38th Sess, 229: Leeches and Ledgers

Leeches and Ledgers
Summary: Healers spat over a lapse in protocol.
OOC Date: 24/Mar/2014
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Infirmary - Darfield Castle
The rectangular room has whitewashed walls and a stone floor bare of carpet and rushes. The air smells of vinegar, soap and strong herbs. On a far fall is a line of windows that look outside of the castle. Each of the windows has a widow box filled with fresh herbs and flowers. Along the wall opposite of the windows are about twenty beds in a row. The beds are narrow and simply made of sturdy oak and rope. Each bed has a fresh canvas, straw stuffed mattress covered with heavy unbleached and dyed linen sheets, a pillow, and a blue wool blanket. Next to each bed is a small square table and a stool. One each of the narrow walls are doors leading to other rooms. One leads to the hallway, which in turn leads to the main part of the castle. Across from the main entry are two doors. One leads to the apothecary and still room, and the other leads to the Royal Physician's office.
38th Sess, 229

Kierne has been making good use of the sheets of parchment brought to his bedside. A pillow on his lap with a book set on top of it will have to serve him for a desk, his knees just slightly angled upward with his feet poking out from below his voluminous cream-colored gown— he writes margin to margin, occasionally scratching sentences and passages out and starting again, using the fronts and also the backs of the sheets as he goes.

The blond haired priest, still wearing just a commoner's blouse and trousers, with his eight star pendant bouncing against his chest, walks in with a happy bounce to his stride. His eyes skim over the unfamiliar faces of the patients that he -hasn't- tended to. No, only a few are personally protected - or tortured - by this Priest's personal attention. He makes over right toward Kierne, happy to see him at least not surrounded by curtains and all that like. In Val's arms, a jar of leeches. Skinny black looking strings swimming around in a yellowish fluid. "K!" he says with a quirked grin and a plop of the jar of leeches on an available space on the end table or what have you, eyes peering at the parchment being put to good use, "Writing me a story?" He grins, leaning his arm over the jar, elbow popped up on it.

Kierne looks up from his frantic scrawling, eyes brightening with the force of a smile to meet V's greeting, then widening further to see the jar of pets he's brought along. He slides the writings off of the top of the book on the pillow on his lap, setting them onto the cot beside him. "I am," he answers, "But you don't get to read it," or hear it, as the case may be, "Until I get out of here," he bargains, easing back just a little and sucking in a short breath through pursed lips as he unbends his knees, straightening out his legs and grunting that air out again as he eases all the way onto his back, eyes drawn to the creatures in the jar again. "So, uh, do they have names?"

Valarius' smile is quite wide, to the point that his eyes seem almost to squint at the sides, on the verge of laughing - or so it seems. He is casually leaning on a jar of leeches near Kierne's beside, interrupting the young squire from his writing with the promise of blood sucking friends. "That's fair. Let's make sure you get out of here soon, because it seems you've written quite a lot," tilting his head as his eyes languidly turn down to the friendly little black leeches in his jar, "Oh them?" a brow lifted, "I think they all act like one another and it'd be too impossibly hard to tell them apart! You can try to name them-" he shrugs as he considers the other whose already seemingly getting ready to undergo a good leeching. "You're not afraid of them, are you?"

"They look… kinda creepy, I'll say that much," Kierne will admit, "I don't know that I'd say I'm afraid of them, per se. But I'm definitely suffering a little chill-up-the-spine looking at them up close. They don't look anything like what I imagined." He reaches out with one hand to poke at the side of the jar, one side of his mouth drawing aside in a little grimace even as he shows a healthsome boyish interest in the icky little things. "They don't, like, crawl all over you, do they?"

After the near-row with Aldren earlier, Eoin has been resting in his corner bed. The books someone has smuggled in to him sit on the side as he left them and the windowsill between him and Eldan now bears a handfull of daffodils as well as the saucer of milk and dollop of honey that have been there for some days now. He's dozed on and off, but right now he's awake, sat not quite fully upright and lost to his own thoughts.

"Guess they do, but not anymore than worms," Valarius considers the jar that he's brought along with him, grinning at the admission of Kierne's chill received from looking at them. He shakes his head a bit, "Nawh. They generally stay in one area like, where ever I put them. They'll latch on and it'll feel like… uhm," a shrug, "I don't know. I suppose you'll have to experience it yourself, I wouldn't want to condition you to anything." He starts to unscrew the jar now.

