5th Cri, 229 : Milk, Poppies, and Wine

Milk, Poppies, and Wine
Summary: Fae, booze and plans for the immediate future are discussed on the beach.
OOC Date: 05/Apr/2014
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Eoin Nylie Kierne 
Darfield Beach - City of Stormvale
The rocks by the docks give way to sand, a tannish brown in color, that lines the beach front. The beach goes for several miles in either direction at low tide, the docks a midpoint in their length. There are several coves and inlets to be found along the way. However, when the tide is up, some parts of the beach become impassable. In several areas, a fire pit has been set up, with logs and boulders around for seating. Seaweed drifts to the shore, and the tide leaves driftwood and other debris, along with small sea critters, in tide pools that can only be found when the tide is out.
5th Cri, 229

The weather has cleared ince Eoin left the manor, but he's still dressed for the drizzle of earlier, cloak, hood up, and houlders hunched against the elements. Business in town done he's headed for the beach to meet with Nylie. Given what he's heard of her experience there but a matter of days ago he's mildly surprised they haven't switched back to the gardens, or perhaps the manor, but not disapointed. He likes listening to the waves.

A light cloak was worn over the simple dress of dark blue that was worn, Nylie having never seemed one for being overly flashy as many seemed to be in the city. One had to face fears not run from them, so she had found her way to the beach again. Much had happened in the past days, though most noticably was the change of colors upon her guards, from silver and purple to silver in black. Though the maid as well as many of the guards would be found to be familiar faces. They perhaps gave some greater space as she approached Eoin, but not much with the recent attack and the fact married or not, a woman's honor was always a thing that tended to be protected. "I am glad that rain has cleared making for a nicer day. I hope the day has found you to be well, Eoin?" The gentle greeting coming with a bow of her head, that lack of formality between friends.

The sand masks the approaching footsteps somewhat but in the end Eoin is alerted to the arrival of Nylie and her retinue by a stray chink of armour from one of the guards. With a glance in their direction he spots the livery and is just starting to turn back to his own thoughts when he recognises Nylie. Foolish of him, of course the livery will no longer be Kilgour. As they get closer he gives himself time to set his features into a light smile and clasp his hands behind his back. A bow is given and then he starts with a tentative "La.. " before his brain catche sup with the fact that she didn't use his title and stops himself, opting instead for the plainer, more familiar, "Nylie." Dutchess though, thats not even registering as an option yet. "It has," he then answers, looking briefly to the sand, "I trust it has for you also?"

Even if the livery has changed, that a number of the faces have not are perhaps a telling sign of what control upon her own life Nylie had retained. A soft smile was offered to Eoin as he had started that greeting before falling into the familiar usage of her name, that used between friends. "Aye, it has been a good day for me as well." Her eyes drift towards the beach,"Have you had much chance to walk yet out here since we spoke of the idea?" A quiet little breath drawn as she tried not to think of her own walk but days prior. Nor the fact that she may now be doubly cursed. "I did have chance to pause by the armory, it would seem that my cousin has thought to arm more than just the commoners." Oh yes, be afraid, someone has given the musician weapons.

Having exercised several of the horses in the Duke of Sutherland's retinue earlier, Kierne is doing his own self the same favor. There's not much that works the legs and lungs quite so hard as running in sand, and that's what the squire's on about this afternoon. He's out of his big red woolen tunic, instead dressed in a light undershirt of linen and his knee-length doeskin breeches, which, usually worn with riding boots which render their length unremarkable, without the boots leave his lower legs bared to the world, the wind tickling the downy fluff of blonde leg hair as he runs. He's not sprinting, but running at a brisk, steady pace, maintaining speed on his way down the coastline, despite the ache in his calves as he comes up past a mile and a half in the yielding sand.

