31st Sess, 229 2E: Le Roi Est Mort

Le Roi Est Mort
Summary: Death Comes to Darfield
OOC Date: 17/Mar/2014
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Great Hall - Darfield Castle
The Banquet Hall of Darfield Castle is an immense room, easily capable of holding the entire population of the Castle. A processional aisle, covered in a rich purple carpet, leads to the dais which is the focus of the hall. Purple and white marble extends in patterned rays from the raised dais, stretching to stone walls curtained in purple velvet to dampen sound. Tables line either side of the processional, all covered in white linens and set with candelabras. Fresh cut flowers from the gardens adorn small tables around the edges of the hall, lending their light fragrance to the ambiance of the room.
The wide arch to the south leads out to the western hall. The dais is raised three short steps above the main level of the hall. A servant door sits unobtrusively along the north wall, leading to the kitchen.
31st Sess, 229 2E

The night is dark and lightning flashes across the black sky. The castle and the city are celebrating the proper wedding of Prince Logan to Draventa of Moniwid. The air is sticky and warm with humidity, large drops of rain patter against the windows as the sky opens up. The tables in the great hall are laden with all types of food and treats that create a mouthwatering perfume, which tantalizes many. Music is playing and there is sense of happiness and wellbeing. From where the fire burns in the hearth it sputters and coughs as it eagerly consumes it feast of wood. Here nobles have gathered to celebrate.

At the head of the table, King Callem had already proposed a toast to the room at large, greeting them and thanking them all for coming and supporting the Kilgours on the new adventure with an alliance with the Moniwid. The general aura is happy camaraderie while everyone enjoys the feast offered. And quite a feast it was! His plate is filled, he's a happy man with his family around him, Tyrel to one side and Ciarrah at the side of the Prince. It was a good night.

Being the only male Haravean left in Darfield, Eoin has decided that he probably should but in an appearance and represent the House at the celebrations. Doubly so as he hadn't been able to at the actual wedding. He's mingling, sipping wine every no and again and engaging in smalltalk here and there, mostly finding a way to turn it into discussing his latest naval victory over the Laniveer to avoid talk of politics. Story retold once more he takes his leave of the small group and moves to refresh his wine, only this tim ehe takes two and then glances about to see if he can spot Nylie. He does need to apologise for earlier after all.

Logen walks in from his honey moon without his wife. He's not wearing shoes as he's holding them. He looks tired but he's still dressed well. He walks towards a not filled chair and he takes a heavy seat, putting his shoes beside the table. He grins around the table and takes a glass of water and takes a deep sip of the glass. He stays quiet.

It was a family affair, thus Nylie could only look longingly towards the musicians from her place up at the main table with the other Kilgours, though surely at the fair edges. Dressed in purple silks with silver embroidery and accents, her hair drawn up and held with a simple silver circlet. Small talk is made as required, though she listens more than she talks. Eventually though, she is likely to seek a opening to go play amongst the musicians. For now, her eyes fall towards her cousin as he sits heavily into the chair.

Jarvice is dressed in his finest as While he was unable to attend the wedding, dealing with Sutherland matters he at least makes an attempt to show up to this part of the wedding ceremony to Congratulate the pair now that his business has been concluded.
Jarvice stands towards the back sipping some sutherland red, while he manages to take a bite or two from various snacks he managed to get brfore the scene got too crowded.

Winifred is here, the former trusted advisor/servant to the late Queen Laetitia, swathed in a simple brocade dinner dress, the elder ladies hair pinned back in a modest manner. Seated at a table in the back she will part a demure smile for those with her, a glass raised up in cheer, though dew of sweat clings to her from this dreadful heat. Quiet conversation will take place then amongst her table companions, Winifred glancing off with a wistful smile towards the dais, raising her glass up for the toast the king proposes, lending her voice to the cheers though it's been no secret /she's/ not been in favor of the new alliance. But, she's Winifred for a reason, having kept a tight lip though her friends would have known most keenly.

While there has been some plans to head out of the city, delays happened, and so Robben is present here as well. Seated at one of the tables, he has some food in front of him, taking a bite of it every now and then. Otherwise listening to the conversations going on around him now.

Kierne has had a long day; the last thing he wanted was to get dressed up in his squirely kit once more and go pretend at the niceties of court. But here he is, at any rate, a neutral expression stuck sternly on his face, going through the motions of revelry while his thoughts remain distant and dark. He stands by Sir Jarvice in the absence of his own Lord Knight, of whose arrival he keeps glancing toward the door in expectation.

Having spotted Nylie ensconced at the High Table, Eoin breifly considers the etiqutte of the situation, before summoning over a servant and passing the spare glass to her, with the instruction to pass it on to the Lady with words that he apologies for the fright he gave her earlier. They'll be time for talk later, but now it's too formal to just head over and present it himself, not without risk to her reputation at least.

When Logen seats himself, Callem gives his son a fond smile, though says few words as Tyrel captures his attention and he leans in close to hear what his eldest son has to say. They speak back and forth in quiet tones with no hint of it being an argument. Finally, they both smile and the king goes back to his dinner, nodding to the others as they come in, Nylie getting a warm smile.

Cayden Aberdeen has not perhaps been quite as festive as some, though he's certainly enjoyed a few dances and a few drinks, and has joined the assembly in the great hall. It's the polite thing to do, after all. He does give Logen a smile and a nod as they pass. Whatever his cousin's misgivings may or may not have been, he -does- hope for the best with their marriage. He's largely off to one side, seated in a chair and watching the festivities with a pleasant, polite smile upon his face. Lady Jennah ai'Alona is seated beside him now, and he occasionally leans over and says a few quiet words to her. From most indications, it looks like he's pointing people out and identifying them for her. Just, you know, without the actual pointing, because that would be rude.

Maggie keeps to her duties, being a shy teenager, a servant in Lord Callem's household. She's assisting with the festivities; milling around with refills of wine, and suchlike.

A warm smile from Nylie is easily given in return to her most adored cousin. When the servant comes tapping upon Nylie's shoulder, she looks back with a faint 'hmmm'. Her eyes looking to the glass of wine being offered to her as she listens to the words, a nod given to the servant as she accepts the glass. A quiet murmur sending a message in return, an acceptance of the apology. Her eyes soon enough searching for the Lord Admiral who had it delivered, seeking to find him without need to track the ervants progress. A nod and smile offered towards him, a faint rise of the wine glass towards him. The vintage being taken in before she offers another smile, a hint of knowing. A particular cellar has gotten raided it seems.

Logen stays sitting and smiles at his father then to his sibling and his wife. He sips his water a little further and puts it down and leans back grinning, watching his family. He's so very happy with them all. He enjoys his fathers smile and his brothers and even Nylies. He sighs quietly feeling a little dopey.

Jarvice grins as he continues to sip the wine and watch Ronan's squire, as kierne from time to time clances to the door. Jarvice will lean over and say "Dont worry Im sure he'll show up, fashionably late. "

Eoin had been trying not to watch, but had only been successful in so far as he was stealing occasional glances up towards the high table. One such glances reveals the delivery being made, and then the next the serveant part way back. Leaning a little in his chair to take the message he nods his thanks and lets her get back to her actual duties before turning once more to Nylie and raising his own glass in return. With nothing else to do in that regard until later, when actual words can be exchange in person rather than via proxie he peers at his glass a moment, then downs the rest of it. A sad fate for such a vintage, but there's plenty more where that came from, and Aldren won't be back to miss it for months yet.

Eating his food in silence at the moment, Robben reaches down to rub at the wounded leg for a few moments, before he takes a sip of wine. Expression thoughtful, although he smiles most of the time.

Jennah is listening intently to Cayden her stormy eyes shifting this way and that as he talks about one or another person, likely explaining the who's who of the night to the new comer to Darfield. Her lashes sweep downward a little slowly and she sits up straighter, one hand reaching to the choker at her throat to run her fingers over it. She blinks again, as if trying to clear her vision or thoughts, then turns a somewhat strange expression to her tablemate, "I should have perhaps eaten more," she says, then picks up her wine to sip again. The wine is set down and she looks to her plate, plucking up a little star pastry to nibble, that should help.

Winifred will drink her wine, enjoying the discourse around her though not quite taking part in it all, wanting to keep her head about her. Besides, she would not besmirch her standing within these hallowed halls she's worked in for most of her life. Invited for this celebration, no doubt for said good standing, the lovely elder woman will lean in towards a guest at the table with her, eyes dancing merrily even as she tries to fan a flush from her cheeks, "I must be getting old." She'll tease, though others at the table will also comment about suddenly feeling, well. A bit drunk. But a strange drunk. Winifred will sit back and carefully push up from her seat, speaking of a need to take a small walk to clear her head and a chance to visit other tables.

Kierne sighs, standing all statue-like behind Jarvice and to one side of him, ready at service, though his eyelids are drooping, somewhat. Of course, they always do, the boy's got a perpetually sleepy look about him— but now the look is compounded by the fact that he's trying his best not to yawn, his lips struggling to stay shut as his jaw works against his best designs and his eyes get all watery from the strain involved. "If he doesn't get here soon I'm gonna beg off. I'm totally wiped," he mumbles to the knight.

"Are you all right, Lady Jennah?" Cayden tilts his head, looking over his tablemate with a bit of an amused grin, "Wine going to your head?" He chuckles softly, "I can take you back to the suite if you like." He adds, "Or at least as soon as we've eaten a bit more." He nods at her suggestion of taking a bit more food, though refrains from much more of it himself for now, instead just casting a mildly interested gaze upon the rather impressive assembly of folks.

Once his glas has been refilled, Eoin is also in the mood for more food and turns in the direction in time to catch the exchange between Jennah and Cayden. Reaching for a plate infront of him to pass along he states conversationally, "here my Lady, try some of these. They're just a flaky pastry surrounding a large number of currents, but they are really quite tasty, and do work wonders in, soaking things up."

Quite so, there would be time later for words, for now Nylie simply offers that smile Eoin's way. Content to sip on the glass of wine as there is some mummered conversation with those of her family at that head table full of Kilgours. It'd been a long, not particularly peaceful day, so the wine was a welcome thing really. A slight glance goes towards the musicians again.

Draventa and Sir Ben have been in the background, the princess not looking well. She's pale but smiles at anyone that speaks to her, but clearly isn't in a talking mood. She'll be slowing making her way over towards Logen. The Moniwid Knight following.

Jennah casts a somewhat curious look to Cayden and nods her head, "I think so, just a touch light headed," she answers. "I do not want to miss the party or require you to do so either, if nothing else I am tough enough to withstand a little hunger," she says with a smile. She looks to Eoin and nods her head, "Oh thank you, those do sound good," she says, taking what he offers, nibbling it as well. "I did not catch your name, I am Jennah Ai'Alona, and have you met Prince Cayden before?" she asks Eoin.

Eldan is here for the food… and the wine… Royals always have the best booze around. Besides many of the people he usually interacts with are not in Stormvale so it is good to get out. As usual Cai is with him, a near silent presence behind his chair acting as both occassional servant and bodyguard. Eldan quietly sips a glass of wine, though he can already feel it going to his head. He looks up at Cai, "Maybe I should eat a bit more… I think my tolerance is going… Why not, everything else has."

