Alasair 1, 228: Letting Off Steam

Letting Off Steam
Summary: Logen and Ruthgar have a sparring match in the Practice Room of the Rioga, in more than one ways.
OOC Date: 23/08/2013 (OOC)
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Logen Ruthgar 
Practice Room , Castle Darfield
A large room has been devoted to the training of the Rioga. There are weights stacked across one wall while another is devoted to a long weapon rack and a huge training mat. People move about in constant activity, always training.
1st day of Alasair, in the year 228

The practice room is one of those places someone, namely a prince, can go to let off steam. After what happened during the tournamets, Logen is in a very foul mood. He'd won a flawless victory, not even bruised, in the melee. Then, after spending alone time with his betrothed his family just up and arrested his guards and Caitlyn's handmaid, Tennat disappeared on him, and rumors started to fly about the court as the jackals closed in for the kill.
He's in just a pair of breeches and boots. His hands are wrapped with cloth up to the wrist, and he's wailing steadily into the straw dummy. A knight stands behind him to observe his regiment and three new guards all stand around the room otherwise keeping watch on the door.

Entering the practice room from the direction of the Knights Chantry is Ruthgar Ruxton, Baron of Dellhaven, Knight of the Rioga, and soon to be husband of noone less than Princess Caillin Kilgour herself - in four days, to be exact. Still, with a certain tension and a lot of prerssure building up from all sides as the day approaches, Ruthgar has decided to do exactly the same. Let off steam with a little sword practice. He wears training leathers and is about to grab one of the wooden practice swords from the weapon stand as he spots Logen, and so he hesitates, offering the Prince a polite bow. "Good afternoon, your highness. Busy with Mistress Straw here?" The jest is light, yet the gaze attentive as it rests on the scandalous Kilgour prince.

Ruthgar's words cause the three quick jabs to veer slightly off, but Logen's knee makes great contact with the dummy and it falls over sending sandbags rolling. He turns to Ruthgar, "Ruthgar." Logen waves at a guard who steps forward with the prince's large practice claymore. "Missed getting to defeat you in the tournament, how about we have a sparr, hmm?" though the prince doesn't don any sort of leather or other armor, bare chested he lofts the weighted training blade easily.

"Yes, I regret you were eliminated too early in the contest, preventing me from the pleasure of breaking my lance on you, your highness." A hint of an amused glint blinks in Ruthgar's pale grey eyes, before he adds: "But certainly, a spar sounds like just what I need." The wooden sword is grabbed now from the weapon stand, before the Ruxton readies himself, moving his shoulders a little and swinging the sword a bit here and there to get a feel for its - certainly very mediocre - balance. "Are you sure you want to do this without armor, Prince Logen?" he asks finally raising a brow. "I might hurt you, you know?" Which would need a lot of explanation to his future bride.

"You didn't get to see how well I did in the melee on the openning day did you? Five opponents, not a scratch nor bruise on me and a flawless victory in my Caitlyn's name." Logen readies himself, his large blade saluting Ruthgar before he moves into a strike. "Caillin will probably slap me a couple times for the wounds I'll inflict, but no worries. She's never mad at me for long." a smirk before his swords comes to.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Logen=Blades Vs Ruthgar=Blades
< Logen: Good Success Ruthgar: Great Success
< Net Result: Ruthgar wins - Solid Victory

Ruthgar smirks at the selfconfidence of the prince. "True, I heard about that. My… congratulations." His sword moves upwards to intercept Logen's strike, his reflexes saving him in time from a hit. "I wish, my princess will be as… understanding." he continues, as he moves to the side, whirling that sword about and aiming for one of the royal legs - they at least are covered, which might prevent the resulting injury from being too grave.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ruthgar=Blades Vs Logen=Blades
< Ruthgar: Good Success Logen: Amazing Success
< Net Result: Logen wins - Solid Victory

