Thedor 11, 229: Meet Your Grandfather

Meet Your Grandfather
Summary: Taking his restless infant son on a little walk, Robben makes sure little Josiah get to meet his maternal grandfather.
OOC Date: 11/01/2014 (OOC)
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Salon, Darfield Castle
A haven of serenity amidst the rush of the castle, the salon is designed as a place for relaxation or socialization. A hearty fire burns in the massive, marble fireplace, throwing a russet glow across the room. The walls are divided top from bottom with pale wooden paneling above and lapis marble with silver veins shot through it below. Several armchairs, a couch, and a loveseat are set around a beautiful table for an intimate tete-a-tete, the furniture finely made of deep mahogany wood with blue and silver cushions. An azure rug covers the center of the room, but at the edges the dark wood of the floor can be seen. A side table holds tea, coffee, wine and several small hors d'oeuvres, and desserts.
Thedor 11, 229

Draventa smiles only broadens at Aidan's description. "It sounds lovely…Especially the lake. I have a fondness for flowers." As the drink is offered, Alice actually closes her book in her lap and stands up. Drav is definitely aware and her shoulders slump some. The Duke is given a thankful smile, "I have my tea, thank you though." Drav is tucked up in a comfy char, her sketchbook in her lap. her shoes can be seen on the floor next to the chair.

Aidan is not abashed to give Alice a disapproving look himself, a frown for such a lady that interrupts the conversation between two nobles of good standing. His gaze does turn back to Draventa however, "Perhaps if you can traverse to Lakeshire at some point, you could paint for us the Lake Lily, for it has deep roots in the beliefs of my people." He does try to encourage her despite the slump of shoulders, "Of course, we have wonderful guest quarters and I would be able to House all of your entourage with room to spare. Our place is not as grand as Darfield castle, though it is charming in its own way." And he seems not to react to the decline of Chocola, moving back to take a sip of his own. "What other things are you fond of, Princess?"

As usual these last weeks, maybe even months, Robben's steps are slow and heavy as he makes his way into the salon. There's a servant in Ruxton colors following him, and the heir to the house is carrying a little bundle of clothing in his arms. "A good idea that we let your sister and mother sleep a bit, right?" Words spoken a little quietly to the bundle now. He hasn't noticed the others present yet.

Nimue arrives shortly after Robben, she too carrying a little bundle in her arms. It is Sir Fluffy who has been a constant companion to her and has gotten used to being held and lavished attention upon, most likely finding it fitting for such to be visited upon a knighted feline such as himself. Hearing Robben, she draws to a stop and looks around.

Aidan's attention lifts from Draventa, if only because people entering the Salon often do cause the eye to wander and seek out to whom one must greet next. Hazel eyes seem to brighten at once from underneath those sharp set of eyebrows, upon seeing not Robben, but the bundle in Robben's arm. "Robben," he stands from his seat, softly excusing himself to Draventa to properly address Robben, "Is that who I think it is?" His first grandson? Indeed. The proud smile he suddenly has on speaks volumes of how fondly he thinks of family, "You must join us and let me hold my grandson. How are you doing?" And etiquette is totally out the window. If Draventa doesn't already know of Robben and visa versa, the Duke is not offering introductions. Thus too, he notices Nimue not so far along behind him, "Lady Nimue-" he greets with a short clipped ending of her name, for the fact that she is carrying Sir Fluffy, making him grin with amusement, "I see you brought along your infamous knight with you and that he's doing his job efficiently."

Draventa's maid, Alice is standing and moves over to Drav, Who just waves the maid away. Alice doesn't seem to notice Aidan, or is ignoring the Duke, anyway. There's assassins afoot! And Daventa's frail! Drav just sines to the Duke, "I would love to paint your Lake Lily. It sounds beautiful." She'll shake her head and chuckles softly, "I wouldn't have many. My maid, the guards required."She'll shrug softly. MAybe she's naive and Alice is right for being worried. "I am usually happy with a book, tea, flowers. Soemthing to paint. Prince Cayden is going to take me sailing once the weather allows. Now that i am feeling better, i can't wait to get out onto a boat again." Drav's pale eyes turn to the new people, her head tilting at the bundles. she'll sit quietly as Aidan steps away to see the bundle. She'll smile to everyone, shifting to sit straighter to look at everyone better. And their bundles.

Pausing as he hears the greeting, Robben smiles, "Yes, it is." Looking back to the bundle and the little boy inside, he smiles, "Look, Josiah. There's one of your grandfathers. Shall we go speak with him?" Stepping the rest of the way over to Aidan, he also looks around at the noblewomen in the room, offering them both a polite nod. "Your Highness, My Lady," he greets them, before he smiles at Aidan. "Meet Josiah Robben Ruxton, your grandson. He was a bit restless, so I figured it was better to take him on a little walk and let Aemy and Mariana get some rest."

