Heraldry for House Mowbray
House: Mowbray
Kingdom: Mobrin
Seat: Weybury along the coast in Weston
Fortification: Midford Keep
Motto: Fate, Courage and Sea
Colors: Blue and Gold
Liege: House Ruxton
Vassals: None
Rank: Barony
Head of House: Eldan Mowbray
Predecessor: Fintan Mowbray
Heir: Declan Mowbray


House Mowbray is a long time vassal of House Ruxton. The family has long had a history of twins, often identical. It is said that one such set of twins so distinguished themselves in battle that they were awarded land to tend and noble title. Some stories have one of the twins dying in battle, where others have both twins ruling the newly formed House until their death. The true story is probably lost to history, either way House Mowbray has had a long history of proving themselves in battle generation after generation.

History & Culture

House Mowbray has always sent at least one son off to train to be part of the illustrious Rioga… at least until the current generation. Whether the current generation will continue the trend or not, is a question that can only be answered by the current Baron.

Mowbray has always held a great loyalty to both Mobrin, and House Ruxton. Outside of the main line of the family, knights have also risen up from the common tenants on Mowbray land.

The lands granted to House Mowbray are along the coast of Weston located near the Kundari/Weston border, and so early in the House's history a shipping empire was started that continues in existence today. Often the members of the House are as comfortable on the shifting decks of a ship as they are on dry land.

One of the newer enterprises of House Mowbray, starting with Eldan Mowbray's grandfather is the breeding of horses. While Fintan, Eldan's father, didn't really get into the breeding of horses, Eldan has jumped into with enthusiasm. Now the House has two major sources of income, so they are doing well.


Midford Keep is the main fortification for Mowbray. It is a fortified keep serving previously as the first line of defense between Kundari and Mobrin.

Current Members

Eldan Mowbray - Baron of House Mowbray, Knight of the Rioga
Tamsin Mowbray - Sister of Eldan. She and her husband run much of the shipping empire.
Kieryn Mowbray - Youngest Brother of Eldan, Captain of the Rosey Dawn
Emma Mowbray - Youngest of the Mowbray siblings, Apprentice Healer, twin sister to Eva.


Davyd Mowbray - Younger Brother of Eldan, Ranger
Eva Mowbray - Identical Twin to Emma
Declan Mowbray - Heir to House Mowbray, Identical Twin to Dylan
Dylan Mowbray - Identical twin to Declan

Political Relations

Kilgour.PNG House Kilgour: TBD

Family Tree

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