Sheat 43, 229 2E : Morning Revelations

Morning Revalations
Summary: Kierne and Nylie have a chat one morning over many a topic, including his new Knighting as well as some things he's been told recently.
OOC Date: 30/June/2014 (OOC)
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Kierne Nylie 
Kincaid Manor - Stormvale
The Courtyard of the Manor
It is day 43 of the month of Sheat, 229 2E

With rumblings in the distance that the roads back to war will soon be opening for the armies of Mobrin, Kierne is wasting little time, but has spent the morning continuing to become accustomed to his new mount, and letting said mount become accustomed to him. Then, once the great gift has been set to stable, cooled down with copious water, untacked and groomed, he's sharing lunch with his three-legged war hound, Killer, in the counrtyard of the manor, breaking off chunks of his salted meat to throw into the air and let her jump after. She's grown surprisingly nimble on her three legs, and sports about the compound with her tail wagging hard while waiting for the next tid-bit.

That continued rumbles of war were never a welcome thing, especially as Nylie did not believe that the injury to Aidan's hand would truly keep him back. It was not in his nature. As was often custom when meetings did not occupy her mornings, Nylie had been out for a walk and was just now returning. The near contingent that was assigned to her, surely the Duke wasn't a touch over protective or anything, disbursing some as the courtyard was entered. Her usual handmaid staying with her as well as one of the regular House guards. Nylie pauses in spying the bit of a show that is going on with Killer jumping after the bits of meat. Eventually having to offer up teasingly,"Now there is a sight I never thought to see, Sir Kierne willingly sharing his lunch."

Kierne looks up from the huge dog frisking about for his attention, brows lifting as he's addressed, then grinning, shaking his head merrily in reply: "And I never thought I'd see your entourage down two two people, Auntie N!" Thus having teased his Aunt, he pats his knee and Killer romps over an sits down at his feet. "Have you met Killer, yet?" he asks her. "She might look a bit rough, but she's a sweetheart beneath it all." What IS it with Kierne and damaged females?

A soft laugh comes from Nylie as she easily counters,"You should see it when I'm feeling rebellious." Which does cause a brief frown from the guard, older gent, as he knows just what happens, having been one of the few staff that came with Nylie. "I don't believe we've properly met, though I have seen her about." There weren't many three legged dogs about the manor afterall. "But Killer is it?" Probably the same thing that drives Aidan to pick up his various damaged 'projects'.

"Yeah— I didn't name her, but she replies to it. Don't you, girl? Yeah, you do!" Kierne ruffles Killer about the ears adoringly, and her black and pink spotted tongue lolls out the side of her huge, fangy maw and then arcs up to lick Kierne in the face, making him laugh. "Oh! But speaking of names, I gave one to the stallion you so graciously presented me with."

Nylie chuckles with a shake of her head to watch the knight and his dog. "Well, I believe that is the important part, that she responds and answers to it. " Eyebrows arch a touch at the news,"Oh, have you? What name have you given him?" Not having been concerned greatly over names, but more seeing a fine quality beast was presented. Can't have a Knight of the Lake without a horse now can we?

"I've called him Nylie's Grace," Kierne announces, "In honor of she who presented him to me." As if that needed further clarification. He keeps scruffling about with the great flaps of skin around Killer's jaws and neck, giving them a good scritching whilst she drools in enjoyment, but his eyes are on his aunt, looking to see how she'll take being honored in such a way.

There is a slight blink of surprise, Nylie not having expected that. Especially given the dog's name. But there is a smile that comes,"It is a fine name, and I am honored you have thought so well of the gift to choose such a name." And there are worse things to have named after one's self. A"How had you been settling into your new duties? I imagine it is not to much different, other than having to trail about boring old woman." Likely poking fun at herself in the hint of teasing.

"You're right, it's really not all that different. I guess all those hours I spent sticking to a schedule for years on end was to make sure I wouldn't just take to lying in all morning and staying out 'til all hours of the night," Kierne grins. Of course, he has a bit of a reputation for doing at least one of those things already— and it's not sleeping in in the morning. He's still up two hours before dawn every morning to get a proper day's training in before the noontide sun gets too hot. How he manages that with all the carousing he does at night, who the hell knows? The constitution of the young, I suppose.

