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This area is for IC logs from "The Tales of Daeren" and is still under construction.

Social Logs:

Cri 7, 229: Null and Void — >Tyrel brings the newly wed couple to the office to tell them some awful news.

Cri 07, 229: At Sunrise — >The night after the spar with Oxley, Kierne helps train his new Auntie N in the use of a knife for personal defense.

Cri 06, 229: At Sunset — >A matter is settled between squires…?

Cri 06, 229: You Don't Know What It's Like — >Kierne tries to get to the bottom of Oxley's hatred for him.

6th Cri, 229: Preparations — >Kieryn and Elisabeth visit Eoin before he leaves.

5th Cri, 229 : Milk, Poppies, and Wine — >Fae, booze and plans for the immediate future are discussed on the beach.

5th Cri, 229: A Fresh Order — >Eoin visits Ray again, meets Cloe.

Sess 28, 229: Unusual Courting — >Melissa meets Jarvice, and the conversation that ensues takes an unexpected turn.

4th Cri, 229: What Happened that Night — >Kierne attempts to fill gaps in Eoin's memory.

Cri 2, 229 : Danger on the Beach — >A walk on the beach turns far to exciting

1st Cri, 229: A Damp Walk in the Gardens — >A Kilgour, a Mowbray, and a Haravean meet in the drizzle.

43rd Sess, 229: No Change — >Wenna goes to check on the progress of one of her patients.

45th Sess, 229: For Research Purposes — >Kierne and Eoin discuss the arts, the attack, and the oldest profession.

Sess 43, 229:The Defense of Cookies and Kittens — >Little girls gather for cookies and are met by a vile creature of black and white

42nd Sess, 229: Speak with Her — >A man who's sister has just married speaks with a man who's sister is about to.

42nd Sess, 229: Debunking the Rumour — >Nylie pays a visit to the Haraveans to check up on rumours she had heard about one of their number.

41st Sess, 229: Surprises — >Surprises abound at the Greenshire Manor. Rorey gets the worst of it.

Sess 37, 229: Knightly Honour — >When asked about the reason for her current reluctance to leave her quarters, Emerit finally agrees to tell Benedict the truth, after calling upon his knightly honour to keep it to himself.

Sess 36, 229: Gathering Shards — >On the day after the council poisoning, Draventa pays Emerit another visit.

Sess 32, 229: Shattered — >A shattered Draventa pays Emerit a visit, to present her with devastating news of the past.

Event Logs:

Nar 03, 228: Midsummer Festival Sword on Foot — >Following the Tourney of the Midsummer Festival there is a contest of Sword in Foot.

Sheat 42, 228: Trading Royalty — >The council meets to discuss war, and trade. However, the meeting takes an unexpected turn.

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