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This area is for IC logs from "The Tales of Daeren" and is still under construction.

Social Logs:

7th Nar 229: Ironing Out the Wrinkles — >Eoin requests a meeting with Aidan regarding the issues that have arisen in the coastal warning system.

12th of Nar, 229: Family Reunion — >Nylie uses the birth of Elisabeth's twins as an excuse to talk toher brother about various matters, some more spontanious than others.

12th of Nar, 229: Twins — >Elisabeth's time arrives.

11th of Nar, 229: Awaiting Your Report — >Eoin fills Tyrel in on the events at sea.

9th of Nar, 229: It Doesn't Look So Bad — >The night after the recent naval battle.

8th of Nar, 229: Catching Up — >Two cousins talk for the first time in a while. There are.. differences of view points.

6th of Nar, 229: Of Gifts and Gods — >Gods are discussed, at length, along with the Temple and how it may or maynot be acting in it's own interests rather than those of the Gods.

Nar 2, 229 : Sating the King's Curiosity — >Nylie goes to talk with Tyrel about the changes around Lakeshire and see his curiosity sated.

Nar 1, 229 : Given a Task — >Aidan and Nylie discuss the recent changes in House Kincaid and Nylie is given a tasking.

5th of Nar, 229: Salty Sea Dogs — >Oscar, Killer, and Uffern meet down by the beach. Respective humans appear too. Cricket Cameos.

4th of Nar, 229: Inter-Service Co-Operation — >A Kincaid and a Haravean walk into a room, both survive to walk out again. Something must be going on.

3rd of Nar, 229: Mid-Morning Activities — >It's mid-morning at the castle and various nobles are doing various things.

Sheat 44, 229 2E : Things of Old — >Eoin and Nylie discuss music and things that are Old

Sheat 43, 229 2E : Morning Revelations — >Kierne and Nylie have a chat one morning over many a topic

Nar 1, 229: On Changing A Heir Style — >Hadrian and Tyrel speak of Hadrian's new place in the world and his upcoming wedding.

Sheat 43, 229 2E: Purple Unicorns And Golden Tulips — >The Baron and Baroness Kilgour stop into the Glass Lily to pick up an order and place a commission or two.

33rd of Sheat, 229: In Vino Veritas — >A Haravean and a Kincaid find they have more in common than they might have thought.

33rd of Sheat, 229: First Knightly Task — >Kierne is given his first task as a knight of House Kincaid: keep the Dutchess safe.

Sheat 26, 229 : Tyrel Inteviews Hadrian — >Tyrel summons Hadrian to reveal his intention of interviewing all who work within the castle personally, starting with Hadrian.

Sheat 24, 229: News and Nylie of Lakeshire — >Nylie returns to Darfield Castle from Lakeshire with news for Tyrel.

Event Logs:

Nar 03, 228: Midsummer Festival Sword on Foot — >Following the Tourney of the Midsummer Festival there is a contest of Sword in Foot.

Sheat 42, 228: Trading Royalty — >The council meets to discuss war, and trade. However, the meeting takes an unexpected turn.

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