Cri 24, 229: Mad Dogs and Mobrinites

Mad Dogs and Mobrinites
Summary: A stealthy incursion into the Mobrin battle line is dealt with.
OOC Date: A While Ago
Related: The Battle of Crosswynds
Kierne Logen Valarius 
North-South Road
Still Crosswynds.
Cri 24, 229

Kierne rides horseback from the direction of the ruins, patrolling the battleline and looking out across the field for any telltale signs that the enemy is moving into formation. He's got his squirely platepiece over a shirt of mail and padded leather underneath, a well composed bit of armor which he wears patiently despite the heat, having been in his squirely kit every day for months at a time during training. He rides with his back straight and knees loose.

Logen hears the horse coming and turns to stare at the snare he made. He debates letting the squire and horse run into the snare but he realizes how much it would hurt the horse. He sighs quietly and jumps from the tree in front of the horse. His back to it and the squire. He slowly stands up and glances over his shoulder. He stares to break apart the snare so more don't run into it. He unwravels it and picks up the spear from the buried earth. His steps are quiet as he moves it.

Kierne pulls up when the fellow jumps down from the tree and starts disassembling the trap. "Woah," he comments. "Why are you laying down traps on our own battle line? At least mark them, huh?" he offers the suggestion with a boyish grin. He's about to move the horse to one side to round about the trap while Logen disasembles it, but then he stops, squinting at the man. "Oh, hey. You, uh…" you were the guy who stuck that tongue down Athryl's throat. The vision is clinging in his mind, but he doesn't want to say as much. "You helped take down that guy who tried to run off with V."

Logen lifts a brow. "Yes. Let me mark the trap meant for people trying to sneak into the camp so they can see it clearly so they can avoid being hurt." He stops, holding the trap to his side, he turns to stare at Kierne. "No. You took down the man who had captured the Priest of Sheat and I shut him up. I did little to stop him." He turns and moves more outside the ruins and glances around for a better place to hide the snare.

Kierne walks the horse around the trap, then, in a fluid motion, dismounts and bundles the reins into a lead rope to wond about his forearm. "Hey, we all did what we could. If you hadn't been harrying him he may well have escaped before I could cut him off. I hate to think how V'd have fared over there," he shakes his head. "Or how Dai did fare over there. I thought you were being too harsh with him in shutting him up the way you did, but after what they did to Dai, maybe he deserved harsher." He shrugs. "Or not. Two wrongs don't make a right, I don't guess. War gets in all of our eyes, though, and makes us go a bit mad. Especially when those we care about are threatened."

Kierne pauses a moment. "So are you just going to watch it and unset it for everyone who comes past?"

Logen listens to Kierne and shakes his head. "In war, we do things to survive in war. Sometimes, I will do things that I have never done before war, nor will I do after war. We are all criminals in war." He shakes his head and shows Kierne his trap. He makes it go off and a spear jabs out of the earth towards where a person's leg would be. It's going to hurt the person that triggers it. He resets it. "I am putting it here as people who sneak around going this way will be hurt. Only ones coming this way will be our enemies."

Kierne looks back the way he came, gesturing thither with one arm outstretched. "Except for people coming through here from the ruins," he points out. Since that's where he was coming from, and he nearly rode his horse over the thing. He twists his lips together and takes a look over the topography. "Maybe it'd be best over there… that path veers off to the northeast just past those two big trees. It's where I'd cross if I were trying to sneak here from the other line, at least," he gives his opinion. "But on the whole I think that patrols will be more effective. You never know who's going to wander where, and why."

Logen lifts his eyes to where Kierne notes and he stands, walking over towards the area. He checks the area out and nods. "You are right." He crouches down and starts to dig the hole for the speak. "The people that wander around here are sneaking. Avoids traitors and scouts." He tosses some dirt finally before standing, moving to his trap and breaking it down again. The man seems frustrated with not noticing what Kierne did.

