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This area is for IC logs from "The Tales of Daeren" and is still under construction.

Social Logs:

Nar 19, 228: "You Have A Big Day Tomorrow..." — >The Crown Prince has an unexpected honor for a wounded pikeman.

Nar 18, 228: A Worthy Soldier — >Aemy checks on the healing soliders from the recent battles, ends up talking at length with Symon.

Nar 18, 228: The Hawk Heals and Helps — >The huntress Victoria visits the Chancellor to discuss the brawl and its consequences.

Nar 18, 228: The Hawk visits the Battered Beast — >Victoria visits Shazaa in the Castle Infirmary

Nar 17, 228: A Break from Happiness — >On an early morning the two Ruxton brothers engage in a long overdue conversation about politics - and Ruthgar's issues, regarding Aemy.

Nar 17, 228: The Bigger they are the Harder they Fall — >Baron bags a Kundari and a Tavern is once again forced to spend money on repairs.

Nar 15, 228: The Promise — >Princess Caillin visits the Baroness Wenna Riverwynd, who was brutally hurt by her own husband. After some talks a promise was given.

Nar 14, 228: Father and daughter — >While princess Caillin was playing on her grand piano, the King Callem decided to visit his daughter. Lead to his daughter by simple curiousity, father unexpectedly had to face strange wish of her little heart.

Nar 11, 228: Chit-chat — >The Grand Duke and The Queen meet each other in an unofficial place and starts a small chit-chat about political business but is interrupted many times.

Nar 04, 228: Shelter from the Rain — >A fiery haired bastard princess meets a healer and a hunter in the rain.

Nar 04, 228: Sun for the Queen — >The Sun dances with the queen in a small back-scene from the Masquerade Ball.

Nar 08, 228: A pig in the field — >Where two beautiful women and a handsome man appears, giggles, laugh and some sneezing may be heared, even if there should be a deadly silence, where old books tries to rest.

Nar 08, 228: Royal Introductions — >On an idle late morning Princess Emerit meets Kilgour Princess Caillin, her own cousin Prince Conall Aberdeen - and his Royal Highness, the crown prince Tyrel.

Nar 07, 228: Officially Arrived — >Two royal members of House Moniwid encounter the chancellor and a supposed commoner healer - tending to a hungry and wounded prisoner.

Nar 04, 228: In Need of Practice — >Three members of House Ruxton meet accidentally in the Weston Suite. A conversation about music and the importance of practice ensues.

Nar 04, 228: An Impromptu Wedding — >Following an abrupt ending of the masquerade ball, there is an unplanned wedding.

Nar 03, 228: Cuddles from a Queen — >It‘s known, that the Princess Caillin is sick, while others have the feast and tournament and laughs outside. The only one, who decides to make a visit in such a joyful day is the morther of the Princess. The Queen comes to quell the fever. Though, everything ends up in a small family meeting.

Nar 02, 228: War on fever — >The chancellor goes to Prince Tyrel to report on Princess Caillin's condition

Nar 02, 228: Fever — >After the Princess collapsed, she spend whole day unconsciousness. Lord Chancellor makes a visit to get explanation, why his sweet little cousin is still not laughing.

Nar 01, 228: Turmoils of a Teenage Princess — >After rumors started to spread that Princess Caillin locked herself in the room not letting anybody in and she did not left the room for almost three days, ones who care about her dare to face her guards and try to enter inside.

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Event Logs:

Nar 03, 228: Midsummer Festival Sword on Foot — >Following the Tourney of the Midsummer Festival there is a contest of Sword in Foot.

Sheat 42, 228: Trading Royalty — >The council meets to discuss war, and trade. However, the meeting takes an unexpected turn.

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