3rd of Nar, 229: Mid-Morning Activities

Mid-Morning Activities
Summary: It's mid-morning at the castle and various nobles are doing various things.
OOC Date: 05/Jul/2013
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Upper Hall - Darfield Castle
Pools of golden light shed by the candles that line the walls collect along the marble floor, adding warmth to the cool stone. The candelabras are made of finely carved gold, gracefully arching arms of light. All along the great vaulted ceiling hang the banners and arms of the noble families of the realms, their colors and designs a testament to the variety of peoples in the land. Some of the doors have guards outside them, armoured and blazoned with the crests of the Kingdoms, Duchies or Counties for whom they are working. Footsteps echo against the marble as people walk down the corridor, muffled only by the tapestries that line the walls. These tapestries depict several scenes from Mobrin history and from the mythology of the land.
3rd of Nar, 229 2E

A small squadron of ships docked last night to resupply and with them brought dispatches from the Captains patrolling the seas between Morbin and Laniveer. There's no news of major engagements but accounts of sightings andminor skirmishes have kept Eoin up through the wee hours in conference. Having gleamed as much info as he can from them new orders have been writen and handed to those sailing and now it's time to go home and sleep. He hadn't felt tired, not until he'd emerged from the council offices and realised it was the middle of the next morning, but now he's starting to. Not enough to detour into the Greenshire suite and crash there though and so he strides purposefully towards the stairs, making a mental note as he scratches his chin that he could really do with a shave if he's to have any chance of being presentable when he passes on the latest news to the King later.

Mid-morning finds a Kierne who's already been up since two hours before dawn, his Squirely sleeping schedule not yet having left him along with his Squirehood, nor may it ever do. He's been up and training and then returned to the vicinity of the Kincaid suites, which may strike the odd person odd, since the Kincaid camp is largely ensconced in the manor across town, leaving their suite vacant but for the odd servant or someone popping a head in to see to the place. But K seems to have washed at the very least his face and neck, possibly his hair, as well, and shaved in the comfort of his family's rooms, emerging free of his morning toil's sweat and grime and lifting a hand to hail Eoin down the corridor.

Eoin returns the hail with one almost identical in return, the hand that had been at his chin infact completing the gesture before returning to his side. "Morning," he offers in greeting, adding a faint nod too, out of habit, before continuing on his way to the stairs.

"Hey," is the answer Kierne gives, casual and relaxed, passing Eoin in the corridor with a smile. If Eoin loiters in the hallway for too much longer, he may glimpse the other soul who had been inhabiting the Kincaid suite's space make her way out, similarly bathed, but, well, it's that time of morning, isn't it? The ablution hour.

<FS3> Eoin rolls Perception: Great Success.

Courtyard - Darfield Castle
Above you to the north, a silhouette against the sky, is the Castle, set on the side of an immense cliff overlooking the sea. A road leading to the south leads through the gatehouse and to Darfield Village. In between is the courtyard, a fairly large space that is kept neat at all times. Against the walls to the east, there are storage buildings, a stable, the dog kennel, and the mews. To the west, the kitchen, garden, and smithy, as well as their storage area and barracks for those who guard the castle. There is an area of the courtyard often used for training purposes by the knights and men-at-arms. The squires are often at work setting up or taking down practice targets and the like.
3rd of Nar, 229 2E

Having been at the castle since late the previous evening dealing with news from a small squadron of ships that had docked, Eoin is now emerging into the mid-morning light of the courtyard. He's tired, and needs a shave, but otherwise seems well enough as he makes a beeline for the gatehouse. Noting a couple ofsquire praticing at the archery butts he makes a ental note not to forget to do the same later but with all his gear at the manor there's not a huge amount he could do now anyway.

Wandering about, with four (yes, still four!) guards and her maid Rosie in tow, Rorey finds herself puttering around the castle's courtyard, the sun streaming down on her face as it peeks through a few clouds in the blue sky above. She's dressed in a summery dress, peachy colored and not at all revealing - much like the rest of her modest wardrobe, but the fabric is much lighter. It's not cold at all, being the height of summer, and she's very glad for it. She spots Eoin coming out, then, and turns toward him with a wave, "Cousin!"

Elizabeth exits the castle after a visit to the infirmary no doubt from the looks of her. She could pass for a whale just now and best watch out for harpoons. The Lady Mowbray looks to well advanced in a pregnancy and at present is wearing black for mourning of her brother in law. A maid at her side offers a supporting arm while one of the guards goes to retrieve the carriage. Hearing the voice of one of her cousins, Elisabeth lifts a hand to wave to Rorey which directs her gaze to her brother as well, "Eoin and Rorey, what happy chance to meet you both."

It shows how much Eoin was focused on heading back to the manor in that he hadn't spotted Rorey or her entourage before she hailed him. Pausing in his step he returns the wave with one of his own and then calls across cheerfully, "Cousin! It is good to see you about on such a fine day." This also of course gives his sister time to appear behind him too and he turns quickly at the sound of her voice. There's a brief flash of surprise on his features, having obviously not expected to see her up and about he quickly moves to offer support on the other side to the maid before he starts fussing a little. Well, she is his baby sister. "Are you sure you should be out and about so?" A quick glance to the castle and he adds, "could it not have waited, or whomever come and visited you at home?"