While Sir Fluffy is cute he has to admit defeat as baby ultimately does trump kitten. Mewing at the baby, he watches the going-ons for a moment before comforting himself in snuggling further into Nimue's arms where a nap will be had.

Nimue curtseys to all here, head bowed, everyone here given a respectfully-voiced hello and everything else to go with such. But, for as much as she tries not to let it happen, her attention returns to Aidan and not just here and there but does so quite often and lingeringly so. "You are old enough to be a grandfather?" She realized that Aidan is older than she is but not so much so that his children were old enough to sire offspring of their own, it being something of a surprise to her. The little baby is looked at and then she oooohs, cooing softly. "He is so adorable, isn't he," that asked of Draventa.

Oxley emerges from the hallway. He's dressed in fine leather pants and a button up shirt, looking a little dapper for a squire. His hair is a bit disheveled, but that's kind of the only way his hair ever is. He walks in, quickly nodding to everyone, and then quietly finds a seat near to Aidan.

"Then you shall-" is Aidan's response to Draventa's remark about the Lake Lily, the sigil that the Kincaid's wear no doubt, but much more radiant in life. To the matter of her entourage, he nods, "Of course, as many as you need to make you feel comfortable." That includes the ever worrisome Alice, to which gets another brief look. He's not standing there with any threats to the princess, so her continued suspicion of him earns another vague frown. "Books, teas, and flowers-" the man repeats, "You must surely come to Lakeshire now. The variety of teas we import seems endless and there never seems to be enough time to taste them all, and of course, we've a grand library in the Hold itself. My House is well educated and we have a prized collection of books in our library." Flowers, well, he already covered that one with the Lily, right? All temptations to have the princess truly consider a trip to Lakeshire. He smiles to her mention of boats, before he once again must see to the arrivals.
"May I?" he says to Robben as he's introduced to his grandson, looking to extend his hands to hold the boy if Robben allows it. Either way, he grins at the pudgy face of the infant, "A fine one, isn't he? I see his mother in him already." The admission from Nimue has the Duke suddenly give a warm chuckle for her sudden realization, "Indeed. I became Duke at seventeen, married at eighteen, had my first child a year later." He looks down to Josiah, grinning, "I was young when my family was started and so is my eldest daughter to follow me in that." His eldest son however, is another matter entirely.
He looks over at Oxley and nods to the rest of the room, "Have you all been formally introduced to one another?" He asks when he finally remembers that point, "I'm not sure if any of you have met my squire, Oxley Crawford." A look to the others, "Oxley, this is the Princess Draventa of Moniwid," a point to Draventa, then next to Nimue, "This is the beautiful Lady Nimue Forrester," a smug grin for that as he turns lastly to Robben, "And this is Lord Robben Ruxton, you remember him don't you? He wed to my daughter Aemy and this, is their first son, Josiah Ruxton."

Draventa tries to look at the baby bundle, but can't get high enough without standing. She looks pale, tired. So instead she'll lean back, and nod to Nimue. She's sure he is adorable. She'll cock her head at the Lady's bundle as well. Does everyone have ban-oh! A kitten! She'll smile a bit brighter. She should bring her Sir Nibbler down at some point… She'll chuckle at the Duke’s selling of his castle and nod, "I would love to. As long as everything permits, I would love to go." She'll offer the squire a nod of her head.

Robben smiles as he gently hands over the little boy, nodding a bit quietly. The boy seems a bit anxious at first as he's headed over to someone, but calms down after a few moments. "They both do," Robben replies to Aidan, with a smile. "At least it seems they've gotten the good looks from her. Hopefully they've gotten some good traits from their father as well." A nod and a smile to Oxley as well. "Lord Oxley, I hope you are well?" Smiling as he looks to the ladies again as well.

Oxley bows to the princess and Lady appropriately, and then gives Robben the appropriate nod. "I'd probably stay away from any tea, these days," he notes with a playful smile to Draventa when Aidan notes the tea in Lakeshire. He nods to Robben, "I am well, my Lord, thank you." He smiles, and then watches Nimue and the cat for a moment.

Nimue curtseys to Oxley before catching onto Draventa's brightening upon seeing Sir Fuzzy, her smile at how she does so coinciding with how Aidan's compliment of her makes her blush. "I would disagree with you on that," she murmurs to the Duke, "but I do believe my doing so would be met with an argument, so I shall refrain." Moving a chair closer to the princess, she sits next to her and whispers. "I do believe men are prone to flattery when they're…" They're what? Taken by a lady? That'd be very persumptuous of her to say so so she merely blushes harder and goes quiet.