The familiar faces do help, that much is true, but even so, Eoin turns and repositions himself so that those ilver and black colours are out of his line of sight. Hands still behind his back he shakes his head slowly in answer to her quetion, then adds, "not before now no. Shall we?" One hand emerges long enough to gesture down the shoreline before vanihing again and he sets off in the direction slowly. "The riddle of the armoury is solved then," he states with another slow nod, "what was it? A bow?" He considers that to be the most likely option, but there are a couple of others he could think of.

A small nod with a simple,"Aye," comes in way of answer, as well as Nylie stepping out as well. Her steps slow to match what pace he might set. Knowing well that while he improved steadily, there was progress yet to be made. "A long bow, aye, quite a lovely one at that. Though I am also to select an edged weapon of my preference from those they have there." There is just a mild rise of her eyebrows, a flicker of amusement. As if she has preference in the edged weapons, or any weapons. "I admit, I think to simply take to one of the knives, not as fine an offering as wht else is there, but is seems more…" proper, feminine,"…practical." Her eyes drifting towards the figure that runs upon the beach, familiar enough to her. The life of a squire always in training it would seem.

Kierne must be well-recovered from his run-in with an axe-wielding maniac, indeed, to be running about so. But for all that, the mile and a half has winded him pretty well. Fortunately he'd just about reached the city streets again by the time he drew to a halt, bending double with his hands on his knees and elbows cocked outward, catching his breath. Crooking his neck just so and squinting, he spots a pair of familiar figures, waving a hand at them while he huffs and puffs there for a second, then straightens and finishes the way over at a light jog. "Hey! Auntie N! Admiral! What's up?" Red-cheeked and still a little short of breath, but otherwise well.

Eoin could walk faster, but for now he's enjoying the steady pace. The slowly growing warmth even tempts him to lower the hood of his cloak and bare his head, scar and all. "I am sure I could find you an instructor if you require one," he jests gently, knowing full well that she's half Forrester and more than likely perfectly capable already. "A dagger might not be the worst of ideas though," he notes after a few moments consideration, "it could be concealed easily enough and does not take extensive training to wield." His eyes then follow her's to Kierne and he subconciously takes a half pace away from Nylie as the young Kincaid approaches. "Squire," he greets in return, "you're obviously making good progress. Tell me, how was the wine?"

A soft smile goes to Eoin,"I might have to take you up on that, more of one to get me back to form. It has been ages since I have set my hands upon such a things." Nylie had training with the bow, but instruments is where her focus had been given over to in time. "Such was my thoughts as well,"notes Nylie with a slight now. "And given recent…events in my life, it may be practical to have." Her eyes drifting briefly down the beach, a hint of tensing before reassuring herself that the place is safe. A small incline of her head given over to Kierne,"Lord Squire, you seem to be enjoying the day. I pray you are well."

"I could hardly have asked for better, Admiral," Kierne gets a little bit of his wind back enough to say. "Except for my Lord Knight's own Sutherland vintage, which I must give pride of place, lest he have me mucking out the stables," he jokes. "I'm very well, thank both of you. Isn't it fine weather Cri brings when she's not watering the flowerbeds, hey? What'sit you're practically having, eh, Auntie?" he wonders.

"Just send word," Eoin replies to Nylie, "and if I am not around that I imagine that anyone else of my house present could stand in my stead, the Count or Lady Brendolyn in particular." He then gives Kierne a nod as he replies, then shakes his head slowly before replying simply and without inflection, "coward." He glances upwards briefly at the mention of weather and nods again, "I suspect it will hold a while too, which will like a not keep us busy a while." He doesn't expand on that, figuring he doesn't have to, they all know that with spring comes war. As the younger lad asks his own question of Nylie and uses his own familar greeting he turns away to watch the waves crashing against the sand.

"I shall keep that to mind, if you are not about to aid me in getting back into form," how long had it really been since she'd even tried shooting a bow? Though thre is a slight flicker of amusement in considering having the Count as her…instructor. "The flowerbeds do need their watering, as well as the crops. But a knife, is what I was saying might be practical to have." Nylie going on to explain,"My cousin Tyrel has seen to gifting me a fine long bow and my choice of edged weapon, a knife seemed the most practical option to consider for myself. " There is just a brief flickering glance towards Eoin, then the waves before her attention returns to Kierne.