The Moniwid Lord and Knight is still fulfilling his old role, until it hopefully becomes his offical role, he moves along with the princes much as he'd always done. Benedict does keep looking over to her she's been rather quiet even after his news from the dress maker. "Is M'lady feeling ill we may return to the suits or at least perhaps sitting down a moment and some water?" he will speak to her not wishing to interrupt he's still walking beside her.

Eoin has not, it appears, met the prince, for the title, once it's given, causes him to raise an eyebrow for a moment. Then, bowing his head respectfully he replies, "good evening Your Highness," then, a little uncertainly to Jennah, "my Lady?" He guesses it's that rather than Mistress. "My apologies for not introducing myself, I am Eoin Haravean, Lord High Admiral of Morbin. It is an honour and a privilegde to make your acquaintance."

"Ah, Lord High Admiral." Cayden looks rather amused at something, returning Eoin's nod, "All this time I've been hoping to have a chance to speak with you and now you happen upon my table by chance." The Aberdeen prince chuckles, shaking his head slightly, "In any case, well met. And yes, this is Lady Jennah ai'Alona of Zauri Isle."

Jarvice looks to young Kierne and grins. "No you stay young sir, and I'll go see if I can't find his Grace and inform him of the feast that awaits in the hall. " with that said Jarvice slips past those few who are like him standing by the door as he slips out.

Draventa shakes her head, "No…thank you, Sir Benedict. I'm well." She'll try to stand a bit taller and gets closer to Logen. When she gets close enough to Logen, "Prince Logen. May I have a seat?" Her voice is hard to read.

Kierne steps back when Jarvice stands up, following him dog-like to the door, but, desire every desire not to, staying. He offers a sleepy-looking smile to those at post near the door, and takes up a post near them, so as to better catch Ronan if he turns up.

Looking around for a few moments, Robben spots Eldan, offering the Baron of Mowbray a quiet nod and a smile in greeting. Taking another sip of his own wine, as he looks around at the various people present now.

Logen looks away from his wife and nods. "Of course, Princess Draventa." His tone unreadable. He keeps his eyes on his family and sighs happily. Everything is perfect in this moment. Laughing and happy.

Silence is golden, if it can be heard in the merriment of the feast. But gold tarnishes. Lives do the same thing. Tarnish, rust, fade, and bleed away. Lives are golden until they are bled dry… and shatter unexpectantly to the floor. All your merry making comes to a violent end in one abrupt THUNK and SMASH as a Mobrin soldier falls the floor, his life blood pooling from a well slit throat. In his wake a terrible vision of a fiend, tall and wide, carrying an axe gleaming with the blood of the man he just killed. All at once the celebration turns as men, unaffliated, wearing the black mark of death for their attire. They are the soul seeking hounds of death. They come for you. From above on the balcony, the crossbows and arrows, from the door where the body of the knight spilled lifelessly, the blades and axes of those seeking one end. Your death.

Callem keeps his reign at the head of the table, watching his family all together for now, minus his daughter and her husband. It was as good as things were going to get for the time being and he was truly a content man. Once again he speaks quietly to Tyrel who laughs at what his father says before looking to his wife and speaking softly, eating.. Tyrel eats more, but he feels suddenly and inexplicably lethargic. Ciarrah slumps forward, her face resting on the table. Sleeping.

Eoin looks surprised, but by no means displeased at Cayden's words. Reaching for his glass once more he turns in his chair ever so slightly so he can converse with greater ease before offing back an apologetic smile. "I apologise for being hard to find your Highness, but I have been somewhat busy of late as I am sure you have heard. Since we are met now though, how can I be of service to you?" He just finished a quick sip of his drink when chaos comes a-calling and he's immediately pushing himself to his feet. Conversation, food, drink all forgotten as his hand goes to the cutlass on his belt. Not even a word is said to the two foreigners as he's moving, at a run to place himself between Nylie and any attacker he can see.

Winifred was heading to the main table to say hello to the royals but then, oh. Oh. Oh. With a gentle exhalation of air the elder woman will touch a hand to her chest, feeling her body give way as she falls back in against a table before slumping to the floor in a pile of brocade.

Eldan nods at Robben in passing and lifts his glass to the man. He quietly sips his wine and nibbles on the food brought to him until the commotion starts. His hand immediately goes to his hip, to a sword that is no longer present. He scowls when Cai steps in front of his chair, trying to shake off the lethargy that has taken over his limbs somewhat. He's a soldier… he doesn't need to be protected… or so he believes anyway.

There is another gurgling sound as another throat is slit blood pumps out of the body. In a futile attempt the dead man raises his hand to his throat to keep from bleeding out. Soon his body falls to the floor. The tables are turning red as men are slaughtered and some even fall asleep and pass out where they sit. Some fall from their chairs and others find their head lulling to the side.

Callem keeps his reign at the head of the table, watching his family all together for now, minus his daughter and her husband. It was as good as things were going to get for the time being and he was truly a content man. Once again he speaks quietly to Tyrel who laughs at what his father says before looking to his wife and speaking softly, eating.. Tyrel eats more, but he feels suddenly and inexplicably lethargic. Ciarrah slumps forward, her face resting on the table. Sleeping.

Then the body is heard crashing down and he stands at his spot at the table, drawing his decorative blade from his side preparing to fight.

Shadow is amongst those on that balcony, that stole in through the windows. He smiles with his broken teeth toward one of those fancy looking tarts. "I always like to stick 'em…" and he aims for Nylie, "Pretty little head she got."

"It's no trouble, Lord High Admi-" Cayden gets about that much out before chaos ensues. His own reaction is not altogether different, though he's not wearing a sword at a state dinner. Instead his hand plucks up the steak knife next to his plate and even as he's leaping up out of his chair he hurls the blade towards the attacker that seems to be bearing down upon him!

Boss is the one with the gleaming axe, laughing maliciously as people start to react, but he is not here to talk. He is here to kill. He starts swinging at anyone near enough. No explainations. Just death… and his roaring LAUGHTER.

Benedict will give a reassuring smile and nod to her words though he's still worried of course. He will take up his place as she speaks to her husband giving him a respectful nod and bow if he's noticed before he'll simply watch and listen though things go wrong so quickly. His hand grabs to his hip his sword drawn "Your Highness, behind me please? Stay in cover." he will place himself if he must infront of her though will keep one at bay hopefully blocking the other.

Merriment does come ot an end, a gasp slipping form Nylie just as that wine glass slips from her grasp and lands upon the table as the soilder with his blood spilling out is taken in. The wine, what little was left in the glass spilling out upon the table. Nylie soon pushing up to her feet, not amongst those who have slumped into a drowsy state, nor dead…yet. Backing in towards her family for the moment.

Assassin is leaping down from the balcony, crashing the table party there! His intent is to stick the first person who has his back toward him. A queenly looking thing. All are to die. None are to live. It doesn't matter who. DIE. He rushes for Draventa

Bastard rushes in with the others, picking his target. Strong looking ones gotta go first. Then they can play with the weaker ones, and the women! Ahh, the fun of surprise attacks. He lifts his sword up and hacks at anyone in his way.

Blinking momentarily as he sees the room explode into death, Robben grimaces as he starts getting to his feet, leaning on one of the crutches now. Seeing the attackers coming in, and one of them heading in his direction, he lifts the other crutch to use for his defense. Gritting his teeth in pain as he may put too much weight on the wounded foot, but his warrior's instincts are too strong to be careful now.

Slinger. He wants in on some of this action. He stands at the doorway and whips an axe across the room. It doesn't matter whose head he's cleaving off. Orders were orders. All were to DIE. Especially that Kingly fellow. Boss man wanted him though.

Logen jumps up when the body falls and he sees his friend, Ciarrah, fall and then someone stands on his table in his home and heads at Draventa. He pulls his sword from his side and with only leather armor to hold him he rushes.

Maggie, well, she's not used to combat, really; the amount of blood startles her, and she drops the ceramic pitcher of wine she carries, with a crash as it shatters, sending pieces of pottery across the floor as she backs up, her eyes wide, with shock and horror. In her shock, she's not got the voice to scream. She makes herself very small, behind a brocade curtain, and her body begins to tremble like a leaf.

With the hall suddenly full of confusion and shouting, Eoin has to almost barge his way through a small group of paniced servants and he dives for the high table. Sword out and ready in his left hand he doesn't have time to wish for his bow, calling instead to Nylie as he pushes closer, "get clear Nylie!" not even noticing he's slipped her title in the chaos, "come! THe kitchens I think, you must get to safety!"

Kierne barely knows what to think, half-asleep, these things could all be a strange vision, he might have slipped into a dream, but suddenly there are bodies falling right the fuck next to him, and the world is a quiet rush of blood in his ears before the panic in the room hits him with a wave of uproar and he steps back along the line of the wall, half-stumbling in shock, barely thinking to grab for a blade, since the blade he wears, that which he'd won in the tourney, has yet to see any action— having found a place with his ceremonial garb, he barely thinks of it as a weapon so much as a bit of jewelry.

Jennah goes from smiling at Eoin and making conversation to grabbing the edge of the table as she rises and her eyes dart around the room for something that resembles cover. Her eyes fly wide as one of the murderous louts heads for Cayden, "Your Highness, coming at your right!" she barks at him though he's already throwing his knife, her sluggighness making her reactions drag a bit. So much blood, so many bodies, the voices, the clank of blades, crash of glass. She's no fighter but like hell any of them will take her without her trying to defend herself. She grabs for a knife, holding it, ready, well, as ready as a lady can be holding a dinner knife to defend herself against assassins.

KKzzzzt. Winifred remains as is, piled with other people, all snoozing through the fest.

Beserker is not far behind the assassin, nearly splitting the table wide as he lands, doing a bit of a roll and tumble, but he stands with a hack and slash to Logen.

<COMBAT> Nylie passes.
<COMBAT> Benedict passes.
<COMBAT> Assassin attacks Benedict with Cutlass but Benedict DODGES!
<COMBAT> Boss attacks Cayden with Axe but Cayden DODGES!
<COMBAT> Eldan attacks Slinger with Long Sword - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Logen attacks Assassin with Long Sword but Assassin DODGES!
<COMBAT> Cayden attacks Boss with Throwing Knife but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Robben attacks Bastard with Polearm and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Lothar passes.
<COMBAT> Eoin passes.
<COMBAT> Draventa passes.
<COMBAT> Beserker attacks Logen with Claymore - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Slinger attacks Eldan with Throwing Axe - Light wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Shadow attacks Nylie with Crossbow and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Shadow's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Bastard attacks Robben with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Right Arm.
<COMBAT> Kierne passes.

Eoin hears the whitle and thump of a projectile zinging past, but isn't entirely sure exactly where it came from. It's close enough to Nylie though to add another dump of adrenalin into his system and once he spots the drat quivering in the table he positions himself so that he's shielding her in the direction with his won body. Sword still out and ready to meet anyone charging he urges her, aling with her guard, "there's nothing you can do here. Get to safety! Raise the alarm, get the healers and the guards. Quickly, go!"

