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This area is for IC logs from "The Tales of Daeren" and is still under construction.

Social Logs:

Sheat 33, 229: Salon Talk and Garden Walk — >Cordelia and Harmon meet Robben in the castle Salon, then later take a walk in the garden.

Nar 27, 229: A Meeting of Forresters — >Trevian, Cordelia and Nerissa all meet up in the Forrester Suite at Darfield Castle.

Nar 24, 229: Reports of Dire Men — >Tyrel receives report from Baron Brennart on the battle with the dire men.

Nar 26, 229: Tyrel and the Temple Representative — >Tyrel meets with Priestess Kadlin while Nylie plays.

Nar 23, 229: Free as a Bird — >The Queen of Laniveer releases one of her birds with a divine nudge.

Nar 24, 229: A Garden Picnic — >The Queen of Laniveer discusses hobbies and birdies with Benedict and Draventa.

Nar 23, 229: Will the Caged Bird Sing? — >The Queen of Laniveer has more conversations with her two little Mobrin Birds..

Nar 24, 229:Their Fates were Sealed — >A group find themselves on the beach when seals and diresharks meet!

Nar 16, 229:Little Birdies for the Queen — >The Queen of Laniveer aquires two little birdies from Mobrin

Nar 18, 229: Poisonous Nightmares — >Elisabeth wakes up from Nightmares during the Eclipse and Roslin is there to support her.

Nar 17, 229: Queen takes Knight.. — >The Queen of Laniveer talks to a Lakeshire Knight about matters of war

Nar 22, 229: Horse tales and Silver Manes — >The Queen of Laniveer goes out for a ride and gets proof she asked for.

Nar 20, 229: The Name Game — >The Queen of Laniveer discusses names and truths with Logen and Kierne

Nar 18, 229: Queens and Goddesses — >The Queen of Laniveer discusses Matters of Religion with Valarius

Nar 24, 229: GiantSlayer — >Please replace this line with your summary. This will appear on the log page.

Nar 18, 229: Dark Day — >Please replace this line with your summary. This will appear on the log page.

Nar 13, 229: Heir One Moment, Gone in a Flash — >Tyrel and Aidan discuss the wedding of Hadrian and Emma. They are joined by a pair who are not what they appear.

Nar 13, 229: The Favorite Sister — >Roslin and Tyrel speak on the matters of the day, and Tyrel is spat upon.

Nar 11, 229: Of Logen and Company — >Tyrel received report from the men of Logen's company on the events that led to Logen's disappearance.

Nar 10, 229: Of Worth and Love — >Tyrel questions Hadrian and Emma on their betrothal and intentions.

Event Logs:

The End of the Road to Jadda — A portion of the log of the trip to Jadda.

Umbra 39, 228: The Council Meets — >A meeting of the King's Council with some unusual invitations - the Duke of Sutherland and the Princess Roslin attend. Two brief matters are discussed.

Umbra 29, 228: Hunter's Day - Archery Contest — >The Hunter's Day Archery Contest for Umbra's Golden Arrow is won by Aldren.

Umbra 32, 228: Council Meeting - Nimue's Ransom and Troop Deployment — Caedmon hosts the Council Meeting to discuss the ransom of Nimue and troop deployment.

Umbra 15, 228: Greeting the Jaddan Ambassador — >As is often the case when a dignitary visits, a feast and dance are held to welcome the new Jaddan Ambassador.

Umbra 10, 228: Sittin on the Docks — >Incoming! A fleet has been seen heading towards Darfield…

Alasair 37, 228: The Black Crown of Laniveer — >The rightful King and Queen of Laniveer, or so they claim, have been crowned.

Alisair 20, 228:The Riverview Anniversary — The Inn celebrates 100 years!
{Alasair 20, 228:The Riverview Anniversary]

Alasair 5, 228: Kilgour/Ruxton Wedding Feast — >The wedding of Ruthgar Ruxton and Caillin Kilgour is celebrated in the Great Hall of Darfield Castle.

Nar 45, 228: A Distressing Spectacle — >The flogging of Logen's two guards and Caitlyn's handmaiden precedes the Joust in honour of Aberdeen's King and manages to cast a shadow over the event.

Nar 44, 228: Start with a Free-For-All! — >Free for all to start the tourney, held as the Aberdeen king arrived.

Nar 38, 228: Days of Sheat Dinner — >Dinner at the castle for the winners of the Days of Sheat competition goes mostly well. Until the end.

Nar 41, 228: The Best Day So Far — >Ruthgar becomes a Knight of the Rioga and Baron of Dellhaven.

Sheat 41, 228: Celebration Gone Astray — >Chaos ensues at a display of cultural advances.

Nar 20, 228: The Tourney — >Following the Knighting Ceremony there is a a tourney were Sir Symon's skills are put thoroughly to the test!

Nar 20, 228: The Knighting Ceremony — >The war hero Symon is knighted, with many of Darfield's nobility and royalty in attendance.

Nar 13, 228: Victorious Return of the Bruised — >After the victorious Battle of Blackbarrow the Mobrin Army arrives at Castle Darfield and is welcomed by the recently returned King!

Nar 11, 228: The Battle of Blackbarrow — >The day has come, when two armies finally face each other in a raging battle.

Nar 08, 228: Off to War! — >Knights of the most prominent Houses of Mobrin gather in the Courtyard of Darfield Castle to depart for war, under the leadership of Prince Tyrel Kilgour.

Nar 06, 228: Matters of War and Justice — >People discuss about the war, for which they must be prepared.

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