Nar 29, 229: Mobrin Council - The Dire Academy

Mobrin Counci - The Dire Academy
Summary: Mobrin council meets to discuss the dire creatures, an academy is suggested and the fate of Logen is discussed.
OOC Date: July 31st, 2014
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Council Chambers
The council chambers are much like the rest of the castle. Opulent tapestries line the walls as gray marble covers the floor. The ceiling is vaulted, with a mosaic painted of the Battle of Skingaard. The north wall of the room is almost entirely made of glass, looking across the sea beyond. In the center of the room is a large table, with chairs lining each side, and a large chair, similiar to a throne, at the head.
It is day 29 of the month of Nar, 229 2E

Tyrel is sitting, armed and armored as he has been for quite some time. His armor has grown slightly more elaborate and lighter as his smiths refine his plate.

Arriving on time herself, Brienne steps inside and closes the door behind her. Fortunately she is not the last one though with the King there already, she dips into a curtsy, all proper, while ducking her head,"Your Majesty," before she moves to take her seat and pull out a parchment and writing utensil.

Hadrian soon enters not all that long behind Brie. He makes his way over towards his chair, nodding over to the King, "Your Majesty. Good to see you again." He says with a smile on his lips before moving to his place at the table. Much weighted in on his mind as he sat down. He looks about offering a nod to Brie also before leaning back into his chair and waiting.

The Master of Laws and Duke of Lakeshire arrives with a couple knights staged to either side of the council doors, while a wine taster and legal scribe pursues him within. Aidan himself is not wearing any visible weaponry, though that doesn't mean he's any less imposing in the black velvet doublet and overcoat of silver layered over. He bows his head to the King and takes his position upon the council table, regarding the empty seats of those who are otherwise preoccupied throughout the region, dealing with various troubles. To the other council members, there's a quiet nod for those he makes eye contact with, some, he doesn't.

Slow steps take Robben into the council chamber now, and over towards his seat. The Ruxton looks a bit tired, all things considered, but otherwise in good health. He looks over at each of the others present, although his gaze stays on Hadrian for a few seconds longer than the others, before he seats himself. "Your Majesty. My Lords, My Lady." A brief smile is offered, before he adds, "Sorry, been an eventful few days…"

Tyrel nods his head to each greeting in turn, "Lady Brienne, you have done well seeing to matters since the Baron left us to visit with the gods. I expect you will continue to do so under the new Chancellor who I expect will be arriving within the month." Tyrel nods his recognition of Aidan, "Duke Aidan, welcome. Lord RObben, congratulations on your most recent blessing."

Accompanied only by her most trusted maid Felicity, Brienne nods to Hadrian, then to the Duke of Lakeshire before turning her attention to the King. "Thank you, Your Majesty. I will do so, yes." When Robben arrives, she offers him a smile. "Congratulations."

Hadrian notices the glance from Robben but that was to be expected. However that glances does not last long at all. He glances over towards his Father, nodding, "Father." Which is all he says before he glances back over towards the King, waiting on him to begin things.

Aidan nods his head to Robben, "Fortune favours on you my boy. All is well, Lord Robben?" A small raise of his glass with his left hand, the contents already poured and tested by the men behind him. His gaze turns to Hadrian has his glass lowers, brow tweaked up slightly at the greeting, intrigued but otherwise the mistrust is apparent, "Hadrian." And that would be as much socializing as Aidan's going to be up for at this point, since he did not come here to do that. This was business. He looks toward the King.

The king calls the council to order by the simple expedient of beginning to talk, "There are a number of concerns which I wish your opinions and council on, I will begin with that which I consider the most important and move to those of lesser importance as I consider the matters brought to a close or discussed to a standstill. I trust you all to have the wisdom to speak considerately of each other or else I would not trust you to sit on my council. The first matter on which I wish to hear your thoughts is that of these dire men and creatures that have appeared throughout the kingdom. I do not wish to hear doubt of their existence as it has been proven to me past the point at which I will entertain doubt, I wish to know how you would council we address this concern both militarily, socially, and through our political connections."

"Thank you," Robben replies quietly to everyone, before he nods at Aidan. "All is well." Glancing around again for a few moments as he hears the King starts the session now. Listening carefully for the moment.

"With temperance, your majesty," the Duke of Lakeshire does give his voice to the council, as for respect to his position and standing, amongst the first to perhaps vocalize the matter at hand, "If we rush too quickly into any action, the power of the Church will undeniably grow within a fortnight, if not quicker." He looks over at the others at the table, reading their expressions before he adds, "Of course, if you are to give credence to them as being creatures from a divine or otherwise magically inclined existence, the Church has domain over such resolutions to begin with. We all would have to work with them and allow them goverance and aid."

