38th of Alasair, 229 2E: Meetings and Reunions

Meetings and Reunions
Summary: A simple reunion on the beach for friends
OOC Date: 24/Sep/2014
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Darfield Beach
The rocks by the docks give way to sand, a tannish brown in color, that lines the beach front. The beach goes for several miles in either direction at low tide, the docks a midpoint in their length. There are several coves and inlets to be found along the way. However, when the tide is up, some parts of the beach become impassable. In several areas, a fire pit has been set up, with logs and boulders around for seating. Seaweed drifts to the shore, and the tide leaves driftwood and other debris, along with small sea critters, in tide pools that can only be found when the tide is out.
38th of Alasair, 229 2E

Life had been trying, not that it hadn't been for the past year, but new things had managed to come around to add to it all. Some were welcoming, others…well Nylie could have done without. The needed for added travel with the forth coming peace talks certianly didn't help, nor the need to press political avenues. The latter had seen Nylie returned to Stormvale, even if briefly. In some ways not yet even fully recovered from her turn of becoming a mother, or earning her spurs as Kierne liked to say. But duty trumped wisdom sometimes. Though for the time being, she had come to get a spot of rest and peace. The beaches weren't far from the Kinciad manor and thus the woman was out upon them, having walked a short ways out beforre settling upon a rock to simply rest. For even the short walk had tired her out. Her usual maid was not far off and there were a handful of guards lingering on back giving her room. Her gaze was turned to the sea and the waves coming in along the shores.

Eoin is having one of those mixed says himself. The talk of peace is on one hand welcome, but less so in others, and then there's the Caedmon buggering off and leaving the council in charge again. ANd all that on top of the row with his cousin. Still though, he's taking the time to help out where he can, and has taken Oscar off his sister's hands for an hour or so to give the hound a run along the beach in an attempt to bounce some of the energy out of it, and of course to grab some peace and quite for himself. Having managed to convince a carpenter to smooth him a small ball out of wood he's now throwing it for the dog to chase after, inbetween bounding in and out of the surf that is.

Peace was a welcome thing, even if only for what short time it may come for….the lines upon Lakeshire and Weston could use the break, and surely the sailors could use a touch of rest themselves. Eyes wander from the young lad Nylie was watching in his own play along the shores, picking up shells and chasing and running from waves….and on to the dog that seems to be frolicking about in the waves and eventually land upon the man who seems to be throwing about a ball for the creature…Both seeming to be quite familiar.

Eoin spots the lad first, as Oscar's dashing about brings him closer, it's a good minute or two longer before he spots the small group further inshore though. He's paying that much attention obviously. The picking up of shells and simple joy of the waves is noted, and observed for a few moments longer, then, after dealing with the wet and slobbery ball that's presented at his feet, he glances towards the small gaggle to see if he can make anyone out. Once he does, there's a brief blink of surprise, and then he's changing course to intercept, his stride finding a bit more purpose to it now.

Hey, look who's back in Stormvale. No more than twenty four hours after he set out Kierne is back again, with all his entourage — namely Nylie and Killer — plus a whole 'nother entourage, and a whole 'nother Nylie, accompanying his Aunt back along the road he'd just traversed. That done, he oversaw the establishment of all their mounts into the stables, content enough to hang out there for a while before returning to the manor to try and bother the babies. But they're asleep, for once, and all the servantry came out in force to expel him from the manor before he could wake any given one of them, so here he comes along after his Auntie's train, having taken off his boots in order to walk barefooted in the sand.

