Umbra 42, 228: Music and Merriment

Music and Merriment
Summary: Fun at the Inn
OOC Date: 15/11/2013 (OOC)
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Riverview Inn - City of Stormvale
The main doors to this inn open into a fair sized common room, with a moderately high class feel to it. The kind of place where Nobles think it's not quite beneath them and commoners think it's not quite too high brow. It's set up with a fireplace at the back, and several tables and chairs for customers to sit at. Near the door, there's a small desk, with someone generally there to help travellers check in, find a meal, or with general questions. To the left, there is a door to the back hall, which leads both to the kitchens, and up to the rooms for patrons.
Umbra 42, 228

It's later in the evening, one or two guests are down in the table area, eating the last of a meal. There remains on the spit in the fire place, a leg of lamb, roasted with spice, the ever present, ever full pot of stew, a few baskets of bread on the tables and some fruits and cheese. Soon though, if no more guests come down /or come in for the evening, these items will get put away (or dined on by the staff so nothing goes to waste or spoils). Daelina watches lightly, moving from place to place, to see that everyone is comfortable and needs for nothing the Inn can provide. High on a shelf, behind the desk, sits a simple silver lantern that she glances at from time to time.

The door to the inn is opened and held open by a guard in the colors of house Haravean. In comes Rorey with her maid following close behind. A soft melody follows the group as the step inside and the door closes once more. In the hands of the bright eyed noblewoman is a harp which she plays carefully plucking out a soft soothing tune on the strings as she makes her way over to an empty table and takes a free seat with her maid settling down nearby. The sharp eyed woman glances around the establishment with a critical gaze and then looks to her charge with a softer expression. Rorey finishes her song and gently hands the harp off to her guard who places it in the backpack he carries and then moves to stand at the nearby wall and watch the surroundings. Rorey smiles softly and turns to look for a server to bring her something to drink.

A little while after Rorey's entrance, another late arrival appears. This one has muddy boots and looks to have been out in the weather for some while. A grey cloak with hood up tries to keep him warm against the elements while a bow and quiver with oiled flap against the rain is slung over his back at an angle. His garb is a mixture of greens, browns, and grey. A sword hangs off of his right side for a left handed draw. The archer looks up at the sound of the harp, then smells the food heated on the fire. It is towards the fire that Araltaidan goes to stand to warm himself, gloves yet upon his hands. Bits of small debris clinging to his woolen cloak suggests he's been moving through the trees and brush, or possibly laying on the ground.

When the Inn is entered, Daelina glances that way and noting the woman, and the colors the guard is wearing, heads over there herself. She's had dealing with House Haravean, they are quite the fulsome lot. And, of course, noble patrons, must be seen to personally. Not that any server here couldn't or wouldn't do the finest job possible, but Dae and her father, Ross, have always made it their way - to ensure all patrons are comfortable. Other servers are seeing to the remaining guests, and she nods and smiles as she makes her way towards Rorey.

Blian, having found no luck in coinage at the tavern has decided to try his luck at the inn. He enters, wearing brown breeches and red jerkin he has his guitarra slung about his back. First he notices the guards and Rorey, hymm, noble lady, nice. He however has no wish to be beaten again so instead he has a seat a nearby table and begins to tune hi instrument. Aralt gets a nod when they see each other and Daelina gets the /come on over/ look when she has the bad luck of crossing his path. He keeps on turning slowly and softly as he surveys the folks still about.

From the moment he walked in the ranger is looking over the people here with care - looking for someone, or for certain kinds of people. Araltaidan's grey eyes pass over each in turn, easing over or skipping those like Rorey who are nicely clad and lingering on the rougher, meaner sorts who most look like they might be trouble. None currently in here hold his attention over long, his damp back to the fire as he warms and dries himself. He is in no haste while the servers see to others but when one does approach him his baritone says low, "Warmed mead and something to eat, if you please." He glances over his shoulder at what's available at the hearth, and while the lamb looks and smells especially delicious, he probably can't afford it. So the Sky Forester adds, "The stew." The ranger takes a seat by the fire.

As Daelina makes her way over Rorey smiles warmly at the woman and inclines her head. "Good Evening. I don't suppose I could get a glass of wine and some cheese and fruit? If wine is out of the question then ale will be just fine." The dark haired lady's tone is calm and polite as she glances briefly around the room spotting the man who appears to be a ranger and offers him a soft gentle smile and then catching the eyes of a man tuning his guitarra. He gets a curious look and a warm smile before she turns back to Daelina once again her expression patient.

