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This area is for IC logs from "The Tales of Daeren" and is still under construction.

Social Logs:

Sheat 22, 229: Retiring to Albion — >Wenna and Tyrel meet to discuss Wenna and Caedmon's plans to retire to Albion

21st Sheat, 229: Courtyard Conversations — >People start to arrive back in Darfield, exchanging news and stories as they do so.

Sheat 21, 229: Carpeting the Court — >Tyrel and Eoin casually discuss the current state of the court and the navy.

Sheat 19, 229: The Brothers Kilgour — >King Tyrel calls Prince Logen to task for his recent escapades.

Sheat 03, 229: This Shalln't be Goodbye — >Emerit tells Roslin about her impending departure to Rustles Isle.

Cri 45, 229 2E: Tales In The Garden — >Family gathers to tell tales in the garden while the newest Haravean sleep.

Cri 34, 229: Duties and Goals — >Melissa is questioned by Roslin about her goals, regarding the steward Jarvice, and about her past.

Cri 43, 229 :Help or hate? — >Aldren and Aidan have one of their famous friendly conversations

Cri 24, 229: Mad Dogs and Mobrinites — >A stealthy incursion into the Mobrin battle line is dealt with.

Cri 30, 229: Token for Good Luck — >Harlik gets the courage to ask Kayla for a token to carry off to war with him. She offers him more than just that to keep him warm in the muck.

Cri 20, 229: New Ships and New Ventures — >Prince Cayden Aberdeen has an appointment with his father.

Cri 23, 229: Men and Rivers — >Kierne visits the recently retrieved Daimhin.

Cri 22, 229: Crosswynds Exchange — >A lull in the action allows for a prisoner exchange between the Mobrin and Laniveeri forces.

Cri 22, 229: Scheming Sister — >Duchess Roslin seeks a social visit with her brother, the King of Mobrin. Schemes are afoot, naturally!

Cri 22, 229: Moniwid Matters — >Emerit pays Roslin a visit at the Sutherland Suite, receives an offer and learns a new detail about the marriage annulment.

21st Cri, 229 2E: Matters for a King — >The Voice brings up issues of the Crown to the young King.

Sess 13, 229: Another Day at the House of Repute — >A bit of dance and fun at the House of Repute

Cri 10, 229: Considering Consequences — >There is talk in the Moniwid Suite on how to proceed after Draventa's marrriage has been annulled.

Cri 12, 229: For the Cause — >Ronan lets his squire know the things he'll have to be giving up for the cause of war. His squire shows his displeasure by means of a sword. Oxley is reconciled (sorta?) with his cousin.

Cri 9th, 229: War On the Move — >The new Lord Marshal, Sir Ronan Crawford, requests audience with the King to deliver reports coming in through the Master of Spies. Sir Shepard Kerrigan and Lord Squire Kierne Kincaid attend.

Event Logs:

Nar 03, 228: Midsummer Festival Sword on Foot — >Following the Tourney of the Midsummer Festival there is a contest of Sword in Foot.

Sheat 42, 228: Trading Royalty — >The council meets to discuss war, and trade. However, the meeting takes an unexpected turn.

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