Kierne lifts a hand to the back of his head, scratching there as the mysterious stranger takes up his trap. "I guess so," he allows. At any rate he can't see many people not coming from the other side coming through there. "Anyhow, I'm going to get on back toward where my Lord Knight camps along the line. "With whom did you march?" he wonders of he stranger.

Logen finishes up the trap before standing and glancing towards Kierne. "Technically Sutherland but I report to no one." He brings the cloak around his shoulders more tightly. He crosses his arms. "Will you accompany me with the quick scout? I've been stabbed too many times in the back to be comfortable with an unwatched back." He takes a few steps towards the young Lord.

"Sutherland? Were you on the boat with us?" Kierne thougt he knew everyone on that boat, after all. "Where are you scouting to? I'm not any sort of ranger." Not to mention that chain mail is not the optimal garb for a scouting mission. He mounts his horse once more, "Come with me back to camp and we'll find someone for you to go with with the proper sorts of training." Kierne is about as stealthy as his warhorse, after all.

Logen stares at Kierne. "I was." He shakes his head slowly. "I was in the eagle eye." He takes a moment to watch the youth get back on the horse. "No." He snaps but clears his throat. "I don't sleep at camp. I make sure the perimeter is clear." He takes a step back into the darkness.

"And you stay out there, the meanwhile?" Kierne wonders. "You're a ranger, then?" he presumes, from the leather armor and the predilection for lonesomeness. "You should at least stick together with the other scouts. Two by two, if not groups larger than that for your protection."

Logen nods. "I stay out here yes." He shakes his head at the mention of a ranger. "I am not a ranger. Nor am I a knight or a squire." He clears that up. His green eyes are on the youth and he sighs again. "I shouldn't be here but no one can stop me from protecting Mobrin."

"… Nobody's trying to stop you, dude," Kierne points out, not… entirely comfortable with the evasive nature of this strange man's answers. "We're all doing what we can, but we don't want to lose a good man through carelessness when we can save him with the simple precaution of going in groups." He hesitates a little bit, not wanting to push any buttons of this fellow who sticks human tongues in peoples' mouths. "Why aren't you supposed to be here?" he does ask.

Logen listens with a raised brow. The prince takes a moment to compose his answer. "I could get hurt." He mentions to the other man. "My brother doesn't want that to happen. I left without his knowledge. I can only imagine the anger that's effecting him within this moment." He turns and shakes his head. "I'm not a good man, boy. To lose me, while my brother would be upset, I doubt others would care. Some would rejoice."

Kierne picks his way along in a circle on his horse, lowering his brow and looking to the mysterious stranger. "Yeah?" he asks. "Well, at least you have a brother who cares about you. That's more than some people have. Just make sure you get back to him alright, and I'm sure he'll be so glad to see you safe that he'll forgive you your sudden bout of patriotism."

Logen shakes his head. "My brother is not known for being forgiving." He removes his hood and brushes his hands over his head. "My brother cares more for reputation than me." He walks towards the horse. His eyes are tired but he's not hiding at this point, giving Kierne a chance to recognize him since he's not in shadows anymore.

"HOLY SHIT." Yeah, Kierne recognizes the guy, given half a chance and some mysterious clues. "I mean, holy freaking… crap, what're you… buh…" No words. Kierne just has no words.

Logen hears the recognition and reaches up grabbing Kierne's arm and stares up at him. "Do not say a word." He speaks quietly and shakes his head. "They need not know I am here. No one." He watches the youth while bringing up his hood again trying to get back into the darkness so others do not notice.

<FS3> Kierne rolls Chance: Failure.
<FS3> Logen rolls Chance: Success.

Kierne isn't having a probem not saying anything, tongue-tied as he is. He just sort of feebly noddles of his head in assent. Maybe one of these seconds he'll wake up back in the ruins in the warm little nest he'd left there this morning. Or at the very least back at the camp.