At the Inn, those rougher, meane sorts one might find at, oh say, a tavern aren't allowed. And should they make an appearance, Ross and his men make sure they leave as quickly as they arrive. No shenanigans are allowed herel it is a quiet and restful place, the occasional night of music or small party, notwithstanding.

Dipping in a curtsey, her smile ever present, Daelina cheerfully replies,"Of course, Lady. I'll see to it myself. And, anything for your maid, or water or something for your man," glancing at the guard behind her. She avoids, barely, the tendency to roll her eye's catching sight of the 'come hither' look Blian gives her with a shake of her head and a light chuckle, while waiting for Rorey's response.

Another server, a blond haired, blue eyed woman of about Daelina's age makes her way towards Aralt and Blian as well, asking what they'd care to have….to drink or eat.

I dunno, that Blian fellow over there looks pretty unsavoury to the Ranger.

Blian watches from the corner of his eye as the ranger dries himself and is careful not to hold his gaze too long. He can't help himself and so he gazes over at the pretty noble girl. When she offers him a smile he (most likely in bad taste) winks at her, after he makes sure her guards are not looking. The girl approaches now and he says, "Wine" He smiles slyly at her now and watches her walk away, his eyes in all the /right/ places. He begins now to strum a soft melodic tune with his three fingered hand, adding a scale here and there as the song begins to take shape.

With a flourish the door opens and the red haired figure of Virah dances in playing her flute. The flame haired bard uses her foot to close the door behind her and spins about to the center of the room as she plays a slow hypnotizing tune moving gracefully to the music she makes. The song is soft and sensual and her movements match it perfectly. With a grin and a single slowly ending note she spins around slowly once again and drops into a low curtsey for those gathered here.

His order given, Araltaidan leaves his hood up to shadow his own face. He has not removed his bow and quiver and set himself with his back partly to the wall and partly to the fire so that he has a good view of the room without the hearth's light in his eyes. Aye, his gaze has settled upon the scruffy man who's come in with the instrument. That one he'll watch.

When the girl has his order and goes away to fetch it, the Sky Forester stretches his long legs out and leans back to watch and listen. Virah briefly snags his attention. As it happens, the ranger does not have his lute with him as he's on serious business.

Rorey looks to her maid and guard. "Would either of you like anything? Order whatever you wish I certainly don't mind." The guard shakes his head but the maid replies to the question with a slight smile. "Some water for me and bread and stew if you please." Rorey gives the guard a look as if to encourage him to eat or drink something but he shakes his head once more and the noblewoman sighs softly turning back to Daelina with gentle smile. "I think that will be all for now and thank you." Her maid fingers the coinpurse she holds ready to hand over the required amount of money

Daelina nods, and goes to fetch Rorey's order, after murmuring the appropriate coins. Then, while the other young woman goes to fetch Blian's wine as well as the Ranger's, she glances back at the room, while the wine, fruit and cheese, water, bowl of stew and basket of bread are readied. Tucked on to the tray as well, is a small jar of honey. She murmurs to the blonde woman, Noura, who nods back and fetch the wine, as well as two baskets of bread and small jars of honey, for Blian and the Ranger. Everyone always loves fresh bread and honey, especially since Daelina's known to provide some of the best honey around.

Virah gracefully moves in and Blian frowns, mumbling to himself. He sets hi instrument down and sips the wine that has been brought. He notices the rangers searching eyes and calm demeanor and shakes his head. He stands now, leaving the instrument leaning against the table. He does eye up the red head a bit with a mischievous look in his eye and when he passes Rorey offers some form of an over exaggerated bow, twirling his free hand. when he rises he says, "If m'lady would like to hear something I will be happy to oblige when the mistress over there takes a break. He moves on near the fire and nods to ARalt. "How about the flutist?" He says raising a brow. "I'd like to raise her sails." He chuckles now as he grips his mug with his less than full hand.

Blian mutters to himself, "… She… lose… shake… if… crowd."

When the tray is brought to him, Araltaidan is certainly not disappointed in the fare. He quietly thanks her and asks how much he owes her and unties his pouch to see how much that will bite into the coin he has left. Hmmm. A thinning of his mouth but he carefully counts it out, and despite his lack of much coin on him, nonetheless gives the server girl a small bit extra for herself. Nothing so stingy as to insult her, no.

Seems there are plenty in here tonight who might conspire to get their meals and drinks for free - the musicians, that is. But not tonight.