Draventa blinks, looking slightly shocked that Oxley would even say that. Her eyes go down to the sketch book in her lap and she'll close it. She'll turn to regard Nimue, and then answers her back in as soft a voice, "I believe you are right. Be appreciative you have that." Her smile isn't condescending though. She's happy for the lady. Someone should be happy with flirting, right? the kitten now gets another glance.

Aidan seems to be a natural when it comes to handling babies, at least, comfortable with it. His first might've been otherwise different but now he's able to tuck in the lad against his forearm and chest, supporting the babe's head with the crook of his elbow. He'll sit back down once he has the babe in his arms, content to assess the little guy that will one day in the far future hold the Duchy of Weston. He grins over at Draventa, "Indeed, as long as it suits your schedule as well, your highness." And over toward Robben he'll add, "Of course they will Robben, no doubt they'll show it before long. Enjoy this time with them like this as you have it. It'll not be long before they're trying to hit you with sticks and sneak off to go skip stones in the river and wrestle in mud." He'll let Robben have a break, looking down at the babe, a tiny hand wrapping around Aidan's finger. The murmur toward him from Nimue only earns her a soft smile, suggesting she'd be right on the mark of argument. Oxley gets a fast look, "There is no reason to be suspicious of the tea."

The kitten is offered to the princess for her to hold if she'd like, that getting him to mew and peek an eye open at Draventa when he feels Nimue move him. "I am grateful," she explains, "but it is something I am not used to." It seems that it is something she's willing to return, however, used to it or not, as Aidan is looked at and smiled to often. Catching herself behaving in a manner her brother probably would not approve of, she looks quickly to Oxley and Robben.

Robben smiles as he watches Aidan and Josiah, keeping quiet for a while now. "I'm sure the teas are not that troublesome, after all," he remarks to Oxley, before he nods a bit at his father-in-law's advice, "Good advice," he replies, a bit quietly now.

Oxley shrugs, "I'm just saying, after what's happened here in the last couple days? I'm only drinking water." He smiles, and then closes his posture a bit, falling silent as he glances at Aidan, then to his own boots.

Draventa smiles and will take the kitten, "oh… Sir Nibbler and you wouldn't get along at all!' She seems pleased though to be holding the kitten, and will pat in in a way that shows she's not used to feline pets. The talk of tea has her shift in her seat more, but she keeps her eyes on the kitten now. the perfect distraction.

Aidan gives an exasperated look to Oxley, "Water can be as easily tainted Oxley. It matters not what you drink but who serves it and who was able to have access to it before it was presented to you. I believe that is why many of the nobility employee tasters to sample food and drink first before being served." He shakes his head, "Though I cannot say I've been up to date on what's happened, I did leave the city for a few days." He looks down at Josiah as he keeps his finger presented to the infant boy, wiggling the lad's arm a bit by moving his finger up and down, "He's got a firm grip already." A chuckle, a look given across to those in the room, gaze lingering on Nimue for her smiles are noted. Still, his attention is shared equally between those present, and more so to the babe in his arms. "In any case, not a pleasant discussion to have-" this said to Oxley and Robben, "-not in front of our esteemed guest from Moniwid." He watches Draventa with the kitten, case in point. "What other news have I missed in the last two days?" A look to Oxley, since the squire seems to be well versed in these topics.

Nimue is content to listen and watch although she is eventually moved to speak. "The Duke has the right of it, which saddens me to say." Shaking her head, then, she turns slightly and watches how Sir Fluffy bats at Draventa, trying to win her over with his charms. "I just hope answers can found and the guilty made to pay for their actions so we can rest at peace." Troubling times. Just hope their end will be reached swiftly.

Robben nods as he listens now, smiling at the mention of his son's firm grip, before he looks over to Nimue. "Hopefully that can be so, My Lady. It would be good with something closer to peace around here, after all." Expression a bit distant for a few moments now, as if he's considering something.

Draventa inhales, hoping no one asks her her opinion. She'll frown, not exactly sure how to play with the kitten and it's sort of attack. Instead she'll hold her hand out, still like she would for Sir Nibbler.

Nimue's words of hope for justice catches Aidan's attention, the logic inside of him bemoans the truth, "It would seem that we must fight for peace once again my Lady," and that doesn't seem agreeable to the Duke. War is never agreeable. "Though I'm certain we will achieve it again. The kingdom is full of good men," for now. He carefully moves the infant in his arms, before he moves to hand the child back to Robben, "You're most fortunate Robben. He is a strong healthy boy."