"Oh, a knife?" Kierne considers the option, lifting a hand to his face to scratch at the scruff growing out along his jawline. "I guess that'sd be helpful in close quarters, if you were assaulted by someone not expecting you to be armed. But it's not going to do much to deflect an axe, come down to that." Practical considerations, after all. "Of course, hopefully the number of occasions on which you'll be being chased by an enemy combatant wielding an axe will be kept to an absolute minimum," he rambles on. He's got his breath back, though perhaps some might wish he hadn't.

"A dagger," Eoin confirms with a slow nod, then to Kierne, "you are right of course, but then that is in part at least what these gentlemen are for." He gestures vaguely towards the guards who are hanging back a bit but by no means not keeping an eye on the group and surroundings. The talk of being attacked though has him glancing back to Nylie with a hint of concern on his features, trying to gauge how she's coping with this conversation and if the topic needs changing.

Nylie smiles a touch as Kierne considers the matter,"Since I usually tend to be unarmed,"leaving that to the guards tasked to protecting her and all. "I had similar thoughts as to what Eoin noted, that it would not take as much to learn the use of a knife verses some of the others, as I am not likely to take to such training as either of you have undertaken." There is a faint, if slightly strained smile,"And most seem to prefer swords when they come after me, least while at the beach," a faint pause," though of course in other settings, the crossbow and ax do seem to be highly favoured." Though she really doesn't know what category spiders falls into and that particular attack just isn't one she's talking about at all. She'd been attacked thrice in less months. And indeed, while she might manage some measure of joke about it, Nylie is glancing to Eoin as she seems to comment slightly randomly,"I found a flower within the milk the other day. A lovely red poppy."

Joking always seems like a good sign of being over a tragedy. Heaping mockery upon it only shows Kierne's scorn for the event— anger turned sideways, as they say. To some it might be a bit much, but all of his internal space for containing horrors is taken up by now, so the remnants are splashing off of him haphazardly. "There was a poppy in the milk?" he repeats for confirmation. "Did you have a glass before bed?"

Eoin does not need to be hinted at twice, the smile is noted as is the change of topic and he leaves all talk of weapons and attack far behind. He comment is met by a faintly raised eyebrow though as he considers her words then replies rhetocially, "hence your query," it makes more sense now after all. "Do they grow round here?" he asks first, thinking back to his numerous walks round the gardens to see if he recalls seeing any. His mind then goes further back and he considers his own experiences before he shakes his head slowly, "I have not heard of similar, least not that I recall." He keeps the answer vague though and doens't elaborate further as he's unsure of Kierne's stance on such matters.

There is just a slight smile for Kierne at his questions,"Aye, something like that, Lord Squire. A bit of an old….habbit, if you will. But aye, a poppy in the milk." Not that it really seems to give much help. But Nylie is giving Eoin a nod,"Aye." There is a slight hesitation,"Not that I have seen myself, and I have made some inquiry after the discovery, even if found, it is quite out of season for them. " Spring was barly upon them as it were. "Nor had I recollection of similar, that is why I had thought to inquire as I did." Knowing to some degree his stance as it were.

Kierne doesn't have any particular stance on flowers turning up out of season in milk, but for that it's rather strange. "Maybe someone's growing them out of season? It can be done, with effort and the right environment," he considers the matter, beginning to pace slowly to and fro to consider it as he might consider a riddle. "And laudanum can be made from the seed of the poppy, but one flower in someone's milk is hardly going to do a thing to them." Despite his earlier jest about her having a drink before bed.