"Likely so, though it does help as well to show you the importance of what is taught in all those years, does it not?" Nylie gives a little shrug,"I had my own schedules, though I am sure it could be argued how important or not music. " She smiles a touch,And besides, you are only up to some hours of the night, not all of them." Certainly some could manage that. Granted, the woman had her own little turn when it came to little sleep, it was not uncommon for the Duchess to be walkingt the halls at odd hours.

Kierne tears the rest of the salted meat from his lunch in half, feeding half of it to Killer and swallowing down the rest, himself. Which one consumes it the more ferally, only a keen eye can discern. "Heh," he bows his head, a little abashed at being called out for his late night antics. "How are you feeling, recently, by the by? I hope my next little cousin hasn't been troubling your sleep?"

There is just a bit of a smile as the pair compete for most feral eater, Killer seeming to least chew the meat a bit more. Nylie smiles a touch, moving to have a bit of a seat herself,"I am doing well, food seems to disagree with me less. Only a few things seem to yet cause issue. " She shakes her head a touch,"Nay, least no more than usual. Sleep has always been a bit allusive for me. " Poor Aidan doesn't stand a chance of sneaking in or out of bed without waking Nylie.

Kierne lifts a skin of wine and uses the fabric to brush off the seat next to him so his Auntie can join him without her bottom being troubled by any debris on the stone. "I hope its allusions are easily deciphered," he answers back playfully. "Care for a bit of wine?" he asks, unplugging the skin and offering Nylie the first swig. Y'know. Before it gets all backwashy.

"Sometimes, sometimes I think it just likes to play games," comes the soft counter from Nylie. Accepting the wine with a nod,"Thank you, I would like some." Taking a bit of a swig, even managing to not be entirely proper about it. That Sky Forest upbringing! Recalling the other day, she notes as she hands it back,"If you are to end up assigned to me know and again, surely you know Elisabeth and I are friends….Would it be easier if I saw that you were not amongst those to see after me when I have things planned with her?" She was not oblivious to his reactions the other day, and well….Lis is her friends, Light only knows what Lis has told Nylie about him even.

Kierne grins crookedly at the proper Auntie drinking from the wineskin like a common soldier. It's a sight, that's for sure, but he's appreciative of the heartsome way she swigs it, giving her a subtle nod that might be translated into an expression of approbation. Auntie can put it away. "Huh?" he blinks at the shift of subject. "Oh, eh. She told you about all of that, did she?" he can only suppose, since, in his own estimation, he's entirely opaque in his emotions. "It's not going to be a problem, Auntie," he promises her. "Although it's kind of you to ask. I didn't even know she was pregnant, which will go some ways toward showing how long I've managed to avoid her countenance. Like a flame deprived of air, that light's well gone out by now," he speaks with the very confidence of youth. "The Lady Lis did me a kindness in leaving me be, though once we were friends, when she and I lived both in the Duke of Sutherland's household. I've heard tell there are some Ladies who take to tormenting fellows in that unfortunate position. Sending them letters and correspondences and… smiling at them in the streets. How is a fellow supposed to survive an attack of that variety?"

Nylie nods a little,"She is rather far along." But then Nylie was one of the first told. "But aye, she mentioned it some. And I saw once how you two were." Before Kieryn was even quite in the picture and all. War did also have a way of keeping people apart. "If you are sure it won't be a problem, though should it or there be hint, you do let me know. I would not have you uncomfortable, though I imagine you will be sent off to some proper and important detail before long." Watching a woman grow ever more pregnant is surely not that exciting either. There is a mild blink at this news. "I cannot say Elisabeth had full say in leaving, as the Houses had been talking already. Though truly? Would not the fellow just….I don't know, keep away? And just avoid the attack if it troubles them so? Though I suppose, could be the Lady got caught up in an unhappy situation and rather be with the fellow she writes." Nylie ponders it a moment before shaking her head a touch, noble marriages could be…..quite something. "I'd hope such torment wasn't so common a thing for you to be hearing it all to much." Some hit of questioning there. Obviously not a topic she'd be hearing about.

