Sheat 31, 229 : Life Changes At Kincaid Manor

Life Changes At Kincaid Manor
Summary: There are some evident changes in the House Kincaid, as some are promoted unexpectedly, while others are given what they want… at great cost.
OOC Date: 18/June/2014
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Kincaid Manor - City of Stormvale
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It is day 31 of the month of Sheat, 229 2E

The Kincaid manor had been prepared for the arrival of the family, from far and wide, they had been called. Aidan's brothers and sisters were present. This was serious business apparently for them all to be recalled to Stormvale. Donnal, Kierne's father was present, Malakai as well, along with their wives, and children. Bowen was present too, as well as the Priestess Danallia, also to which was Aidan's sister. Some were not present, of course, since not everyone could make the journey - or like Hayton's part of the family, quietly kept as an outcast. Those present were dressed as if they were meeting in the Halls of Lakeshire, or of the Kingdom itself. Aidan was already mingling with the aforementioned brothers and sisters, one hand behind his back, nodding in deep conversation with Donnal and Malakai, pleasantries exchanged while alternating words with a sip of wine.

Knights were on duty, even here, even now, as the family gathers. They were armed. Apparently Stormvale is not a trusted place as it once was, or maybe, with so many Kincaid's in one place, they had need for a small army - for surely there was more posted outside and enough to keep security for the evening. If assassins or enemies were to attack this knight, they would find it difficult to break through the numbers of men on duty this day.

Within the manor itself, the guests were in the small hall (small because Lakeshire's is grand compared). Formality has decorated the room with chairs to face the speaker this night. But for now, everyone's up and talking while they wait for further guests to arrive. Food and beverages have been prepared and none should need for wanting.

Kierne is done up in his squirely armour, emblazoned with the Lily of Lakeshire. It's all been repaired from what damage it had attained in combat and polished to something presentable. And the squire himself, shaven cleanly, hair washed and slicked back over his head. There may be no reason for him to want for food, but the lad has been off of his feed, to-day, and so maintains the sober air of one fasting in the presence of his father, stone-faced with steady if somewhat unfeeling eyes to cover the gnawing anticipation that's forming a nice ulcer inside of him to find out what in the world his uncle's going to say to-night.

Treasure is here to attend to her mistress, or perhaps to help other servants with the meal and drinks as the various nobles of the family gather in the room. Attentive is the disfigured woman who wears a cap upon her head tonight, and stands to the back of the room out of the way for now.

Ronan has arrived but without his lovely wife for Roslin is large with child, now. She is due any time to bear. The Duke himself has turned out in finery in blues, velvets and silk with a heavy golden chain of his Ducal office set with rubies and sapphires of Sutherland. The Lord Marshal is announced and begins at once to mingle for those gathered here tonight are also /his/ family. What remains of it.

Rosley, Ronan's elderly man servant, follows his Duke as poison taster to check the wine that is offered. Once it passes his approval, it is handed over to the Rioga to accept. Dark eyes seek those he knows best: Aidan, his uncle, Nylie, Kierne of course who should be about somewhere, and several others. Ronan comes to stop next to another man, "Donnal, it has been too long. How do you fair?" A few words are exchanged and the Duke of Sutherland's baritone laughs softly, "Aye, your uncle was a great man to whom I squired, and I enjoyed my time here in Lakeshire as you well know." A deep chuckle, the two being familiar with one another. A taste of the wine and Donnal goes about refreshing some introductions for the Duke.

Having gotten the summons, Hadrian makes his way into the manor. With his duties to the King and having to help bring forth people to be interviewed before the King, he's been quite the busy young Lord of Lakeshire. He looks around and notices all the family who's here, some he had not seen in a very long time. He makes his way into the small sitting room, "Greetings all." He says with a light smile before standing off to the side, thoughts moving on to Emma for a brief moment, wishing she was here with him.

Allyn stands just insidea door, dressed the same as the rest of the house guards. Sure its not likely there will be trouble here since it is just the members of the family getting together, but still, he's there and on duty, standing almost as still as a statue.

When you get this many Kincaid's together in one room, expect the unexpected is the saying. There's even a few siblings who bring their -own- loyal guards, as family history has proven enough, one just never knows. Aidan turns toward the announcements of those coming in, approaching Ronan after his excusing from his siblings, some who've been on the field for a long while and this, their first respite from the battles or threat of battles. Aidan extends his hand to Ronan, "I hear congratulations is in order Ronan. I'm glad you could attend this night, for there are matters here which will impact your house as well, though… I hear it already told, perhaps. We shall see. Good to see you anyhow, Duke Crawford." He looks toward Kierne, then looks for his own squire about the group. He's in here somewhere… then again, Oxley was never a big fan of crowds, but he would never dishonour his knight tonight. Then his gaze finds Ronan once more, "Drink, eat, make yourself comfortable."

Another found mingling amongst those already gathered was the Duchess of Lakeshire, quiet words being exchanged with a few of the other Ladies present. A cup of wine held, though seeming to be siped from sparingly, and food is all but avoided presently. The woman dressed within a finely tailored gown of black with silver embellishments. But no longer does the looser fit nor dark color completely hide the small bump Nylie's stomach has taken to forming. A condition that is likely news for many. Then again, perhaps she just took to stress eating when Aidan was 'missing'? Her faithful maid, Alyxia, lingers near the edges of the room, taking care to keep an eye upon the Duchess.