Benedict is focused on one thing for the moment at least. The princess he's supposed to protect, he realizes she might not be able to move in time, and will step in front of her instead his sword raising he'll parry it able to deflect the blades momentum. He will keep his head looking about though he must focus on this threat first. His sword clears and he gives an exploratory swipe at the figure. "Please get to cover your highness." he will say once more.

"Under the table! Quickly!" Cayden shouts at Jennah, plucking up Eoin's left-behind knife, before his eyes scan the room for any sort of spare weapon he'd feel more comfortable with. His eyes rest on the fallen knight that announced the presence of the assassins, and so Cayden hurls his second knife at the axe wielder, hoping to use it as a distraction to dodge past him and reach that corpse, the better to draw the longsword from his waist scabbard.

Eoin screaming her name does rather grab Nylie's attention away from all the blood shed, well from staring at it. It's hard not to notice it yet, it is everywhere. Death is everwhere. Why in the Light was her family so bloody cursed? Her movement towards family as they take to defend, guards stepping surely. Nylie does step towards Eoin, she was a musician not a fighter! true to her nature though, she's not said so much as a peep as she does look towards the kitchen Eoin speaks of, eyes blinking wide as the bolt goes wizzing past here, now….she'll…squeak in some measure of an attempted scream. A breathe, a hand to Eoin's arm now that he is near,"Aye…I'll try."

Logen feels the Claymore dig into his chest and he turns targets when he sees Benedict is doing as he should be doing. "Protect the King and Crown Prince!" He hollers at everyone. The pain is almost unbearable but he has work he needs to do. "Get out of my house!"

Callem is continues his own fight at his end of the table. Tyrel and Ciarrah are face planted into the table at the moment, but the King is up and swinging his blade at the nearest enemy, slicing down one immediately as two more come at him.

Eldan has a hard time ducking, since he's confined to the chair. Cai tries to protect him, but the axe slips past him and hits Eldan. Luckily for Eldan the wound isn't deadly and he is swiftly pulling the blanket that usually covers his legs up to try and staunch the blood flow. Cai scowls and while wishing for a sword at his side simply decides to go after the man that struck Eldan with his bare fists.

As the sword cuts into his arm, Robben falls back a little, but still moving to swing the crutch at the enemy. "Who are you?" he calls to the man. "Why are you here?" Trying to distract the enemy as he doesn't expect an answer.

Beserker just grins at Logen, feeling the blade hit the mark but not square enough to take the prince down. "Our House-" he howls back, "Our house of PAIN and DEATH! Your BLOOD SHALL COVER THE WALLS!" And he doesn't let up, going after Logen with the intent to kill. Die prince. Die.

Kierne's numb hand finally finds the hilt of the Wings, breath coming fast, heart beginning to race and stave off slumberiness. When Logen begins shouting out orders, he hones in his attention on the man, taking the lead from him, falling in beside him to help flank the Berserker.

Bastard smirks at Robben, "Your death fool. We come to clense the world of your poison! DIE." The bastard means to hack Robben's damn head off in a swing that draws momentum from a two handed swing over his own head toward Robben, meaning to put all his energy behind it to get the killing blow.

Jennah doesn't need to be told twice though her eyes fix on Cayden for a moment before she reacts. She reaches to the table beside her and grabs a discarded tray then darts for the side of the table, lifting the clothe to scramble beneath it. There she'll sit, knife in one hand, tray in the other, legs drawn up beneath her in a crouch so that she can move more easily, at least for now. She watches the clothe for the shadows of motion and feet that might draw near, shadowy looking boots may get stabbed! With a kitchen knife.

The Boss sneers at the dodging Cayden, swinging his axe hard to avoid the thrown knife, sending it spiraling somewhere else. He points at Cayden but has his attention suddenly on the backside of someone going to help another. His attention falls on a squire running with such a pretty little sword. He leaps over the fallen body of a man who has a bolt through his eye to launch himself at Kierne.

Up in the balcony, hidden in the shadows, Shadow lies in wait, he's reloading his crossbow, looking down at the scurrying rats below, already choosing out his prey from those. Look at them hiding beneath the tables, spilling blood on the feast. It was a sight to remember.

Kierne is well in formation with Logen, but, then, spotting a man with an axe coming hurtling at him, he twists, squaring off in one of his well-trained defensive postures, trying his best not to get axed'ded.

When Cai comes after him the large man shifts his weight and redies one of his small axes so he can try and get the axe to bit into his the cripples champions flesh.

<COMBAT> Kierne attacks Boss with Wings Of Dawn but Boss DODGES!
<COMBAT> Nylie passes.
<COMBAT> Lothar passes.
<COMBAT> Eoin passes.
<COMBAT> Benedict attacks Assassin with Long Sword but Assassin DODGES!
<COMBAT> Eldan attacks Slinger with Unarmed but Slinger DODGES!
<COMBAT> Boss attacks Kierne with Axe - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Shadow finishes reloading.
<COMBAT> Logen attacks Beserker with Bastard Sword but Beserker DODGES!
<COMBAT> Cayden attacks Boss with Throwing Knife - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Draventa attacks Beserker with Unarmed and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Dair passes.
<COMBAT> Robben attacks Bastard with Polearm but Bastard DODGES!
<COMBAT> Beserker attacks Logen with Claymore - Moderate wound to Neck.
<COMBAT> Slinger attacks Eldan with Throwing Axe - Light wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Slinger's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Bastard attacks Robben with Long Sword but Robben DODGES!

<COMBAT> Logen has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Logen spends a luck point to keep fighting!

Draventa's eyes widen and she can't help the yelp that escapes her. She's kinda blocked by Benedict protecting her, but picks up the nearest thing she can, and hurls it at one of the men attacking Logen…unfortunately the artist throw isn't really that impressive and it misses the Beserker.

With Nylie starting to move, Eoin shadows her as best he can in the panic, keeping himself between her and where he guesses the crossbow bolt came from. His eyes are still roaming though as he tries to clear a route to the kitchens using only his voice, "move!" and "get clear!" being two that are repeaed to dazed servants as he keeps his sword ready in his left hand and uses his right to help stear Nylie towards safety.

The Boss man smirks as he reads the squires movements and easily dodges, finding an opening to bring up the axe with a vicious and sickening CRUNCH of metal that surely means Kierne is going to feel that one in the morning - if he sees a morning at all. There's a HARHAR from the man, maliciously laughing as he yanks his axe back and goes for another chopping blow on the Kincaid Squire.

"Keep talking, coward," Robben replies, grimacing a little as he ducks out of range of the sword. Crouching down for a few moments, before he stabs the crutch in the direction of the Bastard's throat now. While ready to move backwards at any time.

Benedict is still blocking his charge she's his focus for the moment at least the enemy makes another pass at the same time dodging his strike and clank the weapon hits the armor on his hand. He doesn't really want this to go on and on as it might make more and more dangers. He will make another quick strike at the enemy. He does note the princess is still behind him not moving for cover but here we go.

Getting one axe past Cai's guard into his charge is one thing, getting a second one really irritates Cai. He is now in a position to snatch a knife off a table and while it is not ideal, it can still inflict some damage if he can get it into the man. Eldan is now hit twice, and while both would be mild wounds, together they present more of a problem. Eldan tries to find some cover, moving his chair over a bit as Cai moves in to engage his assailant.

Hrrkk. Kierne gets slammed with an axe, which sends links of chain scattering over the floor at his feet and sends him staggering backward. At least, thanks to the covering of the armor he'd so adamantly groused about donning, his insides are still his insides. Breathing hard, he manages to get his footing and get the blade in place to try to deflect the next swinging blow.

Callem continues fighting the ones on him, when one is taken another seems to come. He swings his blade at one after the other, protecting Tyrel and Ciarrah while they remain blissfully unconscious.

Cayden doesn't even look to see his knife bounce harmlessly off the armor of the axe-wielding man. He crouches down and slides the dead knight's longsword from its' scabbard, and rises once more. His eyes quickly take in the battle, and he moves across the room to strike towards the sword-wielding fellow who's been assaulting Logen rather viciously.

Bastard straightens from where he had put all his momentum into that swing which misses, hissing as he comes around with another wild swing toward Robben. "Lay down and die you swine! Your guts will be mine!" He pursues Robben with that long sword rising to hack further at the Ruxton Heir. "All shall feel our wrath and anger!!!"

The assassin with the moves to try and stab Benedict. His he is quick on his feet but he finds his strike being turned away as he cannot get through the boys, and yes boys defenses. The man smells strongly of vinegar and garlic. He smiles at him and shows off his rotten teeth.

Logen feels the deep cut into his neck and he stumbles back coughing out blood. "My family…" He hisses angrily. He looks at the men around. "Protect the King and the Prince! NOT ME! Protect them!" He snaps angrily. He rushes at the Beserker with a little strength that's left.

Beserker smirks at Logen, "Come for your death then." He lifts up his claymore as Logen charges at him and swings it once the prince gets in range.

Shadow lifts his crossbow with Eoin in his sights and with a smile, releases it from the safety of the balcony.

Lothar witnessed much of the commotion as servants and whatnot fled the castle, the ranger immediately jumps to action following the trail of various bodies and the sounds of battle. He only slows long enough to string his bow and knock an arrow pausing again as he enters the Great Hall and watches the battle to properly determine who the bad guys are and who the good guys are.

<COMBAT> Beserker attacks Logen with Claymore - Light wound to Right Arm.
<COMBAT> Slinger attacks Eldan with Axe - Critical wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Benedict attacks Assassin with Long Sword but Assassin DODGES!
<COMBAT> Lothar passes.
<COMBAT> Shadow attacks Eoin with Crossbow - Light wound to Left Hand.
<COMBAT> Shadow's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Dair passes.
<COMBAT> Rioga passes.
<COMBAT> Draventa attacks Beserker with Unarmed and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Boss attacks Kierne with Axe - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Nylie passes.
<COMBAT> Bastard attacks Robben with Long Sword - Serious wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Robben attacks Bastard with Polearm and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Logen attacks Beserker with Bastard Sword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Kierne attacks Boss with Wings Of Dawn but Boss DODGES!
<COMBAT> Eldan attacks Slinger with Knife but Slinger DODGES!
<COMBAT> Cayden passes.
<COMBAT> Assassin attacks Benedict with Cutlass but Benedict DODGES!
<COMBAT> Eoin passes.

<COMBAT> Eldan has been KO'd!

In the semi dark and with the muffling cover of the table cloth, weariness slowly eeks out the adrenaline rush of the mometn leaving Jennah again feeling sluggish. She rubs her forehead with the back of her hand and pinches her eyes closed briefly to pop them open in an effort to stir herself. The edge of the knife lifts the hem of the cloth a tiny bit and she looks for feet, tilting her head and leaning to try to see, and see she does. It's horrible. So much blood, so many wounded. She starts to clench the knife in her fist and slinks down to sit, drawing her legs in close.

Cayden continues his advance across the room, and though it takes him in the direction of Logen and the Berserker, he only takes a swing at the fellow in passing before continuing on his way towards where Callem, Tyrel, and Ciarrah are. His own natural inclination is to protect his sister, of course, but he'll worry about how he's going to do that when he gets there.

