3 Alisair, 229 E: Merchant or Ambassador

Merchant or Ambassador
Summary: Assana is studying into the fae, and looking for information on the hunt to help her sister. They meet Avi, and have a bit of a chat.
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Royal Library
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3 Alisair, 229 E

Assana's been busy in the library for the last several days, reading books and scrolls and whatever else she can get her hands on. She's there now, a book in front of her as she reads through the pages and makes a few notes from time to time on the parchment next to her.

It's good to be back… or not. Avi is bored and that is never a good thing. For some reason that makes people concerned… can't imagine why. Anyway, Avi is in a wandering mood and at this time his feet take him into the library. He waves off the ever present… or at least when he is in the castle… knightly guard, rolling his eyes at the man. Really, they should trust him. He hasn't killed anyone… yet anyway. Of course his manservant remains, but the man has a fade into the background quality to him especially since he does not seem to speak. Avi strolls up to a section of the books and begins perusing the titles before him. His mantle of office is displayed.

Looking up as someone else walks through, Assana nods politely. Her handmaid and guard are nearby, the handmaid working on some embroidery and the guard staring off into space with an expression of philosophical aloofness on his features. Sureley he's watching what's going on, but he is just as easily pondering the possibility of the significance of great cougars under the moon of Cri. She closes her book and sets it to the side on the pile of them that she has in front of her, apparently quite the avid reader.

While Assana's been studying, Nerissa's been fighting. It's a good thing the woman's always had a thick skin, because the handmaiden, Chassidy, has been red in the face more than once at the muttering about a woman with a sword practicing at the tourney grounds. However, with Baron Kilgour's protection, she's been working hard, and now appears in the library, freshly bathed and changed into her sky blue day gown with the pale yellow underskirt. Chassidy, one of the twins' handmaids, follows, and from her posture, there's been yet another round of needling, but only the servant's expression betrays anything, as the redheaded woman ahead of her is composed as she scans the library. She finds Assana immediately, and strides forward, pausing as she catches movement out of the corner of her eye in one of the aisles. She gives a quick greeting, but continues on. "Have you found anything?" she asks quietly.

Avi gives a nod to Assana, being polite as has been drilled into his brain. He may come from a culture where unsolved murder is reverred, but they still have manners. He turns at the new entrant to the library and gives a slight bow before turning back to view the selection of books. Even if Nerissa had entered wielding a sword Avi wouldn't have even arched a brow. Women's roles are a tad different in the Isles after all. Of course his curiousity is peaked as to what the girls may be searching for, but he won't ask… that would be rude.

"I… may have." Assana answers her sister, catching the look from Chassidy, "Busy… downstairs?" She doesn't bring up the whole swordswinging bit… it's likely that the ambassador won't be affronted but there's no telling. She gets one of the books from the middle of the stack and opens it on the table between the two of them, flipping a few pages until she lands on one, "Here… There's not much but it talks about some of the traditions from Greenshire and Skyforest." It's… a wonder that the young lady was able to read it, the ink is fading on the old brittle pages and what's visible is a craegy scrawl of run together words.

One shoulder lifts at the question. "My endurance is improving. I can hold the sword longer before I start to tire, and my left hand is pretty equal to my right." Chassidy moves over to chat with the other maid while Nerissa gives a little side to side stretch of her neck before she tries to read. "There's always been tales of Lughdon and his children in the woods, but I always thought they were just that…" she shudders. "Now I know what the cautionary tales were about."

Avi's brow arches up. He knows the general information on the eight here and he doesn't recall the mention of Lughdon. He pauses a moment then turns to look over the young women, "I thought Mobrin was primarily of the eight?" He prefers his Goddess… she's beautiful and deadly. A wonderful combination in his mind. Several of the gods in the eight are too…. wishy-washy for Avi.

"That's grand." Assana says, praising her sister, "I'm sure it will help." She nods, "Of course, but in this case it talks about the hunt specifically. And lasting for days…" She pauses, looking up as the ambassador comes over, "Good evening." At his question, she glances to Nerissa before she nods, "Lughdon is one of the old gods, not one of the Eight. Some of the peasants are said to still worship him, though most wouldn't admit to it if asked."