"Before too long, yah," Kierne agrees. That's why he'd been out hitting his training hard. Word's to come any day now of his next assignment from Uncle, and he means to be ready for it. "At any rate, you're right that avoidance is a two-way street. But if someone sends you a letter, it might be a stronger message not to reply than simply to do so. And there's only so much ducking away that would be inconspicious if someone meets you on the street with a smile. What should you do, flee? But if both parties studiously avoid eye contact with one another, it tends to turn out well."

A slight nod is given, no doubt most would be off agian before to long. And surely even if Aidan was amongst them, he'd be seeing Nylie setup in Lakeshire, certain traditions and all requiring her be there when that belly decided to grow big enough to pop. "Aye, I would think it to be the stronger message to not respond, but also with messages getting lost of late. It could be assumed that the letter did not reach him, or his response was lost in the return. " A small nod coming,"It would certainly seem a bit out of place to flee if to meet one on the street like that, especially if all that comes is a smile. And that does come to the crux of the matter though, both parties must be aware to manage such an avoidance. Which requires the lad suffering such a torture to find means for the Lady to be aware of the distress she is causing. Though I fear, some might relish in that news and not cease, but most, I would hope, would seek to keep a distance after and not continue to cause such distress."

Kierne wrinkles up his nose. "No offense, Auntie N, but I think you hold the majority of your gender in too great esteem. The better part of them I've known to be vain and air-headed, and more likely to abuse their captives than spare them. But the weakness runs both ways, as we find ourselves trapped by them all the same. Well, the good Squire Oxley aside," he shakes his head. "At any rate, he never told me the name of this mysterious female whose smile haunted him so."

Nylie gives a faint smile,"I think I like to expect to much of the majority of all, in truth. Even if I know to well the fault in that and the rarely do many hold to what I may wish to expect. " Managing just a small shake of her head at the mention of Oxley. Though Nylie does raise an eyebrow,"He? You are thinking of someone specific?" There is a slight hesitation before she continues,"Perhaps if you are willing to share the name, I might know who the female is and consider which side he is on, to see if we might end the suffering."

"Ah— hem," Kierne recalls that he hadn't ever mentioned the source of his information. "Yes, there's a certain person who confided in me. I don't know that I should embarrass the fellow by spreading his name about, smitten as he is. I wouldn't like him to think me careless with his reputation, but if you really seek to help and can keep it under your hat?"

"I swear, I would not repeat his name if you told me, Kierne. The only one I would dare to speak it to would be if I am certain I know the cause of his suffering, and certain she would see an end to it if informed she was the cause of such. I cannot promise that I will be able ot help, but I cannot try without knowing. And certainly it is up to you on if you think it worth the attempt," says Nylie.

"Well, you'll have time to seek out information on it, if that's your intent. He makes to sea, soon, with the fleets— our own Lord Admiral is thus smitten, and is looking forward to the solace of maritime solitude," Kierne offers up, simply enough.

There is a small breathe that is drawn when Kierne mentions the Lord Admiral. Nylie's looking away as a simple calm falls across her features before she speaks,"He is a dear friend, the Lord Admiral. I should not wish him to suffer in such a way, nor did I know that he did. I may…know whom is the cause, if it is whom I think. She would be one of the few who I would think to agree with me, and would wish to not cause another that sort of pain. Thank you for informing me of this, Kierne. I will see if I am able to aid the Lord Admiral, though do not worry, I shall not act to hasty and will hold to my promise not to breathe a word unless I am certain." Looking back and giving a brief smile. "But I should be continuing back in, I had promised Lady Isadora," one of her lady in waiting," some time and I ought to freshen up before then." Smoothly rising to her feet again,"Enjoy your day, and I shall no doubt see you later." Nylie giving a small incline of her head before moving to continue on into the manor.

Kierne leans forward, standing alongside his Auntie, both his brows lofted. "Wow, that was quick," he remarks. "You're rather brilliant at all of this stuff, aren't you? Thanks," he adds, after a moment, looking kind of bashful, for once. "I'd hate to make things worse for the fellow. He really is in quite a bad way. I'll see you at supper?"

There is a faint smile that touches the calm features, simply saying,"He is a dear friend and I am good friends with his sister." As if that explains it all, which it could, after all Nylie does probably hear a fair number of things in there somewhere. Right? Nylie gives a small nod,"Aye, at supper." ANd then she is along, allowing Kierne and Killer back to their morning and day.

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