Kierne is most definitely here, if possibly not in his normal manner of good cheer that makes him so conspicuously exuberant. But he falls in with Ronan with a nod when he meets his Lord Knight's eye, playing that silent-but-dutiful role he so often falls into when official functions are presented. He waits behind while Ronan greets his father, and then takes a turn to do so, as well, in more polite and proper terminology than he might use for the rest of his family. No familiar 'dad' or 'father' will do— but, then, the Kincaid lads ever have been cursed with bad blood between them and their fathers, so it's probably no surprise to anyone, Kierne's sudden spate of formal propriety.

Present but mingling among some of the Kincaids while leaving her husband's side while he speaks of ships, Senga is attired in a gown that is predominantly black as well. Better than the alternatives, given the silver drape which hangs and trails absently along her arms with any and every movement that she might be inclined to make. The reasoning for the meeting might have preoccupied her before, but for now it appears to be shelved. Or at least, not clearly displayed across her features.

Aidan's hand is warmly accepted, any memory of the past tournament disagreement far from Ronan's concerns this evening. "Thank you, Uncle. Sess's favour and Cri's blessing, I hope for a son!" But of course he does, as his House needs an heir. "Glad you invited me, Aidan. More than a few of my kin here I have seen too little of in recent years." There is a nod for the older man, "I will." Ronan has a glass of red wine in his other hand already, tested by Rosley of course. The Rioga himself has been wearing black for for some reason tonight he has forgone the color of mourning for this gathering.

As Aidan is like to move on and greet his family and other guests, the Lord Marshal allows his gaze to wander. Ah, there is the Duchess, Nylie. Wait, something is … different. Ronan stands quietly a moment distracted as he watches her. And then there is Kierne!

The formality between his squire and Kierne's father is observed. Ronan looks between them, then speaks up, "Donnal, you should be proud of this boy. He has fought hard and served me well. I even hear rumor he came to his Duke's aid recently. He's no shame to the family." Er, well, at least none that Ronan knows!

Another present after the calling together of family is Aemy. The former Kincaid has an obvious bump herself, though her own news is not so new. Having arrived with her handmaid and a guard assigned to her by her husband, she had avoided the greeting party and made directly for the food and drink, figuring to catch up with her father and Nylie before or after the family meeting. Dressed in a modest gown of fabric hued a soft blue, she moves rather easily still with the refreshment she had selected towards one of the seats available so that she can people watch!

Hadrian remains where he stands for now, mostly in the back. He looks over to his father as the man makes his rounds. He looks over towards Nylie as well, offering a brief smile then over to Ronan who gets a nod from him. Mostly, Hadrian stays in the back with his arms folded over his chest. There comes a yawn from him as he has been staying up late to deal with the guards, the King's personal orders, and visiting with Emma in her time of need. Hadrian continues to look around the room, to Senga and the others.

An easy smile is given to those whom Nylie had been speaking with, a light motion pointing them to one of the trays of food in answer to a request about some particular food sought. The Duchess giving a nod of her head to Allyn, seeing her guard standing there to keep watch as well as keep the peace should something go amiss. It was ever a possiblity with any such large gathering of noblity. The small rounding to her belly perhaps not as easily noted when looking straight at her with the dark color of her dress, but the side profile is another story. Nylie offers a bow of her towards Ronan to see the Duke of Sutherland across the way, a slight incline of her head and a smile to Hadrian in catching his look her way. Though it is near Aemy that Nylie ends up,"Lady Aemy, it is delightful to see you again."

Allyn keeps a close eye on the things that go on around the room, though he seems to be watching Nylie the most, he is one of her personal guards after all, even though he is available to the beck and call of any of those of the house. He stands there quietly just watching

Kierne was never the best at accepting praise, and never was that more the case than in the presence of his father, who knows more of his son's odd nature than most, making of Ronan's words a certain irony between the father and son that twists hard at Kierne's insides and rather makes him wish he'd had a drink to brace himself for all of this. As it stands, though, the boy is sober as water itself, and, though he might regret it, he has his game face on and accepts the words of praise with a grateful bow of his head to Ronan before stepping to his father when his father comes to clasp arms with him in a less formal greeting, at least an outward expression of pride with a smile shared between father and son.

Aidan takes a look around the room as it fills. He nods to the others arriving, his eyes briefly flickering over Hadrian and Bowen, then Aemy as she also shows for this gathering. A reunion it has become. Black is worn by most, but then they can get away with it for the colour of their house. Mourning or not. Aidan moves to the dias though as the faces … for the most part, all seem present and accounted for. Once up on the dias, he hands off his wine glass to one of the stewards there to attend the evening, "Family," he begins as he calls attention in a loud voice to bring about the attention, "Family and trusted friends, it is good to see you have come this evening upon request. I know it has been difficult for some of you to break away from your obligations, though we have not seen so much need to gather as we do this evening. War, has unsettled our lands." He lets that hang in the balance, until the room grows quiet and he can properly speak.

