Nar 45, 228: Meet the Mayor

Meet the Mayor
Summary: After his morning ride, Lord Caedmon visits the inn to break his fast . He meets the new mayor of Stormvale. Logen makes a brief appearance but leaves hastily.
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Bards Tale Tavern, City of Stormvale
The Bard's Tale Tavern is where the locals come to drink, game, talk, and generally relax. The atmosphere in the main room is crowded, smoke-filled and noisy. In the southeast corner, to the right of the main door as you enter, is a large stone fireplace; on the other side of the door, a window shows the flickering torchlight from the village street. The furniture is coarse, yet comfortable; mostly plain wood, but a few of the chairs have upholstered seats. Hardly any of it has escaped the years unscathed, though; nearly every table, chair and barstool carries nicks, dents and stains, whether from bar fights or simply clumsy customers. The wooden floorboards are regularly swept clean.

At the far end of the room is a long bar, and on the wall over it a large, hand painted sign. Behind the bar you can see a door leading to the tavern kitchen. A staircase along the west wall leads up to guest quarters where weary travelers can rest and relax.

WEATHER: It is a summer morning. The weather is hot and drizzling. The planet Cri is not visible.

Nar 45, 228 2E

Servers are bustling around the inn to deliver meals, and a few drinks, to a crowd that consists of everything from day laborers who happen to have enough coin to afford a splurge at the inn, to shopkeepers, craftsmen, and travelers, to wealthy merchants and a few nobles who regularly visit the inn for food and other benefits. One man with distinctive red hair, wearing dark riding attire that gives no indication of his status in the society other than to suggest that he has enough coin to afford decent clothes, is settling at a table. He smiles to the server and orders, "Something simple, please. I've no need for anyone to make a fuss over me. Some fruit, chess, and a cup of tea would be fine." She curtsies deeply, perhaps the only indication to those unfamiliar with the man that he might be more than a commoner. Then the server urries to the kitchen to fill the order while the man glances around the room to see if he recognizes any faces.

One that usually has enough money is Zedd. Stepping into the establishment the mayore spots the distinctive looking man. Most likely knowing quite well who he is. Especially now that he is the mayor. It's his duty to know who all the royals and the higher ups are. So the new voice of the king, and former chancellor, is one that is easily recognized. Moving towards the man. "Excuse me, lord Caedmon is it? I am Zedarious Davriel, the rather new first citizen of Stormvale."

Caedmon is watching a stonemason at another table while the latter describes, in a loud voice and with vigorous gestures, a near tragedy that he witnessed at the quarry recently, much to the delight of the others at his table. The tale apparently involves another worker suffering from a 'wardrobe malfunction' while attempting to wrench a particular difficult chunk of stone from the quarry's face. He turns when Zedd speaks, and studies him for a moment. "Your honor," he greets cordially, and bows his head more than most nobles might upon meeting a commoner. "I congratulate you on your new position, although, from my own experience, I must warn you that new position might means new headaches." He chuckles. "Still, welcome!" He gestures to the chair across from him. "Would you care for something to eat or drink? And do you have business that we need to discuss? If so, I will make arrangements with the innkeeper to move to a private room upstairs."

Zedd chuckles and nods as he listens to Caedmon, only a brief look given to the stonemasons with a raise of his brow. Most likely causing some concern for the mayor. Turning back to the lord then. "Indeed, I do think it brings a lot of new things to deal with, being the mayor." He says and chuckles. Moving to join him. "Just something light is fine." He says. As for busines, he shrugs. "Not quite. Although it is good to be able to catch up with the voice of the king. Mostly it is just these few things that is going about. With the current tourney we are able to supply people nicely and those traveling here for the tourney are a good thing. The only worry is if we need more housing." He suggests.