After a sip of the mead, the warm bread and honey are the first he tastes, grateful for it. His eyes mostly watch the others as he does so, and particularly Blian as that man comes over near to him. The ranger's gaze settles upon Blian's hand, "Do you play so poorly that others have objected?"

Virah straightens up spotting that mischievous look from Blian and smiles playfully back at him mischief in her own eyes. She picks up her flute and again and begins to play another tune this one more lively. She sways back and forth to the music moving her body in tempting and teasing manner her eyes floating about the room her eyes lingering on those by the fire Araltaidan and Blian the most. She starts dancing her way over in that direction spinning around to move around a table and giving the pair a teasing view of her swaying backside. Soon she is facing them once more and winks playfully her eyes shining with merriment as she continues to dance and play.

Rorey's order is placed before her and her maid, with a smile and another dip of a curtsey. "Should you require anything else, m'lady, please do not hesitate to let me know." And then,she goes to look and wander about. The few patrons who were there before the others arrived, now beginning to either make their way out the door, or for one traveling merchant, up to the room he's obtained. He does look somewhat regretfully back towards the gathering crowd, of what appears to be some few musical types, at least by the conversations he's overheard However, he must away early in the morning, and he's tired enough that nothing much would awake him, should the music begin to play and play.

The bard with her bright hair gets a curious look from Rorey and the noblewoman listens to the music and smiles softly her eyes wandering the room. When Blian approaches she smiles warmly at him not noticing how tense her guard just went. The bright eyed lady smiles brightly at the offer and nods to him. "I would like that thank you. I enjoy most all forms of music." When he moves off she turns her head watching Virah's movements and blushing a soft shade of pink at how bold the woman is. She lets her eyes wander the room once again while she waits for her food to be brought over.

Blian watches the man as he eats for a moment and says, "No, but you may ask the king if you like." He smiles and nods, his eyes now examine the man. Till the fiery haired girl brings herself over, now he examines her, both sides, and thoroughly! He drains his cup now and cannot decide if the girl wants to go for a roll or just embarrass him. He smiles now and says, "Mayhaps we can join together for one. Or you can just dance. You are quite good at that I see." His tone playful and flirtatious.

When the door is opened with a few departing, the archer turns his head to note that the drizzle seems to be changing to freezing rain. Lovely. Aralt frowns and starts to eat his stew. At least it's pretty good stew with meat, tubers, herbs and hearty broth. His grey eyes flick back to the wild haired fellow speaking to himself. "Does he know you by name when I do not?" Virah is a … distraction. But more so for Blian than for himself. Aralt is wary and weary both and both the fire and the food is warm. He gives the fire haired vixen a polite if faint nod for greeting.

Virah's song ends and her head tilts to the side bright red hair falling over one shoulder as she studies Blian a moment a grin spending across her lips. "I am good at quite a few things…I suppose I /should/ see if you are capable of keeping up with me..alright we shall play together but I think I shall use my fiddle this time if you don't mind?" She tucks her flute away into the leather bag she carries slung across one shoulder and pulls out her fiddle and bow with a sweet smile. She glances to the ranger briefly noting his apparent wariness and smiles sweetly at him before she readies her instrument and gives Blian a smirk and a challenging look. "I'm ready when you are."

Rorey takes a sip of her wine with a soft smile and joins in the applause as Virah ends her song. The noblewoman is quiet after that watching and eating her meal slowly and clearly enjoying it. Her eyes wander towards the fire studying the ranger curiously and then the pair of bards who appear to be discussing another performance. She takes a bite of fruit and slowly chews her gaze wandering back to Araltaidan once more noting the bow and blades and smiling softly if he looks her way.

Well now, this is turning out to be quite the evening. Ross sticks his head out from the kitchens for a moment, eyeing the gathering, pursing his lips for a time. He nods towards Daelina, who gives her father a vivid smile while she continues to see that everyone has what they require. He disappears back into the kitchens; but a short time later, one of the men he uses about the Inn for light chores and helping guests load their traveling gear onto wagons, comes in and takes a seat near the fire. Noura then smiles at him, taking him a bowl of stew and basket of bread, as well as some wine. he sits there eating quietly, murmuring from time to time with Noura, casting a glance about the Inn.

For her part, Daelina fetches a mug of hot tea, flavored with honey during a brief respite from her wandering about the Inn's floor, clapping delightedly when the first bit of music is played.