Hadrian's nod is caught between all else, but not missed. Ronan returns the nod to his cousin, making a gesture for Hadrian to join them if he so wishes. Nylie gains an especially nice incline of his head, being especially fond of the Kincaid Duchess. She makes Ronan smile at seeing her thus in profile. "Well, well." He rumbles low to no on in particular, "Mayhap congratulations are in order to my good Uncle and his lovely wife as well." Yes, the Rioga Duke looks pleased. Ah, there Kierne and Donnal claps arms at least! The Lord Marshal's attention goes to Aidan as his uncle speaks up from the dias to gather their focus.

As soon as Nylie nears, Aemy puts the bit of refreshment aside on a side table, should there be one, if not it is handed off to her handmaid. Standing, she offers a warm smile to her father's wife. "You as well, my Lady." Immediately, she does not notice the bump rounding her middle ever so slightly. "It is so good to see everyone in one place." Kierne and Hadrian are given warm looks before the others in the room get a brief nod of greeting until her father begins the meeting. She falls silent and turns her attention fully there with a look of respect and interest.

Nylie offering a warm smile in return to Aemy as the woman stands to greet her. Whatever conversation and catching up might have ensued with Aemy is stalled as Aidan steps to the dias and begins to speak. A slight nod given to Aemy before Nylie does turn her attention towards Aidan as he speaks. A gentle calmness settling to her features as she listens. While there is a fond look in her eyes for her husband, it soon fades to something more solemn at the words spoken. The war had touched them all.

The rather staid embrace between Donnal and son doesn't really know how long to last, but they disengage, at last, and, that ordeal over, Kierne bows his head to his father and makes a little bit of conversation with his mother before excusing himself to go trailing after Ronan again. He hasn't seen his cousin Aemy since she's been showing, and that's news to him even if it isn't news to anyone else. It finally breaks the stone-faced expression he's got on, giving her a great boyish smile of congratulations from across the room before he comes to something like attention and turns a sober countenance toward Aidan.

Hadrian declines the extended offer to join Ronan for now. He stands over against a wall and then turns to give his father his full attention as he begins to speak. He's certain that this may be something quick. For now, the young Lord of Lakeshire watches and listens for his father to begin his announcement of things.

"Baron Mowbray has joined the Eight and our good King Callem, and many of our own family and friends. I give my condolences to his family, for there was a time we shared the field together." A moment of silence for the good man, before continuing, "He is not alone however, as I must announce the passing of Baron Bellerose, who had taken injury in the Battle of Crosswynds. Injury was grave enough that infection spread and could not be stopped, despite the attempts to remove limbs to keep him from it. It is a deep regret of mine that he has passed before he could find wife and name an Heir. His sister," a nod to Aidan's brother Malakai, "has married to mine brother, Malakai, as you all know and while it would be my honour to put them on the seat, they've declined…" Some people just weren't meant to rule Baronies and Malakai seems relieved and bobs his head, "In understanding that my other brother, Arlen, would be the appropriate candidate to hold Stewardship over Halvard until such time as a cousin or nephew has been located to step forward and reclaim Halvard for Bellerose. Unfortunately, war has seen to their lines being as thinned as others in Mobrin, so it will take some time until we can justly see to the proper claimant making themselves known. The King works with us, to ensure historians aid us in this, incase we need to resort to those who no longer hold the Bellerose name." He glances toward Arlen and Senga, spotting them in the room, "Of course, if my good brother would accept such a promotion as Steward of Halvard." Halvard, after all, had the greatest port that Kincaid's had on the sea, nay, the -only- port on the sea, free of tolls… and was much closer to Darfield… with one large fleet in its command. Sometimes, it has taken a long time to decide the fate of a Barony, afterall, so it could be months, or years, before someone is named properly to the seat.

Nylie bows her head when the passing of the Baron Mowbray as well of her adored cousin is spoken of. Her fingers griping her wine goblet a touch more for a moment, Callem's passing had been rather….diffcult upon her, as it had been upon many. Her head remaining bowed for awhile yet as the moment of silence passes and Aidan takes up speaking again. Her gaze coming back up as the fate of the Barony continues to be laid out, eventually seeking out Arlen and Senga in the crowd to see what their response shall be on the matter.

Arthur has been quietly sitting with his son on his lap. They seem to be playing a simple game. It's keeping the boy quiet and allowing Arthur to listen to what's happening.

Kaylee was a bit late joining the party it seems, she glances around slighly as she makes her way on into the room, sticking near the back for the time being it would seem. The Ranger is wearing her best clothing at the moment, a blouse with long flowing sleeves, a dark brow leather vest that has three buttons, along with a dark of black leather breeches. Her hair is pulled back slightly so it is off her face, it is a bit longer then most have seen her with in the past, nearly past her shoulders and looking rather neat.

Ronan is attentive listening and sipping his wine. Rosley stands near to Kierne and now his arm is finally healed, he clasps his hands lightly behind his back and waits to find out what the various announcements will be.

Catching the smile from Kierne, Aemy returns it, her own a bit playful though it fades just as quickly at the talk of the Mowbray Baron. Ducking her head slightly in a show of respect for both of the deceased, plus the many others, she gives her own moment of silence before lifting her head once more and keeping her attention on her father. As Senga and Arlen are offered the position together, an approving look is given towards them, glad it would be them. Glancing up as Kaylee joins, she gives her a brief smile but her attention remains mostly on her father.

