Thedor 14, 229: Market Street Confrontation

Market Street Confrontation
Summary: Airysse and Avi meet by coincidence on Market Street, and with Vuk being her employer and the captive Avi brought to Stormvale, their conversation becomes a bit unpleasant.
OOC Date: 14/01/2014 (OOC)
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Airysse Avi 
Market Street, City of Stormvale
Closer to the river, a bustling circle of shops big and small, hawkers, and tradespeople has grown into a full fledged grand market. This little area has become known as the Market Place, and is where most, if not all, buying and selling in Stormvale takes place. Interesting aromas and sounds are known to come from this area, as it's also where a lot of the crafting takes place. Small stalls and carts are interspersed wherever there is room around more permanent buildings and even pavillions set up for special events. Rumour has it there is a thriving black market here, if you know who to talk to.
14th day of Thedor, 229

It is an afternoon on a cold and fair winter day just like many others in the Market Street of Stormvale. Despite the chill, a lot of merchants have set up their stands and are wrapped in warm cloaks of wool or even fur, while the place is reasonably filled with potential customers - nobles and commoners alike. Somewhere next to a stand with a grumpy old fellow sporting a white beard stands Airysse, some strands of red hair stick out here and there beneath the hood of her brown woollen cloak of good quality, a cloak that is wrapped tightly around her, allowing only occasional glimpses of a grey dress she wears below. In her hand is a bundle, its contents not revealed as of yet, as she engages in a conversation with the merchant at a low volume, casting an glance now and then over her shoulder.

Avi enjoys his time out of the palace, as for one thing he doesn't have a Kilgour guard on him out in the streets. He only has one man with him, a small non-descript looking man who looks more beaurocrat than body guard, despite the fact that Avi wears some expensive gold pieces. He has a warm cloak clasped at his shoulders as he moves casually through the market. He seems in no rush, stopping at a booth here and there to check over the wares being offered. He occassionally whispers something to the man who walks behind him, but most of the time he simply chats with the vendors, asking questions about the offered wares.

Airysse's attention is distracted momentarily from her current negotiation, as she spots the strange nobleman with one of her occasional glances. Shifting her weight a little from one leg to the other she turns a touch, enough to study the man and those gold pieces he is showing off. Her head may even tilt a little to the side as she watches the noble curiously, his companion however is almost ignored. Should Avi return her gaze, she will hastily turn away and continue her transaction with the grumpy old man at the stand.

Avi does catch the look in his direction and offers a smile to the woman as he makes his way closer to her direction. He even purchases the odd item here and there, though his purchases seem totally random. He again whispers something to the man at his shoulder, but he does not appear to be too alarmed at the girl's attention. He actually chuckles when the man whispers something back to him. They both seem relaxed and at ease, even though they are definitely out of place in Mobrin.

Did her cheeks colour a little when Airysse sees that smile? No, she appears a bit pale indeed when she turns her back deliberately to the foreigner, the grip of her hand tightening around that bundle, and her breath may go a little quicker, as Avi approaches. Her conversation with the merchant continues in a low muffled tone still, but then a wink to him, accompanied by a quick and charming smile, and the man finally nods, his grumpy look suddenly changing into a smile as well. "Well, I'll tell you, I wouldn't pay half the price if he had come here 'imself, but I can't say nay to a lovely lass as you now, can I?" He accepts the bundle, checks its contents discretely and nods again. "Done, Miss Airysse." A certain amount of money is counted and handed to the redhead, before it is quickly stowed away in a pouch, and she replies: "It's always a pleasure doing business with you, Master Rodrik." Her tone all charming indeed. Alas, some of that charm fades when she turns to look at Avi again, if he should happen to have arrived by the stand by then. Her blue eyes will linger on him for a moment. "G'day." The greeting is offered casually, still there is a bit of caution in her gaze.

Avi gives Airysse a perfectly charming smile as he steps towards her when she turns away from the vendor, "Good day to you Mistress. How are you doing this fine day?" Well Avi is not one to allow someone who is uncomfortable with his presence to just walk away. He doesn't work that way. No, he prefers to get right in front of them and try and force them to chat with them… especially when he has no idea why they are uncomfortable with his presence. Even as a child he could never just leave well enough alone… why would anyone think that would change when he was an adult.

The corners of Airysse's lips twitch a touch upwards at the greeting. "Aye, a fine day it is.", she replies, looking him over in a way that may appear impertinent to some, and flattering to others. "You're not from these lands, and apparently a man who's spent most of his life at sea. Don't ask how I know. I just know." She chuckles, as her tension leaves her, at least for a moment. "Not too many foreign sea men in town, at the moment. And as you aren't that charming Moniwid Admiral,… You must be the man who brought M'lord Vuk back home." Aye, get right in front of him. She can do that too. Airysse stands there, one hand resting on her side, with a confidence and maybe a bit of indignation as well. Her chin lifted a touch as her hood drops from her head, revealing her red hair that is worn in a braid, even though some strands have escaped it and frame her comely face.