Eoin has just about got Nylie to safety when he hears that tall-tail whistleing sound again a fraction of a second before a burst of pain erupts in his hand. It's not enough to make him drop his cutlass, but it stings something rotten. Once the lady is safe though he turns back and scns up towards the balcony, trying to spot the shooter before calling so those with a better angle might have more luck. "Bowman on the balcony!" There seems to be little he can do to deal with him though so instead he charges at the nearest enemy, which just happens to be the one standing over Eldan. A few choice words, that really shouldn't be stated with so many ladies in the room, might also escape from his lips, loudly, as he throws himself into the battle.

"Oh, because you have none?" Robben gets out before he stumbles backwards now, the sword having hit him bad in the abdomen area. Now mostly trying to keep himself out of the way of the incoming enemy again.

Benedict strikes and missses and is missed, but this dance is weary, he doesn't wish to continue his next strike is a little more focused on inflicting damage. He watches as a few items go flying by "Princess, please find cover." he will try one last time as he steps into it to make another strike.

Lothar having figured out the bad guys are wearing black… The ranger aims down at the Shadow who seems to be plinking at folks with a crossbow (skillless archer)… Normally he'd have something witty to say but this seems to be a bad time to draw attention to himself.

From the shadows of the balcony, Shadow continues fighting with his crossbow, his eyes on his target. Loading another one in place, he watches as another man enters. Interesting.. interesting. Switching targets now, he looks towards the ranger.

Draventa either doesn't hear Ben, or is choosing to ignore him. Her eyes are focused on the men in black. She's fairly certain if she ran she'd just be picked off anyway. She'll throw again and miss and then reach for a knife. it's just a dinner knife, but if they get close…

Logen feels his right arm hit and he snarls angrily. He stabs at the Beserker and his eyes narrow at the blood. "MY HOME!" He snaps back. He doesn't care that his blood is getting everywhere or that he's becoming more dizzy.

The sound of battle has caught the attention of the rest of the castle… and the Rioga's that were not stealthfully killed at their posts to allow this surprise attack to happen! A group of them charge in behind Lothar, they too inspect the scene only for a split second before charging to protect the King and family! OH yee faithful knights! How honourable you go! Some are cut down as they come through the enemies black sythes of death. Desperately trying to protect the Royal family as blood starts to spray and splatter just about everywhere and the screams of the chaos roars…

Kierne gets slammed in the chest, the strength of his arms completely overpowered, worn down by an opponent far outstripping him in skill and force. His features dull, eyes growing an eerie neutral, he stands his ground before the royals, a dry huff of laughter escaping mirthless lips.

Beserker doesn't even seem to stop for the hit that cleaves into him, laughing down at the royal pain in the ass. "No longer. New blood will spill the old." He launches into another series of blade swings with that long heavy claymore.

<COMBAT> Kierne will spend luck on defense this turn.
<COMBAT> Draventa will spend luck on attack this turn.
<COMBAT> Eoin will spend luck on attack this turn.
<COMBAT> Logen will spend luck on attack this turn.

<COMBAT> Kierne attacks Boss with Wings Of Dawn and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Boss attacks Kierne with Axe - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Eldan passes.
<COMBAT> Rioga attacks Bastard with Long Sword - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Benedict attacks Assassin with Long Sword but Assassin DODGES!
<COMBAT> Lothar attacks Shadow with Bow - Critical wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Logen attacks Beserker with Bastard Sword - ARMOR on Head stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Assassin attacks Draventa with Cutlass - Light wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Nylie passes.
<COMBAT> Draventa attacks Beserker with Knife - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Beserker attacks Logen with Claymore - Serious wound to Left Hand.
<COMBAT> Bastard attacks Robben with Long Sword - Serious wound to Left Hand.
<COMBAT> Eoin attacks Slinger with Cutlass - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Robben attacks Bastard with Polearm but Bastard DODGES!
<COMBAT> Slinger attacks Benedict with Axe - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Shadow finishes reloading.
<COMBAT> Cayden attacks Beserker with Long Sword but Beserker DODGES!

<COMBAT> Shadow has been KO'd!

Taking a solid hit to his hand, causing more blood to start falling, Robben drops the crutch now, after grabbing one of the knives at the nearest table. Probably easier to attack with it, at least. And then, he launches himself at the enemy, a bit desperately.

Blood sprays across the table cloth and illuminated from the outside it creates a sort of macabre glow beneath the table where Jennah is hiding. The violence escalates, but in a good way, and she leans down to peek again, hearing the arrival of the local guards. She draws back quickly and pulls herself into a tigher ball beneath the table and her skirts, hoping, no, praying her knife and tray-gone-shield are enough.

Eoin curses, loudly, as his blade dings heavily off his foe's armour. Still, the situation continues to be dire so he does just about the only thing he can do and swings again. The Roiga are spotted out of the corner of his eye, an he figures they're trained knight and thus far more likely to be able to protect the King and Crown Prince than he is, so stays where he is, battering away at the armour of the axe-wielding assalant infront of him.

Up in the balcony Shadow gets caught mid-reload and an arrow from a ranger strikes him and in a very theatrical moment, he wears a comical look of shock before he falls over the balcony to land on the marble floor with a thud. One shot, one kill to Lothar of Sky Forest.

Draventa 's eyes widen and she lets out a started cry as she's cut by an assassin that she didn't even realize was there. She was so focused on the Berserker who lunged around Ben that it was too late to do anything about the cutlass. While her knife does no damage, she does manage to nic the Berserker's chest armor. if she does, at least she can say she hit him.

Logen feels the blade slice down his hand and he doesn't even cry out in rage. He just attacks onward since he wants to drop this creature in front of him. "Get away from my family!" He sees one of them attack Draventa. "Benedict, protect her." His voice is failing him and he's still going.

"Your Highness, Draventa." the title is dropped for she is a friend beyond all. "Please take cover." Benedict is hard pressed the man with the axe swinging at him as well. The lord and knight is hard pressed to keep the other safe one arm out to prevent circling but they attack at once and get through. "Fight me you coward." he grits his teeth at the figure making another swing now certainly trying to end this.

Bastard is now attacked on two sides. By the Rioga and Robben. But it would seem the Rioga do not stick around to see him downed. They have to save the king, which allows the Bastard to twist back around to swing once more at Robben.

Callem continues his own fighting, slicing down another and as a Rioga flanks him, taking one of them off him, he continues fighting one of the other ones on him, swinging his blade with a fury like no other.

Lothar lets his first arrow fly and following the flight and seeing that it flew true the ranger changes his target to the Berserker. He pauses to decide to aim or not but judging by the ammount of blood coming off the Berserker's opponent he decides to let loose his arrow at the first open shot.

Beserker notices the effort that Logen is putting forth to secure his good wife. He laughs and points to Draventa, "Spill her blood!!!!" He then turns back to wail his claymore back at Logen, "Give me your other hand now! I want the pair!!"

The Boss is getting really bored with the squire he seems to be fighting, growling, "Get out of my way." And then he's pushing through the kid, attempting to go after someone that looks important. Like maybe the king, but to get there he has to go through some other rabble first. His axe cleaves through the air and whisles toward Lothar.

Cayden's path continues on, pausing his advance towards the Royals as the Riogans stream in. Don't want to be mistaken for a foe by one of them. Instead he weaves between the various fights, until his eyes fall upon the fellow that first attacked him in this melee, engaged in combat with Kierne, and then trying to move past him. Cayden moves to step into his path as he heads towards the Ranger, lashing out while his foe's attention is hopefully occupied elsewhere.

<COMBAT> Kierne attacks Boss with Wings Of Dawn but Boss DODGES!
<COMBAT> Benedict attacks Assassin with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Rioga passes.
<COMBAT> Lothar attacks Beserker with Bow - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Assassin attacks Draventa with Cutlass - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Bastard attacks Robben with Long Sword - Serious wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Beserker attacks Logen with Claymore - Light wound to Right Hand.
<COMBAT> Draventa attacks Assassin with Knife but Assassin DODGES!
<COMBAT> Boss attacks Lothar with Axe - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Logen attacks Beserker with Bastard Sword - Light wound to Right Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Cayden attacks Boss with Long Sword - Critical wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Slinger attacks Eoin with Axe - Critical wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Robben attacks Bastard with Knife - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Eoin attacks Slinger with Cutlass but Slinger DODGES!
<COMBAT> Aidan has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.

<COMBAT> Robben has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Robben spends a luck point to keep fighting!

Draventa turns, unsure where to even run to now, as there's an assassin with a sword swinging at her. She'll try to defend herself wight eh small knife, but it's not really a good weapon, and it's not like she's trained with it. He cuts her again, and she cries out, trying but failing to get out of the way.

Kierne whiffs awkwardly aside at the Boss as he pushes past him, losing balance and finding himself on the ground among the mounting piles of dead. He bows his head and gives himself over to vomiting, either from nerves or from that axe to the gut he'd taken earlier. At least there's no blood in the vomit. That's a good sign, right?

Cayden feels his blade bite deep into "The Bosses'" side, and pulls it back quickly, immediately stepping into a follow-up strike, trying to bring down at least one more of these blackguards!

Lothar blinks as an axe is deflected off his leathers… He noticed that his arrow didn't seem to slow down the Beserker any but the ranger's attention has been diverted to more pressing matters like the Boss standing in front of him. He backpeddles slightly as he knocks an arrow to shoot at the Boss.

Logen smiles at the little bite to his right hand. His smile is mixed with blood. He spins his sword around and charges at the beserker again. He's not letting this one go and he wants to end the man in front of him, his eyes wild with anger.

Okay, that didn't work out entirely as planned. Even more of a bloody mess than before, as a sword smacks into his chest, and the knife not quite penetrating, Robben stumbles backwards again. "Could… need… help…" he calls out, trying his best to dodge any incoming attacks now, and swinging the knife at the enemy again.

Benedict seems to have got his attention now as his sword strikes the other figure. He is worried though for his charge. "Princess please step back." his voice is calm but firm again as she seems not to be listening to his words "Please." he says as he reaches out with his sword and strikes at the figure again.

The Bastard leaves the bloodied Robben to die in his own hacked up limbs… to charge toward his Boss. He saw that gruesome hit to his leader and launches into an attack with him against Cayden! Even the odds a little! Boss and Bastard swing to kill.

Eoin is, it would seem, not as quick as 'Slinger' for a he's bringing his cutlass in for another strike a large section of his skull explodes in what can only really be described as blinding pain. Needless to say, his blow goes somewhat wide of the mark as he looses a large part of his ability to see due to the blood that's now pouring into his eyes. He staggers, but doesn't quite go down before surging forward once more. Do or die as they say.

The sound and sight of battle was enough but now there is the smell. Blood. Vomit. Sweat. Body odor. Death. No one counts on these smells when they consider honor, valiance, and bravery. It's not all wine and roses on the battlefield, no, it stinks and Jennah puts her forearm to her nose to inhale against the sweet smelling fabric, the heat not making it any better under this table with no ventilation.

