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This area is for IC logs from "The Tales of Daeren" and is still under construction.

Social Logs:

17 Alisair, 229 E: Temper, Temper — >Brennart tries to get Nerissa's goat during a sparring

19 of Alisair, 229 2E : The Ladies' Picnic — >A forest picnic, Brendolyn and Nerissa style

22th of Alasair, 229 2E: Comparing Notes — >Conversations about creatures and gods, and how things differ in real life from the stories.

22th of Alasair, 229 2E: Grumblings in the Stables — >Various nobles meet in the stables, conversation is civil, at best.

18 Alisair 229 E: Arrows at Dusk — >Nobles and a Ranger with bows, Sky Herb and Alcohol… what could go wrong?

6 Alisair, 229E: A Brother Returns — >Nerissa's first lesson and Moray returns from the sea

4 Alisair, 229 E: Good Company — >Lady Nerissa is shocked by the scandalous Kilgours and Avi

3 Alisair, 229 E: Merchant or Ambassador — >Avi meets the Twins Horizon in the library and discusses old tales

Sess 6, 229 2E: A tale of two healers — >Cian is treated by Faerinia after a fall in the joust.

Alasair 20, 229 2E: Setting Birds Free — >The Queen of Laniveer discusses Logen's release and Peace

14 Alisair, 229 E: What Kind of Man Are You — >Nerissa works off some of ire on the man who caused it.

14 Alisair, 229 E: Turbulent Waters — >When Brendolyn leaves, Brennart manages to get Nerissa to boil over

Nar 39, 229: The Question of Beavers — >Nerissa reports to Count Forrester, and perhaps shares a little too much information about her sister

Nar 39-40, 229 : A family visit — >Nylie pays Caedmon a visit and end sup spending the night when a storm rolls in

Nar 18, 229 : Beware the Squirrel — >Nylie, Caedmon and Wenna discuss the events earlier in the day

39th Nar 229: Busy Day for the Bowyer — >Nobles meet, pissing contests are had.

Nar 35, 229: The Baron and The Cat — >A Cat Of Unusual Size attacks Baron Huntingdon's herd of horses

Nar 26, 229: A Little Light of the Eight — >An old lady needs a little light for the dark, scary nights

Nar 30, 229: Speaking in Riddles — >Ciarrah has a visit on the beach with her father and another few visitors.

Nar 27, 229: Itches and Other Dire Things — >Brennart and Nerissa in the infirmary talk with Kadlin about the strange sitings around Mobrin.

Event Logs:

22nd Sess 229: Dawn Raid — >King Callem's navy 1 - King Eldwin's navy 0

Sess 17, 229: A Lakeshire Wedding — >The Wedding of Sir Shepard Kerrigan and Lady Lynette Kincaid.

Sess 9, 229: Kincaid Tournament: Closing Ceremonies — >The Tournament finalizes with the closing ceremonies and naming the Tournament Champions.

Sess 8, 229: Kincaid Tournament: Joust — >The people gather round for the last show. The Kincaid Tournament shows the Joust to the good people of Mobrin.

Sess 7, 229: Kincaid Tournament: Sword pt 2 — >Third day of Tournament in the City of Stormvale, Hosted by House Kincaid, The Sword On Foot

Sess 7, 229: Kincaid Tournament: Sword — >Third day of Tournament in the City of Stormvale, Hosted by House Kincaid, The Sword On Foot

Sess 6, 229: Kincaid Tournament: Bard — >House Kincaid Hosts a Tournament in Stormvale, Day Two of Events: Bard

Lass of Greenshire — One morning in springtime as day was a-dawning
Bright Cri had risen from over the lea
I spied a fair maiden as homeward she wandered
From herding her flocks on the hills of Greenshire

Sess 5, 229: Kincaid Tournament: Archery — >House Kincaid Hosts a Tournament in Stormvale, Day One of Events: Archery

Thedor 44, 229: Crawford-Kilgour Wedding — >Sutherland and Darfield unit in the wedding of Ronan and Roslin at Trueborn Temple. A great many attend, then relocate up at the castle gardens for the reception where many gifts are given and recieved.

Thedor 42, 229: Sutherland Boar Hunt — >Wedding guests in Sutherland gather to take part in, or to observe, a boar hunt! The beaters drive the animals and the slaughter commences.

Thedor 39, 229: Sutherland Cliff Diving — >Wedding guests gather along the southern coast of Sutherland for cliff diving, swimming, and fun on the beach.

Thedor 32, 229: The Hunt — >Count Aldren organizes a hunt. The day's end sees three men bloodied and three boars dead.

Thedor 7, 229: Kings Council on War — >Compared to the previous council meeting, this apparently is the opposite. Silence reigns. No one speaks against the matters at hand nor whose presenting them.

Thedor 5, 229: Explosive Council — >After much delay, the council meets to discuss recent events. When it appears only one event is going to be on the docket for the evening, the council room explodes with questions and accusations of treason fly!

Inouv 41, 228 - An Act of War? — >Victoria and Vuk go on a scouting expedition and things go badly.

Inouv 37, 228: Festival of Lights Dancing — >Festival of Lights with the lighting of paper lanterns to set afloat on the sea, as well as dancing and many pastries to be enjoyed by all. Duke Aidan Kincaid arrives from Lakeshire.

Inouv 39, 228: Festival of Lights — >In this segment of the Festival of Lights, we have the burning of castle prisoners! Stay tuned for: The World Burns, human lantern style.

Inouv 23, 228: The Lion Approaches — >After some hunting, the Laniveeri party is finally found and escorted to Darfield Castle. This is the scene that officially puts the Laniveeri on the grid.

Umbra 45, 228: Rescue of Lady Nimue — >The Rangers move in for the recovery of Lady Nimue with the aid of a tip off by a man named Tynan.

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