"If those are leechhes, the sensation will be a brief tingle," Caedmon explains helpfully. He is walking slowly, with Wenna holding onto his left arm and leaning partially against him. Neither of them look well, although Caedmon appears to be in better shape of the two. He glances to Wenna, who is dressed in a mauve surcoat over a loose shift, with hair loosely braided and held in place with a wooden comb. He nods to the stranger with the jar, and then looks to the woman, who is clearly taller than he is. He lowers his voice to murmur something to her before he calls, "Good evening!"

Wenna pauses just inside of the door to wipe the sweat away and with her is plainly dressed man who is much shorter than she is. She is leaning heavily on Caedmon's arm and they move slowly deeper into the room. Healers who are on duty stop and turn and offer the woman an inclination of her their head and she offers them one in return. Another healer come rushing towards her and she is carrying a ledger. She nods and takes the ledger then she turns to survey the room and she blinks when she sees a stranger with leaches in the infirmary. "Excuse me, come here you with the leeches."

"Preconceptions are the bane of man," K jokes back to V as the latter teases him, or so he, K, thinks, for their conversation of yesterday. He shifts one knee upward once more, registering some vague discomfort upon his face in so doing. "And so these things will help get rid of anything else that might be lingering in there, in terms of the bad blood you got from me before?" he just wants to be sure he understands the reasoning behind same. It surprises him a little when Caedmon speaks up in definition of the expected sensation, as though his world had been truncated to the immediate space about himself, the priest and leeches, and he re-focuses his eyes at a greater distance, taking stock of those there and then looking back to V when he's summoned.

Valarius wasn't expecting company. His eyes flicker over his shoulder as his hands stop unscrewing the lid that keeps the leeches all nice and sealed up. "That's a good way of putting it," he says easily back to Caedmon, going back to aimlessly unscrew the top and pop it off. Clearly he doesn't really sense there being anything wrong. Valarius grins impishly over at Kierne as he jokes, indeed, picking up the teasing that V put down. "Yes. They're friends," he notes, "They'll help." And then of course, there's a voice picking him out of the crowd. Leeches. Oh yeah, that's him. He turns his silver blue eyes back over toward Wenna, brushing his hair out of his face absently with a forearm, since he rolled up his sleeves and was about to plunge his fingers in to grab one of the little buggers. "You're excused," a quick smile, but he's not going anywhere, since it seems they came to him, "May I help you?" Leeches for the sick! Leeches for the sick!

"Who are you and what are you doing practicing in this castle and in this infirmary?" The woman asks shim in gentle but firm manner. "And if you do have permission under who's authority?" She is straight forward in her speech. She lets go of the man's arm and with heavy footsteps she moves forward. Her moss green eyes look over at Kierne.
Still moving forward she gets closer to them and the Admiral, It is he she addresses next. "Cousin, you asked for me?" She moves closer. She looks over at Caedmon. She moves to wipe sweat from her brow with the sleeve of her surcoat.

Caedmon nods to Wenna and explains, "My wife is the royal healer." He waves his free hand to indicate the room. "This is the royal infirmary." Then he focuses on Valarius. "Surely you should know that you should have permission to practice healing here." When Wenna leaves him and steps toward Eoin's bed, he nods to her, but Caedmon's eyes do not leave Valarius for the moment.

Eoin is pulled from his thoughts by that familiar voice calling to him. With a turn of his head towards the others it's a mere moment before Wenna's advance is spotted and he's moving to shift himself to a proper sitting position so he can converse with her with ease for both of them. "Cousin," he replies, offering a short and gentle nod in both greeting and confirmation, "I did, if you have the time to spare from your own recooperations?" A quick glances is given to where Kierne, Valarius and Caedmon are, but he has nothing to contribute to that discussion so keeps out of it for now.

Kierne gets his elbows behind him, somehow, ungainly a motion at it might be. "Honorable Lady," he manages with a bow of his head to Wenna, for lack of being able to do much else from his present position. "Surely you know the King's own priest, and recognize his skill. He saved many lives on the spot when the fighting was joined in the great hall, and my own, thereafter."

