Nar 16, 229:Little Birdies for the Queen

Little Birdies for the Queen
Summary: The Queen of Laniveer aquires two little birdies from Mobrin
OOC Date: 16/July/2014 (OOC)
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Ophelie Kierne Logen 
Courtyard - Castle Meade
Above to the east, a silhouette against the sky, is the Castle Meade, set on the side of a rocky shore overlooking the sea. A road leading to the west leads through the gatehouse and to the City of Belcrest. In between is the courtyard, a fairly large space that is kept neat at all times. Against the walls to the east, there are storage buildings, a stable, the dog kennel, and the mews. To the west, the kitchen, garden, and smithy, as well as their storage area and barracks for those who guard the castle. There is an area of the courtyard often used for training purposes by the knights and men-at-arms. The squires are often at work setting up or taking down practice targets and the like.
Nar 16, 229 2E

There is a procession of men on horses coming into the courtyard. One of them men has his arms are ties behind his back while he rides the horse. He's wearing a Kilgour colored jerkin, leather pants - though the left leg of the pants has been ripped off from above the knee down. On that same leg there are wounds which are clearly infected and the leg has been broken though it's been set with the tools they had in the field. The prisoner's skin is pale and sweaty, almost ash in color and he's clearly running a fever. His eyes are glassed over and staring into nothing. Logen doesn't look well even though he's trying to remain passive. He is unsteady on his horse and he's trying with all that's left in him not to just topple from the horse. He straightens his back and lifts his chin.

Kierne rides alongside two other knights without colors, though he himself bears the Lily of Lakeshire emblazoned straight upon his armor. They're not bound, nor do they seem bloodied, but they are surrounded by guards of the Laniveeri patrol as they make their way into the palace courtyard.

The castle was allerted to the arrival of the procession of patrol and prisoners and a group awaits in the courtyard for them. At its centre is the queen, looking as always radiant. "What have we here?" She asks of her guards as she takes a step forward, "More men of Lakeshire. They do seem to like our weather here." She says with a warm tone as she looks up to Kierne. Her cool gaze strikes him from top to bottom before going to the sickly looking prisoner, "Kilgour colours, now that is quite enticing as well. Who do we have here?"

He didn't realize it was the queen until she talked. No simple woman commands authority as she does. He watches Kierne being inspected and then he's given a look over and asked a question. "I'm no one, your highness." He grumbles out quietly turning to look away from her and clearly getting dizzy as his body has to push him back the other way before he tumbled off the horse.

Kierne remains mounted; he's not going to dismount until someone requests him do so, nor make any sudden movements. He's still armed, and clad in knightly armor, as are the two with him, but he's obviously making an effort not to be threatening under the guard of so many. He keeps his reins slightly elevated, so those coming to regard him will see both of his hands, that they aren't moving for a weapon. He bears up well under the royal scrutiny, and then glances back to the bound prisoner on the horse behind. "We found him on the road. Badly injured. We did what we could by the roadside, but he needs attention if he's to survive." Words placed with more factual reserve than urgency, as the Lannies may well not care wehther he survives or not.

Ophelie moves closer to the unknown prince, her gaze unflinchingly taking in the wound before looking up to the man. "In my experience, people who profess to be no one are rarely so." Her voice is smooth as melted butter. "Perhaps we should ensure he does not die before we find out exactly who this noone is." She says with a twitch of her fingers which has guards going to help the man dismount. Her gaze then settles upon Kierne and she smiles, "The Lily comes to us bearing gifts. Please do dismount Knight so that I can have a better look at you." She says as she looks over the young man,"Now are they true or false gifts the Lily offers." She says contemplatingly.

Logen frowns at her. "Sometimes, your highness, a pigeon is just a pigeon." Then he's being pulled from the horse and he bites his lip to avoid crying out in pain since his leg is now leaking with a gross fluid from the infection. His arms are still held tightly behind his back and when his feet touch the ground fully the pain forces the knights around him to move around to get the man better situated. He's young and very attractive even past the sweaty brow and the ash toned skin. His green eyes just stare at the Queen, not in anger but contemplation.