The young lad is a happy thing, looking to be about six of seven, sandy haired. Likely little else to be drawn out of detail with him happy as a clam to be playing in the waves. Nylie, the Duchess, not the horse, does smile to see Kierne digging his toes into the sand. Not that her slippers hadn't found their way free under those skirts. It was a simple pleasure, the moment of peace. And indeed, Kierne would have been harried along, all three of them asleep at once was a miracle! "So shall I have to post a guard to just keep you from harrying your new cousins," Nylie lightly teasing Kierne. Her head canting to spy the figure coming towards them,"It would seem we shall have company shortly." Which once Eoin is close enough, Nylie would dip her head, the woman does look a bit…tired. But the belly is much smaller now!! "Good day, High Admiral, please for give me for not raising, I find a need to conserve energy these days."

Harsh as it may seem, the lad is entirely forgotten as Eoin reaches close enough to greet the Kincaids. Raiseing a hand to his chest and bowing, as etiquette dictates he reples with a warm smile, "Duchess, I had not thought to see you back so soon and please, do not fret on my accout. I know my sister is tired yet with only two so I can only imagine how it must be for youself." Kierne, well, he gets a nod and a jovial, "back already? And here was me thinking it was a long ride ahead of you." Then the various maids and guards get a brief nod of acknowledgement before Oscar bounds over once more and drops the ball at his feet.The beast is no longer a pup, that's for sure, but he's still just as keen to sniff at the new people, and see if anyone wants to be his friend.

Kierne comes to stand by the seated N, tossing Eoin a knightly salute and the jaunty address, "Admiral." Once the salute is let to drop, he goes on, "I know, I figured I'd be on the road a while longer, myself. But I got intercepted and impressed into service," he grins an easy, lopsided grin, crouching down and dropping his boots to welcome Oscar with ear scritchies. A glance up to his Auntie, "Not that I mind, of course, Auntie N! And you won't complain much of my coming to play with them when they're squalling, I'll bet. I'll be the welcome nephew, that day," he jokes lightheartedly with her.

A gentle smile is given to Eoin,"I had not thought to be back so soon either, but duty has a way of changing our plans on us. Which, thank you for your letters and words, you need not have tried to press the matter with your cousin. I do pray that has not caused undoe damage." Nylie was to well aware how the Count viewed Lakeshire, and undoubtly Eoin speaking up for them would not be…welcomed by the man. "How is Elisabeth fairing, understandably, I have not yet had time to call upon her?" Her eyes dropping to Oscar,"My haven't you grown, quite the fiercesome beast you are. " Nylie laughs softly and shakes her head,"Don't let him fool you, m'Lord, Kierne was squeeing and cooing over the little ones and all but begging to accompany us to the city. " A smile for Kierne,"You are always welcome, outside of those times when you come tromping along and about wake them just after they have been put down for a nap."

Oscar seems to approve, judging by the slobber, and Eoin is content enough to let Kierne get covered for a while rather than himself. The ball, lies forgotten for now in the sand. At teh talk of infants he gives Nylie a slightly stiff nod and offers, "word came that congratulations were warrented." He'd leave it there on the matter, but Nylie then mentions Kierne squeeling and he offers a faint smile, "aye Your Grace, I can see it clear enough. He reacted very similar when he saw the letter you wrote. Beth is as well as can be expected, she tires though and it has not been easy. Isobel thrives right enough, but her brother is slower to, and while I've heard so sound of worry from the healers I know it plays on her mind somewhat." And his. As for the issue with Aldren, well, he just gives a faint nod to that, she'll find out or not about the altercation and he's in no mind to make an issue of it.

Kierne presses his lips tight together and phuh-phuh-p-pppuhs a little bit, craning his neck to try to keep the dog from licking his face full-on. "They are adorable. And sooooo very weeeee," yep, his voice just went up, like, a full octave. "I'll mind the nannies, though, and won't bother them at their rest. Maybe just peek quietly," he adds with a wink, gathering up Oscar kind of sideways to try to navigate the dog away from coating him in drool, scritchies extending from ears and neck to shoulder and butt. When Eoin speaks of Lis and the twins, he stops to listen, but has nothing much to add other than becoming rather more sober in countenance. He was there when those babes dropped, after all.