The firm questioning has Valarius shrink a little from her, for a moment. Then he looks back at Kierne as the other speaks up for him, "The King? No no no. The Prince. Prince Logen," he corrects, and then spreads his hands to either side, "Valarius Micha, at your service… and here by the will of the Gods." He follows the waved explanation from Caedmon, "I was just…" he starts, though, certainly he has no permission. "Everyone was sick," he puts in, "I was just helping my friend. I didn't touch anyone else. Kierne gave me permission."

She offers Caedmon a gentle look. "Sweet Eoin I am well enough. What may do for you?" Wenna asks him as she moves closer. She looks over at Keiren and she frowns. "The kings own priest is an Enlightened." She points out and her frown deepens. "He is also not the soon to be crown King Tyrel's." She adds and her gaze is now narrowed. Those green eyes of her come to rest on the priest, "I care not if you are a priest you practice in here you check in with me so I can makes sure you have the skill and are not a charlatan." When he frowns she changes what she has said a little. "I do not care if you are the Prince Logan's personal priest; the rules are the same for all. Speak now and let me hear of your qualification and I will send someone to the temple to vouch for you." Another healer steps forward as an apprentice goes to get a messenger. She casts a look back at Caedmon and she holds a hand out to him.

Caedmon glances from Valarius to Wenna, and then back to Valarius when Wenna has finished. "Leeches can be a great help, or they can be deadly if the right hands," he warns. "If you speak the truth, you have nothing to fear by waiting. My wife and many others here know well about leeches. If you have come from the temple, then we should know so that we might provide better accommodations for you." Having spoken, he nods to the apprentice. Then he steps closer to Eoin's bed. He nods to the patient. "I am glad to see you awake, lord. My sister tells me that she owes her life to you. I believe that the Duke of Lakeshire also owe a debt to you as a result."

For all that Eoin knows not the priest personally he does recall some comment made by the newly wedded pincess about both her care and that of Prince Logan's. Eyeing the man for a moment he offers to Wenna, "if he is the man I take him for then he has been caring for the Prince this past week while you were travelling and such. I've heard no word against his ministrations." Not perhaps a crowning reference, but it's the best he can give. Then back to the reason he wanted to see Wenna in the first place he ads quietly, in the hope his voice will not carry too far, "I wanted to discuss a small matter with you, something I have noticed over the past few days and thought might be significant. Lady Nylie agreed." Caedmon gets a bit of a quit as he speaks but little more can be said in reply than, "then I shall have to suggest you take her word for it Lord Voice, for I could not tell you happened or what did not." That had been a hard admission a few days ago, but he's getting used to it now.

Kierne feels less than spectacular for V, being taken to task thus, and even less so to have been the cause of it. He does give the Admiral a look of sullen but amiable gratitude for his words of support for the priest, then, brow furrowing, he can't help but wonder how V was to have checked in with her while she was out traveling. But he'll stifle the question, not wanting to irritate the female any further. A terrifying gender, theirs, at moments.

"Qualifications…?" Valarius looks blankly over at Wenna and then back over at Kierne, a finger pointing to him, "His life must be qualification enough." He moves to sit on a stool by Kierne's bed side, hooking a knee over the other as he folds his hands in his lap, confusion in his eyes but patience as well. The matter of leeches being deadly is considered with horrid shock, "Only a dark soul would think of such a devious way to end a life with leeches." There's a brow lift as the accusations are thrown around that he's not speaking the truth and having something to fear. Another blink, the naive mind of a sheltered lad clear, "Why would anyone lie? I spoke with Logen-Prince Logen," he looks toward Kierne for some aid, peering back at the two strangers coming to call him down for saving lives. Nice people they are.

Eldan begins to stir, unaware of the goings on in the infirmary while he slept. The moment he shifts Cai is at his side. Cai, at least, is no longer swaying when he stands though he has the odd bout of vertigo. He has cup of tea pressed to Eldan's lips the moment the Baron opens his eyes. Eldan resists the urge to roll his eyes at his friend, instead drinking the tea which he is certain has been tested by Cai before it ever came near Eldan.