Blian looks over the man carefully and says, "He may not remember it but it has crossed his lips." He point to the center of the room. "He gifted me with a golden lute right over there." His words indicate he is quite proud of himself and a brow raises as he watches the man spoon some food into his mouth, gaze lingering on his gloves. But a woman is talking now, and quite a pretty one so his attention is drawn that way. "Perhaps later we can see what some of those other things are." He crosses the room now to retrieve his guitarra and when he comes back he sits atop a table next to Rorey's and facing the fire, both the girl and the hearth. He shouts to Daelina now as he begins and says, "I've seen ya' dance as well, Lady." He smiles to her as he begins. Soft and subtle, showing virah the chords unless her ear catches right on. He examples the changes in chorus and overall melody as the dulcet tones ring out. Right now he is playing backwards, his three fingered hand on the frets.

With a playful smile Virah nods and lifts her fiddle waiting until Blian starts up the tune and then she jumps in soon after wards catching onto the the tune and matching the speed and sound with her fiddle. She plays softly keeping up with Blians rhythm and her music blends seamlessly in with his own. With a toss of her hair she slowly begins another graceful dance, her movements fluid and in perfect time to the music hips swaying softly as she takes a slow steps forward and slowly spins about as she plays the firelight causing her already bright hair to glow.

Eliylw did not mean to be out so late but she went out further than she normally does, looking for herbs while attended to by one of her Lady's handmaidens and watched over by a guard, which took them out of their way. The delay was added to by the rain which slowed their return home home. By the time they reach the inn they are about half frozen and soaked through. The trio steps in, dripping water onto the floor by the doorway, their cloaks hurriedly removed and taken by a wench to be hung up. Those here are not seen, yet.

Daelina bustles over to help the poor freezing woman and the handmaiden accompanying her. The guard, well, he can take care of himself. Murmuring works, she gets another server at the bar to take the women's cloaks to hang them near the fire to dry out somewhat, asking if they would like some tea, or wine, or anything to eat while they warm themselves at the fire.

The Inn's become a bit crowded this evening, there's a pair of musical types playing: Virah and Blian. while Rorey sits with her maid, guard at her shoulder watching; the Ranger near the door watching over the Inn's floor, while one of Ross's men sits eating a light repast chatting with Noura, one of the serving women at the Inn.

Rorey is still focused mostly on her food and watching other people. Her maid is at her table eating with her and a Haraevan guard is positioned nearby watching the pair. The noblewoman looks up as the music starts up again her eyes are bright as she nibbles on her cheese and fruit watching the performance eagerly. Her head turns slowly to see Eliylw as she enters cold and soaked. A look of concern is given to the woman before her eyes wander back across the room to watch the bards as they play.

Blian watches the girl and her movements with the fire in the background and for the moment all seems right in the world. His rhythm becomes choppy to persuade the girls dancing and any others who join in. One foot on the ground now and one on a chair as he sits about the table he begins to stomp a beat. Every other measure now he throws out a quick little lick and allows some room for Virah to do the same on the off measures.

Despite himself, as he finishes his meal (a very good meal) Araltaidan's attention mostly settles on watching Virah dancing around as she and Blian both play splendidly together. His position by the fire is quite comfortable and when he's finished his stew, slides the bowel across the table to give himself room. Meade is enjoyed at his leisure and after a time, Aralt rummages about himself to pull out a pipe and a pouch of sweet scented tobacco to fill it. As long as Blian gives him space, the archer leaves him be.

With a pinch of tobacco between his fingers about to put it into his pipe, the archer notices the new arrivals and looks them over as well.

Virah's tune and dancing both speed up a bit yet still keep timing with Blian's own music. She spins about drawing her bow across her fiddle with a flourish and then slowing her part back down to match her partners speed. She sways softly back and forth turning her head to smile sweetly at the ranger who watches her and giving him a playful wink. Turning back she dances forward moving towards Blian with slow sensual movements playing along on her fiddle as she goes.

The woman helping them is given a smile and a coin, not much but hopefully enough to convey Eliylw's appreciation over the way she is so willing to lend aid. "Thank you." Aralt is seen and she smiles, waving to him before going to head their way, those who escorted her allowed to sit by the fire if they can. "I would like a bowl of soup, please, and my companions can have whatever they desire." A few more coins are held in her palm, offered to Daelina. "I do not believe we have met," she adds after some thought. "My name is Eliylw."

