once you have arranged such a thing, I know Prince Cayden is a fair sailor himself. It would make for an interesting thing to watch."

Kieryn nods to Nylie and smiles, "Thank you my lady. I would be honored to have people cheering for me. I have never entered a tournament before, so as I said I am not sure how well I would do, but I suppose it will be good to try." he shrugs, "I am not the greatest at swordplay, but I can hold my own when I need to." then, that can be true for almost anything someone does. He nods to Eoin and Nylie, "I think that would be a good idea, Prince Cayden also said that his uncle would probably join in the race too and I expect Commander Kincaid would wish to as well. Such a race may come in handy as well to use in battle should the need arise as well. So it may not be entirely for fun, but.." he shrugs some. "It is an idea."

Eoin is, momentarilly, unsure exactly how to reply to the unspoken question, it's certainly not something he'd expected and it seems to catch him ever so slightly on the back foot. After a quick mental reboot though he replies with a faint nod and a "I hope so too." Then another thought seems to cross his mind and he pauses once more to consider it before asking faintly awkwardly, "Lady Nylie. If you would not consider it unduely forward of me given the situation, and since you have stated your intention to cheer this eve," yeah, this is a bit awkward, "would you think less of me were I to ask if I might carry your favour in the contest?"

"It is the purpose to tournaments, is it not/ to find out where your abilities rank as well as to truly test one another beyond training," Nylie gives a touch of a smile as she adds a light tease,"And opening to show off for the Ladies." Then again, the hands of women are likely things that have been won or given based on tournament outcomes. Nylie does quietly watch Eoin and his reaction to the unspoken request, a reaction that does seem to add truth to what Elisabeth spoke earlier. Oh yes, Eoin ends up with her full attention at what he says next, the talk of water races briefly put on hold. Smokey eyes blink in surprise, it was not a request that was expected but it seems not to be one that displeases or offends either from the look that comes. It takes a brief moment for her to respond, a small bow of her head is given to Eoin,"I should think nothing less of you, Lord Admiral Eoin and would be most honored if you were to carry my favour." There was a slight hesitation before a hand drifted and a small scarf was pulled out and offered over to the man, in truth she'd only rescently completed the embroidery upon it. The cloth was silk and silver in color, the embroidery upon the end that of musical notes being pulled and scattered from a musical score by the winds. A thing easily tied or tucked away as wished for by the bearer. Noting as she offers it to him,"I shall be certain to cheer ever louder now."

Kieryn nods to Nylie and chuckles, "Well, there is only one lady that I would be interested in showing off for." he grins a little, "Though I suppose I can expect there would be other ladies watching, so I guess I will need to put on a good performance." he snickers a little at that, though when Nylie and Eoin speak of favors and such he stops chuckling and goes quiet, letting them have some peace and quiet.

And with that responce, Eoin lets out the breath that he'd been entirely aware that he'd been holding. There's a look of relief perhaps before he offers Nylie a bow in reply to her answer. "You do me great honour my Lady," he states as he reaches gently for the offered scarf, "and I hope that I do not disgrace you with a poor performance." He's not entirely sure where to put it, but then remembers that they're at the manor, and thus his rooms are only a moment's walk away so it can rest safely and not risk damage down at the docks. Another bow, this time to the trio, "if you will excuse me though, I fear I have other matters to attent before the contest starts. Good day to you Lady Nylie, I am sure I will see you later Captain," then he's turnings to leave.

"I have faith you will perform splendidly, Lord Admiral," comes Nylie's response, a soft smile offered as well to the man once he has taken up the small bit of cloth. A bow of her head coming again when he makes to leave,"Good day to you, Lord Eoin." Watching the man leave for a moment before drawing her attention once more to playing and talks of boat/ship races. "I do imagine Prince Jamie would be quite keen for it, he does always enjoy a chance to show off. And having a few others could make it more interesting, plus as you noted, it could serve as good practice and not just a bit of fun and sport. " She smiles,"And give others a chance to see your skills as well," the you seeming more general, as it was not easy to exactly show of sailing prowese.