Count Harmon Forrester shifts in his seat and focuses his attention on the King as he begin the session. As a question is posed to the council, he takes in the presence of the others to hear what they have to offer on the topic. His lips press together as the Duke of Lakeshire gives his opinion, but he makes no comment on it.

"Bottom line, the people are scared. Some are running around screaming this is the end of days." A nod is given in agreement with his fathers words as well as Hadrian continues himself, "This is a very troubling time for us. The first thing is keeping the people updated with positive re-enforcement, espeically from the priest so they know that things are going to get better all around. It's always darkest before the dawn. As a military stand point, yes, we let the church handle what it needs to in such matters but military controls needs to remain where it should be, at the command of those here. We have to be careful. Our next steps are as walking on ice…we must go at this cautiously."

The thoughts of the Church taking over brings a frown to the Rivermist but she does not voice her concerns for the moment, simply listening to the Duke. Looking around the table at Robben as he remains silent, the her own liege, Count Forrester, her expression turns thoughtful. "We deal with it as we have all of the enemies of Mobrin. We strike relentlessly. Whether they are magic or not, surely they have a weakness. We would just have to find it, to find why it is happening, at the source, and then we stop it.

The mention of the religious part of this makes Robben frown quite a bit, but he doesn't say much, before he nods a little at Brienne's words. "They probably have a weakness. I'm not sure if it's steel, fire, or something less… substantial, but she's right." Nodding a little, before he adds, "But aside from that, the main thing should be maintaining order, and avoid any rioting breaking out from something like this."

Aidan sits back and steeples his fingers, drawing together a measure of patience for the thoughts put on the table by his errant son and then to the Lady Rivermist. Aidan regards them quietly, before he interjects, "Politically your Majesty, you cannot be seen as putting your foot where it does not belong… again, in matters of the Church. If you recall, the Faith nearly had this kingdom excommunicated for matters of property. Consider the repurcussions if we … ruthlessly attack what we do not understand, especially if these creatures are from a divine origin. Frankly, the incident on the beach… the fish that was killed, is called a shark. We need to remember reason and logic… as most circumstances can be drilled down to some matter of. Take for instance, our visitors, your Majesty, there was shards of glass where no window was broken and smells of chemicals." He tilts his head, "And I advised Lord High Admirial upon the rashness of proclaiming witchcraft too quickly."

"The people have to know that when evil plagues our lands, with the blessings of the church and for the people, this Kingdom will stand up and fight against it, divine origin or not. If they mean up ill will, we show them that us mere mortals will not bow down to their will and reign." Hadrian states matter of factly, "Weither they are of blood and bone or earth and stone, we will show the people are our strength and our spirit is backed by the grace and purity of our dvine Gods who favor the people of this land. That is what the people need right now….hope."
<FS3> Aidan rolls Stewardship: Good Success.

"If you give the Church the power that the throne holds, then they will only demand more." Brienne is not exactly a fan of the eight, or the Church that calls them deities. The doubt is apparent in her voice and she makes no a effort to put any there either. As Hadrian makes a point, Brie nods. "We should never submit as the weaker where anyone, the Laniveer, the Church, the monsters that are arising.. we must stand united and strong."

"The people do -not- always need to know details," Aidan says across to Hadrian, as if the kid was still wet behind the ears in manners of politics, "It can be a danger to give too much information to the masses. It only takes one zealot amongst them to start a rebellion against the ruling powers," his hands spreading across the table, "that would mean, most of us at this table." He shakes his head, "The Temple -should- be closely worked with, if they reach out for our aid. The people will then see your actions as a support of their Faith, Your Majesty, but not before."

"The temple has refused our aid in the past. I agree with Duke Aidan, it will not be extended again until they ask in a suitable manner. I intend to take no rash action, however some action must be taken." Tyrel says after listening to each statement in turn, "As I have no enemy to attack we will prepare our defenses. These creatures have been repelled by conventional means, strong men and skill. We will continue to train to do so. The people will be informed that we prepare and made aware that they may witness the unexpected and unexplained."

Chancing a rueful smile towards Aidan and then the King, Brienne nods, deferring to him as it seemed he had made up his mind already. "Yes, your majesty. Your words hold wisdom." Writing down a few things on the parchment, taking notes, she awaits the next topic.