"That may be so brother, but it is also a matter of a respect and with the situation such as it is. Information such as this needs to be know." She moves to place a hand on her round stomach. "Cousin now what is it that you wish to tell us of?" She says softly to him she closes her eyes for just a moment.
Wenna then opens her eyes and she looks at Val. "If I am not here you check in with the Master Healer, who will say you have been cleared and will put it in Leger for me or another of the staff here." She points out. She closes her eyes again. When she opens then she reaching for Caedmon arm, finding it she leans against him as is her normal fashion. "Priest you have not known turn darkness until you have looked into the heart of some men. Prince Logan is not the king nor does he hold sway over the Castle or infirmary." The woman patiently explains. "As for lying many do either to save a soul from pain or to further their own gains. There are many spider webs in this castle man many more that surround the kingdom. Know that and learn for what I have said. I need to know because what if you were here to poison or harm. We here try to not let that happen and mind you we have about as much political clout as thimble full of wine. But, Prince Logan did over step his authority and I will speak to him when he is able to. But we do this not to be unkind we do this protect those that are here."

While Wenna leans against him, Caedmon watches Valarius closely. After a moment, he nods. "One who would kill by leeches would stoop to disguising himself as a servant of the light," he notes. However, his tone is not scolding, as it was in the beginning. "Young man, you have about you certain signs of anxiety, but they are not the signs of one who means harm. As my wife said, you should seek permission before healing in a place such as this. While she was gone, Mistress Maggie and Elliylw were responsible for things. Both know the requirements. One of them could have noted your presence, and saved you this anxiety." He looks to Wenna and shakes his head. "My love, hear the priest's diagnosis, and his suggestion. If it is sound, you will know. That might be a good judge of his skill, at least until the messenger returns." Finally, he looks to Eoin and nods. "My sister wrote to me at length of your efforts. You acted most bravely. I will urge her to compose a song of it for you. You had my deep respect before we left on our travels. You have it even more now."

"It's very true, Honorable Lady," Kierne will reiterate the fact he'd brought up previously. "If V had ill-intent, or even knew what manner of thing to bear ill-intent might be, he has had every opportunity to deploy it. And had he any dearth of skill, there have been plenty of opportunities for it to display itself. We have been as a ship out of sight of land, Honorable Lady, and, as they say, any good man in a storm. This good man has stepped to with grace and skill as well as with humility."

Eoin glances breifly over to Eldan and gives the man in the next bed along a brief nod as he spies him waking then turn his attention tback to the matters at hand. "If there was a breach in protocol than please cousin," he states to Wenna, "forgive the Priest this once. He has been working hard and will know in future now that your concerns have been made clear. Leave it be at that, everything was in chaos and if he had not acted then we would be in an even worse position than we are now." It's true that he's extroplating some of that from what he's heard by others, but theres nothing there he feels is a stretch by any means. Then a Wenna takes Caedmon's arm he gestures to the chair beisde his bed, inviting her to sit so she can take the weight off her feet, and perhaps also in part to give Valarius some breathing space. "It is simply this cousin, that since I awoke here I have had trouble with scents. With things being so jumbled it took a while to notice, but with Lady Nylie' aid earlier I was able to confirm it." And while he's on the topic of Nylie he states to Caedmon, "please, do not urge her at this time. She has been hit hard by recent events and it would please me greatly if instead you could offer her your love and support to see her through them. She needs time with those who love her, unconditionally, and can offer her the safety of knowing they always will."

"I've never met you until now…" Valarius seems to make a feeble protest, feeling his cheeks go absolutely red and his eyes dart back over to Kierne. In trouble for saving a life? That's new! Blinking back over as this woman continues to speak to him, taken aback, "I take confessions of dying men, lady, I know the darkness exists, but I am not the bringer of it. My hands are guided by the Light." He licks his lips, "I recommend you speak with a Priestess to clear your heart of such suspicion, for if a man come to save another man's life has now become the enemy, then you are truly lost." He reaches over and squeezes Kierne's arm, "Look for me when you are fully rested and healed. I will be waiting to hear that story. I feel I must go." A kind smile for Kierne, as Val slips off the stool and brushes his hands down his side, looking sadly over at Wenna, "I understand the suffering those of the castle have recently undergone. I was there to witness it. I pray for the souls who have been lost by it. Yet, I am not a spider and I have no web to spin. I am here by the Gods will." And then for the last, to accuse Logen now, he adds, "Logen did not give me permission. I was in here to visit a friend and Kierne gave me permission to do what I must to save him. Others had forgotten him. As his friend, I did not." A look again for Caedmon, blinking at the continued insinuations. Retorting back with a calming, "May Sheat's light give you guidance." His eyes travel over toward Eoin, hearing the other's support for him. There's a true smile for the other, but no interruption as it seems Eoin has important matters to discuss and Valarius now has some wriggle room to escape and catch his breath.