Kieryn nods to Eoin as he leaves, "Good day Admiral." well he guesses he'll find out later how disappointed or angry the admiral might be with him if he knows of how things went at the meeting. Kieryn doesn't regret his part in it though, he has to be tough but this politics stuff just is not him, well it will probably have to be. "Yeah, I think it would be good for us all and well also be a show of how our navy works and let others know we are all highly trained men." he grins, "Might even try to include Ambassador Avi in the race too." plus that might give a little advantage if ever needed in skirmishes against the finger isle pirates, but he doesn't say that. He glances around and then off where Lis had vanished while ago. "Lady Nylie, a question if I may, since I am not sure and Lis" yeah he uses the shortened name he uses for Lis to Nylie, "Wasn't sure either. How long does one wait to go from courting to betrothel?"
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Surely it was just a member of House Kilgour simply honoring the Lord Admiral of the Morbin with their favour, perfectly proper. No different then allowing one of their Knights the honor. Yup. Nylie gives a touch of a nod,"It would allow for that, and better to have some idea now then later. It might even give some opening to where skills might need to be shored up in working with one another." An eyebrow raises a little at the mention of Avi,"That could prove interesting, the Admiral and I fair number of others are not big fans of his," her voice dropping to something softer,"including Elisabeth." And pretty much most of the woman's House. A small warning perhaps if he is not already aware. A sip of the juice, cause yes, there was juice to be sipped, is taken as the topic changes along to courtship. "Ah…usually, courtship is well now, with permission having been given from both Houses. And once your brother and Count Aldren have worked out the formal marriage contract, then they will announce the start of the betrothal. So I fear, there is not a set time, but however long it takes for them to be in agreement. " Nylie gives a touch of a smile,"Just as I must wait til Callem and Aidan reach formal agreement before our betrothel would begin. "

Kieryn nods some and then ponders, "True, well perhaps it'd be best to leave Avi out of it." he grins a little and then sips his juice and nods as he listens to Nylie's explination, "Ah, we were both wondering about that, well it is good information to know." he grins, "I already know what I am going to get Lis as a betrothel gift as I have already spoken to my brother.. Well, he doesn't know what I want it for, but I have to go to Weston to retrieve it sometime. I know she will like it. I asked my brother for one of the nicest horses he has bred. I know she loves horses and I think she will appreciate it." he grins again, "Do you think that would be something she will like?"

Nylie nods a touch,"It might be for the best to do so. While it does behoove us to build relationships there, things are yet a little touchy." Something about pirates and kidnappings. An eyebrow rises a little at the mention of betrothal gifts, granted the woman herself is still coming to terms with the fact she's getting married let alone all it entails. Like getting her brother to actually not hate the concept. A smile comes,"I think she will love it, and appreciate you sought something that shows you have come to know and understand her." To some degree at least!

Kieryn has to wonder what people would think of him if they knew he was actually a pirate as well, then again, he doesn't plan on letting that little secret out, because he doesn't want to be hung, especially since he's courting a lovely woman. He's even been considering retiring from his life of piracy. "I could always buy her baubles and other such flashy things, but I think she would appreciate something that if flashy in its own way, even if it doesn't sparkle or shine." he grins, "But oh her eyes will sparkle and shine when she sees the horse." he sighs softly, yep, he's far gone, lost forever it seems, not what you'd expect from a sailor, right? He's supposed to be chasing any pretty girl that catches his eye and then moving on to the next, not letting a pretty girl hook and reel him in to be kept. "Sorry, I am a bit mushy." he laughs and bites into his muffin.

Probably simaliar things to what they might think of Nylie if they knew the truth of why Callem had kept her unmarried all those years and pretty much everywhere but at court. Though she'd not get hung for it, King's order and all. "I would agree with you, I think she would like the horse more for the effort and thought you've put into the gift." Nylie does have to tease,"Though I'm sure she'd like a shiny bauble here or there in time." No, indeed he's not like Jamie at all, or the man's nephews, especially Cassius. But then neither Eoin or Avi seem to be skirt chasers either. There there is Arlen, just grouchy that one. And seriously, when did she come to know so many sailors? Nylie shakes her head,"There is no need to be sorry. It is a thing I'm a touch caught up in myself. More…a courtship gift, I suppose, but Aidan wrote something of a poem for me. He gave the first of the words to me when I agreed to marry him. " Oh yes, he asked her. "And gave be the rest but a few days ago. I suspect he was wishing for that sparkle and shine, just as you are hoping for now."

