Nar 03, 228: Midsummer Festival Sword on Foot

Midsummer Festival Sword on Foot
Summary: The best of the realm test their abilities against each other. But there can only be one winner.
OOC Date: 06/07/2013 (OOC)
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Tournament / Faire Grounds, Darfield
The bustling fairegrounds are currently full of people everywhere — the shops are open and tents are blossoming everywhere there is room. In the middle of the area, the platform for performers has been painted and is in use more often than not. People are dancing, singing, playing musical instruments. The sound of music, fortune tellers, and hawkers rings out all over the faire grounds. The aroma of festival foods wafts through the air, enticing everyone to indulge in meat on a stick, playful pastries, and other wonderfully greasy and filling foods only available at this time of year. One area has been set up for the tourney events, roped off and kept clear of all the revellers by guards, but even that only brings smiles to the festival attendees.

It is a summer day. The weather is hot and clear.

Nar 3rd, 228

The announcer keys up his bullhorn kinda thing, most likely hands cupped around his mouth to have his voice carry. "ROUND ONE. PRINCE CONALL ABERDEEN VERSUS DUKE CEDRIC SUTHERLAND! Both come out with a sword weapon only and armor of choice."

After a dismall display at the jousting competition, Cedric shifts into his ground fighting armor, dons on his shield and walks out with his Bastardsword, gripped in one hand. He then turns to face his opponent (conall) and salutes him.

Victoria disappears for a moment to go and get a drink, coming back with a skin of water as she moves to regain her spot up against the boards. When the next two contestants are announced Victoria will shout out, "You can do it Prince Aberdeen!" Her water skin lifts up into the air, her cheers milling with the cheers of others, the skin uncapped and a quick drink taken, the Huntress soon leaning on the boards now to watch.

Robben smiles a bit as he hears the announcement, and that his own name wasn't called out now. Tearing his gaze away from Aemy and Solara, he makes his way over to where he can watch the happenings rather carefully for the moment. Always good to see if there's any weaknesses in whoever he might encounter later in the competition, right?

Conall comes out with his own sword and shield, with the sigil of house Aberdeen clear on it. Standing in his armor and facing Cedric on turn, offering a salute. "May best man win." He offers in his usual voice. Perhaps looking forward to get to beat Cedric. Eyes going out to the crowd and seemingly nodding to a few. His sister one of them. Then the rest seemingly going in respose to reactions. "Shall we, duke?" He asks and waits for the man. Standing prepared.

People are totally cheering for Cedric, women and men alike calling out his name and cheering, "DUKE SUTHERLAND! COME ON! WOOOP!!!" Raucous applause lifts up as well, some women calling out for the man to do his wife proud. Childrens laughter even mingles in, singing songs about Duke Sutherland and how he always conquers the day!

Entering the tourney grounds at a leisurely pace is Sir Ruthgar Ruxton, younger brother to the heir of Weston. His grey eyes are devoid of any expression as he scans the crowd first, before letting his gaze proceed towards the fellow contestants. A brow is raised a touch as he studies the Immortal One, then his gaze shifts to Robben and lingers there for a moment. "Good luck, brother.", is all he has to offer to him, before he falls silent, his eyes lowered, focusing on the fight that lies ahead. The pairing of Cedric and Conall does not seem to distract him overly much.

Laetitia has settled back in the heat of the afternoon, her ladies fanning her as she drinks cooled wine. The Queen engages in conversation with a few nobles around her, soft laughter erupting here and there as they wait for the sword fighting to begin in earnest.

Tyrel gets his shoulder armor feeling proper, and then slides his sword back in its scabbard. He lifts his gaze to the contestants, but finds himself drifting toward Ciarrah, passing people who congratulate him for the jousting tourney. Tyrel nears the railing where Ciarrah sits, and smiles up to her, "Hello, my lady. I hope you are pleased with my performance in the jousting." He turns as he leans on the railing, to look toward the combat which is ready to start, watching, as Robben does, for weakness.

"Ruthgar," Robben greets his brother, moving to stand next to him, and putting a hand to his shoulder for a few moments. "Thank you. And the same to you, of course. Let us make sure one of us wins this one, hmmm?"

As the fighting starts it does look even as Conall tries his best. Doing a good job of defending most of the time, but clearly Cedric has the upper hand. Trying his best against the older man he does not fully be able to get those finishing hits in and finally he is sent to the ground. Not having noticed what sent him down even.

Bowing his head slightly to Conall he comes in launching a series of attacks on the Island prince with his bastard sword, Using the momentum of each attack to fuel his next as he scores a few solid hits here and there occasionaly getting a Glancing blow. Once or twice locking blades up with the prince as he smiles. "good show sir.. " as he disengages to come in for a few more hard hits before they disengage once more.