Logen stares at Kierne. "I mean it." He is about to pull Kierne harder when his head quickly looks towards the treeline. His eyes watching it with intent and his ears listening. He grabs the hilt of the sword but doesn't remove it.

<FS3> Logen rolls Perception: Good Success.

Kierne steps his horse backward a pace at that stare, removing his arm from grasping range perforce and looking down at the prince with eyes vaguely widened in terror. He can't know this. It's the wrath of a prince to tell anybody, the wrath of a king if it's found out he knew and told nobody. This is not the optimal situation, at all. He's so wrapped up with thoughts of this variety that when Logen looks to the treeline and grabs the hilt of his sword, Kierne is more relieved to be freed of his attention than curious about what he might be noticing.

There's a glint of steel in the darkness, the moonlight giving just a hint of it, enough that it cannot be a wet leaf. There's a quiet hissing sound that follows and a twang of a crossbow releasing a bolt.

The prince sees the bolt and hears it so he leans back and gets it in the abdomen which knocks the wind out of the young prince. His sword is pulled and he frowns. "Sneaky bastards." He grumbles, not removing the bolt, he charges towards the ones in the shadows. He is cautious about the charge too, unlike before when he ran head first into it.

What was that? Kierne's eyes spin woodward, and he pushes up in his stirrups, lifting one leg to the saddle and then jumping down on the treeline side of his mount, falling into formation with the Prince as he would with his Lord Knight, protecting his flank as they head in after the wandering bowman.

There's a thing about promises that come from a Priest, they are kept true. He's been keeping tabs on those he cares about. Maybe not as -close- of tabs as he should've… that'd be too creepy. But something told him to be on the prowl this night and he followed one or the other of the two who are here, keeping to the cover as he pursued them. His satchel is with him. He nods to an invisible force, whispering words to it, smiling down, and then striding out in time to see the two take action toward the trees. His eyes widen a bit, not realizing this had become the -front- lines… He was just going over to say hello. Right.

There's a whistle from the trees and a dog suddenly bolts out from the cover - a giant hound, bristling with the command to attack, heckles raised and teeth bared, racing at the nearest target that his master charged him with. Meanwhile, the Hound Master cranks back another bolt and takes aim once again.

<COMBAT> War Hound attacks Logen with Long Sword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Valarius passes.
<COMBAT> Logen attacks War Hound with Claymore - Light wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Kierne attacks War Hound with Wings Of Dawn - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Hound Master attacks Kierne with Arbalest - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Sheat has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> War Hound has been KO'd!

The prince moves fast and his sword more so. He slices up the dogs chest and moves quickly towards it's master, knowing Kierne will finish it off. He sees the bolt fly past and he quickly checks to see where it lands, wincing for the youth. He turns his eyes back to the hound master. His feet digging into the earth as he starts to move faster.

<FS3> Sheat rolls Chance: Good Success.
<FS3> Logen rolls Perception: Great Success.
<FS3> Kierne rolls Perception: Good Success.

Kierne gets hit with a bolt that, while it doesn't pierce his armor, strikes so hard against the mail that it aggravates one of his previously cracked ribs, slowing his advance, but he sticks to the Prince's flank, attacking the hound in concert with him, the pair of blades making short work of the creature before they make a beeline for the Hound Master, Kierne himself almost breaking into a run, crossing as much distance as possible before he can crank another bolt into place.

Valarius winces as he sees the two of them run off foolishly toward the trees. He cannot do anything but follow them, needing to be near if one should get struck down or… maybe he can try to distract the stupid enemy like he always seems to do. Either way, red robes rush toward the scene.

The Hound Master tries to slink back into the bushes, but its too late. Both Logen and Kierne have spotted him. So the next best thing as he watches his good dog get cut down is to send out his other mutt. "Get 'em!" He throws down his crossbow and reaches for his sword.