Kieryn chuckles and he nods, "Oh, I know I wont get off bauble free." he grins at Nylie, "I know women like sparkly jewelery as well as anything else and I know I will most likely end up getting her anything that she wants, or needs." he smiles, "I didn't think I'd be so in love, or find someone who could understand that I need the sea, but there she is. I guess the sister to a man of the sea is what I should have looked for a long time ago." he snickers a little, "I guess it just took that one special person though." at least this time, unlike with Princess Nima he's not wanting to court Lis just because his neice likes her, well he's sure his neice will, she hasn't met her yet and because he didn't want Nima to be parted from the family after the time they spent on the way to Jadda. He's doing it because his heart tells him Lis is the one for him and that he will be happy with her.

Nylie laughs softly,"It is good that you plan to see too like that, though I would say on the bright side, Elisabeth is not one to be demanding." Even for a noble, certainly not like Roslin. A knowing look comes,"Funny how that is, isn't it? To not expect to find something like this, a person to make you feel so happy and joyful. And then it happens." There is a faint sight, why could her brother not see this, believe her. He'd said he wanted her happy. She found it and now all she gets is rage. "It seems a good thing as well, that our families have seen thatt those we have found that captured our hearts are the ones we shall get to be with." Nobles marriages did rarely (in theory) take such feelings into account.

Kieryn nods and smiles, "She is not very demanding at all and yes, I think that is a good thing. I think she would prefer the simpiler things, but she means a lot to me and whatever I can do or get for her is what she will get." he smiles, but sighs a little, "I need to make things right with Emma though, she seemed a bit shocked and surprised that I was going to be courting Lis. I think she had someone else in mind that she hoped I would court, someone a little closer to her age and not a couple years older." he shrugs some, "Honestly I think I prefer Lis, because she is a couple years older than my sister.. I just could not imagine courting someone the same age. I think I would think of them more as another sister, you know?"

Nylie smiles a bit,"I think that is true of many from Greenshire, an appreciation for the simple things of life. " A faint nod comes to that,"Have you tried to speak with her about why you prefer Lis or how well you get along with her? Perhaps if she knew, it would make it easier to manage her disappointment. Though surely once she gets to know Lis as well." There is a slight hesitation before Nylie inquires,"Perhaps you can help me with something as someone with a sister. My own brother has taken the news of my match quite poorly," understatement. "He seems to think it nothing more then some political scheme, which I cannot deny it does have the look of that. " Kilgour seeing both Dukes married to one of their women, who wouldn't think politics? "I have tried talking to him, Aidan has as well…But it has not gone well. And I find myself at a bit of a loss of what to do, or if that is best I do nothing."

Kieryn nods to Nylie, "I am hoping she gets to know Lis and I think she will like her if she does. I know they will be studying some together with Baroness Wenna, so maybe that will give them time to bond. Lis also said that maybe she should talk with her and I think maybe she should some too. Show her she isn't the enemy and not going to be stealing me away from her or my family. I think that it will take time." he ponders Nylie's question then as she asks him what she should do, "Well, I do not know your brother very well, so I cannot say for certain. He could have been hoping you'd be matched with someone else and eventually he may come to terms with who you were matched with. I was too young when my sister Tamsin was courted and married and I don't think I'll have any impact on the decesion when it is Emma or Eva's turns, because Emma at least sees our brother as her father, since she was two years old when our parents died. Maybe he is upset that he had no say in it? or did he?" he raises an eyebrow, "Have you ask Lady Wenna what she thinks? maybe she can give a little insight to what may be troubling him."