"I do imagine he did react so," comments Nylie. Though overall content to leave the matter and Aldren as a whole fade away as a topic. It didn't make for pleasant conversation, being business really. "I will have to see if I can find a stop of time," and the energy," to stop in and see her. I can understand how it might play upon her mind. " Nylie had one that was cause for worry, but she raises not that matter, not with Eoin around. That and she is soon being distracted by that young lad who comes running in and about lands plum in her lap. Already chattering away a mile a minute before he comes to that stop, dumping a handful of shells into her lap,"….and there was this fish it was this big." Little hand motions go along with how big it was. It does have Nylie smiling a touch, a hand giving a gentle turn to some of the shells as she listens. "I did tell you it was a fine day for the beach, now what have you been leaning about manners this week?" It is at that reminder the young lad seems to realize there are 'new' people present and his dark brown eyes going wide. And with being up close that the young lad has a turn of a square face the hints of a strong jawline..and well generally looks an awful lot like Eoin might have about that age…could well be noticed by the pair. Or he' just a random kid with sandy hair… "Kierne, I don't believe you've had a proper chance to meet the other new addition to our House Hold, this is Ean, he's taking up lessons with jaxon and is learning to be my runner," or page. "High Admiral Eoin, my I present young Ean…And Ean, this is Sir Kierne, and High Admiral Lord Eoin." To each the young lad bows rather deeply, far to deeply and a bit wobbly, one who is still learning about such things.

Eoin looks faintly amused at Kierne's attempts to avoid a bath, then bends to pick up the wooden ball that slowly collcting sand at his feet. A quick whistle to attract the dog's attention and he flings it towards the surf once more. "I am sure they are," he states, quickly retreating from the line of thought that attempts to work out the volume of Nylie's belly and divide it by three. Yeah, no. Oh look, a distraction! Splendid. Taking his cue from the guards, and their lack of reaction to the lad, he watches with only vague interest at the tales of fish and shells. He's seen them all before, but he' not going to spoil the excitment for a young lad who's still exploring the world about him. The bow is returned with a slightly exaggerated nod and he greets the child with a "good day Ean. I trust you are taking good care of the Duchess here?"

Kierne stays squatting even as the space between his legs is vacated by Oscar. Possibly because now there is some other small creature making himself known and he doesn't want to dwarf him in altitude. "Hey, Ean," he tells the boy, somewhat less formally than the Admiral, returning a jaunty nod in return for the cumbersome bow. "You seem at least to be keeping her well-supplied in seashells," he nods his most serious approval.

The young lad's exuberant approach did have Nylie's maid making her way in closer, though indeed the guards give little more than a glance at the lad and go back to keeping an eye upon the surrounding area. The young lad puffs out his chest a little,"I am, I am going to be her knight one day!" This causes Nylie to smile a turn, it was the fancy of the week no doubt for the lad. The lad does peer up at Eoin,"Are you really an Ad-mer-al, with you own boat and everything?"
Nylie glances to Kierne,"He does find some lovely shells and a girl can never have too many of them."

"A knight is it?" Eoin replies, smiling somewhat at that puffed out chest. Stage whispering to the lad he continues, "well, don't tell Sir Kierne here, or he might get upset, but real men become archers." Then, back to a normal tone he nods at the question and answers, "we call them ships, when they're big enough to be in the navy, but yes, I have my own, and I command all of the King's for him. She's berthed over in the docks," he turns to point, "you can just about make her out I think, behind the Lady Senga. That's Lord Arlen's ship."

"Hey, I'm… confident in my manliness," Kierne laughs. "Nor am I convinced that one trade has any monopoly over same," he goes on to inform Eoin with a knowing smile, resting his elbows onto his knees and turning his head aside, naturally looking where Eoin's pointing to see if he can really make out the vessel from here, rising to his feet in order to get a meter or so more of height to his vantage point. Gazing off away from the group gives him an opportunity to meet the eye of Nylie's maid, giving her a brief nod hello.

