Nar 23, 228: Mastering Chivalry

Mastering Chivalry
Summary: He has come to ransom his horse and armor back from Sir Symon, but Ruthgar gets more than he has bargained for.
OOC Date: 26/07/2013 (OOC)
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Symon Ruthgar 
Knight's Chantry
The common room of the Knights Chantry is fairly spacious, but still feels cluttered. Used for planning, meetings, and tactical deployment, there's tables of various size located throughout the room, each crammed with chairs. The walls are covered with 4 hangings, the map of the countryside being the largest by far. The other three are a bulletin board, a duty roster and a room listing. In one corner is a human sized maniquin wearing the prescribed Guard uniform.

Various numbered doors lead off of here, leading to private or semi-private rooms for the Guards. The Listing shows which rooms are occupied and by whom. In the north wall a heavy oak door is marked Armoury, while the west wall has a door marked Cells, and another marked Office. The south wall is largely open to the archway leading back to the practice room.

Nar 23rd, 228

A letter

A servant in red and black livery delivers a letter to Symon.

Dear Lord of Hardin,

I would gladly negotiate the ransom of my tourney armor and my fine destrier Nightshade. I am sure you have already noticed they are both of high quality, which will grant you a considerable sum that will reflect their worth to the fullest.

Please do let me know if you are agreeable to this, and I will send some servants over to collect them, in return for the sum in question.

Lord Ruthgar Ambrose Ruxton.

Its reply

The Servant is held for a moment and given a verbal message to return, "Tell Lord Ruxton that I have no cause to want to inspire animosity - Sess was gracious in inspiring my debut, and I very well may be at the point of his lance next tournament. His animal is magnificent, and it and his equipment can be returned to him for half of what he is offering. I'm sure he will find that agreeable?" The servant might also point out that Symon didn't seem to want to put down what he was working on, and asked that the message be read to him, before he responded to it.

As it wasn't that long ago since the messenger was sent back, Symon probably hasn't moved much, beyond getting up to grab a mug of something that obviously isn't water. He's taken up one end of a table and has the breastplate he was wearing just a few days ago sitting in front of him. With a couple of tools in hand, it would appear that he's working on some detail with the Kilgour crest, occassionally stopping to tap at it with the mallet in one hand…generally fairly oblivious to the goings and comings in his area. For the time being, he has the main hall to himself. Not for long!

Indeed. Into the Knight's Chantry steps a man, a noble upon first sight because he isn't wearing any armor but a tunic of red and black and black breeches, certainly of quality fabric and competent making. At his belt hangs his sword in a scabbard, and this alongside the surefooted step with which he enters give away he is indeed a knight - although not of the prestigious order of the Rioga. Pale grey eyes scan the hall and narrow a touch as they come to rest on Symon, yet Ruthgar's face does not give much away about what is going on inside of him - apart from a certain pride which is natural for a son of a Duke perhaps.

Two servants follow in his wake, but when the Ruxton chooses to approach the hammering recently knighted commoner, they choose to stay behind and wait for their master's orders. "Sir Symon," Ruthgar greets, his voice smooth, his mouth even twitching a little upwards at one side. His gaze drops to the breastplate with mild curiosity before it returns to the other knight. "I hope I don't disturb you, sir. But after receiving your… modest reply to my letter I decided that I better pay you a visit. To settle things personally."

Symon blinks and looks up when his name is mentioned, "Lord Ruxton." The hammer and chisel are set down as he rises to his feet, "I hope the terms are agreeable - I have no interest in being unreasonable. Please…have a seat if you like? Forgive the armor, I was attempting to fix a small detail from a hit I took." He offers a faint, welcoming smile and guestures toward one of the empty chairs, "There is wine and mead if you are thirsty."

