Grand Duke Mantilo Moniwid
Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill as Grand Duke Mantilo Moniwid
Full Name: Grand Duke Mantilo Moniwid
Age: 24
Kingdom: The Great Duchy of Rustles Island
House: Moniwid
Position: Grand Duke of the Great Duchy of Rustles Island
Place of Birth: The Great Lake Hall
Father: Grand Duke Radino Moniwid (deceased)
Mother: Grand Duchess Annya Moniwid nee Aberdeen
Siblings: Sisters: Princess Benigne Moniwid, Princess Draventa Moniwid. Brother: Prince/High Admira Gilld Moniwid. Bastard sister: Princess Emerit Moniwid
Spouse: None
Children: None

The Grand duke of the Great Duchy of Rustles Island


Mantilo Moniwid born as a second child of the House of Moniwid family, but as a first son. This was the verdict of his destiny. Even if his father was quite lustful and crazy man, who cared just about games and fun, young boy was given to the tutors and everyone hoped that he will grew up in a more wiser ruler, than his father.

A lot of attention for Mantilo Moniwid gave his father‘s sisters and brother. They taught him royal manners and tried to form system of his values. His aunt Danarja was a priestess, with a huge and kind heart. Lady Inna was a Steward and very rational individual. Mantilo‘s uncle sir Leland was not just a perfect High Admiral, till Gilld grew up, but he was also a perfect knight, who knew how to dance with a sword. Of course tutors was chosen the best too. If we believe, that a person always excels his tutors, Mantilo had to grew up just perfect.


Actually, this almost happened. He learned all the necessary skills for the Grand Duke. Boy swayed with his sword straight, his mind was sharp and he knew how to control his temper. Until his father decided to take the boy to the Sea. They spend a whole year on the ship, playing, drinking and the boy, being just 16 years old had his first woman in a random whore house. Such relaxation with the whole crew of the ship left quite an impression for the young boy. He felt free and independent. Some believe, that the boy even met some pirates and made them as new friends of his. This is the reason why a boy came back from the trip with obvious changes. He became more fraudulent, started to show some oppressor‘s points of view and his stubbornes grew up as mushrooms after the rain.

When a boy came back, it was quite hard for him to continue his lessons. However, he was quite patient young man and he tried to please not just his father, but aunts and uncle too, not forgetting to visit Blooming Garden and the best Inn of the island – Pearl of the Great Sea. Though, usually, when he goes there, young man puts on commoner‘s clothes and calls himself Nanu. Though, island is quite small and even the best disguise couldn‘t be unseen. So, everybody knew, that this is the heir of the Great Duchy of Rustles Island, but everybody just took it as a game and just the ones, who were quite bold, treatened the heir as a commoner. Though, many people tried to remain mannerly polite.

However, such journeys through the island, while being just a commoner and sometimes even a drunk commoner, let the boy to find some common friends. Simple people really liked how a man is treating them. For this reason Mantilo has much more friends commoners than nobles, especially, when he was just a few times in the continent.


Spending a lot of time with commoners and in the lessons, he did not had too much time for his little brother or two sisters. Though, sometimes he spared with Gilld and talked with Draventa or Benigne about their girly things. Though, even if they did not spend too much time together (except these times, when their father took children to seek adventures in the hunting trips or just around city, coasts or Sea) Mantilo and his siblings are bond by a quite tight relations. They respect each other and love dearly. Also, the same relations relate Mantilo with uncle and aunts. Though, it can‘t be said the same about his mother. Mantilo barely talks with her, seeing her as a foreigner, who just disturbs his father with all the lectures and always bad mood.

When Grand Duke Radino Moniwid came back from the one of his usual long journeys with a young girl in his arms, Mantilo as his father was charmed by this baby. Some people even whispered, that the girl may be braught in the world by witch, that‘s why she is so flamy and seductive. From the day she was braught in the island Mantilo took care of the girl as she would be dearest treasure of the island. Though, all others hated the girl with all they hearts and even if her name was Emerit, people gave her a second name The Mist of the Island. Everybody thought, that she can‘t be trusted, some of them even seeked a possibility to exile her. Though, till the tragical death of the Radino Moniwid, he saved poor girl from harm. After the death his job is continued by Mantilo. Now, when she is 16 years old berry, the Grand Duke of the Rustles Island keeps her always very close and they spends a lot of time together, letting rumors to fly around whole island and even other kingdoms or counties, that these two has a strange love growing up.

However, despite of that Mantilo rules the island quite wisely, continuing the works of his ancestors and trying to keep things in the best shape, even if his overprotection and some grains of oppression may disturb. Moreover, this boy decided, that the House of Moniwid finally has to become more open for world‘s political affairs, especially, when one of the main goals for the young Grand Duke is finding killers of his beloved father. For this reasons he decided to come to Mobrin and oversee the diplomacy himself.

The Grand Duke's pet
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