Eoin skips the obvious remark, about how she must have an admirer, it's just not even funny in jest. Noting her obvious preference to not going into details infront of Kierne he keeps his own response short, "I see." A deep breath is let out slowly as he considers the implications of that, although he leaves further quetions for now, until he's had more time to mull it over. A glance to Kierne as he starts to pace and he attempts a gentle deflection, "do not worry yourself overly about it. I will speak with the Countess, she has remarkably greenfingers, I am sure she will have an answer." He gives what he hopes is a confident nod at that then turns back to Nylie once more as something comes to him that he should likely have mentioned earlier. A faintly guilty expression accompanies the "I fear I forgot to say though, that I will be sailing shortly. The improved weather and all that. It needs doing and while I could send Captain Mowbray, if I go, then he and Beth can have longer before they must part." Yep, thats the reason, right there, nothing else.

Nylie nods with a faint smile,"I do suppose it is possible, I know Wenna has her small herb garden indoors during the winter months. But the Countess does seem to focus more to flowers, perhaps she might have some idea, as you say." Indeed, jesting about an admirer just isn't funny for so many reasons. Nevermind the security implications that abound on the matter. "Though I would imagine, one flower would do little, especially just the once." Though it was a topic that would be considered for some time to come. The news Eoin delivers after does have Nylie blinking in surprise,"You will be? I…did not know you were cleared to sail again." There is a faint smile that comes,"I am sure they will appreciate the extra time, and I know have been missing the sea." Indeed, that was the only reason for it. "Is it to be a trip to check upon the defenses again, or shall it keep you longer?"

Huh? "Already?" Kierne pipes up, "Well, I guess it's good you're recovered enough to go," he points out the positive, at least. He keeps other questions about the fellow's health in check, brow clouding over faintly in a thoughtful expression. He snaps out of it again when Nylie asks for the duration of the journey, or, rather, its nature.

"If I do not have time to speak with her before I go then I will leave her a note to contact you," Eoin replies to Nylie, "unless of course you'd prefer to speak with you herself?" That does of course, leave her the option of not spreading the mystery any further should she decided to limit those that know. With nothing more in particular to add to that for now he then nods slowly as she switches to discussing his departure. "My cousin is not yet back from where her and your brother have disappeared to, but she aid once the dizzyness had stopped and they are but momentary and mild now." Close enough in his book, and well, Wenna isn't around to say no. A quick nod to Kierne and then he answers them both, "that will be part of it certainly, but while I am confident of our eyes along the coastline, we need eye out in the water aswell and that only wya to do that is to sail. I do not know yet how long I will be gone, but I doubt it will be under thirty days or so, not if it is to be of any real use." A faint shrug as he turns away once more to look at the waves, "perhaps longer."

"I would not mind to speak to her myself, as there is another matter I am of mind to talk to her upon. That and if you are to return to sea soon, I know there is much you will need to see to in way of preparing." Even if the Countess may understand the way of things, or likely to, Nylie is perhaps not keen on spreading things to far and wide. And she really does have something else to discuss with the Countess. "Ah, aye, my brother did mention that they were going to take to the country side for a few days. A bit of time to rest and get away." Cause…who doesn't need that around here? There is a small breathe drawn, a look of worry that comes for a moment at the answer. Nylie knows it is the way of things in times of war. But it does not mean she cares for it and would not worry over those she cares for. Worse, in being truly out as sea, it would be difficult to even write.

"Yeah, hey, if you need any help, you know, getting stuff packed and hauled or anything like that, just let me know, OK?" Kierne fusses briefly at Eoin, some sort of sullen sorrow in his eye to face the imminent separation from a guy he's sort of… kind of… gotten to be friends with. From his perspective, at least. Who knows what the Admiral thinks of this crazy kid.

Eoin nods a silent confirmation that he'll let Nylie speak to Moira, and then gives another nod at the exlaination of Caedmon and Wenna's absence. "I thought it might be as such although I was not sure." He had been told he'd be welcome to go too, but couldn't escape the feeling that he'd be mothered by Wenna in full healer mode, and that it'd be tantermount to running away. He'd stayed, for better or worse. Kierne earns himself a faint smile though and he notes with a hint of amusement in his voice, "I have an entire crew of sailors for that sort of thing so I think that I will be fine." Then, noting the lad's expression he throws him a bone, "I'll keep it mind though, should that prove to not be the case."