Settling along the edge of the room at one point once Aidan begins to speak, it may be that Arlen has found Senga by the time that the mention of the war and those they've lost references the true extent of the casualties. The mention of the stewardship? That finds her brows lifting slightly before settling back down into something more.. 'normal'. More 'Senga-like'. Meaning, cool and unyielding and also decisively neutral. But, that was before she and her husband have apparently mended some fences between them. And being a port position, it may be ideal. Even as Arlen appears to nod his agreement, there would be undoubtedly questions later outside of such a surrounding.

Kierne missed Rosley. He offers the man a quiet, sad sort of smile when they end up by one another, then bows his head for the moment of silence. Afterward, his attention flickers in brief, fitful darts toward one side of the room and the other, finally resting on Uncle Arlen and Auntie S as their new task is presented to them, though he finds his Aunt inscrutible as ever.

"Though from the numerous battles that have taken those we hold dear, it has also given us opportunities to see the young, reaching for their potential and finding their way to hold firm and strong in the face of the enemy and when death seemed so close to calling for them." His eyes find the squires in the crowd, before he continues, "Recently, as some of you know, I was taken and held for ransom. Though, such ransom never seemed to arrive, as the two knights who were with me that day, had given their lives over and such a note was never found to have reached anyone in Lakeshire properly. I had assumed that I would be moved to Laniveer, though these men were evidently working opposite to Eldwin's plans, for Eldwin returned my brother to us, unharmed." There been talk of this, to be sure. "My return and escape could not have been successful had it not been for the valiant effort understaken. Mistress Saltonstall was one in many that assisted upon my return," his gaze finding Kaylee, attendants coming to his side, "I would like to present, for your courage and honour shown in not only this cause, but for a previous time where my life was hanging in the balance, the address of Master Ranger of Lakeshire." A scroll will be handed to him to ready in its presentation to Kaylee, "Come forward. Accept this manor and its lands for my gratitude." It's a dwelling within the City of Lakeshire.

Ronan lifts a dark brow as Kaylee, a ranger of Sutherland under his own service, is thusly awarded such by Aidan. It seems to be news to /him/. All the same, rather than annoyed and angry, Aidan's nephew watches Kaylee's reaction and should she look towards Ronan, he will give her a nod. Concent perhaps for her to accept the bestowment, should she choose to do so.
Rosley watches his Duke closely, then shares a vaguely concerned look with Kierne.

Hadrian listens a bit and had heard the facts about some family and friends and some he didn't know dying in the war. He was saddened by this. His continues to listen to his father and keeps his arms folded over his chest a moment as Kaylee is announced and given the new rank with title and lands. He offers a light smile towards this. One less thing off his plate to worry with since he's been busy with his duties to the King.

Kaylee is needless to say taken back bit such a thing and she just blinks while eyeing Aidan a few long moments. A glance is indeed sent towards Ronan and she pales a touch at what this must seem like to him. She has not had the chance to speak with Ronan on such matters. There is a moment where she swallows, a slight bow of her head is sent to Ronan once she catches his nod to show that it was alright for her to accept such things it would seem. Her pale gaze drifts through the room though, searching for someone out of the crowd but she has not spotted Cian yet. With a soft breath escaping her she slowly moves forward towards where Duke Aidan is, and once near enough there is a polite bow offered while her gaze stays lowered. "Duke Aidan… It is a lovely gift and honor that ye have besotted upon me. I will accept such title of course." She would be stupid not too, how many chances could she get at such a title? Though there is the lingering uncertainty from how Ronan will feel upon this matter that makes this moment all that much more worrisome.

Nylie just nods slightly herself in noting the simple response from Arlen and Senga, her attention drawn back to Aidan as he continues on to the next point of business to be discussed. Simply taking a slow breathe when the matter of his being taken, the previous other time when his life hung in the balance. Marriage to him was certainly not….dull. A faint look between Kaylee and Ronan before settling to watch the ranger when she approaches the Duke and the eventual acceptance.

It is an impressive gift. Title and land. And, as far as Kierne is concerned, she definitely earned the both. That was a hell of a slog, trying to track down his uncle in all those woods. If his Lord Knight feels slighted in having the offer presented to one of his retinue, Kierne doesn't register any concern about it, only looking to Rosley as he frets over it and lifting a hand to rub the man's shoulder soothingly and then giving it a bolstering pat before he returns to attention.

Arthur lifts his eyes and smiles towards Kaylee. He's so happy for her. He gets pulled down to pay attention to his son as his son points out how the puzzle is coming together.

Aidan nods at the honour accepted by Kaylee, "I will look to see you honour both Sutherland and Lakeshire with your service." Maybe he knew about this discord, "For I would not wish to leave Sutherland from this honour." Even if she is just declared a master in Lakeshire, soon enough, people will just see her fit to be a Master Ranger in general and Mobrin will accept it, or will they? There is a signature on the scroll from the order of the Rangers nevertheless, for there are many masters in the ranks. "You've served me well and I will hope for your continued service." He'll wait for her to accept it before he invites Ronan up, "Duke Crawford," he motions, "I would invite you to help me honour another pair who served alongside her to aid in my recovery," a grin now to the room as his eyes find Donnal, then Kierne, "Kierne Kincaid, come forward."