Nerissa's eyes narrow as she tries to decipher the scrawl Assana has put in front of her. "There aren't any altars to Lughdon, but people will sometimes leave offerings in the woods to buy his favor," she muses in Avi's direction, then nods. "But as Assana said, no one would ever admit to it. The temple would frown upon it." Then she straightens again and looks at her sister. "Wait… it lasts for days?" She starts to open her mouth, but then bites down hard, mindful enough of the ambassador to not give in to her usual colorful invective. Letting out a low breath that almost growls she mutter, "perhaps I'd better leave some offerings."

Avi arches his brow up further, "I have never understood that. Gods outside the eight exist… Just because the temple says they don't doesn't make it so." He shrugs his shoulders, "I will chalk it up to another facet of Mobrin culture I may never understand." They may only worship one Goddess, but he doesn't deny the existence of others. When you live out in the middle of the ocean you really want to try and appease a Goddess that can wipe you off the map with a wall of water.

Not one to get into a religious debate, Assana nods between the two of them, "Well, in any case, he's quite colorful so to speak. Known for his time in the forest as my sister said." She turns to Nerissa and wrinkles her nose a bit with a nod, "Ah… yes. That's one of the things I wanted to mention… We might want to ask that girl that was there what she knows about it? It's a bit of an important element to be aware of."

Mentally trying to remember everything, which is very little, that she ever knew of Lughdon, Nerissa gives a shake to her head. "If only it was Anahyta. I've watched the sailors throw offerings overboard plenty of times. I have no idea what to offer Lughdon." Her murmurs seems more to herself, then her focus returns to the two at hand. "Her name was Victoria, wasn't it? She seemed keen enough on joining on The Hunt. I wonder if this will turn out to be one of those 'careful what you wish for' times for her."

Avi's brow rises again, "If he is worshipped in Greenshire you could speak to one of the Haravean clan. The Count is likely busy but his twin is usually easier to get ahold of… and a bit less on the grumpy side. Victoria? The Ranger? She would likely be good to speak to as well." He shrugs his shoulders, "I know nothing of this Lughdon, but I know with Anahyta there are sacrifices that are traditional and then there are more random sacrifices. While many offer her a drink or a pretty bauble, it isn't so much about what you offer her, but that you do indeed make the offering. Her altars are littered with bits and baubs from gems to hand carved trinkets to fish to liquor. The only real traditions are linked to special occassions or the drink before each voyage offered to the Goddess. In other words… you may be overthinking things. It isn't about what you offer but that you offer something."

Assana says, "I'm sure there's something around here that might tell you?" She moves several of the books out of the way and offers one to her sister to have a look at. When Avi speaks again she turns to give him her attention, seeming to be quite interested in his opinion on the subject since he's offering it, "I believe it was Victoria, yes? Though I haven't met her in the past, and it would follow that she's a Ranger. I know he's fond of the art? And creativity? Also… shadows. But I haven't studied it much until recently."

Nerissa manages a weak chuckle. "Well, I don't know how to leave a shadow as an offering," she tells her sister. The mention of the Haravean clans brings a scowl to the freckled visage, and again, she seems to have to bite her tongue in the presence of the ambassador, or risk a trampled foot by her sister. "I'm sure they would have plenty advice." Pulling herself together, she nods to Assana, "would explain why she was called a huntress. I'll think of something, and take the guard this evening.

Avi is an observant man, thankfully he is also a man who doesn't care about Mobrin interior issues. "It was a suggestion merely. As for Mistress Victoria, I know she was attached to the Haravean clan last time we spoke. She is a fascinating woman. I enjoyed her company on one of my ships some time back. My people fished her from the water after the ship she was on regrettably sank." Of course his people had a minor hand in the sinking, but that is neither here nor there. He pauses a moment, "I apologize. Forgive my terrible manners. I am Avi Rendann, Ambassador to the Finger Isles." His brother may be King, but he doesn't give any further title than Ambassador.

"It was a kind suggestion, ambassador, thank you." Assana says with a smile. When she hears the story about them fishing Victoria out of the waters, her eyes widen a bit, "Oh! Well, she's lucky that your ship happened by when she was in distress. Dipping her head in a nod that has elements of the courtesy of a curtsey, she replies, "Lovely to meet you, Ambassador. I am Lady Assana of Horizon, this is my sister Nerissa."

