This information is only meant to help players find something to RP from, not to limit their ability to use certain items.

Music is an integral part of everyday life for the people of Mobrin. Music is especially popular during times of celebration and festivities.

Music is often played during holidays and special parties. During weddings and birthdays, the music was especially uplifting. For weddings and on Lovers' Day, lovers' music is played that is sure to evoke a romantic atmosphere. This type of music is called "chivaree." The musicians play buoyant and cheery music with crescendos. Many a different Medieval music instrument was played, including, recorders, horns, trumpets, whistles, and bells.

Nobles also eat to the sound of traditional music during and between meal courses. They also, at times play from a specially-built platform or stage at the end of the Great Hall. It is believed that music is not only delightful to the ears, but it helps in the digestion of food, hence the reason for music at mealtimes.

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String Instruments

Harp — The harp is a favorite instrument of the troubadours and minstrels and is about 30 inches in length

Fiddle — There were a variety of Fiddles which are played with a bow or plucked and usually held under the chin or in the crook of the arm. Easily portable and one of the most popular street musical instruments

Rebec — The rebec is an instrument with a round pear-shaped body much like an early violin.

Psaltery — The Psaltery is a musical instrument which is a cross between a harp and a guitar.

Dulcimer — The Dulcimer was played by striking the strings with small hammers.

Guitarra — The Guitarra is a popular instrument for minstrels and bards, the strings are plucked and strummed.

Viol — Viols were played with a bow and held on the lap or between the legs.

Harpsichord — The Harpsichord is a very popular item in the house of Lords and Ladies. It is a very large string instrument played by pressing keys.

Lute/Oud — A stringed instrument with a neck and a deep, round back.

Wind Instruments

Flute — Similar to modern flutes.

Trumpet — Long instrument made of metal, often in four parts - often associated with fanfares and pageants.

Pipe — The pipe is an extremely basic instrument usually having only three melody holes.

Recorder — The recorder is also an extremely basic instrument with melody holes.

Bagpipe — The Bagpipe is an ancient instrument from The Hills, used by the poorest people and is made using a goat or sheep skin and a reed pipe.

Crumhorn — The crumhorm (Curved Horn) was introduced during the First Era as a double reed musical instrument.

Gemshorn — The gemshorn is made of an ox horn and played as a flute-like musical instrument.

Ocarina — The ocarina is a type of vessal flute with a rather round body.

Percussion Instruments

Tambourine — An early type of frame drum. Used through hand drumming and shakes.

Bodhrán — A type of frame drum. Still a rather new thing. Evolved from tambourine.

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