Seeing her cousin start to fuss over his sister, Rorey chuckles and shakes her head, saying lightly as she nears the two, "She looks fine by me! Not long now, is it?" she asks Elisabeth, who to her looks.. well, resplendant! Minus the black. But the black can't be helped; mourning's mourning. "Everything is well, then?" she looks back from where Elisabeth came, hoping no news is good news. Good news is more than welcome, what with all these rumors flying about.

Elizabeth smiles endulgently at her brother's fussing and lets him take her arm. "The healer said I was better and could and should go out and get some fresh air. In fact I just came from the healers." She offers a smile to her cousin and shakes her head a bit, "A week or two now, so this may well be my last outing for a little bit. I thought I should make the most of it." There is a nod to the next question, "As well as can be expected. The house rearranging after Eldan's death, preparing for Emma's wedding and the babes. How are things with you both?"

Eoin looks less convinced then Elisabeth about her apparent ability to be out and about, but at the invocation of the healers he does at least shut up about it. He gives a nod to back up the answer to Rorey's question about everything being okay but lets his sister do most of the answering on that score, as the questions were mostly directed to her. Then, to both in general, "a time of much change then. Tell me, what with that changes Duke Aidan has made, will Hadrian be living with you after the wedding? I can not imagine it would be easy on the Lady Emma to take up residence at the Kincaid manor."

Seeing her maid offer a waterskin - something Rorey always takes with her on walkabouts, in this heat; and the day is quickly warming up - she takes a sip, and then offers it to Elisabeth and Eoin, should either of them want. "I'm faring well, but as soon as Trevian makes it back from wherever he has wandered off to… It's been two months and not a peep! Gah, Forresters." Rorey makes a face, and would have said more on the matter, but as they find themselves in "polite public company" she keeps her peace.

Elisabeth shakes her head slightly, "I know not. We have not had opportunity to discuss such matters. Eldan's son is now head of the house." She seems uncertain how that will fair it is clear. A crowded house it will be." Elisabeth says and rubs a hand over her belly. The offer of the waterskin is taken gladly and she takes a sip and passes to her brother. There is a look of sympathy to her cousin on the matter of Trevian, "It was not an easy time when Kieryn was away, I hope he will return to you soon." MIA and reported to be dead halfway through the pregnancy!

Eoin declines the offer of water with a simple shake of his head, he needs both his hands right now to fuss over his sister after all. The sentiment about the Forresters gets an amused grin though and he chides gently, "now now Cousin, the Forresters are just Haraveans with a different name. He's likely been off scouting the boarders to prevent attacks by the Laniveer or somesuch, communication in such instances is nigh-on impossible." Beth gets a nod at her answers as he listens, a potentially interesting situation but thankfully not one he's directly in the balst radius off. "I hope that they find somewhere where they can enjoy each other's company at least," he states for want of anything else. Gods know that Hadrian has paid a high enough price for it.

Rorey nods sympathetically toward Elisabeth, and gives Eoin a look and a huff. "Yes, yes, I suppose you're right. I'll just practice this 'patience' business and keep Cricket from eating my birds. That dog scared me half to death months ago, and I'm still miffed at Aldren for not keeping better track of the rascal." Poor Cricket, always on the wrong end of Rorey's temper. She mutters under her breath, good-naturedly, and hands the waterskin back to Rosie, adding to Eoin's commentary, "That will be nice for them, to be sure."

"I will admit when I first heard of the match I was wary. I had heard of Hadrian's reputation and seen his behaviors..but with Emma he does seem a different man. I can only hope it is not an act for her affections." Elisabeth says before looking amused at Rorey's comments on Cricket, "Perhaps you should send him over to play with Oscar, they can try to wear each other out."

"If it were merely an act for her affections then I must wonder what the end point of it all was," Eoin remarks ruefully. "No, I think in this instance at least we can be sure on a Kincaid's motives and state that he must love her." He gives a quick glance to see if the guard has returned with the carriage yet then continues, "I suspect Cricket would gain much from even a basic level of training." A glance to Elisabeth, "did you ever get any sorted for Oscar? Should I suggest the same man to Aldren?"

Rorey's bright blue eyes light up at this and she nods enthusiastically, "Oh yes, that is a brilliant idea! And now that the Spawn of Muffin the Cat are getting to be all grown up, they're giving him the runaround, as well. Training! Ha! I'd love to see that — or, well, probably not. But definitely suggest it to Aldren - or maybe to Caedmon and Wenna - it's hard to tell who's in charge of Cricket these days. May as well make it all three of them." She giggles.

Elisabeth nods to Eoin with regard to Hadrian, "Indeed. Emma needs him more than ever now. Eldan was like a father to her and really the only father she ever knew." There is a sad hope in her voice at that, but she is easily distracted by the talk of the pups. "I will be glad to send the recomendation over. For a pup I could not want for a better behaved dog. I know not I would have been able to manage him in my condition otherwise."

"I don't think anyone but Cricket is in control of Cricket at the moment," Eoin replies with a faint shake of his head, "that's half the problem." A nod goes to the comment about the recommendation and then he can't help but smile a little as Oscar receives such a glowing report. Definitely one of his better ideas that one. The mention of her condition though brings his mind back to the present and he peers towards the gatehouse once more. "I should go see what's keeping the carriage," he states with an air of conviction, gently removing himself from Beth's arm, "I'll be right back with it, I promise." Then he's off, following where the guard had previously disapeared to to go find out just what the delay might be.

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