Hadrian nods a bit towards the King but not completely agreeing with what his father said but right now, he wouldn't agree with him if he told him the sky was blue. Taking in the words of the King, Hadrian measures those words and nods a bit in agreement, "I will see to it new measures and tactics incase we need them. They are use to fighting against men but in this time, they made need to face more then men alone. I will see to it they are not only prepared physcially but mentally as well."

Tyrel looks between each, "Have you any suggestions on how it might best be presented to the populace. They are familiar with the tales of dire creatures, Longtooth and his stories have long entertained children. It is my mind to refer to those creatures and apparitions as we find by those names as it presents the matter in a way understood, though it does give credit to Inouv for their creation. How do each of you feel on naming them such, when a proper name such as sark is not known."

Tyrel pauses, "You will excuse my voice, shark."

Aidan nods at the King, offering to the table, "We -give- the Church more power by acting before they ask us to. There may be someone behind these anomalies - save for the eclipse which is completely normal in the history of the sky. Someone may wish to ensnare our King into a trap of hasty action, to grant greater holdings to those of the Church." A look toward the King, then back to the others, studious of the king's next remarks. "Education, your Majesty," his eyes flipping back to Tyrel, "Present it as a school of study, not a school of fear…"

Aidan leans forward, adding, "I suggest an academy, a body of men and women with more scientific backgrounds to undertake the studies and identities of that which most, do not understand. Others, scholars, to seek our grand libraries for references made of these creatures in the past."

"And if we do nothing, it's as if we are giving in to fear itself. Like I said, we must go about this cautiously. If the people see us preparing and remaining strong, they will feel more at ease and will let us handle this as we need to while working along side the church." Hadrian declares openly a moment. A look is given to his father about the school of study, "I second my fathers motion on an academy as well. Physical and mental are the best weapons in a war. Knowing is half the battle."

Aidan looks over at Hadrian, "If you prepare yourself for a bear, you will never see the bee that stings you."

Tyrel looks to the others of the council, "And what of you all, do you agree with this method. The announcement that we are forming an academy to study these matters and equipping men to confront them. This, to my mind, steps on the toes of the temple who claim to be researching matters on their recently revealed scrolls."

Once more falling quiet, Brienne listens to all of the opinions before inputting our own. "If people have no fissure of fear within them, they become comfortable, weak, expecting not a bear or a bee. You tell them we are still at war though the enemy is no longer more prominently living to the north of us, it is an unknown and they must prepare themselves to fight, should they be called to action."

Tyrel looks to Brienne, "Say again in other words, Lady Brienne, for I did not understand you clearly. Those of Laniveer have slaughtered hundreds if not thousands of our kin, these creatures a handful at best. They are an concern, certainly, but not so much that I forget the war."

"I would never presume to call the Laniveer anything but an enemy." Brienne lifts her chin almost defiantly at being so blatantly misunderstood. "Yet there is a new enemy, a large threat. If the populace does not know to expect the unexpected, they will be caught unaware and we all know how that ends. Were you expecting the Laniveer on your own shores when they stole away your wife? They must be prepared for -anything- not only the Laniveer. Not only other humans."

"At least don't use names of any creatures that stories might claim to be harmless, just in case," Robben remarks a bit quietly, before he nods, "An Academy might be a good idea." Looking to Tyrel now, he frowns, shaking his head a little. "I would not use such a term as 'a handful at best', Your Majesty. That is from the confirmed reports. There could be things happening that has not reached our ears yet."

"There are things the church can and can not do without us and us with or without the church. I suggest that we form this school with both the church and our own scholars in this. This way everyone works side by side for a common goal and we have the right minds working for the right cause." says Hadrian, not caring for the statement of the bee. "And Lord Robben is correct. Have we gotten any reports on what's going on in Laniveer? Are they facing the same as us or have they been blessed?"

Aidan stills himself now, studying the reactions of the others, growing quiet as he contemplates how best to tackle the problem of presenting the academy. He does eventually offer, "I'm known as an academic by right already. I was present when the shark was feeding. Perhaps in light of the fear of treading where we shouldn't, we can present it as simply an academy to learn of our world and Kingdom. Offer a specific field of fauna studies. The students there in, once passing a credible level, could go on the field to record their findings, as part of their further acceptance into the academy of the adept. Once adept, they can pass on their knowledge to common folk, presenting terms such as 'shark' to them on, familiar and safe terms." He looks to Tyrel, "A -Wise- King would want his people well versed in knowing the creatures of the land, even those we have forgotten. We do not want zealots on soap boxes outside your doors. We want to present it from reasonable, calm, and astute minds of brilliance. The Temple would make no qualms about this, if presented in such a manner."