Kierne hears a call for help. It draws him up from his dizzied pit of vomiting, and he breathes hard as he crawls through the blood and gore, getting to Robben and using the torn-up garments of the man to do what he can to bind the wounds.

The Beserker grunts at Logen. "Still alive? Inouv wants you boy. So go to him! I will give you a free ride!" He hoists his claymore up and does a huge swing over his head in attempts to charge it down against Logen once more. No, the beserker cannot get away from Logen, completely ignoring the others around him - they are mere pests. He's after MEAT. Prince Meat.

Slinger continues relentlessly to attack Eoin. Head shot, head shot, head shot. "JUST CRY! WE ARE YOUR DEATH!" He laughs and swings once more! Insane bugger. Like the lot of them seem to be. This is certainly a kamikaze attack!

OUCH. The assassin rolls across the table and looks back at Benedict, hissing, "T'was me head ya bastard! Let me shave yours a bit!" He launches toward Benedict, forgetting about the nice little piece of Princess meat he was trying to carve out for himself.

<COMBAT> Boss attacks Cayden with Axe - Serious wound to Right Arm.
<COMBAT> Lothar attacks Boss with Bow - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Assassin attacks Benedict with Cutlass but Benedict DODGES!
<COMBAT> Laine passes.
<COMBAT> Cayden attacks Boss with Long Sword but Boss DODGES!
<COMBAT> Slinger attacks Eoin with Axe - Serious wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Bastard attacks Cayden with Long Sword - Light wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Logen attacks Beserker with Bastard Sword but Beserker DODGES!
<COMBAT> Benedict attacks Assassin with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Left Hand.
<COMBAT> Robben passes.
<COMBAT> Eoin attacks Slinger with Cutlass but Slinger DODGES!
<COMBAT> Draventa attacks Assassin with Knife and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Beserker attacks Logen with Claymore - Critical wound to Right Arm.
<COMBAT> Kierne treats Robben:
< Abdomen (Serious): successful
< Left_Hand (Serious): unsuccessful
< Chest (Serious): successful

<COMBAT> Aidan has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Eoin has been KO'd!

Draventa stumbles backwards taking a wild swing at the assassin. She's trying to get back enough to find eyes with everyone, to see if she can help get anyone out….but there's so much blood and everything is moving so fast. Her eyes dart to Logen and she starts trying to move to the wall, maybe to get near to him? He's going to pass out any moment…

Lothar blinks as another arrow hits his target and just kind of shatters or glances off or something… The ranger shakes his head as he knocks another arrow and takes the time to partially aim his shot at the Boss's neck.

Logen feels the deep bite into his arm and he feels the bone snap. The sound is actually heard over the fighting. He bares his teeth at the man and slides his foot back and lifts his sword up. "You will not win. You will die in this room." His eyes narrow and he swings again.

Once again it seems that the man he's facing beats Eoin to the swing. Posibly not all that surprising given the admiral can barely stand, let alone see clearly by now. His attack goes wide, thats pretty much a given, as he feels the blade of that axe dig deep into his gut. This time he can't stay with it and he half collapses, half sags to the floor in a bloody heap, cutlass falling useless from his hand as he does so. Mercifully, he's unconcious before his skull cracks off the floor.

Benedict cant help but smirk at the others words but he's not really much for chatter with opponants. He is keeping track of his charge as he makes another strike "Please stay out of sight behind me." he calls breaking his own rule just that quick.

Apparently this attack has spilled out past this room, or news of it has. Likely it was in the form of some frightened person who escaped the carnage. Anyway, that brought word to another group of men in Stormvale that are bound to protect… the City Watch. The Castle is normally the provence of the Rioga, but at times like these every little bit helps. Laine is at the front of the pack, stepping into the hall and doing a quick survey of the scene before identifying an attacker and moving in to engage in combat. His sword was already in hand before he stepped into the room so he is ready for action. A quick prayer is sent up for victory before Laine moves to help the High Admiral… though possibly a bit too late.

Thud. Someone hits the floor near the table and the table cloth wooshes, giving Jennah a view and she blinks, seeing the attire and a glimpse of the bloodied head. She drops her knife and tray and reaches out for an arm, tugging with all her might to get him closer, or at least fan the table skirt out over him a little. Easier than a body, she tugs on the table, edging it mere inches toward him but enough that she can reach his head and hold a napkin against it. She murmurs something under her breath and glances to his bleeding abdomen then gives up on the notion of staying under cover altogether and scoots outward enough to jerk the tail of her skirt around and hold it against his seeping belly. It is chaos all around her, thankfully she's low to the ground and largely obscured, if not fully. This was not how she was supposed to die.

Robben coughs a few times as he sees Kierne arrive, rolling over to his side and staying still as he lets the squire work on his wounds. Offering a quiet smile, although quite pained, to the young Kincaid. "Thanks… Kieron, was it?" Brain a bit foggy now. "How… are you doing, kid?"

Cayden hisses as the Bosses' axe draws a deep gash along his sword arm. He very nearly drops his blade, but manages to bring the other hand over to help keep his weapon in the fight, so to speak. Ignoring the searing pain in his arm, and the lighter pain that the Bastard causes with a cut on his back, Cayden pivots and thrusts the blade towards the fellow that just tried to stab him in the back, trying to catch him off-guard with the sudden reversal.

Kierne does his best for the wounds that look the most likely to be fatal, those to the chest and belly, and he tries to reply, his mouth sullied with vomit and his hands with gore— but then he sees the Lady Lis' brother falling hard to the ground, and he looks to Robben apologetically before he goes crawling through the gore again.

Screams. Pain. Blood. The sound of war. Valarius leaps back out of the way of someone's sword… and has to duck under an axe… but he reaches the first man at the door, dead. There's no smiles on his face at this point. He's already covered in blood. Apparently there was a trail of dead people out yonder. He looks back over his shoulder as he covers his head, while more guys storm into the room. He lifts his head up only after they've all passed, because he wants to keep it. This is war, but sometimes the swords are aimed at the healers. He licks his lips and hoists his satchel over his shoulder, looking toward those on the floor already. "This can't be…" blood all over the walls, he checks the pulse of another man and leaves him behind, dead, dead already. Where's the Prince and Princess? His friends. He comes across Robben and Kierne, reaching a hand out to Kierne, "K…" he gasps, seeing the wound on the young man's chest, "Oh god. Lie down. Please. I'm here."

A group of Rioga come in and physically and forcibly remove the Crown Prince, his wife and the King from the room to take them elsewhere in the castle for safety and their own guards. They are the future of the Kingdom, so they must be protected at all cost.

"You're doing good, kid," Robben manages to get out in Kierne's direction, before he looks around. Trying to make sure he has no enemies approaching him now.

<COMBAT> Valarius passes.
<COMBAT> Boss attacks Cayden with Axe but Cayden DODGES!
<COMBAT> Lothar attacks Boss with Bow - ARMOR on Neck stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Cayden attacks Bastard with Long Sword - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Robben passes.
<COMBAT> Bastard attacks Cayden with Long Sword - Critical wound to Left Hand.
<COMBAT> Beserker attacks Logen with Claymore - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Slinger attacks Lothar with Axe - Critical wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Laine attacks Slinger with Bastard Sword - Serious wound to Neck (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Kierne treats Eoin:
< Head (Critical): unsuccessful
< Abdomen (Serious): successful
<COMBAT> Draventa passes.
<COMBAT> Benedict attacks Assassin with Long Sword but Assassin DODGES!
<COMBAT> Assassin attacks Benedict with Cutlass - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Eoin passes.
<COMBAT> Logen attacks Beserker with Bastard Sword - ARMOR on Left Leg stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Logen has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Lothar has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Lothar spends a luck point to keep fighting!

Logen feels his sword ting off the armor and then he feels the sword push into his chest and he drops to the ground dying. The Beserker has won and the Princes life bleeds out of him.

Kierne gets some wine-dreched tablecloth packing Eoin's chest wound, but he has no idea what to do about the fact that the man's skull seems like it might be split open. Beginning to hyperventilate, he jumps at the feeling of a hand touching his shoulder, scrabbling for the hilt of his gore-soaked blade, fumbling around and pointing it upward at— V? He drops it again, gasping at air, pointing feebly at the downed Admiral with a tremoring finger.

Benedict it's back to some test strikes, but they arent for nothing as at least the Lord and knight gets the idea of his foe a bit better. He's still placing himself to defend the princess but he still needs this to end so he can help the others too so another strike it is.

Draventa cries out and will fling herself forward, trying to get to Logen's fallen form. The priest looks like he's going to try to save Logen's life, the best she can do is be between them and the beserker while that happened.

Valarius winces as he cannot do anything for Kierne at this point. He looks up and over just in time to see Logen take a … terrible hit. There's a sickening queasiness about Valarius when he watches Logen take that final hit… and he barely sees those he's running by as he weaves over toward Logen. He dodges around any swinging weapons, in all the chaos, something seems to lead him around all those sharp pointy things… and he all but falls at Logen's side. He doesn't say anything, while he's moving quickly to try and … pick one of those gnarly wounds to treat. He starts applying bandages, "Draventa.. please, help me apply pressure. We have to stop him from bleeding out… Please." And he hands her bandages… looks up in time to see that there's still an awful lot of fighting going on. A look back down to Logen, "Logen. Listen to me. Stay with us. Your time is not yet over."

Laine feels his sword bite into one of the men and he brings the blade around for another swing. He can't focus on those who are down and possibly dying while there are attackers still present. All he can do is try to whittle down the attackers as best as he can… and hope that maybe one of the men can be taken so Laine can question him… it worked well with the kidnapping after all so maybe he can intimidate someone else into spilling their guts.

Somewhere in Cayden's head, he wonders if he just lost his left hand. Right arm bleeding heavily, left hand barely any good. Somehow adrenaline keeps him going long enough to swing that blade back towards the Bosses' neck. Trapped between two foes, there's little left to do but fight to the finish.

Lothar looks down at the blood starting to seep through and around the gash in his leathers caused by the axe to the chest… He drops to one knee fighting to maintain conciousness he forces himself back to his feet and gritting his teeth as he knocks another arrow and shifts his target to the Slinger as well as keeping a bit more of a mobile (read evasive) stance.

Jennah tries to stay out of the way of the healers but since the healer is working on Eoin's abdomen, she keeps pressure on the head wound. She gazes up at Valerius as well, her sea-green eyes vivid and wide, blood soaking her coral hued gown, though not her own. Her hands are caked with blood and a smear of it colors her cheek from having wiped her hand across it at some point. Her gaze flits around the room, just in time to see a slice against Cayden which elicits a scream. Men are falling all around like raindrops in an unforgiving storm, the skies still dark with no relief in sight.

Trying to get to his feet again now, Robben slumps down again, with a bit of a cry. Looking around to see if there's still any attackers near him, before he starts crawling for now. In the general direction of the door, since he doesn't think there's much he can do as crippled as he is at the moment.