The skills of the rangers that come out of Sky Forest were well enough known, many who came to sport the title of Master Ranger often orginated there. No doubt, Morbin would accept another Sky Forest Master Ranger. Nylie giving a slight nod when Kaylee does accept the honor. The young woman having quite earned it in the eyes of the Duchess. A faint smile coming when Kierne is called to come forward, recalling their talk earlier in the day.

Senga and by extension, Arlen are probably the least likely to behave jubilantly. Especially about the reason for their new positions jointly as it were. Not that she would be required to.. well, she would be required to do some things. The title bestowed on Kaylee is met with the slightest of approving nods - not even pausing on hearing that even lands are included. When Kierne is called, there might be the faintest of smiles. It does happen sometimes. The smiling part.

The Duke of Sutherland twists his mouth into a half smile. No, Ronan is not annoyed in the least - it was merely a surprise to him. He finishes off his cup of wine and hands it to Rosley, "Get a fresh cup, please." He steps away from his loyal servant and with a look to his squire, the Lord Marshal goes on up to the dias to join his uncle, Aidan.
When he gets up there, Ronan lays a hand briefly on Kaylee's shoulder. He gives her a smile, "You have earned it." Once he's up with Aidan, the Crawford half turns to wait for Kierne to come forward as bid.

Please with the way the meeting was advancing, Aemy continues to pay attention to all her father says, looking towards the ones he is bestowing the titles on as he indicates them. She still remains silent though and only sips her drink now and again, the food all but forgotten as she finds her attention riveted on her father and the rest of her family.

Kierne is a little bit less anxious than earlier in the day— given his last encounter with his uncle, he had no idea whether this meeting foretold some great disgrace or otherwise. Now that it seems, at least, that his uncle doesn't plan to have him disowned, given the introduction he was given, at least the knots in his stomach have unraveled, somewhat, leaving only his natural disinclination toward accepting praise to play havok with his countenance, making the usually healthsome, flush youth come off rather pale. Still, he maintains the militaristic decorum proper for the surroundings, stepping to when summoned and giving both his Lord Knight and the Duke, his Lord Uncle a brisk, formal salute.

Kaylee offers a nervous smile to Aidan along with a bow of her head seen once more before she takes hold of the scroll. "Duke Aidan… Thank ye…" Is offered with a soft tone before she is looking to Ronan as he makes his way up front. There is a bow of her head to him as well. "Duke Ronan, I thank ye for such warm thoughts." She steps back, a warm smile sent to both Duke before she moves to make sure Kierne get all the attention now as he deserves it as well.

Aidan looks toward Ronan, "It is with my pleasure, that I allow Duke Crawford this honour, for Kierne's skills have been witnessed more often by him, than by mine own eyes, though the valor has been the same from what I seen." He takes a step back and says to Kierne as the young man approaches.

Hadrian remains where he is for now, letting titles and rewards go out to those who deserve them. He moves to sit down now in one of the chairs facing his father. He leans back to relax a moment, listening and watching for now.

Ronan listens to Aidan and nods, "Indeed, it is fitting, Your Grace." The Duke of Sutherland, Rioga and Lord Marshal to the King turns to his squire, raising his deep baritone for all to hear him clearly. "House Kincaid took me in as a boy for me to squire to Sir Connelly Kincaid, Rioga knight to the King. I learned much from him, Donnal's uncle, until he was slain by the Laniveer when I was 18. The following year, when I was 19, my own father was killed on the field of battle in Weston, again against the Laniveer. Kierne Kincaid was there, a youth who had recently been squired to one of my father's best knights, who was also killed in the fighting. I had barely been knighted myself and the spurs settled upon my boots when I took Kierne under my wing to serve me. We had work to do and little time." Dark eyes roam over all those who are gathered here.

"Shortly after, Kierne and I survived the bloody battle for Westgate and I was made Rioga by King Callem Kilgour. Ever since, Kierne has been by my side." Ronan pauses to look at his squire, "He is my cousin for we share an uncle. All over Mobrin he has come with me, to fight Kundari coastal raiders in Sutherland, to the borders of Laniveer - fighting and taking wounds at the battle for Crosswynds, and later at Fenway and here by Lakeshire. After his long service unto me, he has even come to the aid of his Head of House, Duke Aidan Kincaid." The Lord Marhsal smiles, "Kierne is a man grown, no longer the boy I once knew."
There is a pause. Ronan draws forth his sword, baring the steel. "Lord Squire Kierne Kincaid, kneel!"

Arthur lifts his eyes and stares at Kierne. He glances around and then his smiles brightly. "Jaxon, watch this grand thing. You will be where he is one day." He smiles brightly. "Cuttin off a man's head?" Jaxon asks quietly and Arthur chuckles. "Perhaps but not in this moment."

Kierne has been with Ronan a long while, now, it's true. And hearing the recounting from those earliest years is enough to touch the squire's heartstrings. For all his bravery in battle, moments of high emotion never manage to fail but to bring tears to Kierne's eyes, and this is no different, but his dark eyes shimmer with a subtle watering-over which, as though for the sake of sparing the dignity of the moment, decline to fall from their place, but stay there, making the world just a little blurry past his Lord Knight before him, before whom he takes his knee and bows his head. He would just as soon give his head over to be cut off as displease him, after all, so the choice is up to the Duke.

