Lady Lynette Kerrigan
Isabel Lucas
Isabel Lucas as Lynette Kerrigan nee Kincaid
Full Name: Lynette Kerrigan nee Kincaid
Age: 17
Kingdom: Mobrin
House: Kincaid
Position: Noblewoman
Place of Birth: Lakeshire
Father: Duke Aidan Kincaid
Mother: Lady Isys Kincaid
Siblings: Hadrian, Aemy and Bowen
Spouse: Shepard Kerrigan
Children: N/A


Youngest Daughter to the Duke Aidan Kincaid and Duchess Isys Kincaid nee Crawford of Lakeshire.

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They say to be good

I wonder why I should

They say to be still and quiet

I have no wish to be silent

They tell me to do what they say

I would rather do things my way!

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