The Bastard howls as he's attacked on both sides, swinging his blade around and trying to dance between Laine and Cayden. He's struck with a huge hit by Laine across his neck and barely has the time to lift his free hand up to cover his neck while fending off another attack by Cayden, staggered back as blood leaks from him and the glimmer of death is coming to his eye. "Bastards!" and he'll try to square off with Laine now, throwing himself there before bouncing back to Cayden to parry.

The beserker watches with a sickening smile as Logen finally falls. He then turns to the two that rush to the man's side. "Important one is he?" He raises his sword up and means to bring it heavily down on Draventa! "Your blood will flow with his then!"

Slinger laughs madly. He's downed two people already! He's on a roll. He charges at Laine. Why not make it triple header - literally! Come here pretty head! Heads and axes go well together. He sing songs as he splits peoples skulls open. What a fun game!

The assassin is panting wildly. He cannot escape Benedict. He wants to badly crawl underneath a table and jab a little at those hiding women, like Jennah. He certainly could make her scream if he could only get to her. Damn Benedict. Damn heroes!

Kierne barely recognized Jennah, there, among the gore, and when he does it draws a fairly delirious laugh from him. She's got some sort of handle on keeping Eoin's head in one piece, so he gets to a knee and draws his soiled sword along with him. He can barely believe himself, being drawn forward back into the slaughter like that.

Benedict turns his strike at the last moment as the princess goes by "No, come back!" cardinal sin one turning your back on an enemy but nothing for it he'll duck around the assassin and only reach close enough "Coward!" he'll call his strike firece to the figure about to strike the princess. His sword is swung and hard.

<COMBAT> Draventa will spend luck on defense this turn.
<COMBAT> Cayden will spend luck on attack this turn.

<COMBAT> Benedict attacks Beserker with Long Sword - Light wound to Right Leg (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Valarius treats Logen:
< Right_Hand (Light): successful
< Right_Arm (Critical): successful
< Chest (Moderate): successful
<COMBAT> Bastard attacks Laine with Long Sword - ARMOR on Neck stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Cayden attacks Boss with Long Sword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Assassin attacks Benedict with Cutlass but Benedict DODGES!
<COMBAT> Laine attacks Slinger with Bastard Sword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Slinger attacks Laine with Axe - ARMOR on Left Arm stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Kierne attacks Slinger with Wings Of Dawn - Light wound to Right Leg (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Boss attacks Cayden with Axe and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Beserker attacks Draventa with Claymore - Serious wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Robben passes.
<COMBAT> Draventa attacks Beserker with Knife and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Lothar attacks Slinger with Bow - Light wound to Left Arm (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Beserker has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Draventa has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Draventa spends a luck point to keep fighting!

Cayden sidesteps the Bosses' strike, but his own fails to connect. Still somehow managing to keep ahold of his blade, he simply lunges forward, perhaps starting to get a bit light-headed from that good bit of blood pouring down his right arm and out of his left hand. Either way, he commits rather fully to the attack, still quite determined to bring his opponent down.

Lothar purses his lips a bit as he continues moving some to keep himself from being an easy target blinking as his arrow hits Slinger's left arm, "Drat I was aiming for his chest…" He continues to knock arrows to fling them downrange at Slinger though.

Laine is used to getting attacked from two sides, this is why he wears armor… and as he can tell Allyn later, armor is incredibly useful in saving his life for while he gets hit and he feels the vibrations, he doesn't end up hurt any worse then possibly bruises. Of course he is less happy that his opponents armor seems to be working as well, as a solid hit is made less so when it catches on his opponent's armor. He is not about to give up though as he brings his sword around for another attack.

Kierne is such an idiot. He was fine, down there, among the dead, waiting to be one of them, but instead he rises, dripping scraps of flesh not his own, his sword bright red from blade to hilt, and he presses one of the madmen from behind as he rampages toward the royals, slicing the back of his leg feebly, then coming back into formation, letting his body resume the posture so often trained on the field across from Ronan. Just so he squares off against the Assassin, next, "How goes sowing yourself an heir, Sir?" he mumbles vaguely in the assassin's direction, just as though he were sparring light-heartedly with Ronan of a fore-noon.

Draventa tries and fails to attack the Beserker, and earns herself a thwap to the head, that immediately makes her eyes start to roll to the back of her head. But the sound of Ben rushing towards her, and Val crying out about Logen gives her enough strength to dig deep and stumble backwards, closer to the priest and Prince. But she's swaying and stabling as she does, the side of her face and neck are covered in blood, and her dress is starting to soak it up along the neckline.

Valarius looks up at the beast coming to swing his blade down at … the Princess! He barely has time to respond… Shock registers. What monsters would attack a woman?! A woman who was just trying to get to her husband. There's a desperate plea from him, "STOP." And yet it would be lost as the Beserker goes down anyway, shoved aside from Benedict. That's all he really has to see before he crawls to the other side of Logen, reaching for Draventa. Wrapping his arms around her as he finds another swab of bandages to apply pressure to the wound on her head. It's okay if he's crying. This is … this is war. This is mankind at it's worst. "Please stop this… Why won't they stop… Please…" He closes his eyes now as he starts to pray over the two fallen royals, "Sess… Please, stop this!"

He might feel bad about this tomorrow, but for now, Robben just has one thing on his mind. Crawl out of here. And he keeps on doing his best to crawl off, even with the blood and gore making it quite slippery for him. Thankfully, Kierne did a good job about getting his abdomen patched up earlier, so he won't have to try keeping his guts inside as well. It's not that fast, but for those that can see his face, he's quite determined now.

Jennah has her gaze locked on Cayden though the sound of Valerius' crying and talking draws her back to her task, Eoin's wounds. Her hands are ever warm with blood and the metallic smell of it rises up mercilessly to her senses. Her eyes lock briefly with Kierne, bet he wishes he was chasing a salamander now.. then she looks for Cayden again, trying to keep track of him and not be so very noticeable to these miserable men in black, wreaking havoc on the wedding gathering.

Beserker goes down without any ceremony. His tall wide form just slumps dead as Benedict lands the killing blow needed. A hit in the right leg? Sure, that's where one can bleed out after all. And as he falls, he does just that, his artery cut.

Bastard is looking a bit more desperate now. He's younger than the others. Though he's just as meancing now, blood letted all over the place. His hands sticky with it, his face covered with it. He yelps out as his chest is neverly cleaved in two, stepping back and nearly dropping to a knee, but he fights on, seeing that his boss continues! "Death to all!" And charges once more at Laine.

Slinger pivots as he's struck and sing songs softly at Kierne, "Oh is the little wee boy not dead yet? Let me help you with that!" And SWOOSH of a blade at Kierne. Though the arrow now sticking in his arm barely distracts him, if only to mark where Lothar is after he rips off the kids head.

Boss just continues the dance with the foreign prince. One hit and it should end it. He doesn't even seem to be aware of his own injuries. They will kill him surely, but he will kill as many as he can now that they've stormed the castle. "KILL THE KING!!" is all that he roars, to rally his troops. But which one is the king in all these god damn bloody faces?! Cayden, apparently, seems to be the current one he has to take down.

<COMBAT> Cayden will spend luck on attack this turn.
<COMBAT> Kierne will spend luck on defense this turn.

<COMBAT> Laine attacks Slinger with Bastard Sword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Benedict attacks Assassin with Long Sword but Assassin DODGES!
<COMBAT> Robben passes.
<COMBAT> Lothar attacks Slinger with Bow - ARMOR on Head stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Aemy has joined the combat as a soldier on team 1.
<COMBAT> Valarius treats Draventa:
< Head (Serious): successful
<COMBAT> Cayden attacks Boss with Long Sword but Boss DODGES!
<COMBAT> Draventa passes.
<COMBAT> Kierne attacks Assassin with Wings Of Dawn but Assassin DODGES!
<COMBAT> Bastard attacks Laine with Long Sword - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Assassin attacks Kierne with Cutlass - Light wound to Right Hand (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Boss attacks Cayden with Axe - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Jennah passes.
<COMBAT> Slinger attacks Kierne with Axe and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Slinger has been KO'd!

Lothar breaths a sigh of relief as the Slinger finally goes down even if his arrow just kind of glanced off his armor once again… But no rest for the weary he knocks another arrow and sights in on the Bastard… Too much metal… The boss… Too much metal… The assassin yes perfect no metal armor in sight.

Cayden's quite possibly too exhausted to even cry out when the Bosses' axe draws another line of crimson across his chest. He doesn't think anything's broken. His steps are slowing. His head's getting light. He knows he's not going to last much longer, regardless of whether he manages to finish this fool off or not. He's only even vaguely aware the rest of the fight is still going on. He just lunges once more, and puts everything he has left into one last swing at this monster.

Benedict misses perhaps it's anger which causes it. He does persue though catching the glance of another of the bad guys still standing but for the moment he's focused he'll move on once the other is down.

Maggie has been hidden in the drapes that become little more than ruined cloth soaked with blood. The whole thing was ruined. Everything. She could just pray to the Eight this bloody mess wasn't outside the castle… her throat tightens up. And then, her brown eyes spy the man, Robben, crawling toward the door… she looks to the line of carnage and sets her jaw. Yes. It wasn't far. She stumbles out of the drapes and hurries over to him, trying not to look at all the dead bodies, all the *blood*… And attempting not to trip herself, either… though once she gets to him she's not really sure what she can do to help him. He's probably far too heavy for her to drag.

Laine is happy with his armor as he once again manages to evade serious injury because of it. There is no emotion in the man as his one attacker finally drops, he simply moves to the other one, shifting his stance ever so slightly to engage his second attacker. His lone eye sweeps the room swiftly, catching sight of the other attacker moving in and adjusting slightly to try and defend as it again turns to two against one. How is this his luck. You'd think they would give the guy with no peripheral vision a bit of a break.

The babies had needed fed and Aemy has not been feeling so well with the newest pregnancy, so she was late in coming. Hearing shouts echo through the halls, she is hurrying.. no maid or guards accompany her. "I head noises in the King's stu…." She gasps in a breath and stumbles back several steps at the open doorway at all of the carnage around the room. "Robben!" She cries out, seeing him crawling towards the door. Towards her. Falling to her knees beside him, she gently touches his face… "H..how.." her breath hitches. "How b..badly are you hurt?" Lifting her eyes she looks around the room, though it's brief, her gaze is drawn back to Robben. "I need help to get you out.. And the others!"

Kierne catches most of the cutlass' blow to his hand against the hilt of the Wings, shoving the sword aside, not managing to make an attack of his own, but at the very least not much the worse for that one. The axe-wielding maniac is talking to him, but heaven knows he can't spare a second to pay heed, which is why it's only Laine cutting down the madman which saves him from the fate he so richly deserves, running back into the fray like he has.

The chaos keeps the three remaining toughs focused on alternating targets, as the two smaller guys come to support their Boss. Attacks are made and attempted, dodged, and taken. It'll just be a matter of whose blade can fell the other first. Boss switches targets as he sees Benedict going after the assassin. The Bastard and the Assassin are after the brute who hasn't taken a lick of damage yet. The fight continues.

Logen lies there breathing heavily having been put on his back to tend his wounds. His eyes stare up at the ceiling for only a moment before he starts to register voices. He glances to his side and sees his friend attending to Draventa. Both his arms bleed badly and he can't feel them. He doesn't move from where he is as he really can't.