Nerissa's scowl returns slightly as she is reminded that they had their own poor manners. She nods as Assana introduces them, folding her hands tightly in front of her. "There is nothing to forgive," she intones in an echo after Assana's introduction, seeming unmoved by the story of fishing a woman from the water. "If she is of Greenshire, she is probably still connected to them in some way…" she sighs, her hands squeezing a little tighter, her knuckles whitening a little. She forces her hands to open and returns to the brittle paper. "Is there anything else about the hunt, besides that it runs on for days? Black fox? Their heart's desire?" Closing her eyes for a moment, she pauses to look up to Avi. "I do not mean to ignore you, my lord, but we are running out of time. I need all the information I can find."

Avi offers a smile, "It is lovely to meet you both as well." He pauses a moment, "As for Mistress Victoria, I do not believe she is from Greenshire, but I am not certain on that. It is hard enough to keep up with my own lands, much less trying to keep up with Mobrin as well. I know she works with the Count, but that is all." He pauses a moment, "As for it being fortuitous that we were there… that could be a matter of debate depending on who you ask. The Captain of the vessel she was on was terribly unthrilled by my presence." He pauses again for a moment, "I do believe he didn't like me… I'd be hurt by that if I cared, but alas I didn't."

"Oh…" Assana very descriptively replies to Avi's story about what happened with the ship. Not feeling that there's a good amount of safe room to discuss there, she instead nods at her sister's comment, "Indeed, only a few more days, really." To her sister's other question, she takes her attention back to the book in front of her, "Ah, it says that frequently they hide their children? So that they aren't swept away… windows are kept open to allow the wild hunt passage, so perhaps they're small? It's also supposed to be quite the spectacle, lights and sounds filling the woods."

At least there's something Nerissa can identify with… she's not much concerned if people like her, and a slight curl at the corner of her mouth says as much. "I would believe it of some of those… creatures. They look cruel enough to eat babies. They aren't all small, although some of them could probably crawl through easy enough. I won't be going through any windows, though. I'm sure some of them have to go around."

Well one of Avi's ships did sink his ship, so that may be a reason why the man didn't like him. Avi still wouldn't seem concerned even if he admitted that. He isn't sure of the what the two are discussing entirely or why there is a timeline, but his curiousity is peaked. "Well if there is anything that I can do to assist you ladies please ask. I could use some entertainment. I also happen to have a decent relationship with Lord Caedmon and his lady wife… they are raising my daughter after all… and my cousin's daughter as well." That's a long story there. "I have nothing else currently to occupy my time other than playing around with my new ship and keeping the entirety of Mobrin up on their coffee supply."

Assana sighs, "Coffee." She blinks a bit, "Oh, I'm sorry, was that rude?" She doesn't actually drool but does blush just a bit, "Ah, thank you for your kind offer, sir, that's most generous. I'm afraid my sister has been set with quite a challenge to free some unsuspecting travelers from a rn in with an ill-fated encounter with some fae. Her as well as the ranger and a lady acquaintance. I'm trying to research what I can to help them, but it's all rather secretive I'm afraid. Baron Caedmon has been quite kind, I'm sure he and his wife are good caretakers for your daughter."

"Are you a merchant or an ambassador?" Nerissa asks curiously, tipping her head and raising her eyebrows. "I am sure Assana is grateful for your contribution to Mobrin, as she's surely had plenty of it to keep her reading the past few days." Absently she grimaces and rubs at the back of her neck when she straightens it. "He has, he's made sure I've been able to train. Maybe people don't think women should fight, but I'd like to survive the hunt. Hopefully that sailor will appreciate what Lady Brendolyn and I had to promise to try and win his freedom." She knits her brows, "although, I don't think we should have to join the hunt, since they said we could have another, and they didn't give us another…"

Avi laughs, "Ah dear lady, I am many things. It depends on who you ask. Some would call me a pirate or a scoundrel. Some have called me murderer or kidnapper. I am what I need to be at any time. Since my nation is choosing to remain neutral… no matter what the King of Laniveer might say," Yes, he said King, "I suppose I do more trade deals recently then anything else. I introduced Lord Caedmon to coffee and he brought it back to Mobrin after his little jaunt in my country with his lady wife." He pauses a moment, "As for women… well my country has different ideas on their roles. I frankly would not want to take on my sisters in a fight. They fight dirty." Well dirtier would probably be better as Avi fights dirty too, but hey. "Of course aside from Mobrin's deplorable attitude towards women and their ability to defend themselves, I believe they also fight in far too honorable a manner. Fighting isn't about honor. It's about survival… living to fight another day."