Attention is given towards the dias and the honor being bestowed upon Kierne, Nylie giving a smile to listen on. Though at some point the smile falters and a there is a small breathe taken in as her eyes close a touch. Alyxia is at the woman's side in a thrice, her head dropping as a murmur is made to Nylie. One that causes a small nod of Nylie's head, a briefly thankful look. And as most have their attention upon Ronan and Kierne, debate on whether the lad will lose head or ear, or just be Knighted, Alyxia expertly extracts the Duchess from the room.

Watching Ronan and Kierne, Aemy can barely contain her excitement… for what she assumes is going to happen, and she glances towards Nylie to see hers, then to her father, though back to Nylie as she is led from the room. Her smile is still somewhat solemn as is warranted with the occasion and she watches between Ronan and Kierne, just waiting.

Senga is happy. Especially when it comes to one of her nephews being knighted. Again, there's a smile and clearly one does cross her face as she watches the ceremony. But much like Aemy, the disappearance of the Duchess who was there one moment and gone the next finds the smile holding but nothing further.

Aidan watches the ceremony with a glint of pride in his eyes for the young man kneeling before Ronan. He'll remain quiet as he observes the tradition of being knighted, eyes glancing shortly to Donnal, nodding at the man, before Aidan takes notice of his wife leaving. That has him frown slightly, but otherwise, he doesn't move to follow. She has her servants and handmaidens to watch after her care. His attention returns to the dias and the sight of the steel being drawn.

After a suitable pause to watch the reactions of those who are witnessing this event, Ronan studies Kierne. Good lad, holding it together before his family. The Duke of Sutherland once more raises up his voice, "You, Kierne Kincaid shall not traffic with traitors nor plot treason. Thou shall not treat women, knights, lords, nor especially ladies evilly but with respect for their persons. Thou shall observe fasts, abstinences, attend Mass, give generously to the church and especially pray to Sess as befits a knight of Mobrin. You will stand vigil and purification before the Eight and then You shall takes Oathes to serve your Lord and your King, to serve me no more. Do you so swear and before witnesses here tonight?"

A knight ceremony it would seem of a Kincaid, Hadrian approved. The more Kincaids with titles and powers, the happier he was. He offers an approve nod to the knighting process and sits there in his chair, relaxing back as he watches. The war had done bad things and took good people so this was given it back and getting past the tradegy of the war with such celebrations.

Kierne's throat threatens to close up a little ways under the pressure of all the oaths he's swearing, one after another. Yet his voice comes as though of its own volition, not letting the flow of the evening get tangled up in the mire of those dark, grim thoughts of his he so often drinks away, not letting the ceremony be marred by an inauspicious pause: "I so swear," just comes out as solidly and steadily as one could please. He's already fasted this entire day, so tonight will prove a truly transcendant experience if he manages through without falling over.

Ah, a man is made of sterner stuff than that and can fast for several days, if he be fit. Ronan's stern face watches his squire closely. "It is Witnessed!" The blade he had drawn he now moves to tap Kierne with upon first his right, then his left shoulder, "There for in the name of Sess, I, Sir Ronan Crawford, Duke of Sutherland, King's Rioga, and Lord Marshal of the King of Mobrin's armies, here by dub thee Sir Kierne Kincaid, Knight." The well used sword with it's gleaming Sutherland bloody ruby in the pommel is withdrawn. Ronan sheathes the old Crawford blade by his side, then reaches out and BACKHANDS Kierne a smart blow right across his face and ear! The crack of it is audible clearly throughout the chamber.

"Let the sting of the Coulee ever remind you of your vows. Tonight you will stand vigil, taking your arms and armour to temple, and in the morning you shall be blessed, dressed and given your spurs, then presented to your liege to swear your service to your House and King. You may rise, Sir Knight."

Aidan grins ear to ear to see the slap make the resounding punctuation of what the vows mean and what this day represents. There's a proud look in his eye for his nephew being knighted and such is repeated in Donnal's gaze too. Why shouldn't it be, a father, no matter if one hates their son or not, is proud when they make a good name for the House. Aidan's own gaze drifts to Hadrian and then in the back, Bowen.

Kierne might be fit, but also has the metabolism of a hummingbird and the appetite of a pack of wild dogs, and tends to start scavenging for the next meal a few minutes after the last meal's ended. The rations while encamped at Crosswynds were bad enough. But he's gotten through trials before, and will get through this, too, Gods willing, and— he blinks, once, when smacked across the ear and cheek, but it focuses him, and he brings his head straight 'round again. His eyes lift to take in the instructions, and then, having knelt a Squire, he rises a Knight. "Aye, Sir, Your Grace," he utters in brisk, obedient tones, saluting first Ronan and then Aidan, to whom he will swear his allegiance on the morrow.

Hadrian was still sitting in his chair and quietly applauds Kierne when he's knighted, "Good man!" He calls out and then settles down quietly once again. He looks over to his father, noting the look a moment and raises an eyebrow before watching him look to his younger brother. Hadrian ponders a few things in his mind right now but does not outwardly show it on his face.

Ronan looks pleased. He shares a look with Aidan and then steps forward when Kierne has risen to clasp the boy - now a man and his fellow knight, in a brief but fierce embrace. "You have earned it, Sir Kierne. And I shall miss having your company, but you have a new Lord to serve, now. Your rightful Duke." This Duke smiles and then steps back. He slaps Kierne on the back of his shoulder once, then steps down from the dias so that Aidan may continue with his family activities as he desires.