Eldan lets Cai help him up and give him tea. He gives a nod to Eoin when attention is directed at him. Once he has had his fill of tea and his position is comfortable enough he waves Cai off. The man can hover so. His brows furrow as he takes in what appears to be a tense scene. He knows nothing about any of it. The fact is that most healers become one big blur to Eldan. He has to deal with them so often, that most healers just blend together. It's why he tries to stick to seeing a select few on a regular basis. His brow arches further at Valarius' words, "I don't know… the situation but…" He pauses a moment, "good priest understand… we must have suspicion…. One of our own… a friend… recently betrayed… us all." The Castellan was well known after all. "She had done… many good things… in the past."

Her eyes move between her brother and her Cousin and then the priest. Kierne is ignored. She nods her head. "You can remain here and can remain working, I will check with the Enlightened. But you need to learn from this good priest. Others may not be so kind as to just offer advice. Stay if you wish or if you wish to go then go, but you are welcome to stay. I would also heed the advice of Baron Eldan." Wenna's attention is then drawn back to Eoin and she frowns. "Are you mixing up scents? Like if I were give you a rose you would say it smells like jacks?" Then she moves to lean forward to check him his head and eyes and the site of the wound. The chair is ignored and she lets go of Caedmon's arm.

Kierne doesn't all that much mind being ignored. He's used to being seen but not heard, in his role as squire, and, besides, there are some whose attention is a more bane than boon. He gives his elbows a break from propping himself up, and turns aside to wave a hand at V as he heads off, giving him an apologetic smile. He looks as though he could do with a nap, in fact. But then, he always looks like that.

Caedmon opens his mouth to answer Eoin, but closes it when Wenna steps toward the bed and shifts into her healer's mode. Instead, he turns and nods to the priest. "We are far from your enemies as long as you are here to help," he assures. "We must protect hose who cannot protect themselves, and for that reason, we might raise walls at times. Stay. Work here." He looks around the room and spots one of the apprentice healers working nearby on another patient. He beckons to her. Then he gives instructions. "This priest needs is here to help. Work with him, and if you find any difficulties that you cannot handle, bring them to Wenna's attention." After she nods to him in acknowledgement, Caedmon turns and inclines his head to Eldan. "Lord steward, you sound better than you did when I was last here," he notes. "I have no doubts that you will be back to work soon enough." He glances to Cai and urges, "If your master needs anything that healers cannot provide, please find me and tell me." Finally, his restless eyes drift back to Wenna and Eoin, and he frowns with concern at the man's words. "The blow came to your head. Perhaps that has effected your nose."

Valarius shakes his head, "You've been very unwelcoming, so I will not stay." He doesn't look angry, he just looks, sad. Disappointed. As for the remarks of the Enlightened, there is some visible anxiety about that, some small measure of guilt. Yet, he does not say anything further. His hand comes up to the back of his head and he scrubs there. Eldan's advice is met with a quick stare and empathic, "I will pray for you all, in hopes that the Eight look back and lead you out of the darkness." His actions are reading nervous now and wanting to remove himself. If he's the point of tension, it will do no good for the rest of the patients. "May the Light illuminate your souls," he bows his head and cuts out, stopping but once, to turn back and grab his jar of leeches. He smiles warmly at the apprentices, "Thank you, I must go. Let the leeches back out." And he ducks his head down as he walks on out.

With Valarius looking like he's preparing to leave, Eoin says nothing more, but does watch the situation silently for a few moments until Wenna's question brings his focus back to her and hi own head. He'd shake his head to say no, but notes she's moving to inspect it so stays till, saying instead, "no. I am not sure if it is better or worse but I am not smelling tham at all. Nor can I recall beingable to do so since the attack, although a I said before, there are many things that are still jumbled."

Eldan lifts his shoulders slightly in a shrug as he looks to Valarius, "It is hard to be… welcoming… in times such as these. When friends… turn enemy… and enemies remain… If our welcome… or lack thereof… is greater than your desire… to help… then include yourself… in prayers." He then turns his head to look to Caedmon, "I feel… better… Still hurts to breathe… but it grows better." He can still get breathless from speaking at length. Of course Cai gives Caedmon a nod of his head in acknowledgement.

