How to Post a Memoir Log

To create a memoir log, please use the module below to create the page based on the scene title; they should not include non-alphanumeric items. Please do not include semicolons or slashes. Spaces are allowed and will be substituted by a dash by wikidot. Do not include the date of the scene, as that will be added once the page is created. It will create the page, set the template, and even set the primarily tags. Once you fill out the required information on the template and post it, you will need to return to this page to link the log. Use the 'Edit' feature below and follow the format of the other posted logs.

Please do not forget to tag the log with the participating characters.

This area is for IC Memoirs from "The Tales of Daeren" and is still under construction.


27th of Alasair, 229 2E: Warriors Code — >Logen comes home and starts to write down why he's changed

Nar 26, 229 : The Siren's Song — >Nylie finds the true power of music within herself

Missives of the King — Missives and letters of the King.

Cri 12, 229 : Dreaming of Music — >After receiving a poppy within the milk, Nylie seeks to see if it was the message or the path to the message.

The Dark Before The Dawn — >Inside Eoin's head before an attack on a Laniveer port.

The Man He Needs To Be... — >Robben is killed. Twice. Or is he?

Sess 36, 229: Saying Goodbye — >Aidan says goodbye to an old friend.

She Was — >Some answers to the questions of "Why does Brendolyn…?

Sess 24, 229:Letter To My New Sister — Moira writes a letter for her new sister, Lynette.

The Healer and the Knight — > Aldren Haravean and Moira Kerrigan's long and unusual courtship is well known to the folk of Greenshire. Less known is the friendship between Sir Shepard Kerrigan and Lady Wenna Haravean…at least until now.

211 2E: Do Unto Others — >Do Unto Others What Has Been Done To You — Flashbacks to Aidan's Past. Aidan's spars against his father. Then his Uncle gets a hold of him.

Sess 8, 229: Awakening — >A nightmare leads to Ruthgar's awakening from his unconscious state.

Sess 10, 229:Letter to the Grand Duke — Princess Draventa Finally writes to her brother, the Grand Duke

Sess 4 228:To Dream of Stars — The princess Draventa dreams, more so than usual.

Thedor 229: The Dawn Of A New Day — >Duke Aidan discovers the promises of a new beginning were not exactly what he expected them to be.

Thedor 16, 229: Apart — >Musings of a Princess

Thedor 09, 229: Burden to Bear — >Allyn has a visit and gets more than he bargained for! It's almost more than he can bear!

Whistle for the Wind — >Eoin's dreams are visited by a strange man.

The Maid Did It — > WARNING: Contains references to adult situations and naked people.

The Story of Butterbay — > How Venan and Victoria became wed.

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