Missives of the King

Missives and letters of the King.

Missives of the King
Summary: Missives and letters of the King.
OOC Date: Starting June 2014
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The Offices of the King
Missives and letters sent from and to the King of Mobrin
Beginning in the month of Sheat 228

From Wenna to Tyrel on the 21st of Sheat

My King,

I humbly ask if I may resign my seat on the council?

Wenna Kilgour, Master Healer

From Tyrel to Wenna on the 21st of Sheat

I have found, Baroness, that when one includes terms like 'humbly' in a message that the action being taken rarely is done as the term describes it. I am disappointed to hear that you wish to resign your place on the council as I feel the kingdom would benefit greatly from your learning and wisdom. If you feel it is in the best interest of the kingdom that you resign your position then I will listen to your counsel and release you of those duties. Before you depart the post I should like your recommendations on those who might succeed you and if what matters call you away allow a thorough review of the status of such projects and programs as were under your care. At your convenience, attend me so that we might discuss the matter fully.

Tyrel Kilgour

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