Wenna raises an eyebrow at Valarius and she shrugs her shoulders. She is starting to sweat again. Her attention is on her Cousin at the moment and she nods her head. Next she casts a glance over at Eldan then back to her Cousin. "I know you can all say it I am over protective and perhaps a mongrel or a creature from the oblivion, but protocol needs to be maintained." She takes a deep breath and she slowly lets it.

Her eyes are bright for a moment and she rocks back on her heels as she reaches for Caedmon's arm and she looks thoughtful. "Eoin, we can give it time and I can check for signs of infection, you do not sound like your humors are unbalanced in that manner or the manner of sickness but in causes of head trauma is it more of an addling. There are some things that we can try. Have you had any dizzy spells at all when you move or have your eyes been bothering you?"

Caedmon sighs and falls silent when the priest seems determined to leave. Turning to Wenna, he objects, "He seemed harmless. He also seemed rather … unaware of things. He might not realize what terrors have struck this castle in recent weeks. Still, if the castellan could turn against us, we must be careful." Then he looks at Eoin and frowns. "You said that Nylie helped you. What did she do? Perhaps that might offer a clue about how we should help you further."

"You're sounding better when you sleep," Eoin offers across to Eldan, but doesn't really have much else to say for now, particualrly not with Wenna giving his head a swift once over. Having little idea of what he would sound like if his humour were unbalanced he can only nod slowly at what Wenna says. The word 'addling' brings him no joy, but those questions he can at leat answer easily enough, "nothing with my eyes no, but sometimes if I move my head or sit up to quickly then there is a dizzyness. It is getting better as the days pass though." At Caedmon' quetion he gestures vaguely to the fresh flowers, "she passed them over for me to try, since they were fresh cut. She also gave me a tea a few days ago with honey in that I could taste but not smell. THat is when I firt noticed there might be something."

"Caedmon then go and talk with him." Wenna says to him with a frown. "Go and speak with him and see if you can talk some sense into him." She takes another deep breath and slowly lets it out. Her hands move from Caedmons arm to her stomach. "hrm..Cousin, we can give it time and see and as I said I will see what can be done." Another thoughtful frown, "You need to eat." She frown deepens. "I mean you will need your sense of smell to taste the food."
"Eldan you really are sounding little better and I will read the update on your poor abused ribs. Just promise me when you are released you will not pretend you are a human sheild."

Eldan shrugs his shoulders, "Harmless… but not as dedicated… as he says." He was run off by a slightly chilly, that turned warm welcome. He looks to Eoin, "I am breathing better… The creature sitting… on my chest… is getting smaller." He then looks to Wenna and lets out a soft sigh, "I will… endeavor to try… My lady. I hope… to never repeat… this performance."

"Surely cousin," Eoin starts, a faintly amued mile creeping onto his feature, "I will need my sense of taste to taste my food?" Gentle teasing over he nods slowly as she suggests givng things time then asks, "the other question I had for you is about tomorrow. The funeral and coronation. If I promise to be good and not over exert myself would you object to me attending? I am sure Beth wouldn't mind keeping an eye on me just in case."

Caedmon inclines his head to Wenna and then to Eldan when they offer their comments about Valarius. "His dedication might grow with time. I will speak to him if he will listen," he agrees. Then, resting his hand ion Wenna's shoulder, he adds, "I will return soon, love." He gives her shoulder a gentle squeeze before he heads for the door to hunt for the priest. On his way, he mutters, "He should be careful about judging those whom he barely knows."

When Caedmon leaves she offers him a nod of her head. Wenna then looks to Eion. "I may not be there. No matter what if you feel even a little bit sick I need you to go and rest. If the light bother you or feel off tell Lis and have her escort you back here. I want you to healthy and happy the king will rather have his Admiral in one piece." Her hand rest still on her stomach, she closes her eyes. "Aye it will be okay. Just use common sense and no blocking weapons with your head tomorrow."

"I promise you I will do so," Eoin replies to Wenna, "and I am sure that both my sister, and the Baron's brother," a quick glance over to Eldan, "will ensure I do so as well. If it sets you mind at ease though, know that I intend not to have to block any weapons at all tomorrow." That's all he needed to speak to Wenna about so he close with, "you should rest yourself though cousin, you look drawn. Please, do not let me keep you."

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