Caedmon follows the mayor's gaze for a moment to the stonemason and his audience. The lord shakes his head. "He's harmless, a storyteller at heart although he works in the quarry." When the server returns with the order, Caedmon looks to her and gestures to indicate the mayor. "Bring a second plate of the same for his honor," he instructs. Then, turning his attention back to the official. "I have some business, but I'm sure that you've heard already. "There has been talk that Laniveer might attempt to lay siege to the city and the castle. I've arranged for Greenshire to send archers to help us with defense. Some will be coming here to work with your watch."

Zedd nods, "Mostly I worry about if there has happened things. As it could affect and delay for the city is all. IF they are recent events. As long as nothing too terrible is going on there it should be fine." He says and smiles. "Thank you." He offers about getting a plate. Nodding a bit. "I understand. I do believe we can do little in way of construction in time for an assault. But I am sure that we can make sure that it is hard to set down anywhere." He suggests. "IF they come by sea that is. As for any other way I am sure walls and so forth will help in keeping them away perhaps."

"They will come by sea, if all that we have heard well," Caedmon explains. "I personally hope that they will think better of it and turn back. Laniveer broke what peace we had by expelling our ambassador." He sips some of the tea before considering which piece of the fruit from the assortment to taste first. "I should remind you, too, that if the city needs our aid, you should not hesitate to seek it." He glances to the bar before he selects a strawberry and adds, "I have considered that with the city growing so much, we establish some regular communication between city and castle, so that you do not need to send a courier with each parchment that requires our attention. I would like to arrange for some trustworthy person to hold routine messages. We would send a courier to that person at appointed times during the day to carry those messages to the castle." He looks up when the server returns with the mayor's plate of fruit and cheese, and nods to her. Returning his attention to the mayor, he asks, "What do you think?"

The tavern, a place Logen has not been in sometime. Not since he returned home at the bottom of a flask, and caused all that trouble. He's kicked the desire to drink, but it's a true show of his abstinance from alcohol to be able to walk into a tavern and remain for a time. Logen moves to the bar and takes a stool. The barkeep slides down to lean across from the prince, "Your highness, what'll it beh?" he asks as politely as he knows how. "Water, plain water… please. Something to eat, bread and soup if you have it." Logen's rather boring order getting a slightly furrowed brow, but the barkeep moves off to fill the prince's request. Logen's gaze is intense, and introspective as he stares silently at the wall down the length of the bar.

Zedd nods, "I am not a stretigal military man. Though I believe in wishing for safety one would wish to make it hard for them to set land before we attack. Which means probably them having to go into a hole of some kind. I do think that the crown prince will know how to do, being the marshall now. The running of the city I can deal with. And making sure of rations. All of that is what I can offer." He assures the man. As it goes to the city in general he nods. "That sounds good. I am sure we could find someone suitable for such a task." He suggests and smiles. Glancing as the prince steps in. Offering a nod to him.

"I don't expect you to do everything, your honor, but assuring rations for the city will go a long way. I've spoken to the royal physician and the vice-chancellor about seeing that the healers in the city have all that they need for this situation," Caedmon elaborates. He, too, glances toward the door and sees Logen. The prince is far enough away so that no bows of acknowledgment are necessary, but Caedmon does call to the man, "Your highness! If you would like, you are welcome to join us. We are breaking our fast and discussing the city's disposition in case problems arise." He nods to indicate two empty chairs at his small table.

Zedd just nods as Logen leaves. Then looking to Caedmon. "That is quite good. I will be sure that contact will be kept between the city and the castle." He assures him. "Though I am afraid I should take my leave as well." He says and sighs. Tasting a bit more. "I will be sure to meet you again soon." He tells him and offers a hand before he will leave.

Caedmon stands and bows to the mayor before shaking the man's hand. "It is enough, your honor," the nearly royal noble answers. "I look forward to speaking to you again, and remember that you are welcome at the castle when there is need. I hope that your day will be good."

Zedd nods, "Of course. Thank you. Be well." He offers before turning to leave. "And you can find me in the city hall." He assures the lord.

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