"Hopefully she shall see that, as I know Elisabeth understands the importance of family. The last thing she would wish is to steal you from yours. " Especially since Lis would be joining it! "Hopefully she is just disappointed and will give it time herself to get to know Elisabeth." Nylie gives a small nod, she had not expected him to know Caedmon well, wishing more for a brotherly like view on the situation and sometimes having an outside view helps. "I had asked him before, when I first noticed interest starting to occur in me. I asked him even, if it was up to him who he would pick or suggest I consider, yet he would give me no name." Something about he would rather she marry a commoner. Nylie headshakes,"He did not have say, it has always been up to Callem. Caedmon has never had say over me, or input into what was to become of me. " The mention of talking to Wenna brings about a sigh,"I have not, and I do not know that it would help. She seems to think it is something that can be settled between he and I, and from all I have spoken with my brother…It never seems that he speaks with her on any of it. It has become a rather vexing situation in truth."

Kieryn nods in agreement, "I hope she gets to know her as well and that they can become friends. I would hate for my sister and my wife to hate each other. It would lead to..interesting times." he sighs and shakes his head, well whatever happens will happen he thinks, "My sister can be a little stubborn, just like the rest of us." he explains." he nods as she continues and frowns a little and then ponders before answering, "Perhaps it is just that he does not like the Duke, I don't know. I am not sure how happy I would be if any of my sisters married someone I did not like. I think at first I might be a little angry, or disappointed, but eventually I would see that my sisters were happy and then I would be happy for them." he raises an eyebrow slightly at Nylie, "Are you happy with the choice of match that has been made for you?"

Nylie nods, admitting,"Aye, it would be interesting." Granted, she is facing that same situation, just her brother and future husband are both powerful men in their own right. Nylie sighs a touch,"He does not have a good opinion of the Duke at all." Something about thinking the man is just seducing his sister to his bed, amongst other things. "Perhaps it is just a thing that is a matter of time. " The last question bring a slight hesitation, but she does smile,"He was my choice, Captain. Not one made for me. My brother knows this." A thing nearly unheard really for a Kilgour woman to have choice in marriage.

Kieryn nods and he chuckles a little, "Well, it sounds like we are in similiar situations with our siblings at least. I think time might be the best thing to give them. Yes, yours is a bit different and more involved than mine, seeing as they are two powerful men." he nods and sighs, "I know, not much help, huh? Then again, I'm not a very powerful man that would be my brother since he's a baron." he chuckles.

Nylie smiles faintly,"It does seem that we are. Though thankfully, yours does not sound as complicated. And I shall hope it resolves quickly as your sister gets to know Lis. " Nodding a touch,"It is not a solution, but it does give me some insight perhaps to why he responded so. It may yet be a thing that only time can ease. " Light knows it seems to only get worse every time she actually tries to talk with him. "It will likely help he is going to Greenshire for a time," never did she think the day would come she'd be greatful to be separated from her brother. "Though I should perhaps see to returning, and I recall you and the Lord Admiral had need to speak."

Kieryn nods to Nylie and he sighs, he's really not looking forward to meeting with the Admiral and Commander, he's not sure what can be done, or what they know about what he witnessed at the discussion between Aldren and Aidan, he still wishes he got drunk after that, but unlike a lot of sailors he doesn't care to drink to the point of being drunk and if he ever does appear drunk it is always an act. "Yeah, I need to, not sure it's something I really want to talk to the Admiral or Commander Kincaid about, but it is something I need to talk to them about, maybe they can do something." he mutters a little, "Does one ever get used to having to deal with politics?" he asks Nylie as he rises and sets his juice glass and last bit of muffin on the tray for the servants.

One loses their senses when they are drunk, the potential to say things they shouldn't is high, especially things that could get one into trouble. Best not chance it. "If it is needed, then it is better to get it over with rather then tormenting yourself over it by avoiding it." Setting her own glass back to the tray. "I would not say used to it, but over time one gets better in dealing with them. Or in reading what is coming so to side step and avoid a bit of it. Unfortunately for you, and I, we have positions that have some manner of power and expectation, there is only so much we can side step around."

Kieryn nods to Nylie and gives her a smile and a bow, "Until next time then, lady Kilgour. I am sure I will see you again and perhaps we will have more interesting things to talk about." he chuckles some, "If not well, I will see you at the bard competition at least." he smiles to her and then turns to head out of the garden to make arrangements to meet with the Admiral and Commander, to find out what they can do about the Count and the Duke and as the Captain sees it, their petty argument.

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