Draventa's begin held up by someone…Val? Luna? The not white robes now stained, Her voice is shaky and laced with pain, "I didn't…Where father? Why did he leave?…He needs to fix this…"She's not registering what's happening anymore and is confusing the now with the letters she read earlier.

Jennah sees the strike against Prince Cayden and she gasps then looks to the unconscious man whose wounds she's holding together with coral colored silk and a prayer. "You must keep breathing, Admiral, I've never lost a patient," she says, as if the good natured teasing would do any good, it does manage to stave off tears. She's never had a patient, she's not a healer. A look of horror etches her features and she sucks in a breath, "Serah.. was it like this for you?" she wonders aloud as she stares down at the man bleeding from his head and abdomen. Her eyes search once more for Cayden somewhere in the din of voices, anguish, and death.

Crawling onwards, Robben pauses very briefly as he sees the woman from the drapes approaching him. He keeps on crawling again, but pauses as he hears Aemy's words, and as she touches his face. "Aemy…?" For a few moments, there's tears in his eyes. "Aemy! Get out! It's not safe in here…" Looking around for a few moments. "I think my leg got messed up again…" Not to mention the four different places the sword hit him. "Help me… But if they come for me, you two let me go and get out, okay?"

Valarius holds Draventa as that head wound was pretty serious, but so was all that he was seeing around him. It was more gore than he thought was possible and he had been on the -front- lines. Perhaps it was the setting. The ruins of the feast all around them, the tiles of the grand palace made slippery by the pools of blood. The faces of those who had been enjoying their time in merriment, now down on the floor and lifeless, tongues lolling out. He looks over toward Logen and reaches over to put his hand on Logen's shoulder, "Don't leave Logen. Stay with me." He does look around to see if anyone else was free to tend these two. But no. All others were busy while the battle still raged. He holds onto Draventa, supporting her, as he needs to keep pressure on her head. "May the Eight hear me. May the Eight guide me. May the Eight protect me and those dear to me. Sheat. Please lend me your light and guidance." And such priestly ramble continues, he rests Draventa down beside Logen, putting what he can underneath her head to keep it off the ground and elevated…. before he pulls his satchel forward and starts to apply poultices in hopes to stem the bleeding.

<COMBAT> Cayden will spend luck on attack this turn.

<COMBAT> Assassin attacks Laine with Cutlass - ARMOR on Right Arm stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Benedict attacks Assassin with Long Sword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Draventa passes.
<COMBAT> Kierne attacks Assassin with Wings Of Dawn and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Bastard attacks Laine with Long Sword - Light wound to Left Hand (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Jennah passes.
<COMBAT> Boss attacks Benedict with Axe - ARMOR on Right Arm stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Lothar attacks Assassin with Bow but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Robben passes.
<COMBAT> Cayden attacks Boss with Long Sword - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Valarius attempts to treat Draventa but DRAVENTA has no treatable wounds.
<COMBAT> Laine attacks Bastard with Bastard Sword but Bastard DODGES!

The two attackers finally wears Laine down a little as one of the men comes at him from the left while he is busy with the other on the right. How unfair is that, coming at a man from his blind side? The wound is minor though and lucky Laine is right handed so his main hand is uninjured. He shifts his stance again, hoping to keep both men in his sights and defend himself as well as hopefully taking one of them down.

Maggie just makes a brief hum, acknowledging Robben's words, but not exactly agreeing to *leave* him — man must be crazy. She's just glad she's not dead yet. Looking around, the battle's mostly clustered up near the high table, or thereabouts, so she looks at Aemy, whom she doesn't know, "How do we want to do this? Lift him? Drag him?" She's obviously never done this before. And then, she makes a little noise, looking toward the hallway, "Is it safe, out there?"

<COMBAT> Logen attacks Boss with Bastard Sword - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Benedict attacks Boss with Long Sword but Boss DODGES!
<COMBAT> Robben passes.
<COMBAT> Lothar attacks Assassin with Bow and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Laine attacks Bastard with Bastard Sword - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Valarius attempts to treat Draventa but DRAVENTA has no treatable wounds.
<COMBAT> Draventa passes.
<COMBAT> Cayden attacks Boss with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Left Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Boss attacks Benedict with Axe and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Kierne attacks Assassin with Wings Of Dawn - Light wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Bastard attacks Laine with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Assassin attacks Laine with Cutlass - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Jennah passes.

Draventa groans and doesn't have the strength to swat away whoever is touching her. The room is cold and she's now on the floor. "I'm s-sorry father…please don't ….don't do this….you'll ruin us all….." The chants of the priest and the cold of the blood loss remind her of her dream….She's not quiet remembering what she's supposed to do though…

Logen pushes himself up slowly, grabbing his sword. "Get out of my house." He snaps again and swings towards the Boss. When his body is aching at him, he still has people in his home that do not belong.

Benedict is fighting hard versus the man with the axe, but alas it's wearing him down and his blows arent landing as he's hoping they will. He is able to dodge under a strike and take another off his arm with a wince, before he swings again a good hard strike hoping this ends soon.

A grateful look is given to Maggie and she nods. "I think.. I think I cannot lift him.. we have to drag him, but I know not where is safe. I heard screams.. sounds from the study of the King.." Aemy reaches for one of her husbands arms. "I.. nowhere is safe. Should we try and take him to the infirm?"

The Boss turns as he notices Logen up again… "Dogs do not know when to die, do they, Mobrin scum!?" For the most part, the boss is fiending off the attacks well enough to keep fighting, a BULL of a man. He towers and looms, imposing as he sweeps his axe out, "All the little ants. I shall squish you all!" He notes at those coming for him, heaving that mighty axe around in the air as he lobs it at the closest person… Benedict!

Apparently the double team is wearing on the Watch Captain, as one of the men manages to get a solid hit that pentrates his armor. The other hit just pings off his armor. Laine shifts again, bringing his sword up for another swing at one of the men attacking him. The man ignores any pain and simply keeps moving, injuries can be treated later.

Robben reaches for Aemy's hand for a few moments as she reaches for his. "The kids…?" he asks, words very quietly. Expression fearful as he keeps his eyes on his wife now. Not paying to much attention to the part about where to take him, now.

Should Cayden survive this, he'll marvel at how he managed to stay standing and keep fighting this long, but now's not the time for such thoughts. Somehow, he still manages to stay on his feet, stagger forward, and swing that blade in a quick follow-up attack after one of his strikes finally hits home.

Lothar just shakes his head to try and clear away some of the fog from blood loss as he's missed a few times and he hardly ever misses… He plants himself down instead of moving and shooting to get a steadier shot this time though as he sights in on the Assassin… Again.

Kierne continues moving, pressing his attack, but rather listlessly. He's in a great deal of pain and growing groggier by the minute, but he remembers the steps like the steps of a dance, the arc of his arm like the gesture of an orator, he steps through them as a man in a dream.

Valarius swears under his breath. Yes, he swears, when he notices Logen get to his feet and race after doom again. "Gods… give him the strength he needs to survive this night," but he is still comforting Draventa. He shushes the woman, "Save your energy Draventa…" And he will find what he can to cover her up, so that she's warm at least… But the whole air was cold, cold with death.

<COMBAT> Valarius passes.
<COMBAT> Logen attacks Boss with Bastard Sword but Boss DODGES!
<COMBAT> Bastard attacks Laine with Long Sword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Assassin attacks Cayden with Cutlass - Moderate wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Robben passes.
<COMBAT> Lothar attacks Assassin with Bow - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Kierne attacks Assassin with Wings Of Dawn but Assassin DODGES!
<COMBAT> Jennah passes.
<COMBAT> Cayden attacks Boss with Long Sword but Boss DODGES!
<COMBAT> Boss attacks Benedict with Axe - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Benedict attacks Boss with Long Sword but Boss DODGES!
<COMBAT> Draventa passes.
<COMBAT> Laine attacks Bastard with Bastard Sword - Light wound to Neck (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Cayden has been KO'd!

Nodding, Maggie lifts Robben's other arm. "Help us along as best you can, good Sir," she doesn't even know his title. Not that that means *squat* right now. "Mind your leg… Ready?" She asks Aemy. "One, two, *three*…" and the women begin to drag Robben, slowly, toward the exit. "Infirm… sounds good to me…"

Logen shakes his head slowly. "I haven't learned that lesson yet." His eyes narrow. "Nor will you teach me." He rushes at the man again and he bares his teeth like he might just bite him if he got close enough.

Cayden's blade swings wide, and he doesn't even exactly feel pain when the assassin puts his blade into his back. He just staggers forward, falls to his knees, and then collapses on the ground.

Lothar grimaces slightly as he watches his arrow fly true finally and hit the assassin in the chest. With almost no thought he's knocked another arrow and resights in on the assassin.

Laine dodges the hit sent in his direction, perhaps having an easier time because he only had one attacker this time. His sword swings out and hits his attacker, though the hit isn't as solid as Laine would like. That doesn't slow Laine down at all, as he continues in his attack, looking at the man he is attacking, "Surrender and your life will be spared." Well for now… he may be executed… or just thrown in some deep dark hole to rot, but Laine will not mention those points… it tends to keep people from confessing.

Valarius sees … Cayden?! He recalls the man briefly. He stalked him around in Sutherland for a bit. He looks toward Draventa and kisses her forehead, before he shifts up off the floor and makes over toward yet another person he knows that… has managed to end up here in this nightmare. He tries to get over toward Cayden's side.. He wouldn't normally go in so close to the men still fighting, but he has to try and at least help the man out. Oblivious to what's coming at him for it.

"Surrender to your deaths-" says the one in response to Laine. Nope, they're wearng black for a reason. They've already said good bye to the living world and have committed themselves to this heinous act.

Benedict was tried and blow goes wide his defense is slowed and he is hit hard armor broken and a deep gash to the chest his breath catches though he's still standing thrusting with his sword towards the figure again.

Jennah begins to tear her skirt, so she can better wrap the head wound. Another long swathe for his abdomen though not so much to wrap around, just to be pushed beneath his clothing and pack it, hopefully enough that he does not bleed to death. When Cayden goes down, all good sense flees and Jennah grabs what is left of her skirts to run for him. "Cayden, no," she murmurs, sliding down at his side, trying as best she can to turn his head to one side. His back blossoms crimson and she looks to what is left of his left hand and then to her skirts, what is left of them and the silk gets another tear as she frantically tries to remember what to do with any one of his terrible wounds. Note to self, learn first aid if you want to survive this heathen land.

Kierne gets jolted from his somnambuistic fighting when the assassin goes after V. Forgetting any and all training, he jumps after the assassin, swinging wild at the man, two hands on the hilt to try and keep it from slipping out of his hands, slick with blood as the hilt is, as he twists his back around and puts all his strength into the blow.

"Healers?! God Damn Your Healers!!!" The Bastard turns with an aggressive swing of his sword at Jennah while she tries to fly by over toward Cayden. All must die. All. He opens himself up sure, but he wants to taste blood! And she was an easy kill?!