Kierne dismounts smartly when bidden, showing himself to be of a readily obedient character as he comes to attention by his mount, looking straight ahead but not in any wise endeavoring to stare down this personage. He doesn't know who she is, but as Logen had just called her 'your Highness' and wasn't roundly corrected, he'll use the same nomenclature. "I only carry the gift, your Highness, and hope that it pleases its recipient well enough." Well enough not to have him killed for bringing it, at least. But, then, he hasn't opened it, so he has no idea. His eyes maintain a decorous gaze straight ahead, befitting a knight, only sneaking aside to look to the royal's face more directly in brief glimpses. "Lord Sir Kierne Kincaid, Knight of the Lake," he introduces himself.

"Oh but pigeons often carry sweet messages…" Ophelie says to the Prince and moves closer to him. Her fingers reach up to caress his cheek, "And I think I will not let this pigeon die until that message is delivered." A promise and a threat. Oh she the words come out silky sweet and yet still there is a hint of something sinister as well. Her gaze then turns back to the Lily Knight. She seems almost amused by his words, "Ah this little pigeon has a name at least. See it is not so very hard to speak it." She says over to Logen before looking back to Kierne, "Has my new little pigeon enlightened you on his name yet?" She asks of him, clearly referring to Logen and at present thinking him the only gift until another is presented. She almost seems to be flirting with her manner towoards the Knight, though again there is that dark edge to her as well.

Logen leans his head back and away from her touch, which pushes his head back against a guard. He slumps back against the grip and avoids putting pressure on his broken, infected leg. He turns his eyes over to Kierne and stares at the letter. His eyes narrow and he looks away from the scene in front of him. He starts to go more and more limp in the guards arms losing all energy to hold himself up. He decides it's best to just bite his lip and not speak.

Kierne doesn't have the letter out, but has already indicated they came upon the prisoner by happenstance on the road, and won't repeat it, as he doesn't want to seem to be pressing the point too insistently. The flirting manner, even with its dangerous undertones — nay, rather, especially with its dangerous undertones — is not lost on him, the playful amusement, the belittling epithet. Kierne endures it all with the good spirit of someone just out of his Squirehood, though, used to such verbal abuse, even if he's never heard it so seductively uttered. "No, your Highness," he answers, as to the identity of their prisoner, turning to look when the slouching, slackening figure draws his attention from the corner of his eye, watching him and the Queen, there, and then compelling himself to look away again.

Ophelie looks merely amused as he jerks his head away, "My little pigeon has a bit of spirit still. Perhaps he may survive after all." Her gaze flickers over to the Knight again and nods at his confirmation before glancing at a couple of her guards and another faint flicker of fingers before she turns and heads back to the castle, "Let us find a comfortable roost for my new little pigeons." She says as she strides before them back to the castle, her steps smooth and elegent.

The man just glares and grumbles something under his breath. The guards on either side of him lift him up slightly. He walks behind her as the bones in his leg start grinding as he walks. Everyone can easily hear it but he keeps silently as he moves. He's stubborn and it's costing him a great amount of pain. His eyes show the amount of pain he's going through and his quickened breathing, while his body shivers with each step.

Oh, Kierne's going into the castle, now. The progress takes him briefly by surprise, and he turns back toward his mount, keeping his hands sort of half-lofted into the air when the Queen's guards come for him, putting them at ease as he slows down, just taking down a messenger's pouch from his pack, drawing the strap across his chest to carry it with him with a nod, the small hairs at the back of his neck standing up a little bit as he notes the guards falling in behind them and to their sides, the Castle Meade looming overhead. The grinding bone near at hand makes him wince about the corners of his eyes, knowing that the extra damage is the last thing that poor leg needs. He wants to object, but that stubborn look in the Prince's eye lets him know that he probably doesn't want to be carried, at all.

Ophelie looks over her shoulder at the guards with the prince and gives a little nod. Finally they make move to support the man under each arm and half carry him through. Her gaze flickers back to Kierne, "Pigeons do not need swords, if you would honor my house and leave them with the guards." She says to the new knight ever so sweetly. "My chamberlain will see to your needs." She says before making longer strides away from the group. The Prince at least taken to the castle Infirmary and would be tended to quite well with her healers. Kierne would be treated as ..guest but watched and guards always in his presence.

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