Nylie gives a small nod,"He made mention of it when he and I spoke. " Does anyone escape Wenna's mothering? There is a faint smile at the exchange between the men. Simply noting,"I am sure that your crew will be happy to have you back and to have the chance to put to sea again as well."

Kierne doesn't have a lot to give; the sweat of his brow and the strength of his arms and back are the best he can offer to just about anyone— reasonably or not. Call it a gesture— and gesture returned for gesture from Eoin in recognition of same gives the lad over to smiling for him. "We should also sup together before you go; we can sit at the tavern and ruin our good taste with a great deal of very cheap wine. If you have time," he adds, not wanting to impose himself upon the fellow too much.

"If I can fish them out of the taverns," Eoin replies with a faint smile to Nylie, "but I am sure work is being done on that already." He set a fair bit of it in motion himself earlier in fact. Well, not just the taverns of course, but the other dockside attractions do rather sap a sailors coinpurse, so perhaps the chance to get in on more prize crews would not be frowned upon in the slightest. Kierne gets another amused look though and he tilts his head slightly, "in truth, I do not know if there will be the time to spare, but certainly if circumstances allow it. Although I do not see why we should limit ourselves to very cheap wine when the Count has a cellar full."

"I am sure as well, and I would think it not to take to much to fish them from the taverns," for surely the Admiral's own crew was a bit more diciplined then some. Maybe. Even if they were yet…well…men. Nylie's gaze does shift between the two men a touch,"Perhaps, I should leave and let you two least have chance for a shared drink, especially if it would mean to liberating a bottle from the Count's cellar."

"But don't you want the same hangover as your sailors when you disembark?" Kierne asks Eoin with a cheeky smile. "As for me, I've got to get back to the stables. There's work yet to do before the sun sets. But maybe later?" he asks, a quick, hopeful chirp from the alcoholic squire, looking for a night out. "I'll stop by your place after supper and see whether you're up for going out, how about that?"

"Embark," Eoin offers to gently correct Kierne, "disembarking is going from ship to land." A faint nod though and he agrees to the basics of the plan. If he's not up for going out though, they can always raid the cellar at home as it were. "I shall see you then," he finishes before turning to Nylie, "I think perhaps that you need not." A tilt of his head towards Kierne now he's stated he's leaving, "unless of course you need to be elsewhere?"

There is some level of amusement to watch the banter and teaching between the men, but Nylie had been preparing to withdrawl and allow them their drinking and fun. Certain things really weren't where a lady should be. But as it seems duties pull upon Kierne, Nylie does hesitate in that departure,"Nay, I do not need to be else where."

"Oh! Huh, uh, if you could just… not mention to my Uncle Arlen that I didn't know that? Heh," Kierne laughs at himself goofily, "Yeah, but I'd better go. I'll check in on you later, 'kay?" he tells Eoin, then leaves the Admiral and his Auntie alone (or some vague facsimile thereof) to their own discussion.

Eoin watches Kierne departs, letting the young man get out of earshot before he turns back to Nylie. "I am glad," he states simply before gesturing once more along the beach and raising an eyebrow quetioningly. Their progress along had ceaed after all. "I am sorry I can not say how long I will be gone," he adds, sliping back a phase or two in the conversation, "but it will depend on the conditions and what we find out there. If I find myself in a friendly port though I shall be trying to keep Kieryn as up to date as possible though, so there should be some news at least." And if other letters are sent at the same time? Well, it works for one way at least.

A small bow of her head had been offered to Kierne as he departed, before Nylie's attention was given over to Eoin fully once more. A glance to the beach at his questioning look before giving a small nod, a slight step, they had come for a walk after all. "Aye, I know and understand it is difficult to know with so many factors impacting," there is a faint smile that comes,"But it does not ever seem to stop the question from coming. To have some news would be appreciated, for I will worry and miss you while you are away, Eoin. " She could write, though doubtful krakens make for good letter carriers. "I shall pray that you return safely when you are able to."