Araltaidan is has gone back to watching Virah who is easy on the eyes and well, she's dancing as well as playing. A glance to keep tabs on Blian who never did give his name, then the archer offers Eliylw a smile when she gives him a wave. His pipe filled, Aralt gets up and steps over to see about plucking a single strange from the broom to hold into the fire to light the tip. That he uses to light his pipe before he retakes his seat, still wearing his gloves. The scent of very good pipe tobacco begins to slowly permeate the inn's main room.

Daelina smiles, offering a nod and her name, "Daelina Galbraith, Mistress Eliylw, daughter of the Inn's Proprietor. I'll see that we bring you some soup and some of our fresh bread as well. And, would you care for some tea to go with that or anything to drink?" She gestures to Noura to help her take care of El's order as well as that of the maid and servants, accepting only the minimum one would take for payment. "Please, sit - enjoy the music. It is quite a treat really. The last time we had a gathering almost like this was when His Majesty honored our Inn by hosting a contest for bards. It was quite exciting, indeed."

Another servant comes to refresh the drinks at Rorey's table, should she wish it, and goes to the other tables as well, to fill the same function.

Virah almost succeeded in distracting the bard enough to forget his changes but he is a pro afterall. He takes in her sight with a nasty smile and continues to chop out the melody. After a bit of back and forth he leads into a scale using his short hand on the frets. Improvising now he has taken the liberty to perform a solo and after nods to the girl so she might play one of her own.

Returning that smile Blian sends her way with a sweet one of her own Virah dances along to the music as he plays his solo and then lifts her Fiddle again with a smirk to play her own solo. Its fast and she speeds up her dancing twisting and swaying about with grace quite easily as the dizzying melody plays out and then winds down into the joint song once again. She slows her dance again as they continue their melody she takes a few steps backwards and spins before slowly dancing forward towards Blian hips swaying in a manner meant to test a man's control.

Rorey finishes off her meal and her maid does as well. With a soft smile at the bards as they play the noblewoman says something quietly to her maid and the pair rise and prepare to take their leave slipping quietly out the door after donning their cloaks. The guard follows them out though his eyes do stray to Virah's dancing for a moment before his duty drags him away.

Eliylw bows her head. "It is very nice to meet you. Something warm to eat would be lovely," she eventually says once she's warmed through enough, her teeth somehow managing to not chatter when she speaks. "I do think I would like a bowl of stew and a slice of bread. With butter, if you have such this evening. And I will be paying for those who accompany me." While she speaks she moves, leading Daelina towards where Aralt is returning to sit. "Good evening, Araltaidan. I do hope you will allow me the pleasure of your company as the music is enjoyed." The bard and the fiddler are given a smile as her attention shifts, the music pleasing enough to make her beam.

The girl succeeds now with her control testing, but Blian is not one to back down. In fact the situation lends him confidence and he booms loudly in key with the little song they have been crafting on the spot, walking through, the woods one day, I saw a noble la-dy

The breeze was cool, and the grass was green, and my if it was not sha-dy

She said to me , Well I'm all alone, would you keep me com-'pny

I said to her that I could not, for I was not cra-zy

She said to me, do not be shy, for none were a-round

I said to her, it mattered not, my girl was back in-town

He smiles innocently to Rorey as he sings the first part of the song.

She may be poor but I love her more

If its all the same

He turns his attention to the fiddle player now and indicates for her to cut it up before the next verse.

While she uses his name in this public place with strangers about, as he's asked Eli /not/ to do more than once now, the archer nonetheless nudges out a chair to invite her to join him at his table. Assuming Eliylw doesn't mind that Araltaidan is smoking his pipe. It is fragrant in a spicy, slightly sweet way and most would find it pleasant, but not all. "Good evening, Eli. You look chilled. Come sit and warm yourself by the fire. The food here is better than at the tavern."

Virah grins as Blain takes the game up a notch and begins to sing. When the verse finishes she plays a catchy sounding refrain continuing to dance as she does so. She spins about leaning towards the other bard with a playful smile and showing over a bit of skin in the front with a teasing smile and then she leans backwards again spinning about and ending her little solo and returning back to the joint tune as Blian gets ready to sing the next verse. She dances closer now hips swaying and throwing in the occasion spin keeping almost perfect time to the music they play.

El is brought a bowl of delicious stew and some tea, along with a basket of warm bread and a jar of honey and a crock of butter, are brought to the table, along with whatever the others ordered. noting now, where El will be sitting, she smiles and trundles off to make sure the items are brought to her as quickly as possible. Daelina then goes to sip at her tea, while everyone appears to be having quite the lovely time this evening. Her eyes go to watch the musicians doing their deeds.

