Umbra 11, 228: Marvelous News

Marvelous News
Summary: On the Morning after the return of the Mobrin ships, Princess Emerit pays King Callem a visit.
OOC Date: 23/10/2013 (OOC)
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Emerit Callem 
Royal Suite One, Darfield Castle
This sitting room is large and airy, with large windows overlooking the sea. The floors are a burnished oaken hard wood, with small place rugs accenting various parts of the room. The walls have been paintd a gentle blue green, with a tapestry depicting each of the major areas of the kingdom on display. Wall sconces and taper candles have been placed strategically around the room. The furniture is all dark hardwood and marble stone, with dark forest green velvet cushions and gold accents.
Beneath the windows, there is a sitting area, with a small green rug beneath a cozy, well cushioned bench for two and a small sidetable. Potted plants have been placed to get the best benefit of the windows' light and give a small air of privacy to the window seat. In the center of the room, there is a larger sitting area with two comfy armchairs, a large couch and even a rocking chair. A central table has been set up to hold snacks or cards, as required. Against one wall, a stately buffet and hutch contains crystal drinkware as well as some of the best alcohols that money can buy. One corner contains a small library, several shelves with books by a small desk and chair and the opposite corner has several musical instruments and sheet music, by a stand and a couple chairs. There are several doors, leading to a variety of locations, including the Royal Dining Room and out to the hall.
11th day of Umbra, in the year 228

It is a late morning at Darfield Castle, and with all the bustle of the early hours already having faded into the lazy tranquility of a day that is almost nearing noon, a small procession is on its way to the Royal chambers. The group is led by a fiery haired young maiden of no more than 16 summers, clad in an elegant dress of sombre dark blue, showing little adornment apart from a snake embroidery about her waistline. She is followed by a ripe woman in Kilgour colours - the chaperone - and a shy slender handmaiden with a rather plain face. Not to mention the two Kilgour guards that follow in the three females' wake.

The Moniwid princess beams when she finally reaches a certain door, and grinning at the two other Kilgour guards doing duty there she inclines her head. "Tell his Royal Majesty that Princess Emerit wishes to see him most urgently.", she says with an amused voice as her sparkling green gaze moves from her chaperone to the guardsmen. A rolled piece of parchment is held in her left hand most carefully, as if it were the greatest imaginable treasure.

The guards seem too overwelmed by Emerit's request to object, or maybe even put under some spell by her sparkling eyes. However, one of them opens the door after a knock, to vanish inside of the chambers for a moment.

"Please, let her in." Callem tells his guards as soon as company has been announced. His expression, as it is usual, is mostly calmed. The rampant griffin of his new coat of arms stands proud on his chest, shining in gold over the black doublet he wears. His hair falls lazily and a little messy, but his gaze is striking and direct. Still, there is warmth when he personally greets the newcomers.

"Your highness." he stands and performs a respectful bow, as respectful as it is proper to a Princess. "It is an honor to have you here today. How have you fared? Please, come in and take seat. Excuse me if I wasn't expecting you, or the chambers would be more, let's say, organized." he chuckles softly, sitting again on his oak chair.

The Mist of the Island enters the room with the fragile grace of the young princess she is, setting her feet most carefully as if following some pattern of a dance. Still, when she arrives before the King she lowers herself into a deep curtsey almost without any effort, holding onto that scroll while her hands are busy smoothening her skirts. "You Royal Highness.", she greets, the good spirits threatening to break out of her in a delighted chuckle. "I… beg your forgiveness, but I had to seek you out right away." The handmaiden and the chaperone have entered just after the princess, but they prefer to keep to the background after offering the deep curtsey as required.

The King of Mobrin shakes his head, wearing a smile that only grows as he does. "Forgiveness? I am the one who should beg you for it." the smile is amiable and soft. "I know our relation started in not the best terms. And I know that the truth was always by your side. So, before we start our audience, I want to ask you to forgive me, and my Kingdom, for any harm we may have done." the gaze of the sovereign flashes for a moment, before it disappears in a slow nod. "You have helped us, and we will always be thankful. As I told you, time ago, Your Highness, Mobrin is a Realm which holds gratitude to its friends. And now, what brought you here in such a haste? I only expect it was, perhaps, for the good news that have reached our shores?"