<COMBAT> Logen attacks Hound Master with Claymore but Hound Master DODGES!
<COMBAT> Kierne attacks Hound Master with Wings Of Dawn but Hound Master DODGES!
<COMBAT> Hound Master passes.
<COMBAT> Valarius passes.
<COMBAT> War Hound2 attacks Logen with Knife and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Sheat has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.

Logen sees the dog run at him and he dodges past angry teeth as his eyes are on its master not the dog itself. His hand tightens around the sword and he slashes at the Hound Master but misses with a hiss of annoyance.

Kierne finds the pair of them harried from behind by a second dog, and, as Logen presses the master, he spins to defend them from the creature pressing them from behind.

<COMBAT> Hound Master attacks Logen with Long Sword but Logen DODGES!
<COMBAT> Kierne attacks War Hound2 with Wings Of Dawn - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Valarius passes.
<COMBAT> Logen attacks Hound Master with Claymore but Hound Master DODGES!
<COMBAT> War Hound2 attacks Kierne with Knife but Kierne DODGES!
<COMBAT> Sheat has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.

<COMBAT> Kierne attacks War Hound2 with Wings Of Dawn - Serious wound to Right Hand.
<COMBAT> Valarius passes.
<COMBAT> Logen attacks Hound Master with Claymore - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Hound Master attacks Logen with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> War Hound2 attacks Kierne with Knife and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Sheat has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.

Just as with the battle before, Logen gives no quarter to the hound master as he slides his blade across the man's chest. The light in his green eyes is there and bright. His face has little emotion for the thought that he is going to take a life. His own chest splits as the others sword digs into him and still, not even a wince.

Kierne hacks at the war hound and cuts deep into its forearm, then uses his impetus to follow his blade about and press on against its master once more, hoping that it's too injured at this point to do more than hobble after him. Here's to hoping.

<FS3> Sheat rolls Chance: Good Success.
<FS3> Kierne rolls Chance: Success.

The dog, while yelping at the attack, is only more angered by it and blood driven. The damn beasts have been breed to kill and they will stop at nothing to kill. These are bear dogs turned to be aggressive toward people after all. Though he hobbles, his leg nearly chopped clean off.

The Hound Master leaps up from his position with long sword in hand, swinging to meet the claymore's downward strike. The blade gets passed his defenses and rents a gash up against his arm, spurting blood for the injury assumed underneath from the impact. He grunts and then draws his own sword in on that claymore's long stretching arc, poking in to jab at Logen with the tip of his blade. "Surrender before I kill you!" he growls.

<FS3> Valarius rolls Chance: Failure.

Oddly, even as Valarius darts by the war hound, the animal doesn't seem to notice him…

<COMBAT> Hound Master attacks Logen with Long Sword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Kierne attacks Hound Master with Wings Of Dawn but Hound Master DODGES!
<COMBAT> Valarius passes.
<COMBAT> War Hound2 passes.
<COMBAT> Logen attacks Hound Master with Claymore and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Sheat has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.

<COMBAT> Kierne attacks Hound Master with Wings Of Dawn and MISSES!
<COMBAT> War Hound2 passes.
<COMBAT> Valarius passes.
<COMBAT> Logen attacks Hound Master with Claymore - Moderate wound to Right Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Hound Master attacks Logen with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Sheat has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Hound Master has been KO'd!

Kierne brings his blade about, compelling the Hound Master to arc his own blade about and at an upward angle to deflect it, which, in turn, leaves him open to have his arm hacked at by the Prince. Teamwork, eh?

Logen cuts down the man's arm and feels his stomach slashed even past the armor. He falls to his knees with the hound master and he starts to rip his own clothing to try to stop the man from bleeding out from the wounds. The bolt still in his stomach from the man he's tending.

Kierne lowers his blade as both men fall— but the Prince seems to be tending the Hound Master's wounds, and Kierne nods in agreement. "See whether you can tourniquet his arm. We'll get him back to the line and, uh. I guess start our prisoner collection over again." Though that sounds like a distressing enough idea. "Are YOU okay?" he asks, edging closer to the Prince. He swears, if the Prince dies, he's gonna bury him in the woods and pretend he never even saw him. Not even joking.