A messenger comes hurrying in, looking terrified as he bumbles his way up the steps to the box the Queen is in and hurriedly bows before he speaks in quiet tones. Hands will wring around each other as his hushed voice carries on and the Queens' usually congenial gaze turns hard, those sea green eyes of hers turning into stormy seas as she suddenly rises up. Her jaw is hard and the Queen will wave off her ladies who squeak out about her dress as she moves to head down the steps leading away to her carriage. Sharp words to the messenger who is left with the task of going to the announcer to explain the Queens sudden absence. The Queen, meanwhile, leaves, her horses pulling the carriage to as high as speeds as they can go, her ladies left to scramble to follow. It would seem the Queen unhappy. And in a hurry. Back to the castle she goes.

With Aemy leaving, Solara takes her spot in the Weston/Ruxton box, settling in and relaxing there. Her guards and maid take their places as Solara turns to look at the event, watching as the prince and the duke erm duke it out. She claps politely for both, and then accepts a glass of wine from her maid. The young Ruxton lady simply watches and cheers politely. Though she does frown as the Queen leaves, looking a bit worried.

The hint of a smirk crosses Ruthgar's features as he nods to Robben's words. "That's why I'm here, brother." Patting the pommel of his sword, he crosses his arms before him. Then his attention is drawn to the next pairing. "Aw… the heir to the throne against that Immortal One? Let's see who has the upper hand. Royalty? Or the savage." Despite his jesting, Ruthgar's eyes follow intently both contestants, studying their moves with cold fascination.

When the oldest from all the participants with a hood hears his name, he calmly walks into the ring, with his already withdrawn sabre. Though, he takes off his cloak and tosses it somewhere close. Without the hood all his scars are obviously seen on the one side of his face. The hugest scar goes through the eyelid of his left eye, forming the view, that his eyelid is knited together with the skin around eye. This disgusting view makes some people gasp, especially ladies. Some little children starts crying, and the men just frowns. Moreover, a strange script, written in black colour, decorates his neck and obviously continues on his back, but right now is hidden under his armour. Likely, some of the whispers try to guess, what these marks mean. However, Tyanna, called Immortal one does not give any attention to this. His one dark eye follows his oppenent. He bows slightly to him and prepares his sabre for the attack, not showing any emotions, keeping his lips tightly clenched.

Tyrel looks up from his conversation with Ciarrah as his name is called, both brows raising. He then looks toward the one they call 'Immortal One' and his facial expression drops. Though, his mothers actions cause him to look toward her in concern. He watches her carriage take off, following with his eyes until she is gone. He then turns back toward the infield, moving toward the competition area swiftly. As he walks, he lifts his blade from the scabbard, a long one-handed blade made from the finest Kincaid steel. He twists and spins the blade around him as he walks, in practice. As he nears the wild looking man, a nod is given as he surveys him, sizing him up.

Victoria has been cheering loudly each round, and even when Prince Aberdeen fails to best Cedric she is still letting out sounds of delight, "You /almost/ had him, your Majesty!" Called out to Conall as she settles back on her heels, one hand pushing dark hair back over a shoulder as it gets a little hot in the sun, flowers she had braided into her hair beginning to wilt and hang dourly. Oh woe. But in this sun her skin glistens, having been baked to a lovely tan at any rate, so at the very least she enjoys that much in the moment. Her water skin is lifted again and she leans once more on elbows to watch, not familiar with either figure but enthralled nonetheless.

Cedric stays back as the rest of the combatants work their way thru and smiles as he drinks some water at each man fights to win.

When the attacks of the Prince is started, the man tries to defend himself as he can, though, as always the fact, that he has one eye, disturbs the man from making the best moves, which he could do. However, commoner looks quite happy about his defence, which not makes him to look too much weak. Moreover, when he starts his counter - attack, the man shows that he is much more better in offensive mode, than in defence. However, the Prince is still very good too and the man has to face the defeat. Though, he still keeps the proud stance. After the fight, he just covers his shoulders with a cloak and hides his ark head under the hood, vanishing in the shadows, as he never was here.


Tyrel takes the first slash toward his head, glancing it off his sword. The Immortal is much more aggressive than the Prince, who reels backward after the first blow, the crowd growing into a murmer. The second slash causes the Prince to step back again, this time easier, as he glances the blow away from his body. He then spins on his right foot, bringing his sword around toward the Jaddan's backside, slapping him with the broadside of his blade. Over his head and back to the man's abdomen comes the sword of Tyrel, bouncing off his armor with a *TING!* The ability of the Prince is reputed, but his movement on this day is very graceful, and calculated. Blow after blow comes from Tyrel's sword, taking a few shots of his own. In the end, the Prince is the victor. He slides his sword away, and offers a hand to the man, attempting to shake as warriors do. "Well fought…"

"Hmm. Royal determination wins over battle-hardened experience?" Ruthgar mutters, mildly suprised, at the outcome of the pairing between Prince Tyrel and the Immortal One. Yet, he does not have time to ponder much about it, as his name is called next. His name and that of his brother. "Let's get on with it.", the younger Ruxton says with a wink in Robben's direction. Is there a dangerous flicker in his grey eyes, as he readies himself for the fight? His grey eyes narrow as they focus on his brother as if he were an enemy.

Watching for now, Robben's gaze goes to the stands again, before he focuses back to his brother now. "Good luck, brother," he offers, along with a grin, as he gets ready for the competition to start in full. "After you, Ruthgar," he offers, putting on his helm and getting the sword ready.