The polite greeting has Ruthgar arch a brow, and he studies Symon with even more curiosity for a moment before he finally moves to accept the invitation. On the way to the offered seat he hesitates and walks over to the table where a flagon of wine and several cups are standing at the ready, and he takes his time to pour himself, all of his attention on the blood red wine that fills the cup in his hand. Turning towards Symon he replies: "I am impressed, Sir. With your modesty and manners. Where others would relish in their triumph, you seem not at all corrupted by it." The other side of his mouth moves upward as well now, as he raises the cup for a toast and then he lowers himself into the offered seat. "I wonder… Where has a man of common birth such as you learned to carry yourself like this? It seems as if chivalry is something you have already mastered." His grey eyes look at Symon, curiously and assessing. The breastplate is ignored for now.

Symon is quiet for a moment at the question, not immediately retaking his seat, while those thoughts digest. Finally he does sink back into a chair, reaching out to run his fingers along the mug that's been sitting beside his work, while a faint smile creases his features, "I would not presume anything about you specifically, Lord Ruxton, but I have seen that neither the nobility nor the common man has the lion's share of either chivalry or reprehensible behavior." There's just a moment of pause before he offers an explanation, "I am a blacksmith's son. My father believes how you are born is no excuse for your behavior. And when you grow up knowing your blacksmith father is going to tan your hide if he catches you being a little snot, it gets into your head. Another Lordship might have had tutors or lessons, I had…Smith Farrow's leather strap."

Ruthgar leans back in his seat, his gaze wandering for a moment about the hall, lingering a little on his servants at the far side. His smile diminishes a touch as he hears what Symon has to say, but not completely. "You are in a way right, Sir. Although I don't fully agree with you. Of course. There are examples of nobles forgetting about the rules of chivalry, aye. But each knight undergoes a training and learns to respect the rules, or he will never become one. But there are even more examples of common scum, mistreating others. Their women, their children. The kind that will attack other people for money - These are people without honour. You will surely agree with me on that, I suppose, Sir Symon."

The Ruxton takes another sip of the wine and gives alight shrug. "We don't have to argue about one thing though. I owe you an apology, sir, for the way I behaved at the tourney. I fear I got a bit carried away, to fling my helmet down like that. And I… have failed to offer you my gratulations on your knighting." His jaw sets a little, and his pale grey eyes flit downwards to the cup in his hand. "I mean… a knight of the Rioga… You have taken a huge step in so little time… Quite an achievement."

Symon shakes his head slowly, "Your brother fought and lost before your fight. I am sure he looked to you to redeem the house on the field. The moment is easily forgiven - I suspect sooner or later I will have a moment of weakness of my own. After all, I've only been noticed for a week now, yes?" He smiles brightly at that for a few seconds, which then fades at the comment about his achievement. The mug is finally picked up, a significant portion of the mead killed before he sets it back down, "It is a large adjustment. I have had to locate a steward to help me with those things other Lords and Ladies have probably been learning since they were very little."

"Congratulations on your knighting, Lord of Hardin. And what a spectacular way of starting your new life as a knight of the Rioga, by winning the tourney.", Ruthgar replies, raising his cup to Symon. "After all, I was defeated by a knight whom no other could best on that day." The smile is back, although moderate. Hearing the Rioga's remark about adjusting, the Ruxton's gaze turns slightly pensive. "Oh, certainly. There are other arts to knighthood besides the ability to carry a sword. Like music, for instance." He hesitates, casting Symon a perceptive glance. "And literacy as well."

Symon mms softly at the first comment, lowering his voice, "I have a feeling Sess was granting me a day. The next tournament I am sure I will fare much more…roughly. After all, the previous victor becomes the one everyone wishes to defeat, yes?" When music is brought up, it looks like Symon might even respond, but then he gets a look at literacy is spoken about. Symon goes quiet for a moment, studying Ruthgar's face, then slowly nods his head, "A great number of skills the common man would have little use for become suddenly necessary when a man is elevated to station."

Ruthgar's face does not give much away, when Symon studies it. It may be tiny things, like the hint of a smile in combination with a friendly gleam that has entered those usually expressionless pale grey eyes. No, it does not seem that the Ruxton is about to mock him because he can't read and write. Instead he continues: "I trust you will have tutors. The best, certainly for a hero such as you. But believe me, tis but a trifle, and you will master all these new challenges sooner than you thought. It's the other skills you already have, that have secured you this position, sir. The sword, the lance, riding and chivalry. And bravery, too." The Ruxton drains his cup, offering Symon an encouraging smile. "Most try for all of their life to master them - and fail."