Valarius runs toward the treeline where there's been blood sprayed about and the leaves show evidence of injury as some drip with droplets of. His eyes flash toward Kierne, then swiftly toward the other figure, the Prince. Immediately he bounds forward without thought or hesitation as he notices the enemy going down. "Lo-sir!!" A mid-change in calling out the man's name, red robes flying by as he unhooks his satchel, eyeing up the damage of both men, enemy and prince, as his hands are already pulling bandages and such out. "I will help!"

The Hound Master growls as he's taken on by two younger men, dragged down with a blow that will limit the use of his arm. He loses consciousness soon enough from the bleeding, but stares with such pure evil at Logen, that the Prince will realize this man is insane for his hate of Mobrin and all things within it. The dog has given up chase and slumped onto the grass, licking his wounds with soft whimperings.

<COMBAT> Valarius treats Logen:
< Abdomen (Light): successful
< Chest (Moderate): successful
< Abdomen (Moderate): successful
<COMBAT> Kierne treats War Hound2:
< Chest (Moderate): successful
< Right_Hand (Serious): unsuccessful
<COMBAT> War Hound2 passes.
<COMBAT> Logen passes.
<COMBAT> Sheat has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.

Logen turns his eyes to Valarius. "Bandage up this man first. He's our prisoner." He gives the young priest a softer look when he sees him. "Thank you." He shakes his head to the other man. "Yes I'm fine. I'm not even hurt." He sighs quietly as he wraps the shirt piece around the hound masters arm.

Valarius huffs at Logen, his eyes flicker toward the Hound Master, who was just -trying- to kill his friends, muttering, "Keep the pressure on his wounds while I tend to your own…" Or make them stop bleeding for now until they can get to the make shift infirmary. His eyes don't look at Logen now, fingers working under or over what armor and attire the Prince wears, jaw flexing with some driven purpose as he ignores the orders of the Prince.

<JUDGE> Sheat says, "Logen, roll chance"
<FS3> Logen rolls Chance: Success.
<JUDGE> Sheat says, "lucky, you have a prisoner"
<JUDGE> Sheat says, "who will survive yet"

Kierne is more than a little surprised when Valarius pops out of the woodwork, but he can't but be grateful for the help in making sure the damned Prince doesn't die. His head meanwhile, is turned by the whimpering. He's always had a soft spot for dogs, an affinity for them, and seeing even sucha vicious creature in pain is enough to soothe his heart. He comes closer, wincing at the sight of the creature's mangled leg, but doing what he can to keep the beast from dying, tying off the leg with full knowledge that it will be either amputated or be the death of the dog. Meanwhile he endeavors to soothe the beast, positioning himself as the alpha, but a kindly one.

<FS3> Kierne rolls Animal Handling: Great Success.
<FS3> Sheat rolls BITE: Good Success.

Logen works at keeping the other alive and he does so just as he is told how too. His armor is making it hard to get into his own wounds. Finally, he sits back and glances at the two. "Speak to no one that I was here. You beat him on your own, Lord." He stares at Kierne before pushing himself up. "Well done capturing him. Get what you can out of him." He brings his hand to his stomach and tears out the bolt, handing it to Valarius. "Take care of him." He points the priest to the Lord before turning, intending to walk into the darkness.

Valarius furrows his brows as he's told to say nothing of Logen's presence. His eyes widen as Logen rips free the bolt from the crossbow and hands it to him. He cannot even get a word in edge wise as Logen stands, so he has to try and grab him, "Sit -down-" his tone fierce and prompt, nothing angers a healer more than an injured man who doesn't want it, needless to say there's some honest confusion in Val's eye for Logen's desire to slink off into the darkness, much like it was an animal's instinct to hide before dying, "Or I will follow you, I don't care, but I'm not leaving your side."

