Sess 24, 229:Letter To My New Sister

Moira writes a letter for her new sister, Lynette.

Letter To My New Sister
Summary: A letter from Moira to Lynette
OOC Date: 11/Mar/2014 (OOC)
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Moira Lynette 
Moira's Room, Ashenfell
Moira's old room at Ashenfell
24 Sess 229

My dear sister,

How it pleases me to call you that and to know that within you my dear brother has found another piece of his heart. And as well, that Father now has another daughter to care for him, and Drogan has another sister to watch over him since I now have gone to care for my lord husband.

If it would not be amiss, I would care to offer you a few words on the running of Ashenfell, from the hands of one who managed it for so many years. Kind were the words you offered me when you arrived that Ashenfell would always be my home and that you would not make any changes. But, such is the nature of the world: change. Like the seasons, everything changes, sweet sister, and while you do not think any will come, they will. You and I are two different people and, as you grow accustomed to your new status as the Lady of Ashenfell, there will be things you wish to run differently, and handle in a different manner. This is how it should be. But, I pray you, take the time, to get to know the people and the land so you understand perhaps why some things are the way they are and work some changes slowly.

The people and the land here are intertwined, perhaps more so than any of those of those families that are greater. We are as one large family. You will, in effect, be as the mother to all, for that is what is said to be a woman’s place: to nurture and to grow, to care for, to bring things to life and to be the guiding comfort when there are troubles.

Many do not realize that it takes a great deal of strength, not necessarily in a physical sense; but an inner core of hardness, but even as a willow, that core must be flexible. You have in your hands, the love and the heart of Ashenfell and it is a great responsibility. They will love you simply because you are you but that love will grow as deep and rich and true and the fair soil, warm winds and sweet waters, if you care and nurture and protect it.

Sarai, Kayla’s mother, is a wonder. She is growing older; but is wise is so many things. It is she who was our nanny growing up, teaching and guiding me in what I would need to know to run a grand house. and of healing and so many things. It is she, along with Father, who taught my brothers how to be men and how to treat a woman or any person in general, and to appreciate the true worth of any one person.

She will be your strong right hand, if you allow her to be, quite as the Master Farmer is the strong hand and back for Father (and someday Shepard), when it comes to knowing things of the land and the people that he might not know because of all the duties he has now and in the future. And when the time comes for my nieces and nephews, she is a wonder and still has much to offer but can also help you, if you wish, to find someone as wonderful as my Kayla to be a companion and friend, more so than that simple chaperon they deem women to need, for your daughters - and even sons, Sons need friends and companions too.

Meet with the Master Farmer, ride with him along with Shepard or without when he is away, to see the farms of Ashenfell, to see the people, to see how the land grows and blossoms, to see how the families are living. Take the time to, even it does not seem like it is something you would care to do, to perhaps work in the fields somewhat, to know what it is to plant a crop, to help with the herds, to /learn and know/ what it is they all do so that you, when asked (and you will be) can offer informed advice.

Listen to their words and see their actions; as dearly loved as Father and my brothers are, they do not always hear things or see things. It is much the same for us as well, but I do listen and watch when the men train and work. In this way, I know how best to treat them when they are injured and what may be needed to prepare for a winter, or a battle, or for whatever is needed to sustain them when they are gone.

When they are gone, and you are home, even with all the guides and aides that will be left behind, you will be Ashenfell in person and they should see you, should see that you know them and understand them. Let them always know that you love them and care for them as a mother cares for her children and like any family there will be no force or no heart greater than them to aide and protect you.

I know that my gardens are in safe hands, but I will miss them. But there will be a new garden I will grow and a new part of my family. Yes, as you said, Ashenfell will always be my home as well.

Ah, one last thing. I took it upon myself, without Shepard’s knowledge but with Father and Drogan’s assistance, to begin working on this pond, in one corner of the property. Water plants I have little familiarity with; but like all growing things, I excel at bringing them to life.

This pond has been cleared slightly, the area around it planted with fragrant meadow grasses and seeded with water lilies from your home. As well, although I am not sure if it will please you, I made arrangements for a pair of swans, young and new like you and Shepard, to be brought to this pond. It is my hope they will imprint up on the pond and that by doing this, you will have a piece of where you come from to always go when you feel the need.

Pray forgive me if I have misspoken or offer things you have no wish to hear. Take it in the manner it is intended though that of a loving sister, who offers and wishes for you only love and affection.

Your most loving sister,


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