Ean nods his head rather vigirously,"A knight!" Though at this whispering, he deflates a little to lean in and seems to be seriously considering this news. "An archer?" The young lad having some deep thoughts about this new quandry. But talk of ships seems to push the whole matter away, and Ean is trying to make out the ship..er…boat…er..ship…er floating vessal! "Can I come see it some time? Ma said Pa was a great sailor, fighting off pirates and evil men. Maybe he had a ship like yours?" Turning to Nylie,"Do you think he had a ship like the Ad-mer-als? Can I go see it? Can I?" The lad bounces alittle on his toes at the prospect.
A hand gently ruffles his hair as a faint smile comes,"If he doesn't mind to show you, though I am sure Lord Arlen wouldn't mind to give you a tour of his ship. And your father might have, I can't say," oh the odd look that briefly passes her features when she says that. "But why don't you go and see if Alyxia has that snack she promised. " A suggestion that does seem to relieve her maid, who is quick to try and distract the lad with the idea. "I would rahter agree with you, Kierne….each does have it's place and purpose."

Eoin notes Kierne's gaze towards the docks as well and adds for his benefit, "she's the one with the sailors out on the yards. We're checking the sails for tares and such today as they're easier to repair when alongside." He also notes the gaze drifting though, and so turns back to the lad, "well, she's a very new ship, the first of her kind that the King had built. The design is called a carrick, and Lord Arlen has the first in Lakeshire, so I suspect your father probably sailed on what we call a cog, which is what most of the navy is made up from." Only glancing then to Nylie he misses her expression, but raises his eyebrow in silent question to see if she if she knows/is going to let him know if he's wildly off the mark in his guesswork. Then, back to Ean, "I'm sure if Her Grace can spare you at somepoint then I could find someone to show you around." Then, in a tonethat could be mistaken for grave seriousness to the unknowing ear he adds, "be careful though, we take young lads to sea with us cos they can fit in the small holds, and scrabble up the masts quicker than old men like me."

"Oh, yeah," Kierne can see it now, his gaze not long lingering on the maid since Nylie has neglected to bring the correct one with her to the beach. Tsk. "It's amazing how far the eye can see from the shore. The flats'll do that, though, I guess." He chuckles at the threats to take the child out to sea, half-thinking the boy might hardly mind, but he's off for snacktime, now, so he doesn't comment further.

Nylie does give Eoin a small nod to indicate he was on the right track, or likely so as far as the young lad would be concerned. "I am imagine I could spare him for a few moments, but only once your lessons are seen to properly." Ean looking hopefully to Nylie,"I will be extra good in my lessons! I am learning real good! " Though his look ping-pong sback to Eoin when there is that serious tone and talk of being taken to sea for his small size. His eyes go big as saucers! Half scared - half excited about the propects of that. Though it does give the maid time enough to distract the boy along.
Tsk. Her long term maid is the correct maid. And really the other was left behind..cause she figured Kierne might prefer a more private…reunion. Once the lad is out of ear shot and being distracted with a basket that holds some goodies, Nylie notes softly,"I do believe it would have been a cog, from what he's spoken his mother told him his father perished at sea. I suspect that might not be entirely the case," why exactly she does not elaborate on. "But his mother seems to have been a victim of the plague, and circumstances brought him across my path…it seemed the right thing to take him under my care." Giving a look to Kierne,"That or someone else to keep you busy."

"You can see for miles at sea," Eoin replies to Kierne, perhaps just the faintest hints of longing in his tone as he does so, "futher, from the rigging." Not that he climbs that much these days, what with being Admiral and all that. He watches for a moment as the lad is guided away by the maid and then turns back to Nylie. He gives a nod at her comments regarding parentage, reading between the lines to infer that the lad's father is far more likely to have sailed back off on whatever ship he sailed in on having enjoyed his time ashore. It's one of those things that happens. "If he's still keen to see then I'm sure I can find someone trustworthy to show him round," he replies, not planning on leaving a ward of Nylie's in the hands of the common sailors, "although we'll likely be sailing for the talks soon enough." Yes, now the lad is gone the serious business returns, "I'd better start planing for escorts to take people up the coast I imagine, if the weather holds it'll be quicker than riding."