"Studies?" Brienne asks incredulously. "I would not wish for this invasion or intrusion, call it what you will, to last long enough to wait for students to pass a credible level. We are left waiting, vulnerable, in the dark, if you will. I wish not to be the prey, but the predator."

Harmon is quiet as he listens to the various opinions on one side or the other. He looks to Lady Brienne, "It is important that the commoners know of what threats come toward us, but I do not think it wise to mention an unknown threat. That will simply instill fear and panic, and they will have no direction with which to place it. It is better that we gather more information, learn more before revealing this to the common folk. If we can work with the Church to learn more, so much the better."

Tyrel looks to Brienne for a few moments, "Yes, Lady Brienne, I was expecting them on our shores. I was not expecting the level of treachery and barbarism the of which the Stewearts have shown themselves capabale." He then looks to Hadrian, "The temple has been rather closed with their studies and refused to share what knowledge they may have, I believe Duke Aidan's manner of handling the academy to be the better for our needs. Should the temple offer an exchange of knowledge then we will consider the matter. Lady Brienne may be mollified, however, in that I wish an arm of the academy to hunt. These creatures can be studied as well dead as alive if they do not show themselves to be intelligent."

"As for reports from Laniveer, it seems that through such treachery and barbarism they have come to capture my brother. They also slaughtered the women and children following his camp."

Robben nods a little as he listens now. As he hears Tyrel's words of the academy, he nods a little, although it's a barely noticeable movement. He goes quiet as he listens to the rest, letting out a bit of a breath.

Even when Harmon disagrees with her, Brienne holds a rather fierce look herself. "I trust very few within the temple, I.." And there she holds her tongue, hearing about the brother of the king being captured. And the women and children? "I know not what is worse, the enemy we do not know… or the enemy we have fought for so long. They are all incredibly barbaric."

Hadrian nods a bit to the King's words. He had forgotten about that. "With this new crisis, can we afford to allocate resources to trying to get the Prince back?" He wonders some as he leans forward in his chair. "However, we must act now."

Aidan offers to the council, "I have sent a Knight of my house, Sir Kierne, north to Laniveer… with a message to the Stewarts. I hope to hear some word back on that soon." Just to through it out there.

"This brings another matter on which I wish your council to the front. Baron Caedmon wished to serve as ambassador to speak with the Stewarts on behalf of the kingdom, however I have no desire to give them more hostages and no faith in any bargain they might offer." Tyrel looks about the council. "I have not forbidden such conversations as there are many in that kingdom who I do still consider worthwhile lords and ladies, but I do not expect them to take action while the frontline remains unmoved."

"I am disheartened to hear about this news regarding your brother, Your Majesty. I hope all who have been harmed by this enemy find swift justice," Harmon speaks with a serious yet firm tone. He inclines his head to Brienne when she makes a comment. His gaze than goes back to Aidan, and then to the King. "If any agreement will hold little trust, I can only see two options, do away with negotiation completely or ask for more in bargain. Is there a bargain that they would offer that you would accept, Your Majesty?"

"The Kincaid's have a little more faith," Aidan replies, "for my brother was released, unharmed by the wits of Lady Senga. If anyone should be named ambassador, perhaps she might be. I have positioned Lord Arlen and Lady Senga at Halvard, for such purposes." Nevermind that Halvard doesn't have a ruling Baron at the moment. "I believe we can find out what it will take from the Stewarts to see the fronts dissolved." He casually remarks, "Being narrow minded will not help us. There are always more than two solutions to every problem."

Tyrel looks to Hadrian, "In regards to my brother? His safe return would be appreciated, however I am given to understand he has already suffered considerable harm so I will settle for his return. If they wish to abide by the tenents of warfare an appropriate ransom will be paid them, but I expect they will not honor such an accord."

"Well, if the Baron knows the risk…" brief pause, before he hears Aidan's words, "True. Both to the part of Lady Senga, and to the part about being narrow minded." A brief pause, before he lets out a bit of a sigh.

Tyrel glances about to identify the speaker his eyes finding Robben.

"No." The answer is swift and immediate from Brienne. "He has resigned his post mid-war, wishing only to serve King Callem, yet now wants to offer his services once more? I would trust no Stewert, for the ones here were capable of dark deceit. If they wish to talk with you, have them send an ambassador here to -you- to speak directly." An agreeable nod is given to Harmon with just a hint of a smile.

