Sess 10, 229:Letter to the Grand Duke

Princess Draventa Finally writes to her brother, the Grand Duke

Letter to the Grand Duke
Summary: Princess Draventa finally writes to her brother
OOC Date: 26/2/2014
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Draventa Mantilo 
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Sess 10, 229

Dearest Mantilo,

I have not written you, as I have been cross. There is nothing that can be said to change anything, from either of us at this point.

The date has not been set yet, but it will be most likely in the next month. King Kilgour wishes it. If you are wanting to be here, you should make preparations. I do not know if mother is feeling up for the travel, but if she is, the only think I ask of you is that you treat her proper. You do not hide your dislike of her well, and my wedding should not be the place for such things to be aired.

If I can hold my tongue on your broken word to me, and your idolization of Emerit, you can be pleasant to our mother for this event.

If there is anything specific that you would like to happen at the wedding, send word before hand. Our traditions do not work so well here, but the Kilgours have said they would be willing to try.

Your sister,

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