House of Moniwid
Heraldry for House Moniwid
House: Moniwid
Kingdom: The Great Duchy of Rustles Island
Seat: Rustles Isle
Fortification: The Great Lake Hall
Motto: By all means!
Colors: Blue, Green, Black & Gold
Liege: None
Vassals: TBA
Rank: Grand Duke
Head of House: Grand Duke Mantilo Moniwid
Predecessor: Grand Duke Radino Moniwid
Heir: High Admiral Gilld Moniwid


The first well known Duke of the Island was Alberto Moniwid, born in 98 2E. He was known for his fierce manners and deadly envy. It is said he fell in love with a woman, whose name is lost to time. She was beautiful, so beautiful that Alberto locked her away that others could not see her or they might take her. She bore him three sons. The first was lost to sea and pirates, and the second named Pinan, would take over after his father's death in 157 2E.

The island was able to remain free of war during the reigns of Alberto and his son Pinan and so prospered. Merchants and trade opened up and the Island began to build up its small army and navy should they be necessary. During the reigns of Alberto and Pinan House Moniwid began to turn a blind eye to piracy. Rumor suggests a deal was struck in this time between Moniwid and a group of pirates to come to his aid if called.

When Randino Moniwid became Grand Duke he had a reputation for also being a crazy Ship Captain, even if his younger brother Leland was actually considered the High Admiral. They were thought wild mere puppets during their reign though it was never clear as to who pulled the strings, if so.

Randino Moniwid did take a wife, the sister of the then head of House Aberdeen, Annya Moniwid nee Aberdeen. She gave him two daughters and two sons. After the birth of their fourth child, Draventa, Annya became quite ill. Randino loved his wife and children, but was never one to stay in one place for long. After Annya became ill he began travelling more, going away for long stretches of time.

Randino eventually returned with a small child who he claimed as his daughter, Emerit. He did not say who her mother had been but he doted on her more than his other children. Some claim, despite Randino’s statements, that Emerit is not his actual daughter, but instead a common foundling.

Emerit’s entrance into House Moniwid did not end Randino’s length journeys. In 226 2E, he set out to sea and his ship was set upon by pirates. Randino’s end was quite bloody and painful, drawn and quartered. News of Randino’s death left the island inhabitants shaken for wasn't there supposed to be some agreement with the pirates? Fear grew and it is in this environment that Mantilo Moniwid began to rule as Grand Duke.

Current Members

Grand Duke Radino Moniwid (179 – 227) – Father of the present Grand Duke Mantilo. Deceased
Grand Duke Mantilo Moniwid (24)– The Head of the House of Moniwid and the ruler of the Great Duchy of Rustles Island. PC
Grand Duchess Annya Moniwid nee Aberdeen (47) – Wife of the Radino Moniwid, mother of the Benigne, Mantilo, Gilld, Draventa. Sister of the current King of the House Aberdeen. (Open for App)
Danarja Moniwid (49) – twin to the recently dead Grand Duke Radino Moniwid, aunt of the new Grand Duke Mantilo Moniwid.
Inna Moniwid (43) – youngest sister of the resently dead Grand Duke Radino Moniwid, aunt of the new Grand Duke Mantilo Moniwid. Steward of the House of Moniwid. (Open for App)
Leland Arto Moniwid (35) – uncle of sir Mantilo Moniwid. The second adviser to the young Grand Duke and Captain Gilld Moniwid. (Open for App)
Benigne Moniwid (27) – first child of sir Radinos Moniwid, eldest sister of sir Mantilo Moniwid. (Open for App)
Estevan "Waverunner" Moniwid (20) – the High Admiral, younger brother of sir Mantilo Moniwid. PC
Draventa Moniwid (18) – younger sister of sir Mantilo Moniwid. PC
Emerit Moniwid (16, The Mist of the Island) – bastard daughter of sir Radino Moniwid and a sister to Mantilo Moniwid. Currently at Darfield as Ambassador of Rustles Island. PC

Currently this House is closed for Application.

Family Tree

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