Hadrian nods to Tyrel, "Then then Prince's return shall herald a blessing to us from the Gods who favor us. I will go alone and infiltrate Laniveer, find out where he's being held and return him here. We'll need his support in this time that has befallen us. For all that I am, the one person sitting here that can complete this mission and return is me. My training as a Ranger, my knowledge of Laniveers tactics and terran make me the best man for the mission. I brought the Prince back from the front lines and I can return him from Laniveer. They will not give him back for ransom and only take more prisnors to those we send for talks, then this is the only course of action left." He takes a moment to look around the room before glancing back to the King, "Or I will die trying."

Tyrel stops moving for a moment, his stillness noticeable as he watches Hadrian. "I have difficulty, Lord Hadrian, discerning when you jape. Do mean what you say at the face value with which you present it?"

Aidan too has gone quiet now, having let the other's at the table speak in their turn. The scribe behind him taking notes, of everything. Aidan simply lifts his brow at the matter, otherwise, nothing.

Like the rest, other than the king it seems… and Hadrian, Brienne has been stricken silent, so she only listens and inputs nothing at the moment.

Harmon also remains quiet, listening and waiting with patience.

Robben looks about to say something as he hears Brienne's words, but goes silent as he hears Hadrian. Raising an eyebrow as he studies him carefully, without saying anything now.

Hadrian says, "By the words I have spoken, I sware by them." Lord Hadrian Kincaid says, "The Kincaids have always supported your family, your Majesty in many of our generations. The life of a Prince of the Royal blood is more valuable then a 'lesser' noble such as my self." He states clearly, "As soon as this meeting is adjourned, then I will say my words of parting and set off to Laniveer to handle this mission.""

Tyrel says, "The expression 'lesser' nobility, I wish it to fall out of use. I do not consider my mother to have been lesser nobility." Tyrel then continues, "If it is your wish to pursue the matter in that fashion then you may do so, though such resources as you employ must be your own. I understand that this war is being waged in a barbaric fashion but I will not stoop to those methods nor require such from my men."

With a suddenness that surprises even her, Brienne offers a quick smile, sitting straighter, "I wish to accompany and assist him.

Hadrian looks over to Brienne, "As much as I can be greatful for such an offer, I can not protect you and myself. No, this is a mission for only myself and myself alone. No offense Lady Brienne but where I am going, they are not nice to those they capture." He states matter of factly towards her without much emotion behind his words before looking back over towards the King, "I already know the things I need and nature will provide the rest that I need. I need nothing then what I already own myself."

Robben shakes his head a little as he listens, looking over to Aidan to see how his reaction to this will be.

Tilting her chin up, Brienne offers Hadrian a half glare, half challenging look. "Who is to say I would not be protecting you? I am of Sky Forest where Rangers are trained to be Rangers. You think my family would leave me with shortcomings when it came to protection? You offer insult by even suggesting it."

"Two can be better than one in many cases," Harmon offers up. He looks between the two, and then takes in the reaction of the others.

Aidan isn't saying a word. He's simply sipping his drink, any hint of smugness hidden behind the frame of his goblet.

Hadrian keeps his gaze on Brienne, "And what do you know of war, killing, nights and nights of no sleep? You have set comfortable in beds of fluff while I've slept on dirt soiled with blood and remains, in the mud, the rain. This mission will be extremely dangerous. Never have I taken a women on a mission as such and I do not wish to start now." He states and then says, "The desicion is final. Now, we have other matters to discuss as well as this one is my choice, is now closed."

"Lady Brienne, I should appreciate it if you would not chastise Baron Caedmon for being absent from his post then seeking to leave your own so quickly. It is a jarring contradiction." His head turns to look to Hadrian, "Lord Hadrian, save such statements for impressing your children should you succeed. I suspect some here have a clearer idea of what you might face than you yourself do." He then looks about the council, "He is correct, we do have other matters to address. Tabled from earlier is the consideration of what should be done with those other kingdoms of our world." Tyrel finishes speaking then takes a drink of his mead.

"Yet you still question my abilities? I have traveled, I know the feel of the dirt and rocks beneath my back." Abuptly, Brienne stops when the king addresses her, chastises even. "The difference, Your Majesty, is I would be returning to mine." As Hadrian takes over the meeting, she smirks, "Oh yes, my lord, though I obey the King." And indeed she does, falling silent as Tyrel means to address other matters.

The council devolves into smaller arguments regarding foreign politics and in time the king brings the council to a close officially, though conversation and argument carry on long after in smaller groups.

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