Sitting at a table with her sister, Assana has a small mountain of books in front of her. One in particular that is open and set between the two ladies is quite old, difficult to read and in some degree of disrepair as it rests there on the table. Frowning a bit at the information that Avi shares, she chooses not to interrupt the perculiar perspectives of this ambassador as he shares them with her sister. Nerissa does get a glance from her, however, appraising her reaction to these dangerously liberal perspectives the self identified possible pirate.

Brendolyn rounds the corner and through the door, maid in tow, guards left in the hallway. "Not all find us so defenseless," she says with a sort of half grin as she pauses and then curtsies. "Ambassador," she says in greeting to Avi then she smiles at the women at the table, "Ladies," she greets them as well. She glances to the open book and hrms, "Learn anything useful for our task yet?" she asks the pair then she looks to Avi, "And how do you fare? We've not crossed paths in some time."

As the ambassador continues to speak, Nerissa's eyes gleam, earning the concern that her sister shows. "Surviving is exactly what I need to do," she agrees, giving him a level look. "Can you teach me how to fight like your sisters? We already have proof that these fae or whatever they are called are tricky themselves. They appear to have little in the way of honor, so why should I worry about being any more honorable than they are?" Turning at Brendolyn's entrance, she inclines her head and responds, "Lady Brendolyn, I'm glad to see you. It appears that we may be in for more than just a 'night' of hunting."

Avi offers a bow to Brendolyn, "Milady. I am well. I had a long trip home. Dear Lucan did not seem to want to let me leave and get back to my duties. But enough about me, How are you Milady. All is well with you I hope." He then looks to Nerissa and a brow arches up, "Well not being a woman I don't think I can give you all the benefits of experience, but I have a few ladies on my ship that might be willing to give some pointers…. as long as I will not be run through by some irate male family member for introducing you I would be happy to introduce you. Sadly they do not tend to stray from the ship so you would likely have to go to them, but learning on the shifting deck of a ship might be helpful. If you can perform when the ground moves beneath you then you can perform on solid ground."

"Nerissa…" Assana chides her sister a bit at her boldness when she asks the ambassador to teach her more about using weapons. When Lady Brendolyn joins them in the library she gives her a brief smile and a nod as well, "I'm afraid my sister is correct, it appears in the research that I've found that the hunt itself is several days long, not simply an afternoon or an evening. It's also quite roccous, and in the past people have even gone so far as to fear for their children being swept away." When Avi offers to have the women on his ship help to teach Nerissa, she frowns. But, she doesn't make comment, instead looking to her sister to see her response.

Bren smiles at Avi, "Trips home can be refreshing," she comments. "I am doing well enough, about to embark on something I may or may not be prepared for.." she says with a wry grin. She perks at the offer of help for the other ladies then tilts her head, "On a ship, how clever, to learn to manuever on a moving surface, I like it.." she muses aloud. She looks to Assana and hrms, "I see.. so we should be prepared..with more than just a weapon," she says and nods almost seriously, her mind reeling with preparation plans.

At the mention of the ship, Nerissa manages to curl one corner of her lips in a bit of a smirk. "If a shipbuilder's daughter can't keep her feet on a moving deck, she'd be a discredit to her family. I accept the invitation," she rashly dives in, without hesitation. "I will, of course, need to bring my guard and lady with me to protect my honor against the deplorable views that Mobrins hold for women. And, I would need to meet them up top. Who knows what rumors would fly if I went below decks on a stranger's ship."

Avi arches his brow up more, looking… amused. "Well below decks would not give you the room to maneuver. You may bring your guard, though my people are well aware that they would have to deal with me if anything happened to a guest of mine on my ship… and I assure you that they are way more afraid of me then they would ever be of your guard." He then looks to Brendolyn, "You are welcome as well, though if your brother decides to string me up by my entrails for the offer I will be most put out with you. He's only started to be vaguely civil towards me… or at least not want my head on a platter. I am much more cautious in my kidnap victims since then. Their families must be fully vetted especially for potential irate twins."