Avi chuckles softly, offering a mock bow, "I am a man of the sea, and you are correct that I am not from Moniwid. I also did indeed return the young Lord to Mobrin. Avi Rendann, Ambassador to the Finger Isles, brother to Lucan Rendann current ruler of the Isles, at your service Mistress." He pauses a moment, "I take it you are acquainted with Lord Alesky." He seems amused if nothing else. He is completely relaxed, apparently unconcerned that you might do him harm. A smirk pulls at his lips as he regards you.

"At my service?" Airysse cannot help but chuckle. "I doubt that, your lordship. Or is it highness?" Her amusement fades a touch, as she notices her clumsiness in addressing Avi. "I'm Airysse. Airysse Grafton. And aye I am acquainted with Lord Aleksy, as I work for him. I'm the caretaker of his manor here in town." The glance she shoots him is curious, and she probably does not intend to do him any harm anyway. Her lips finally curve into something close to a smile when she notices his amusement. "What's so funny, your highness?", she inquires, the tone lacking the appropriate submissiveness. He may be royalty, but foreign royalty. Still, she seems much less unfavourable now than a few moments ago.

Avi chuckles softly, "Lord is fine. I know how your people are with titles so I know you must use one… So Lord or Ambassador, either works. I prefer to not use a royal title if at all possible Mistress Grafton." He pauses a moment, "I suppose my amusement comes in that you are the first person to actually speak to me regarding Lord Alesky, outside of the Crown Prince. Somehow I find that amusing." Avi tries to know everything happening in his brother's courts and he knows the spies from the other houses watch carefully too. The lack of knowledge of many of the nobles in Mobrin gives him chuckles. "I would apologize for the obvious trouble your employer is going through, but seeing as how he could have avoided his current fate I can find very little sympathy for his plight."

"Lord Avi," Airysse nods before her blue eyes cloud for a moment, when she hears Avi's comment about noone actually having addressed the matter of her employer apart from Tyrel. "Maybe,… they think it would bother you." She snorts. Nobles. "M'lord Vuk is not the court flatterer type, as you may have noticed. He lacks your… slippery finesse, perhaps." A bold insult to a royal, coming from her commoner self? Airysse doesn't seem to bother at all. Even so, Avi's arrogance of bearing finally manages to ruffle her feathers once again. "Is this a message you want me to convey to my lord, Ambassador? Your lack of sympathy with his fate?" Her arms cross before her and she shifts a little, her gaze rather cold as is the tone of her voice.

Avi arches a brow up, "No, I just think they have no idea that he exists, and hence no idea that the situation exists." Avi's eyes go cold and he leans down closer to you, his voice lowering so that only you can hear him, "You can tell your Lord whatever you like. I don't know what you know, but he fired first on my ship. I lost a ship and sailors. And for my mercy in return his sailors and him to Mobrin without a scratch on a single one of them, I took a lashing from my King. So do not think Mistress that I will ever have sympathy for him. He should bow down and kiss my feet that I did not leave him in the hands of my brother, who wanted to crucify him naked to his mast and sail his ship back into Mobrin's port. You want a message… tell him to count his blessings that he survived and that he will face Mobrin's justice and not the justice of the Finger Isles." With that he steps back, sweeps a mocking bow, his eyes never leaving that cold demeanor, "Have a good day Mistress." That said he turns on his heels and starts heading off through the Market Place.

There is an angry flicker in those blue eyes at Avi's first remark, and for a moment it seems Airysse will give a heated reply, but just in time she remembers to hold her tongue, lowering her gaze as the foreigner leans closer to her to offer those words at a lower volume. There - suddenly all colour seems to leave her rosy cheeks, whatever hint there was of a playful smile completely gone from her features. She may have heard the story already, or nothing at all. Her gaze as she raises it again to meet the cold stare of Avi is pained indeed, as it suddenly becomes clear she has all the sympathy for her lord that the foreigner is lacking. Still, she bites her lip, forcing her reply down, before she aswers his mock bow with a mock curtsey of her own, in silence. He is already heading away from her when the words come without thinking - proud words that will be almost too low for him to hear. "He'll never bow down and kiss your feet. Or he wouldn't be Lord Vuk." Her gaze follows Avi until he has vanished, then Airysse will walk away as well. Whether she will deliver Avi's message or not, remains to be seen.

Avi just has to call one thing over his shoulder in answer to your words as he walks off, "And they call me arrogant."

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