Araltaidan raises his baritone slightly when Daelina brings the food for Eli, "Thank you, Mistress."

Eliylw will undoubtedly apologize later, if he reminds her, but with how cold she is she did forget in her hurry to get somewhere warm and in her joy at seeing a familiar face. The food and hot drink has her eyes brightening, the blue of her eyes complemented by the red her cheeks became in the frigid weather. "Thank you so very much." Hot food is truly a blessing and is one she enjoys. "How have you been," she asks Aralt now that she's warming up, her blood no longer feeling like ice through her veins. "I do hope all has been well."

She scoffed at me, and cursed my name, said I was not wor-thy

I looked at her, and I laughed quite loud, and told her I was mar-ried

She did not care, and she rushed me quick, her lips like melting hon-ey

I pushed her back, and ran like the wind, all the way to Bram-bly

She gave chase, and I did fly, the noble lady ran-dy

When I got home, and my girl was there, are coppers still lit-tle

I cared not though, she could sing and dance, a slightly play the fid-dle

The clever man is smooth enough to sing the honey part to Daelina, and finish the song looking at Virah for the fiddle verse. Smoothly he flashes a wink to the other musician before launching into another lead with his short hand. He notices not Rorey leaving but the other redhead certainly gets some abbreviated attention as he caresses the neck of his guitarra like he would the neck of a lover.

After a little while, the ranger finds his pipe has gone out. Aralt taps the ashes out onto the floor and then puts it and his tobacco up in his belt pouch (not the same one he carries his few coins in) and secures the clasp. A last sip of his meade to finish it off. "I am very tired, Eli. I need to go bed downl. You enjoy your supper and rest here tonight." The archer glances to the musicians still going at it and then gets himself up from the table.

As he seems about to leave, hands reaching to draw up his hood over his head, Araltaidan smiles thinly at Aliylw, "I am upon the King's business. I may not linger here." He lays a hand briefly on her shoulder and heads for the door to depart.

Eliylw tries to conceal her disappointment but there's still a bit of it to be found in the quick frown and the way her eyes lower slightly. "Of course. I do hope you will be free to visit when you can. I do miss your company as you've become such a good friend and your presence soothes me. I do hope you will be safe in your travels." Her stew is returned to, the likes of which she very rarely has the pleasure of being able to indulge in, and it's tucked back into as she listens to the song. "My compliments to the cook," she offers as compliment, her voice lifting slightly.

Araltaidan pauses near to the door and smiles softly back to Eli, then gives her a nod without saying anything. A last glance to the others here, then he steps back out into the freezing rain.

It is entirely possible someone will stumble upon the ranger dozing in the stables up in the hay loft.

Virah continues to dance forward until she is right in front of Blian as he finishes his song. She smiles sweetly and the notes from her fiddle mingle with his own music before fading while her fellow bard plays his lead. She spins about so her back is facing him and sways slowly to the sound of the music. When its her turn to lead the fiddle comes to life playing a jaunty and upbeat closing tune before tapering off with a flourish of her bow. Her dancing also speeds up and she dances around Blian with a smile. On that final note she spins so she is standing next to him and grins as the song reaches its end. She curtseys as those left in the inn class for them and looks to her fellow performer with a smirk. "I think we did well together."

Daelina's smile brightens as hears the compliment. "I am sure the cook will enjoy hearing that her efforts are enjoyed" watching as Aralt makes his goodbyes. "We are lucky to have her here, she's been with us for years. I don't know what Father and I would do without her." She watches as Noura and the man her father sent to sit in the room continue to natter, even as /he/ keeps glancing around the Inn. Then, she goes to clean up the dishes he'd been using, taking a quick look about to see if she needs to sends someone to refresh drinks or anything of that nature.

The girl continues her teasing ways and Blian smiles to her as she does her little jig. His foot still taps the rhythm as he lets the notes from his guitarra fade and with class allows the the drawing of the bow to end the song gracefully. When she plants herself next to him he replies, "I agree, twas' a pleasure." Heis words soft and sweet. To Daelina he shouts, "Ale, please. and some for my new friend here as well." He glances to the freezing girl and looks curiously with her rain soaked look.

With a nod, Daelina indicates to Noura to fetch some ale for the bards as she finishes taking the dishes to the kitchen. Oh, it has been such a pleasant evening, what with the bards having played and seen others dance. If only she could have gotten Father to come enjoy it as well.

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