Eoin matces his step with Nylie's as they start once more along the sand. He trusts the maid and guards are following, neither turning to check nor particularly listening out. "I will write when I can then, although obviously, I can not promise you there will be chance." Likely enough she knows and understands well enough, but he feels the need to say it anyway. As for the prayers, that gets another smile, "I thank you for that, both for myself and my crew. Extra pairs of eyes watching over a ship never hurt."

They do indeed follow, the guards keeping an ever watchful eye out for others taking to the beach as well, especially groups of folk. "Aye, I know. And I know that when you might have chance, there is greater need to see news to kieryn, and in turn your sister, I know she shall worry greatly about you. Even if she understands, just as I do." Nylie smiles softly at the thanks given,"I shall be certain to pray well then, for you and your crew. And see to a bit of extra milk perhaps placed out in your steed."

With Kierne now gone, and the guard's being the old familiar ones, Eoin allows himself to drift closer to Nylie once more. Not oppressively so, but he recloses the gap he'd openned when the squire had first appeared. "Somehow I imagine that any letter that finds its way to Kieryn will find it's way to Beth," he replies sounding faintly amused, "but yes, she understands." She's had the best part of fifteen years to get used to it after all. A faint nod at the milk comment and he notes, "they do not like the water, how it contantly moves, and the salt. Even were it practical there would be no point in doing so at sea. No, things are different out there. The first fish of each voyage is returned to the Kraken for instance, to keep it fed so it need not hunt." Hungry krakens are no bodies' friends after all. "About the poppy though, does it have any special significance? It brings nothing to my own mind, but then I do not know how their habits differ here from home."

There is a soft smile that flickers as that small distance is closed again, the hint of familairty returning. "I do imagine that is true, she would not forgive him if he did not share such news from you with her." Nylie a touch amused as well. A small nod is given,"It would make more a mess then anything. I shall ensure some is put out for you here….Ah, I had seen others do that before." Nylie gives a small shake of her head,"There was nothing special that I could recall. It startled me to find it as I did that morning, I had to inquire if any had come in my room and none had." Perhaps at first thinking it some jest or small joke. "There was milk missing as well. Even if they partake," or some cate does,"I have not heard so of something…given in return. "

"As in turn I am sure Beth would share such with you," Eoin offers with what he hopes is a reassuring nod. The two ladies are friends after all. That doesn't mean he won't write separately if he can, but it wil depend on circumstances. A for their little mystery he considers for a few moments longer before he can only gently shake his head. "I'll keep my ear open, I have a Greenshire crew and sailors are a supersticius bunch, someone might know something but no, I have no heard of gifts given in return, not from the fae anyway." A concerned expression crosses his face for a moment and he adds, "no, that sounds far more like an elfin thing. Be wary, just in case, for they are never good news. Let us hope it is a thank you or such, rather than something that's meaning is more sinister."

"Aye, I am sure she would." Nylie does note likely,"She has agreed to come with me when I go to the music shop." Not that Nylie did more then extend such an invitation, but it will be company during that little trip. A small nod is given,"If you would hear of anything, do let me know." There is a flicker of a smile,"I shall be wary," it was the story of her life of late. And there was some rumor about curses going about. "I shall hope of the same, though I should probably think to returning as well as letting you get back to your preparations, especially if the Lord Squire shall be seeking to distract you later. " A hand moves to touch his arm, settling briefly to give a squeeze,"I shall miss you, Eoin, while you are away."

Eoin would rather walk further, but that doesn't stop Nylie being right, he still has much to do, even without Kierne's social plans for the evening. A reluctant nod and he glances down to the hand on his arm for a moment before looking back up once more. How to reply to that? He barely trusts himself to and in the end limits himself to a brief, "and I you," before he flicks his eyes back to the surf for the space of a few breaths. "I will return when I can, I promise you." That being said he steps away to break the touch, gives the retinue the briefest of nods, then turns to head back towards the docks.

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