Countess Moira (nee Kerrigan) Haravean
Liv Tyler
Liv Tyler as Moira (nee Kerrigan) Haravean
Full Name: Moira (nee Kerrigan) Haravean
Age: 30
Kingdom: Mobrin
House: Haravean
Position: Countess
Place of Birth: Ashenfell Manor, Greenshire
Father: Rinder Kerrigan
Mother: Genina (deceased)
Siblings: Shepard (heir), Drogan both younger
Spouse: Aldren Haravean, wedding date Theodor 6, 229
Children: Maxwell Callem Haravean and Rose Bedwyn Laetitia Haravean, 27 Cri 229E


Moira Kerrigan is the only daughter of Lord Rinder Kerrigan, Lord of Ashenfell Manor, a small holding within the County of Greenshire. She has two younger brothers, Shepard the heir and Drogan, the younger.

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