"Well, I assure you if you do kidnap my twin I will be quite irate." Assana says to Avi, "But so long as you're taking your guards…" She looks over at her sister, "And Lady Brendolyn and her guards are going for propriety's sake…" Her tone says she might not run off and make trouble about it at least. At Avi's assurances of his hospitality, she nods to him, "Thank you, ambassador, for understanding. It isn't, of course, that I would be concerned you are making your offer out of anything other than a genuine good will, but others could take the wrong impression of either your intent or at least present it in such a light."

Bren gives Avi a chesire grin, "He's just learned to not voice it aloud, My Lord," she says then cuts her eyes toward the ladies. "The worst will always be assumed where the Ambassador is involved," she says then tilts her head, "So, a week long hunt, are we actually hunting something in particular or.. just trying to survive?"

"Assana and I were discussing trying to find Victoria, and asking what she knows," Nerissa addresses Lady Brendolyn. "She seemed… well, almost eager? I don't know. There was something about her, though, that was more knowing about the mushroom circle than the rest of us." Once more she returns her attention to Avi, and she inclines her head. "You would hardly be master of your ship of your crew found someone else more intimidating," she agrees to his assertion. "Assana's bite is worse than her bark, you've been warned." Stepping back, she sweeps a parting curtsy to the both of them. "If you will accept my apologies, I will retire to our quarters to consider further preparations. Survival is my main goal in this hunt… whatever we are hunting is for the children of Lughdon and little concern at the moment."

Avi throws his head back and laughs at Brendolyn's words, "Ah yes, though I do believe that I am growing on him… like a fungus or something." He smiles at Assana, "I take no offense. I am well aware of not only my reputation but that of my nation. Bring whoever you like, they would be welcome on my ship. And my Starlily takes a bit to leave dock, so your sister would have plenty of time to get off the ship if she is clever before we took off." He turns then a bows to Nerissa, brow arching at her words regarding her sister even as the corners of his mouth quirk up slightly, "I would never think otherwise. Good night my Lady. I will let my crew know to expect you."

"I'll retire with you." Assana leaves the book open on the table and nods to Brendolyn, "If you'd like to look at the passage here you're of course welcome. It doesn't share much, unfortunately, nothing about what is hunted or what specifically the objective of the hunt is. It's more about the traditions of the people of Greenshire and Skyforest in regards to keeping their doors and windows open, as well as the hunt going on for days and sounds and lights coming from the forest. As well as their concerns for their children." When she rises she curtsies to the ambassador, "Sir, it was lovely to make your acquaintance, I appreciate your offer of help to my sister and our friend." She glances to the guard and handmaid that came along with her to make sure that they aren't leaving anything behind as she gathers her quill and parchment, "Have a lovely evening, both of you."

Brendolyn has to grin, and widely, when Avi is so amused at her remarks, "Indeed, My Lord, a grand and insurmountable fungus," she says to him. She inclines her head to the twins and smiles, "Good eve and rest well, we'll be ready," she says in a reassuring manner. She looks back to Avi, "I've been practicing.." she says in a conspiratorial manner.

Avi nods to Assana, offering her a bow, "Good night fair lady. It was my pleasure." He then turns back to Brendolyn, "My goal is to one day make him admit to liking me. I am a determined man." He then arches up a brow, "Have you been? Good for you." He could take that so many ways and to him they are all good… though people would say he has a twisted sense of what is good.

"You know as well as I that damaged pride is the most nasty festering wound there is," Bren says. "He is the one who bought me the blade.. he lets me practice with it," she explains. Why is she telling this to a pirate whom she seems to know or trust or like, something. "I'm still better with a bow but I'm getting better with the blade every day."

Avi nods his head, "I am aware. Your brother's pride does not come close to that of my own brother." Avi has more to fear from Lucan than Aldren. "I am glad to hear you are doing well with the blade. It is a useful instrument… as is the bow. At see I find the bow more useful, because if you get close enough to my ship to use a blade then things have gotten really ugly." Strangely he's still better with a sword than the bow. "I think in these times it is good to know how to defend oneself."

Brendolyn grins a little at that, "At least we do not suffer such afflictions.." she says then nods her head. "I like it because.. no one will ever expect it. No one would ever see it coming. If I ever had to defend myself, I'd surprise them, I like that. Plus, it's fun.. graceful even.. the only kind of dance Im any good at," she says, that last part said with exasperation.

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