Magic on this game is something to be feared and something that is rare. For a good insight into a character's view, you do not need to go far. You only need to look at our own history, which is filled with superstitions and fear for anything that could not be explained or was different. Perfect examples of this can be found in Middle Ages, Renaissance, Reformation Period and even the beginnings of the the Industrial Revolution. With that said Magic is awakening.

In Mobrin and many of the other kingdoms it is not something that is practiced and has been lost to history. It is in the earth and the cosmos it is associated with the Goddess Dair. The magic is subtle and quiet. There are no fireballs, illusion or earth shattering powers, yet what does exist can change the world itself and turn the tide of a battle (this is restricted and must have Admin approval to play). Magic is natural and is granted by the gods and goddesses to the men they deemed worthy of those gifts. Those that are gifted with magic are said the reincarnated souls of those individuals who were first blessed with the gift.

Over the years with the rise of the Temple of the Eight the true teachings of magic and where magic came from was lost. The Temple of the Eight believes that magic comes from Inouv.

Even though they know and believe that Clerical Magic exists it is even rarer. This magic is given to the cleric or devote follower of a god from the god. The person practicing this magic must be in tune with a god. After the faithful prays to the god , the god then grants the follower or cleric miracles. These miracles can come in any form. It could be prophecy or healing and everything and anything in-between. Many legends speak of such miracles, but nobody can point specifically to one event and say without a shadow of doubt that it was a miracle. Even those who hold this power need to face an inquisition.

An example of a Kingdom where magic is still practiced is Kundari. Their magic is shamanistic and deeply tied to the earth. It is said that their dances have the power to bring the rain and give strength to their people in times of war. They have Medicine Men and Women who can heal and save souls from possession of evil spirits. They cleanse the land and the earth and bring peace and healing.

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