"The kids.. they are fine, I left all my guards with them and came down myself. They are safe," Aemy hurriedly reassures. When Maggie says ready, she echoes it. "Ready" and begins dragging with her leading him towards the infirmary. Suddenly from the castle doors, two strapping teenagers run in, having been playing out in the practice field and heard the noises. They come to assist the two women with the Ruxton heir. "Thank you," she says softly.

<COMBAT> Benedict will spend luck on attack this turn.
<COMBAT> Jennah will spend luck on defense this turn.

<COMBAT> Bastard attacks Jennah with Long Sword but Jennah DODGES!
<COMBAT> Lothar attacks Assassin with Bow and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Draventa passes.
<COMBAT> Logen attacks Boss with Bastard Sword - Moderate wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Valarius treats Cayden:
< Chest (Moderate): successful
< Abdomen (Moderate): successful
< Cayden is still KO'd.
<COMBAT> Laine attacks Bastard with Bastard Sword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Jennah passes.
<COMBAT> Kierne attacks Assassin with Wings Of Dawn and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Assassin attacks Valarius with Cutlass - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Boss attacks Benedict with Axe - ARMOR on Right Arm stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Cayden passes.
<COMBAT> Robben passes.
<COMBAT> Benedict attacks Boss with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Right Arm (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Bastard has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Boss has been KO'd!

Logen feels his blade sink into the boss and he turns to watch his friend getting slice against his chest. "Who attacks a priest?!" He rushes at the Assassin, he doesn't care that the other two are down.

Whatever is over Draventa isn't keeping the warmth (Aka blood) from leaving her body. Her pale eyes are glassy and she's still mumbling about her father. It's hard to tell if it's cold, pain or fear that's making her shake so.

The man who had been attacking Laine made the mistake of turning his back on the Watch Captain to attack a woman. Big mistake and Laine doesn't let him live to regret it. A quick survey of the action shows one man still up and standing and Laine moves in to try and subdue him, in the hopes of learning more about the attack. He can't prevent another one if he doesn't know why this one happened.

As he hears that their kids are safe, Robben seems to calm down a bit, not minding that he's dragged, and then helped by the two teenager as well. "Thank…" he begins, before whatever it is that's kept him up and going so far is leaving him, and he starts slipping out of consciousness.

Kierne spanks the floor hard with the Wings, and finds the blade stuck in some previously deceased individual. It takes a second for the unsteady squire to pull it out of the corpse, as hard as he'd swung the thing, but soon it flings up overhead again. Yeah, he's completely losing it right now.

A dramatic ending for the Boss. Benedict and Logen together press their attack and it is too much for the brute to handle any longer. Logen's strike against the helm of the great man is true and he starts to crumple while Benedict's hit manages only to seal the deal, with an arm hacked to bits. The big man goes down with a final THUD… his little Bastard pet right behind him, as the younger Bastard holds his guts as they come spilling out and so too, does he slump over dead.

It should be a warning that things slow down in motion. It should also be a warning that the noise fades to a muffle. Jennah looks to Valerius and exhales when he begins to treat him, offering what help she can without interfering and she's busy with that when the blade is swung toward her. She looks up and sees it, moving so so slowly, a quiet hiss through silent air, which can't be true but she ducks and the it flies past her. Someone else is hit then a guard's blade swings true and the /bastard/ falls leaving her staring wide-eyed up at her saviour of the moment. There were many this night, but for nwo, just the one. She looks to Cayden, "Your Highness.." she says in a low voice to him, touching his arm, away from the wounds. "Please.. wake up.."

Lothar shakes his head having missed again he takes the time to aim at the Assassin and waiting for the perfect time to shoot.

Maggie notices the man's voice fade worryingly, and it gives her a start. "Oh, no, no you don't! Stay awake!" The lads are strong and make a mean difference in getting Robben out of the bloody hall and somewhere relatively safe… for the time being, anyway. She keeps talking to him, "What's their names? Your children?" Maggie tries to keep Robben's attention, and keep him awake.

That -someone- else was Valarius. While Jennah leaps out of the way in time of that whistling blade, Valarius is pounced on by the assassin just as he was trying to apply the proper treatment to the gaping wounds of Cayden's. He looks shocked as he has no time even to put up his hands, that cutlass slices up his chest and catches him nearly across the throat as well. The young Priest falls back, making quiet noises as he realizes his own wounds are significant… The robes are sliced apart, white stained red. He reaches over toward Jennah, "Help me…" he murmurs, trying to encourage her to help… while he turns his eyes on Cayden, "Cayden… Rise, You still have to show me your home. Right?" and he swallows heavily. Pain.

The assassin leaps back from getting a good hit on the Priest, grinning as he squares off with Logen. But all of a sudden he looks around and notices the bloody faces surrounding him. He waves his cutlass at them, then tries to take Logen out with him. No way out, but might as well not go alone!

<COMBAT> Lothar takes careful aim at Assassin.
<COMBAT> Assassin attacks Logen with Cutlass - Serious wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Laine subdues Assassin!
<COMBAT> Kierne attacks Assassin with Wings Of Dawn - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Robben passes.
<COMBAT> Logen attacks Assassin with Bastard Sword but Assassin DODGES!
<COMBAT> Draventa passes.
<COMBAT> Cayden passes.
<COMBAT> Jennah treats Valarius:
< Chest (Moderate): unsuccessful
<COMBAT> Benedict attacks Assassin with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Valarius attempts to rally Cayden and FAILS

<COMBAT> Logen has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Logen spends a luck point to keep fighting!

Blood sprays across Jennah as the assassin cuts through Valerius' chest and she shrieks and turns, hearing his plea. She turns and grabs for anything to press against the wound but it just keeps bleeding, and Cayden is bleeding.. Everyong. Is. Bleeding. She fights against the gagging sensation in her throat and tries to stave off the flow of blood from the healer's chest, leaving it briefly to try to bind up Cayden's left hand, then back to the priest. It's a process she can't continue for long, surely.

The Prince feels another dig before he stumbles slightly and hollers in rage at the man. This is a prince that will not be killed. Not today. "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!" He yells at the last one left through a gurgle in his throat and pains in his chest.

Benedict strikes once again, but that this man is just not wishing to die either having kept him in one place so long before, it would seem. He will strike out again towards the last of the invaders.

Kierne finally finds his blade wedged into an assassin, but he pulls his blade out again, barely regitering the blow as opposed to the one he'd struck before into a corpse. He looks apt to strike again, but there are so many people there and he's seeing double somewhat, so he hesitates, hanging back, not wanting to strike someone he oughtn't to.

"Robben!" Aemy cries out when Robben tries to slip into unconsciousness, her voice high pitched with panic. She lifts a hand to her head suddenly feeling lightheaded. "Robben.." Looking to Maggie. "Please do not let him sleep.." Or worse! Panicked, she shakes him. "Robben!"

Laine wasn't able to get the last man down before he got in a hit on Logen. Now Laine just has to keep him down and he hisses in the man's ear, "Just stay down. Surrender." He knows it isn't likely, but he really wants to question one of them and this is the last chance he has. If they don't know why this happened then he can't prepare for any further attacks.

Kierne totters. Totter totters. Leans uncertainly, and finally slips in a puddle of blood and lands on top of a pile of gore.

Lothar finishes taking careful aim at the assassin's throat before releasing his arrow. Not knowing or caring much if the arrow actually strikes true the ranger falls back onto his rump as he clutches at his chest checking on the blood flow through his leathers.

The Assassin squirms as he gets tackled down and held by Laine. He fights back at the other, though Laine could probably tell from holding him that there's a sickly and deathly gurgle coming from the man's throat. A sucking noise that wasn't stopping with every breath. He wasn't going to live long enough to be questioned. But he fights on, pushing up with his feet and trying to wrestle the other off him.

Draventa's mutterings final slow down, the feeling of the blood against the cold floor on reenforcing the ides that she's back in the dream. A soft sigh, she can't remember what she's supposed to reach for. The darkness finally swallows her conciseness, that struggle is lost.

Kierne starts vomiting again, his eyes closed, body retching, some blood visible among the bile before it swirls along in wide eddies among the other blood pooling on the floor.

Valarius isn't used to being sliced up…. That's the job of the soldiers and the infantry.. and the knights and rangers. He can only manage to try and haul Cayden away from the guys still fighting. But he hasn't the strength for it and just ends up falling in a pool of blood.

<COMBAT> Benedict attacks Assassin with Long Sword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Cayden passes.
<COMBAT> Kierne passes.
<COMBAT> Jennah attempts to treat Valarius but VALARIUS has no treatable wounds.
<COMBAT> Valarius passes.
<COMBAT> Assassin attempts to escape from Laine but fails!
<COMBAT> Jennah has left the combat.
<COMBAT> Laine continues to subdue Assassin.
<COMBAT> Logen attacks Assassin with Bastard Sword - Critical wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Lothar attacks Assassin with Bow - Light wound to Neck.
<COMBAT> Robben passes.

<COMBAT> Assassin has been KO'd!

Robben is shaken by his wife, opening one eyes as he looks to her. he mutters to Aemy, "… you…. than… else…" It's spoken quite quietly to her as he seems to work on staying conscious now. Blinking a bit as he hears Maggie's question. "Names?" When he seems to realize what she was asking about, there's a smile. "Josiah… Mariana… Spoken quietly now.

The Assassin struggles indeed, but his hour is up. Inouv comes to call for him. The arrow in the neck and the blade through the gut… surely end it all for the assassin. He slumps lifelessly after a soft whooosh of breath leaves him… leaving no one left to question, at least, not in this room.

Laine hops up from the now dead man, glaring at the two men besides the Prince that swung at him, "What the bloody hell!" Everything else is muttered under his breath and he cleans his sword on a ragged piece of the Assassin's clothes. He slides the sword away, ignores the healers, and turns to head around the room checking on his men and making sure that they are receiving treatment. He felt the air from Benedict's blade far too close to him. Now he will check on the dead, and begin the clean up process. He'd help with the wounded but that really isn't in his skill set.

<COMBAT> Aemy treats Logen:
< Chest (Serious): successful

Benedict will lower his weapon as the last attacker goes down his strike falling harmlessly to the ground. His chest is a mess from the axe wound, but as he turns back he must know he looks for the Moniwid princess moving over to her slowly and painfully. He kneels which hurts but watches her the first intake of breath and he bows his head remaining there at her side. The look in his face pain anger but mostly worry and fear for the other. When she's taken to the infirmary he'll see she gets treated first before letting himself be looked at. He looks back to the prince nodding "Of course M'lord." he will say though he's injured he leans down and picks up the princess carefull not to jostle her or anything and will take her onto the infirmary

Jennah will stay right where she is until someone collects the two bleeding men and then will join the herd of people who will no doubt flood the infirmary to heal and be healed, and likely come to find bodies of dead loved ones. A new nightmare to add to the list.

Logen sees the assassin drop and he puts his sword away and glances between Draventa and Valarius. He groans quietly. "My family…" He turns to look at Benedict. "Take the Princess to the Infirmary and get you both healed. I'll be there as soon as I know how my family fairs." He struggles to walk towards the door, looking for his family. "Father!"

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