Symon licks his lips lightly as he listens, and whatever tension might have arisen when it seemed like he might get called out slowly subsides, "I would welcome any recommendations you have to make, Lord Ruxton. You have far more experience than I. At the moment, I am simply grateful I was able to present a strong showing and validating the honor His Majesty bestowed. It could have been a bit of a disappointment to be eliminated in the first round, and I would not have wanted to reflect poorly on my leige." Again, he pauses for a moment, then asks, "Your family and house possesses a sizable claim, do they not? Surely more than one man, even yourself, is able to keep eyes on constantly. Have you any advice to impart on the subject of stewardship?"

"Then it was good for something, wasn't it?", Ruthgar replies with a light chuckle. "But… now that you have made such a magnificient entree into the world of nobility, I am sure I have your leave to unhorse you in our next tilt? As I hope you will give me revanche…?" He seems to quite at ease now, the smile genuine as if he were actually enjoying the conversation. His good spirits diminish only slightly when he is asked about his family. "Sir Symon, my father may be the Duke of Weston, but that does not mean I have any knowledge of the kind…" he admits with a light shrug of his shoulders, leaning slightly forward as he speaks. "My brother Robben is the heir, though. And it is he who can offer some advice on this subject, not I. As he has always had an urge for knowledge, and read many a book. Whereas I… spend my time usually in the practice yard."

For a moment, Symon's expression broadens to a grin, "I will look forward to hearing the 'ooo, Ruxton got him back for that last showing, didn't he?' from the gallery. And if the practice yard is the more familiar domain, then perhaps I will catch you out there as well. My work with a sword is not up to the same standard I have seen from the rest of the Rioga, so I should take advantage of the time I do have. Thank you for the advice. While I did not meet him on the field, I will have to hunt your brother down and introduce myself more personably."

"Splendid, Sir Symon. I look forward to it. And should be very honoured to spar with you." Ruthgar replies with a smirk before he leans back again in his seat, one hand reaching up to run through his dark brown curls. "Alas,… to unhorse you I would need back my horse… By the Four, I almost forgot why I've come here in the first place." Looking a little surprised at himself, the Ruxton knight rises. A hand moves to his belt, to unfasten a leather pouch. "Accept this ransom for my horse and armour, sir. I trust I'll find Nightshade safely in the stables? And pray tell me, where my servants can collect that tourney armour of mine." With these words he leans forward to offer the seated Symon the amount that the Rioga had suggested in his reply.

Symon sits up when the conversation gets put back on the original track, chuckling under his breath. The pouch is accepted as he rises to his feet, "Actually, I can send the Squire to lead one of your men to it now, if you wish to collect it. As I mentioned to the Mystery Knight's representative, I have no wish to keep a talented warrior from his horse or equipment." He doesn't really wait for an answer - instead he whistles and lifts his voice, "Evan! Nap is over. Come show Lord Ruxton's servant where his armor is."

"Aye, so true. Knights such as I get their steeds and armor back,… and you gather a bit of wealth, that you can surely use, Sir." Ruthgar grins and inclines his head in a nod to Symon's proposal. "That would be nice." A swift movement of his hand and both his servants move forward, bowing to the Rioga in greeting. "Accompany that squire - Evan - and bring the armor back to my quarters." The gentle tone of his voice has changed into that slightly harsher tone of a noble used to command his servants about. But only for as long as he addresses them. Turning back to Symon he inclines his head, with a friendly smile. "I thank you for the wine and for the conversation, Sir. It has been a pleasure. But now I will leave you, as I have kept you from your work on that breastplate for too long. May the Light be with you."

Symon offers a bow of his head in return, glancing over when Evan emerges, indicating the two servants he is to lead, before turning his attention back to Ruthgar, "I am happy to delay my work for such conversation, Lord Ruxton. Thank you for your time and your insight on a great many things. I will be looking forward to catching you on the field, practice or otherwise." With that said, he steps back to let the man and his servants get on with their business, picking his mug up to finish off the mead.

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