Aidan nods to Kierne, grinning at him, then he claps Ronan on the shoulder, murmuring a job well done or something of the like. Once the agreement of a knight's vow has been made, Aidan waits for them to leave the raised dias and the family to offer the congratulations and shoulder claps and hugs to Kierne. There will be plenty to celebrate. Perhaps why they did so quietly and within just the family, so that the Mowbrays and their Weston lords would not be offended. Still, there had to be positive things to come from all the hurt.

Only after the time seems right, Aidan will take the dias again. His look is pensive and severe. His eyes turn to Hadrian, again, and hold there. Aidan's speech will continue, "The Eight have given and taken away from everyone during our lives. We see some rise and we see some fall, but we shall ever see them all." He nods to the attendants and the like at the side, before he gestures, "Hadrian," said with a sharpness that might sting after the good natured and much celebrated promotions of many in the room, "Rise and attend the front."

He was not expecting his name to be called for this as he had not done anything to warrent such called but with the look in his dad's eyes, he feels something's about to happen. Hadrian slowly rises and looks around a moment. His hands move to his tunic and pulls it down a bit to straighten it up before his feet carry him towards the front. A nod is given to his father just as he comes to a halt at the front, standing there and watching his fathers reactions to his presence.

After having checked on the rapidly retreated Nylie, Oxley returns to the room. He furrows his brow a little, trying to determine what he missed. Then he figures it out, and he stares at Kierne for a long moment, conflicted. In the end, he makes no expression, instead, he simply stands a bit straighter and returns his attention to the Duke.

Kierne is a hugger; Ronan knows this, and so when the embrace is offered it's returned redoubled in vigor. He lets go of Ronan, then, physically, while still looking how to do so emotionally. He's so used to following after him wherever he goes that when Ronan steps down he nearly follows him in Squirely fashion once more, then hesitates there a moment longer before stepping toward his own family, instead, indulging in a few more embraces before taking up a stalwart position toward the other side of the dais to watch the rest of the evening unfold.

Arthur keeps quiet. Both son and father watch the looks between Aidan and Hadrian. Arthur turns a quick smile to Kierne bowing his head to the man before looking once more towards Aidan.

Something was going to happen. This night was all about somethings happening. Aidan takes a few moments to wait for his son to come to the front, a goodly amount of time after Kierne's celebrations. Aidan does regard Oxley for a moment, some quick check with his squire, yet, his son is front and center. "I am not sure where you have been, other than serving the King faithfully. I have not seen you for months." A beat as his jaw tenses, "Perhaps there has been reason for this, as I have heard, you had been treating with the Baron Mowbray before he had met his untimely end and before this, scowering the Royal Rangers and Royal Guards for signs of weakness, after the castle was overrun by assassins." Yes, the whole family is here. So they can watch. Their eyes to witness. "You have waited for a match of marriage to be presented to you and while I can secure a Kundari or Skingaard Princess for a marriage that could aid us in the wars yet to be fought, you have found your own way." His eyes on Hadrian, "Are you still keen on finding your own way?"

Excited for Keirne, Aemy beams a bright smile though after a moment, she glances to see the expression of the others. With her handmaiden at her side, Aemy glances towards her, biting gently on her lower lip as she watches her brother and her father, two people she greatly adored, wondering quietly to herself what was about to happen. Handing off her drink, she clasps her hands together tightly, keeping quiet. Eyes widen at the question directed to her brother and she rests blue eyes there, on him, awaiting his reply.

There was a nod of his head, "If by my own way you mean for my love, Lady Emma, then yes. My heart belongs to her. Our souls were meant to be." He says with confidence towards his father. He stands there sure of his words, not ressigning to any other then to be with his one true love. True Love. At least she was a noble unlike his first love was when he was younger, but just a boy. "But since both you had approved and Eldan, Gods bless his soul, before he passed both agreed such a joining was indeed a good pairing, I fail to see why you would bring this up especially since Bowen has not been paired off yet."

The Lord Marshal takes up his former place near to Rosley. While Ronan had meant for Rosley to fetch a fresh glass for Kierne, figuring the young man would want a drink after the knighting, Kierne has instead gone to mingle with his own family - as he should! The Duke accepts the glass of wine instead and tastes of it. Ronan's dark eyes are upon Aidan and Hadrian now, keeping his own silence as he watches what now goes on.

"Then you have choosen your path and I need to choose the path best for the Kingdom," Aidan says with a firm tone, as there were politics, armies, soldiers, trade… that needed to be secured with marriages as there have always been, "Marry for love Hadrian, marry and be happy. The Lady Emma will surely need support in this time. I wish you all the best." He nods, seeming to bless the union, yet there's something amiss here. This hasn't been apparently handled in the traditional sense of fathers speaking and arranging a match. "Serve her as faithfully as you serve the King and you should have a happy life," the King… not Lakeshire, not his family, not him… the King. Then Aidan takes a moment, "You are removed of your responsibility as Heir to Lakeshire. In your stead, Bowen will take on this burden." Anyone want to drop a pin right about now?