There is no resulting injury as Logen's spinsteps around the attack, and brings his blade up at Ruthgar's ribcage. "She will be, just… be gentle with her. And not just in talking to her." Logen is a man, he knows what's expected of the wedding night. "She's innocent, completely, and she'll tell me if she feels uncomfortable. She and I are very close." As he steps into his attack.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Logen=Blades Vs Ruthgar=Blades
< Logen: Amazing Success Ruthgar: Success
< Net Result: Logen wins - Crushing Victory

"Be… gentle? What man do you think I am?" Ruthgar inquires, raising a brow in slight irritation, enough to distract him. At least he does not see that next strike coming in time, taking a hard hit to his ribcage that has him stumble back a few steps. "I expect her to be… innocent, your highness. At least she will come to the marriage bed unsoiled…" And then the Ruxton launches his next attack, pretending a hit towards the legs again before turning the wooden sword upwards at the last moment, aiming for Logen's sword arm - albeit with the flat side of the blade.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ruthgar=Blades Vs Logen=Blades
< Ruthgar: Great Success Logen: Great Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Logen catches Ruthgar's blade with his, and shakes his head. "Caitlyn's never slept with more than me. I don't see that bed as soiled, especially since we're marrying." He pushes Ruthgar's blade off and brings his sword up again at the man's abdomen. "As for what kind of man I think you are? I think you're a rather honorable man, especially for getting knighted into the Rioga. I think nothing ill of you, Ruthgar, but as a brother yourself… would you not give warning to the man who'd be taking your sister's innocence?"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Logen=Blades Vs Ruthgar=Blades
< Logen: Great Success Ruthgar: Great Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Ruthgar is on his guard now, deflecting Logen's strike at his abdomen with his sword at the last moment. "Not bad at all," he comments with a smirk, that is soon brushed away by a much more sombre demeanour. "As for your betrothed… All the whispers behind her back, the laughter the bawdy jokes… It is you who is to blame for that. I can only hope the happiness you give her will amend her for what she has had to suffer, what she still suffers and will in the future. The contempt of all of the court." The Ruxton moves behind the wooden straw puppet now, before jumping forward again, going for Logen's left shoulder now - still with the flat of the blade. "If this were my sister you would be dead by now."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ruthgar=Blades Vs Logen=Blades
< Ruthgar: Success Logen: Success
< Net Result: DRAW

"If this were your sister, I doubt these would be practice swords. Besides, I think you have more to worry about with Prince Conall than me when it comes to your sister." Logen states as he catches Ruthgar's blade with the guard of his claymore. He thrusts towards Ruthgar's chest now, "I am aware of what is said about Caitlyn, but she doesn't care about them. She doesn't feel shamed by our love, she doesn't feel embarrassed by the whispers or jokes, hell even the tavern song doesn't phase her. I'd not be surprised if I hear her singing it at some point." Logen chuckles, "Again, it doesn't make our wedding bed soiled. And you didn't answer the question, would you not make a similar warning as I am, to Conall should he be wed Solara?"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Logen=Blades Vs Ruthgar=Blades
< Logen: Great Success Ruthgar: Great Success
< Net Result: DRAW

"Prince Conall…" Ruthgar muses, parrying once more a very sophisticated strike of the Prince at the last moment, although the sudden move has him wince a little as a huge bruise on his rib cage starts to hurt as hell. "His father is planning the match, I hear? So… what can I have to say against it. But… yes you are probably right. I have been too caught in my own matters as of late. I should… have a talk with him." The sword is swung again, but only halfheartedly so, another wince and Ruthgar drops the weapon, his right moving to the spot where Logen had managed his hit a few moments ago. "Forgive me… I see we are quite evenly matched, although… You are the winner, as you managed to breach my defense. Congratulations, my prince." The Rioga inclines his head, looking impressed at Logen's expertise with the weapon, as he probably had not expected him to be this skilled. "Forgive me, if I spoke too candidly. Alas, I feel I have to leave you now." Another wince, and after managing a painful bow to Logen, the Ruxton turns to leave the Practice Room. Having let off steam indeed.

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