Emerit shakes her head a little, but probably not because the words of the King do not find her consent, no, her fiery red locks seemed to have developed a will of their own when she made her way over here with a bit of haste perhaps. Right now she needs to shake her hair back in place, a strange gesture of a foreign bastard princess indeed. "Forgive you, your royal highness?", she replies cheerfully. "Why should I, when I was indeed as fooled as yourself and the rest of the court of a most capable Snake indeed." Her laughter ripples through the room and when her moss green eyes come to rest on the King she lowers her head as her mood seems to darken momentarily. "It seems my brother persued a cunning plan, and it seemed to work out in the end. While I was almost tricked into agreeing to a folly that would have worked so completely against what my brother's plans…"

But then her head is raised again, and Emerit shoots Callem a triumphant glance. "He saved the navy of Mobrin, at least some of it, I hear. Ships of my home escorted the remaining ships back here! And brought me a letter, your Royal Highness." It is now that the scroll is held out in the King's direction, yet it is not quite clear whether the Moniwid intends that the King will read it. "A letter. From his Royal Highness, Grand Duke Mantilo Moniwid!"

"Still." Callem offers in the prelude of a little new laugh, "How good does it speak of a King who is so easily tricked? In my favor, I must say I was tricked by the best, a snake itself, so there is no dishonor in that. Or so I do hope." the laugher makes its appearance, joining that of the Princess. "Your people saved our ships. When we thought we would never see those sailors again. The wood can be put in place, once more, but what you saved was the lives of many brave people, new reunited in the fire of their homes. And, a letter, you say? Would you mind if I ask you, where is the Grand Duke? I would like to extend him my gratitude, personally. There will be feast and celebration in his honor, as it is needed for the return of a honorable King." his hand extends to receive the parchment, and takes a moment to read its contents.

Emerit chuckles, as now her good spririts get the best of her, finally. "My brother is on Rustles Island, your Royal Highness, where our healers are taking care of the wounded. They will soon be sent home as well, as my brother assures me." Now unrolling the parchment, the Bastard Princess lets her moss green eyes flit over the letter once more before she looks up, beaming as she hands the King the letter. "And he expresses his wish to pay Castle Darfield a visit soon - to discuss an alliance, Your Most Royal Highness!" Her enthusiasm now clearly showing in her rosy cheeks and proud stance, the Moniwid, whirls about in her wild manner thast she has suppressed for so long. "Isn't that marvelous news?"

The Letter:

My dearest Emerit,

Finally, I have time to answer to your letters, but I hope, there are no need of answers, because now, everything is known.

I hope you remember, how our father used to tell, that we need to make our enemies our friends, just to bite in the right place. I was really happy to help for the Mobrin's ships in the battle, finally, making these Laniveers suffer more from surprised attack. Also, I do hope you understand my silence, which was very important, but from now on, I hope everything will change.

I do hope that you could arrange a meeting between me and the King of Mobrin. You know, that I never change my mind. If I once showed interest in alliance, I try to reach it. At first, the King was not interested, but now, I am sure they are proved, that they are in the need of alliance with us.

Now, we are trying to help for the people of Mobrin and Aberdeen, who had to face quite a bad results, though the healers, I brought, are doing a great job, as they should, and people soon will be able to travel back home. Would be nice to pay a short visit for you and the King, just to finally discuss and sign the alliance.

Your loving,
The Grand Duke of Rustless Island.

The enthusiasm of the King is present as well, vibrant and unconfined. "Most marvelous news, are these!" he nods in agreement and joy. "Darfield will be waiting for him. And I am sure an alliance would benefit both parts greatly. He will have the best attention, only comparable to the one you will have. Moniwids will be received, from now on, like our brothers and as such will be welcomed. Just, next time, don't forget to inform us first of your… surprises." Callem offers teasingly and reassures his voice for the last bit. "Thank you again, Your Highness. This will never be forgotten."

"I will write him at once, then, your Royal Highness.", Emerit replies, finally remembering her manners as she smoothens her skirts that have given her some sort of wild look indeed. Yet that sparkle in her eyes remains as she lowers herself into a curtsey. "And I wish I had known of the plan - and put more trust into my brother's character. So this wasn't my surprise. Rather his. I will leave you now, to write that letter. The Moniwid ships can take it with them on their way back home…" The Mist turns and moves towards the door, her chaperone and maid already joining her, yet she pauses and turns for a moment before she leaves through the door that leads outside. "You know, it is I that needs to thank you. For your gracious hospitality, King Callem." Is there a spark of mischief in her green eyes, when she says that? Who can tell? Soon after that remark she has vanished. Just like the Mist of the Island.

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