"It's just hard to tell you can see for miles when there's not much to look at but water," Kierne grins at the Admiral, clearly understating the case, landlubber that he is. When the conversation goes serious again, "Going by boat to Crosswynds. It brings to mind some overtones of deja vu," he scrubs at his hair with one set of fingers. "Weird to think we're heading there for peace, when just a summer's length ago we were there for war. Not that I'm complaining, mind," he's quick to add.

The problem with achieving station and position, lots of things don't get to be done much again. The burden of responsiblity. "It is a thing of beauty, the views to be found at sea," comments Nylie. A small nod comes,"His whims change a bit from week to week on just what he wants to be, but he seems to retain the interest in the sea. I supsect his mother told him some fine tale about his father. " Oh…the rumors…that are bound to come sooner or later. "I should imagine, many will be making arrangements and plans to head northwards, I know that we are not meant to be long here. ANd I suspect if there had not been pressing business to see to, then the journey would have simply been to there in time." There is a gentle breathe draw, a deeper edge of tiredness for a moment. The woman had a lot on her shoulders these days. "If peace is possible, let us hope it can be achieved. But in speaking of journeys and peace, I should likely begin the journey back to the manor. " She was not so quick as before, tiring easy yet as it were. Rising to her feet,"It was good to see you again and well, Lord Admiral. " A smile going towards Kierne with a bit of a knowing look,"And Kierne, I suspect there are a few other greeting you need yet to make before harrying the nannies again."

"Ship," Eoin corrects Kierne, he'll forgive it of a boy, but Kierne.. he just shakes his head slowly. "It's just a shame it's taken so long," he notes of teh talk of peace, "but a month or so sooner and I might have made the festival back home." He does fick his eyes briefly across to Nylie at that, remembering conversations long past, but he doesn't say anothing, prefering instead to merely ducks his head away and continue. "It'll be back to hunting down pirates I suppose," a glance back to the ships, "although I fear some are still oftered shelter and remain untouchable for now." There's the faintest hint of bitterness in those last words, but he doesn't dwell, reacting instead as Nylie moves to stand by reflexivly offering a hand to help. "I suppose I should go an make sure that Oscar hasn't decided to swim for Laniveer, Beth would be upset if I returned without him. If you do find the time though Your Grace, I am sure she would appreciate a visit, or even a note if you're not feeling mobile."

"Do you want me to head back with you, Auntie?" Kierne offers, leaning down to scoop up both boots from where he'd left them in the sand. "Uh… huh?" he asks, all innocent-eyed and surely not having any notion what she's on about. Certainly nothing that hasn't been on his mind for a good month, now. "Heh," is the only vague admission he makes that she might be correct. "They won't be able to stay sheltered for long, though, will they?" he asks the Admiral. "Or, at the very least, as long as they stay sheltered, they won't be making things problematic with their pirating?"

There is just a quiet sigh at the mention of the festival, no doubt she would not be quite so welcome any more. And if the harvests had lacked, surely the festivals would not be as….festive. But like Eoin, Nylie speaks nothing on the topic. When that hand is offered from Eoin to aid her up, Nylie does glance at it with a briefly odd look at first before accepting the aid, something about the memory of the last time he….came ot her aid…or not quite as it were in the end. "I will see about making a visit, at the very least a note if time passes on to quickly. Be well, Lord Eoin." A gentle smile offered before she turns to depart. A light smile for Kierne,"If you would like, though I imagine, you can catch me quick enough if you wanted to linger a few moments." The rest of the guards and her maid working to gather up and head back as well.

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