It's a natural instinct to bite when in pain, and so Kierne offers the dog a mail-clad arm to gnaw on while working on the animal, though he finally gets it to roll over and show its belly for a rub, which he obligingly offers it. He looks over when addressed by the Prince, grimacing a little bit when he pulls the crossbow bolt out of his own stomach. "You really should… stay. Stomach wounds can be dangerous. Will you come back to the hospital with us?" he asks. "People should know you're here. They can't just think that the prince disappeared. Nobody's going to make you leave or anything," he tries pointing out.

Logen is grabbed and stares at Val. He grabs the priests chin. "You will follow him." He points to Kierne. His eyes turn to the youth. "They know nothing. If people know I am here, they will put their safety on the line trying to protect me. If my brother knows my location, he will drag me back to the castle. He's not one for allowing me out to embarrass the family. Take care of Val, please. Do not let him follow me. I will be find. I need rest." He pulls away from the priest and nods. "I will find you tomorrow. I give you my word."

Valarius grunts at the hold to his chin, a glint in those blue eyes that is of righteous anger, yanking his chin back with a pivot to regard Kierne, then back to Logen, "No offense, but Kierne's not bloody…" he frowns, "how will healing you effect in your brother knowing your location? What does that have to do with -anything- …" He looks down at the wounded enemy, his hands turning into fists for he couldn't rightly leave the man to die either, no matter if he was the cause of Dai's torment. Then… Logen's asking for Kierne to take care of him, which makes the Priest all the hotter, his shoulders growing with tension, "I'm going with you-" unless Kierne follows the Prince's order and restrains him from doing so.

Kierne shakes his head in a helpless gesture when his reasonable arguments are refuted. And as though he had any say on what V does or does not do? No, he holds up his hands in recusal of the notion. "Far be it for me to stand between a man and the work Sheat has called him to do," he utters quietly. "I'm going to load these two onto my horse," he grunts as he stands, a stabbing pain from that cracked rib shooting through from his chest to his back. But a shallow breath will clear his head and put the pain away. "And get them back to the hospital grounds. Come with me if you want, or don't, but don't stay here, it's not safe." He crouches down once more to lift the cowed and injured dog into his arms and bring him back out of the woods. He'll come back for the master in a second and drag him along as well.

<FS3> Valarius rolls Apothecary: Good Success.

Valarius frowns at Logen's stubborness, moving to his pack, he searches around in it for a moment then comes up with a small vile, pivoting to outstretch it to Logen. "At least drink this so I know you'll be okay. It'll help ward off infection," a stubborn look, "While I'm watching please."

Logen turns to stare at Valarius. He takes the vial and since he -trusts- that the Priest is trying to help, he pops the top off it and drinks it back. You know, cause trust. He hands the vial back and turns around. He walks towards the trees and stumbles slightly. A few more steps and he's using the tree to hold himself up. He looks back to Valarius. "I trusted you…" He lands heavily on his chest, face in grass.

Kierne gets back from loading up his horse with unconscious captives to find an unconscious prince in the mix. "Should we bring him back to the hospital, too?" he asks.

Valarius is stubborn too, when it comes to ensuring a man will live throughout the night, a man he promised to see through this war. "Kierne-" Valarius calls out, "You have room on that horse for another?" A soft sigh as he steps over toward where Logen stumbles, fingers brushing across the cut hair, murmuring down over him, "Trust me still to keep you alive." Affectionate, truly, but the wrath of a righteous healer all the same. His eyes turn toward Kierne, "No. He has a tent. I know where it is." Thus he must have known the whole time the Prince was there… but it makes sense, for wasn't Valarius declared as the Prince's Priest? Has anyone else figured that out? The Priest goes on, "I can treat him there. He's right about the others finding out…" he looks down at the princeling, "He must remain anonymous, until he wishes to declare himself." A beat, "I'll help you with him. Gently though."

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