Nar 21, 228: Misery Loves Company

Misery Loves Company
Summary: Ruthgar has a brief encounter with Victoria and hears about the Baron of Riverwynd.
OOC Date: 24/07/2013 (OOC)
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Court Yard, Darfield Castle
Above you to the north, a silhouette against the sky, is the Castle, set on the side of an immense cliff overlooking the sea. A road leading to the south leads through the gatehouse and to Darfield Village. In between is the courtyard, a fairly large space that is kept neat at all times. Against the walls to the east, there are storage buildings, a stable, the dog kennel, and the mews. To the west, the kitchen, garden, and smithy, as well as their storage area and barracks for those who guard the castle. There is an area of the courtyard often used for training purposes by the knights and men-at-arms. The squires are often at work setting up or taking down practice targets and the like.

The sky is clear, and the Sun shines brightly down upon the world. The day is warm, a gentle breeze stirring the air.

Nar 21st, 228

The day that follows a day of great excitement usually appears a bit dull, the sudden quiet rather disquieting than relieving. Most people might miss the spectacular showings of yesterday, the grand knighting ceremony of Sir Symon Farrow, followed by the even grander tourney and the inevitable feast afterwards… This man with dark hair framing a rather brooding mien seems to relish in the sudden leisure, despite some squires doing some sword practice close by. And even though this knight was among those who rode in the tournament yesterday, he seems not too intent to join them. He leans against a post, his armor from the day before replaced with a red and black tunic and black breeches, and outwardly seems to watch how the squires are faring, while his grey eyes are indeed turned at something much farther away. A thought. A memory. Who can tell?

With the searing summer seeming to have abated as of late there is more reason to venture outside and engage in a habit of wandering. Stalking out from the castle with two guards following her one vexed Huntress makes her way out in the warmth, cloak dancing out behind her as feet kick up behind her, pensive look on her face. Her hair has been pulled back into a long fishtail braid and bruises have faded from a jelly purple to faint hazings of green and yellow. What's the old addage; misery loves company. And that's the reason that Victoria will move to join Ruthgar where he leans against the post, moving in to lean on her own section, arms crossing over her chest as she's flanked by the guards, nostrils flaring just a smidgen as her jaw tightens. A leash. She is on a leash. Watching the squires then at their practice she offers a brief greeting to Ruthgar in the form of a nod. Sensing that he's likely not wishing to be disturbed. Or just not wishing to be so herself, "Lord Ruxton." Both guards intone with a bow for the man, Victoria turning her head to regard Ruthgard, a more proper greeting given, "Lord Ruxton." And then back to looking at the squires.

Ruthgar appears to be too immersed in his thoughts perhaps, to notice the approaching woman and the two guards. It is when she reaches him, joining him at the post, that he returns to the here and now, cold grey eyes moving to study her for a moment longer than usually would be the case, as he notices the traces of recently suffered brutality on her face as well as her clothes which mark her as being of common birth. Ignoring the two guards almost, not gracing them with more than a flicker of his eyes, the knight leans a little forward for a reply. "Do I know you?", he utters in a low, distant voice, well aware obviously that this is not the case. A subtle reminder perhaps, that he expects the woman to introduce herself before he gives his own complete introduction.

"Escort Victoria Skyhawk to Count Forrester of Sky Forest." The woman intones, giving the man a sidelong glance, "Currently under protection of the King until a matter comes before him to be dealt with." As if by rote, the woman sniffing once as she glances off back to those practicing squires, a jut of her hip given as she pushes away from the post, a step taken to the side, her stop having been brief, meant as a moments respite before she continued onwards through the courtyard and beyond. She's with Ruthgar watching the squires and their practice, bruised still though looking far healthier than she did in days past.

"Mistress Victoria, I don't recall having seen you around before. I am Lord Ruthgar Ruxton." His incline of head comes swiftly though with a perhaps surprising politeness. "It would be a lie to say I know Count Forrester well, although I believe, I have seen him from afar, now and then. That matter you speak of,…" Ruthgar continues, grey eyes staying attentively on her while he stands now, rather than leaning against the post. "Which the King will decide… Pray tell me. What is that about?" Anything that will distract him from his defeat will be most welcome, obviously.

"Well met, Lord Ruthgar Ruxton." Victoria says as she bows a little at the waist, the prickliness of her mood lifting a little, if only for the purpose of discourse, or his own politeness that comes through, "And I have not been here long. A full moon, if just under that." Leaning back against the post her lips will pull to the side, "Count Forrester is a busy man I'm afraid, though I'm hoping his duties as of late being lessened through completion will mean his appearance more often than not in public events. He is to meet me here soon."
Amber gaze will flicker to the side at the inquiry, looking to Lord Ruxton now and taking a cue from his lack of a lean against the post to switch from her stance so that's she's standing properly, "Baron Fallon Riverwynd has been assaulting us commoners and ended his last assault with the side of my face and my friend nearly dead. I am not sure the details of what started his quest but it would seem my friend saved a farmer from the rage of the Baron and the Baron sought retribution." Giving as much detail as she can without waxing on for hours, thus boring the man, "And I, being an idiot, tried to help my friend and came within view of the Baron's ire." A light shrug of one shoulder that lifts and rolls back, deep breath drawn in through her nose as she glances away now, "I do not know when the King will gather all witnesses and bring charges against the man but until that occurs I am stuck with these two as escort."

"It is a sad day in the capital when my escort needs their own escort." remarks Harmon as he appears from the gatehouse and makes his way towards Victoria and the others. He offers a polite bow of his head as he approaches, "You may do your fair share to earn people's ire from time to time, but the manner of retaliation was unwarranted — As if what I've heard is correct you hadn't actually done anything to be in the wrong." says Harmon softly, stopping next to Vic and clasping his hands behind his back.