Love.. Aemy had not married for it, but it had come after the marriage. With a smile, she listens to her father wishing Hadrian and Emma his best, though the smile turns to a gaping look as her father removes Hadrian from his duties as heir and she cannot make a sound other than a soft gasp that breaks the pin drop silence in the room. A hand flies to her mouth to cover it as she is not capable of closing it at the moment as what is said sinks in. Incredulity is foremost in her expression though she tries to quickly compose herself.

Oh shit. Kierne doesn't say that out loud, but, yeah, it's pretty much plastered there across his face.

"Because I have chosen who I have for love, you would take away my birth right? Your first born son? I see. Then as you have so called blessed this union, I give you a fortnight to handle the dowry arrangements of our blessed union to be so that I can set a wedding date." Then with a quick and sharp turn, he begins for the foyer of the manor. There was no more reason for him to be here. Suddenly, he was feeling very un-welcomed in the Kincaid manor. He had nothing further to say since his father already just ruined things further. As of right now, the wedding invitations were minus one on the groom side. Now he gets to let the King know that he doesn't have to train a re-placement for his position on the council.

Arthur stares with wide eyes. He covers Jaxon's mouth preemptively and then covers his own. He's shocked at the revelation and he watches Hadrian move for the door. He makes a quiet sound of distress and prays for the Kincaid.

Ronan is rather surprised along with the rest of them, though … if Hadrian never came back when Lakeshire was threatened all these months. Still, he thins his mouth and says nothing. It is no place for him to interfere in this Duchy's business between a father and his sons. The Lord Marshal watches his cousin stalk on out of the hall before his gaze goes back to studying his uncle. That undoubtedly had to be painful for Aidan as well.

"You will have love," Aidan just did say that, adding, rather stiffly "You are Isys Crawford's first born son." And there is such weight in that, one would have to read between the lines. "The arrangements you will need to handle, as you seemed capable of doing as much prior," there is no emotion now in the Duke's face, but his eyes were pained. He watches Hadrian leave, then turns to the room, "There is justification for this decision and it was not lightly made." And the intrigues will make your head spin, "The proper documents have been sent to the King." His eyes look to Bowen who looks just as mortified as the rest of the room. "That is enough for tonight. Two days hence, we shall meet here again. I have further business with those of you who are here."

Hadrian didn't have nothing further to say. The distance he and his father had once healed now re-opened and torn. Hadrian moves into the Foyer and leaves, slamming the door behind him. His anger was boiling at the top and he found himself wishing to be in the middle of a war right now. He wanted to feel his sword slashing into someone but for all his rage and his new found hatred, the thought of Emma brings him back to his senses. At least with her, he can be his true self.

Arthur turns his eyes to Aidan and the look he has is still there. It's as if the Duke can do no wrong. He looks down to his son as the kid points. "Did he just orphan his son?" Arthur shakes his head and covers his lips again. "It's complicated. I will try to explain at home."

Torn, Aemy looks between the departing Hadrian and her father and remains in her seat, removing her own hand from her mouth, the words from her mother, not so long ago coming to mind. "We do not get to choose love, we marry who we must and hope it develops." Only then does she realize she had whispered the words aloud and she rises and moves to her father, tiptoeing to give him a kiss on the cheek, should he not object. "I love you, father. I understand." And she does.

Kierne's head is still swimming from that last blow. But he shakes it off, straightening his back and listening for further instructions. When he thinks about all that's going to transpire between now and two days from now, it makes it feel like the next meeting will be in two years rather than two days. He has to leave from here to the temple, and there be purified, which is probably going to be an arduous process in and of itself, to think of all the various grimy sinfulnesses which have accumulated onto his spirit since the last time he confessed to V.

He would say something low, aside to Kierne, but Kierne is no longer by his side. So instead, Ronan rumbles low to Rosley, "I had thought they had mended some of their rift, alas." The glass of wine is set aside, "Let us go. We'll return in two days until I am certain that my uncle's business is concluded, and I would speak with the Duchess." Rosley nods and prepares to depart with his lord.

Aidan nods at the stewards who were poised to send letters out, looking toward Aemy as she approaches him, his tone low as she gives him a kiss on the cheek, "There are truths you do not know…" A look toward the family, "I need to speak with you… Bowen… and Lynette. Privately. There are… truths…" and then he shakes his head, "But not tonight." And he looks worn out, moving to retire from the room.

Oxley watches Hadrian go, not at all surprised. He watches then as Aidan ends the evening and he lets a little huff out, turning his attention back to Kierne. He shakes his head just a bit, perhaps disapproving. Aidan is needing his family now, so Oxley simply turns and heads for the door, moving past Kierne without even acknowledging him, and heading out.

Kierne is used to being ignored by Oxley. It barely even registers on his list of Stuff Going On, given everything else. He looks over toward the door when Ronan is taking his leave, but this won't be the last time he sees him, so a proper farewell will wait. When Aidan's ready, he moves out slightly behind him, moving at least to the doors and then turning back to scan over the room with his eyes.

Confused, Aemy nods solemnly and steps back so that others can come near him as well. She gives Bowen an encouraging smile, though it wobbles a little as she looks towards the door. "I will be here, father, should you need me." Then her handmaiden brings her to her senses, getting her attention and drawing her away to rest for the evening. "Give Lady Nylie my best wishes." With that, she allows herself to be taken out for now.

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