Tyrel peels his helmet from his head, and moves over toward Sir Roane Leask, who is not competing due to a burned hand. He tosses the helm on the ground, and moves to wipe sweat from his forehead. He talks with the Rioga, the two cutting up and laughing occasionally as they watch the next battle.

As Robben and Ruthgar face off, Solara sort of blinks. Oh sure. Now who is she supposed to cheer for. Amusement gleams in her blue eyes and she merely calls out, loudly, "GO RUXTON!" There, that should cover her bases, shouldn't it? She claps and whoops, even though one of her brothers is sure to lose at this point. Still - one is also sure to win.,

Cedric watchs the Ruxton brothers go at it and smiles, not really cheering for either side as he merely enjoys the sport of the competition.

And so the fight begins. Ruthgar starts off fairly well, attacking his brother with a combination of strikes towards the head, the midsection and the legs. But for each time he manages to hit home, he seems to miss or just scratch Robben's armor as if he were stroking a cat. Then there is a short pause, as Robben gets ready for his attacks. Ruthgar lets out an annoyed snort, his irritation growing even as he realizes that he has not much to counter his brother's strikes. "The eight be damned!" he calls, when most of Robben's attacks hit home. But he is too slow. Staring at Robben with an irritated glare he deeply exhales before he limps away, his gaze brushing the empty seat of Aemy in the stands, before a quick glance to Solara and a nod, to let her know he is okay - sort off.


Victoria can't help but laugh - she can see that the brothers are set against each other, and Solara's reaction? The best one yet, Victoria clapping and laughing loudly, her face infused with joy as she watches the fanfare. Every strike of sword against sword caused her to feel dizzy with excitement. The skill and abilities of both fighters obvious, her keen amber gaze full of light and laughter.


Cedric once more enters the field of battle as he looks to Lord Robben. "ahh well another match and lets hope for a different outcome hmm. Lord Robben.?" as he moves to stand at center of the ring to await his opponet.

Managing to get through the defending part rather well, all things considered, Robben offers a brief nod to his brother. "As I know you're aware of, this is just business," he offers quietly, before switching to the attack, and doing that quite well now. Stopping as it's done, he offers a bit of a nod to his brother. "Well fought, brother." Pausing as he sees the glare, he doesn't have much time to do anything, as his name is called out again. Turning to offer a brief smile in Cedric's direction. "Ah, Your Grace, we meet again." A brief chuckle as he hears the rest of what's said, before he adds, "I don't know, I kind of liked the outcome the last time." A nod as he gets ready to meet the Duke, he offers the man a gesture that seems to suggest the higher ranking man should go first.

After having lost early on Conall had disappeared. Perhaps watching from the shadows. Still keeping a bit away as he tries to calm down after a terrible lost. Keeping to himself somewhere. Trying to keep up with what is going on though.

Solara's gaze is on Ruthgar, and she catches that nod, taking a breath. She lets him be for now, so as not to disrupt his dignity. Since he's still walking and all. But then her attention goes to the next match up. Poor Robben didn't get a break, so a good challenge for him. She does call out a "Well fought, well fought!" to both her brothers and then she waits for the next match to get going. As she watches, she cheers every so often, though at least now she can cheer for the one brother who is involved. "Hurrah! Robben!"

Victoria steps back from the boards to allow others to get in on the view, her water skin held lightly in her hand as she turns from the tournament fighting to look over the crowds, hoping to find familiar faces in the crowds. Not many friends yet in this area however, so the Huntress from the Sky Forest is forced to continue cheering on her own, turning back around and watching more quietly now the proceedings.

"In a very close match Lord Sir Robben Ruxton wins against Duke Cedric Sutherland with a score of nine to seven! Next, for the finals, it will be Lord Sir Robben Ruxton versus Prince Tyrel Aberdeen!"

Victoria turns her head suddenly as something catches her eye, the Huntress hooking the waterskin to her belt as she leans in and pats someones shoulder lightly to invite them to take her spot. And then she's moving, clapping and cheering with the others as she leaves her little area to disappear off towards the shadows of trees and other erected buildings for the event.

Cedric figgures as a skilled commander and leader his victory is assured and gets some good blows in but then is started when thigns seem to go horribly wrong for the duke of sutherland and he's finding himself out matched.

Tyrel hears his name called, and smiles to Sir Leask, who encourages the Prince with his words. Tyrel lifts his sword gingerly from its scabbard, taking a feel for it. He spins it several times, as he approaches the combatant area. The Kilgour nods toward Robben, "Well fought, Lord Ruxton." He offers the man a smile, "May the best man win!" With that, he is in a ready stance, waiting for the young Lord to attack.

Managing to get the win in the hard fought battle, Robben lets out a bit of a breath. "Well fought, Your Grace," he offers now, before he lets out a few more breaths as the last fight is announced. Turning to offer a grin to the Prince now, he nods. "Prince Tyrel. I hope you don't mind that I'm planning on getting back at you for your win earlier today?" Spoken a bit lightly, as he gets ready, then moves in for his attacks.

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