Arriving at the castle courtyard is Flynn, he's in his 'fancy' clothes, that is to say, basically the same thing he always wears, except a bit nicer boots, and his belted tunic has a little decorative embroidery around the trim. He comes in, pausing to look around a little before spotting Victoria and her enterouge.

"It would seem all nobles are attracted to Darfield at the moment, just like a moth seeks the flame…" Ruthgar remarks to Victoria's announcement of her Count's impending arrival, but when she starts to explain the case, the Ruxton's gaze shifts to the squires for a moment, although a light shake of the head when she mentions a peasant and a grim nod, when she mentions the Baron's ire indicate she has his full attention. When she is done, his grey eyes return to study her face, and he says firmly: "Any man who raises his hand against a woman, proves he's no man of honour." Not offering more in reply, as he was not there, and does not know any details. "The Baron. Another man, I have not yet encountered. And I'm not enthused to do so, in the near future, after hearing your story, mistress."

The arriving Harmon is greeted with a polite bow. "My lord Forrester." Ruthgar's eyes flit from the count to the escorted escort. "I believe these guards are here for you protection, Mistress Skyhawk." A statement his tone seems to imply, although the inquiring flicker in his eyes seem to suggest otherwise. Flynn is noticed, but Ruthgar does not know him, nor is he inclined to at the moment. "I am sure, the King in his wisdom will judge justly." he remarks to Harmon before he falls silent again.

Amber gaze will sweep to the side as Harmon Forrester comes in and Victoria's gaze will light up with vague amusement as she nods, "I would say that it's overkill, to say the least, Count Forrester. But the Chancellor would not allow me to leave the castle without them." A shrug and a look that states she would rather have her two escorts than be confined to the space of the castle, "You are right of course, Lord Ruxton. On all counts." A pause as she turns her head to explain to Harmon now, "The Baron attacked a friend of mine with five of his own guards and I was under the influence of the nectar of the Gods and sadly ..A few hits. Nothing serious. They managed to take down a Kundari though and nearly killed him. And previous to that they had nearly killed a farmer, and another woman I have heard." Said with a light clench of her jaw as she flexes the muscles, keen gaze catching Flynn's approach, her hand raising up to wave him in, "Apologies, Lord Ruxton - Count Forrester, another from our lands, Flynn Mackay, who I have promised a meeting with you to discuss employment under House Forrester."

Flynn blinks a bit at Victoria's introduction, giving her a little eye, but he offers a bow to the gathered lords rather quickly after, "My Lords."

"Oh? Fresh meat then, is it." responds Harmon with a faint grin before looking to Flynn and studying him curiously, "So what is your trade, sir?" he asks finally, bringing his arms back around to in front of him before extending it with a friendly smile.

Pale grey eyes linger on Victoria as she gives a slightly more detailed account, still Ruthgar's manner remains a little distant. Flynn's presence is now acknowledged with a nod, but little more. But now as the talk proceeds to Forrestrian matters, the Ruxton finally allows a smile to enter his thoughtful features. Of the apologetic kind. "I see you have pressing matters to discuss, my lord Forrester, and it would be impolite for me to linger here any longer. I will leave you to your escort - and Master Flynn here, to allow you some words of confidence."

A bow of farewell is given to the Count. "My lord. I am sure you will find your stay at Darfield Castle most pleasant." Then a friendly nod towards Victoria. "May the Light watch over you, Mistress. And keep you from encountering any harm again." A hand moves to where normally the pommel of his sword would be, alas, the Ruxton has left his weapon in his chambers today. Instead he gives a shrug, and another smile. This one surprisingly a touch warmer, his grey eyes lingering on Victoria for another moment before he turns and walks towards the keep's entrance at a leisurely pace.

"Well My Lord." Flynn says, "I've worked as a courier the past few years, and I was raised as a hunter and a apprencited as a houndsman growing up." He says, "And I've traveled a fair bit doing the work, of course, so I have a bit of experience with a fair bit of things."

Victoria's middle fingers of her left hand lift and press to the middle of her brow as she offers a parting motion to Ruxton, sweeping away from her forehead as she bends forwards now for the Lord in a more formal bow, "Lord Ruthgar Ruxton, it was a pleasure speaking with you and I apologize for infringing upon your reverie." Victoria, despite being a commoner, can indeed be polite at times, "May the Light watch over you as well, Lord Ruxton." Straightening up she'll shift her position to get into a more conversational circle with Harmon and Flynn, faintly lopsided smile offered in goodbye to Ruthgar as a hand lifts up once again this time in a parting wave of sorts before she looks to the Count, then to Flynn, lips pressing back into a thin line as she listens attentively, the guards with her standing back a respectful distance now as they begin to discuss the squires while she listens to the discourse between Flynn and Harmo. Having provided the introduction she feels no need to enter into the conversation now, instead playing polite witness.

"Ah, I see. Personally I have no use for the notion of weighing someone based on wether or not they were born in to the right name — But rather weighing a man, or woman, by their own merits." he says, glancing to Victoria who should understand the truth in that more than most, "Judging from recent events it'd seem that it's not safe being part of my escort and aids, but if you're still interested I have no doubt that I could find use for your abilities." he adds with a grin, obviously poking a little bit of fun at Victoria now before shifting attention back to Flynn and studying his reactions.

Of Course, My Lord." Flynn says with a bow of his head, "I don't know exactly what it is I might do for you, but if you have need of my services I'm at your disposal, of course, Milord." he says to the Count.

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