Oxley smiles at the handling of the child, and watches the others in the room for a moment. When he no longer really has anything to contribute, he moves to the floor beside Draventa and begins to play with the cat with her. Without pointing it out, he demonstrates for her how to tussle with the creature, smiling, and then nodding to encourage Draventa follow his lead.

Sir Fuzzy gets a tap on top of his head just as he is about to grab hold of a royal finger to nibble upon. "Behave," Nimue murmurs, eliciting a feline pout. "Don't let him get too out of hand. Feel free to flick him lightly on an ear or put him down if you need to." Nimue glances up at the men, their expressions as well as their responses taken to heart. "How much longer do you think it'll be before the war is returned to," she asks. Pausing, she glances at Aidan and adds with a sad smile, "You better take me on the walk before it has a chance to…"

Robben smiles, "I'm most fortunate yes. Two wonderful kids and an amazing wife, what more could I ask for?" He nods as he looks between the others for a few moments, although the mention of the war being returned to makes him grimace quite a bit, as he takes his son back from Aidan now.

Draventa's eyes go to the acquire in front of her and she'll try to follow his lead on how to play with the kitten. She'll nod to Nimue's words, "He's fine…The fault is mine. Playing with a kitten is very different than playing with a snake." Drav smiles softly as Oxley demonstrates more on how to keep the kitten's attention.

Aidan seems pleased to watch the kitten provide some entertainment for the Princess and evidently, his squire. Whatever keeps the squire out of trouble, he doesn't mind it. Passing the child back to Robben, he'll then retake a seat, first to Robben since that is a pleasant topic, "Not much more than that I'm afraid. That is perfection that most will be without." He'll find his mug of Chocola again and though it has cooled, he sips from it regardless. To Nimue, he responds, "It has started already, as our forces were charged to march to the Northern border even in the darkness of Inouv." He considers, "It'll only be a short while, so we indeed, have to enjoy the time we have now. Perhaps I can take you for a walk tonight, if you'd be willing?" No time like the present? Something like that.

Nimue nods and rises. Sir Fuzzy is looked at before she whispers to Draventa, "If you'd like, I can leave him here with you and you can take him back to our suite when he wears thin on your patience." And yes, that was 'when', not 'if' as kittens are so energetic and sometimes can wear thin on even the most patient of people's nerves. Looking to Oxley and Robben, she bobs a curtsey with a second given to the princess. "If you will please excuse us, but I would like to steal Duke Aidan away for a little while."

Oxley pauses mid-tussle with the cat, looking at Draventa with widened eyes, "A um… A snake?" He makes a little uncomfortable face, "Eeee." Returning to the cat, he scruffs it behind the ears. "You're way cuter than some creepy snake, aren't you? Aren't you? Yes you are…"

Smiling as he listens, Robben nods a little bit now. "I should head back to the suite with the little guy here," he offers, after a few brief moments of pause. "Take care, all of you." Starting for the door again now.

Draventa gives the lady a slightly amused smile but she nods, "Of course. Thank you." Her smile drops though, and she'll straighten. She's the Princess of the Rustles Isle. Their emblem is a snake. Drav's hand pulls away from the kitten in her lap, "Yes, Squire Oxley. A snake. They are magnificent creatures." There's a tone to the frail princess, almost one warning him to not argue.

Tonight, literally means now. Aidan seems a bit surprised but nevertheless is not going to refuse. He stands from his spot and looks at the others in the room, nodding politely to each in turn, "It's been a pleasure to see you again, Your Highness. Please do make time to come see us soon. You'll have to meet my sons." And there is a look to Oxley, nodding, as if to signal the lad can stay here and find out what's going on or just do as he pleases - night off? Maybe! To Robben, "Take care Robben. Wish my daughter well for me." And then, he'll turn to Nimue, presenting an arm to her, "Where am I being stolen to? I take it you have a place in mind you'd like to walk?" And he'll move out of the room with her, his free hand held against the small of his back.

The weather has taken a turn for the cold and it is even snowing again, making most places nice enough for a talk not exactly idea for conversation. "How about we walk the halls for a while, Your Grace? We can stay warm that way." Should still be intimate enough of a setting for the two to be able to speak a little bit more freely than they might be able to otherwise.

Oxley lowers his eyes at Draventa, "I apologize, Princess. I meant no disrespect." He withdraws his hand from the cat, and looks at Aidan, "Yes, Lord Duke, sir," he acknowledges to his knight. He just sits there then, kind of awkwardly.

Robben smiles, nodding as he makes his way out of the room. "I will," he offers to Aidan, before he disappears through the doors.

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